Dateline:2017 a.t.b (Ascension Throne Britannia)

His name is Suzaku Kururugi. Born July 10th ,2000 a.t.b as a Japanese citizen. In 2010,a.t.b the Holy Britannian Empire invaded Japan and crushed it's defenses with the first of many "revolutionary" Knightmare frames. The Holy Britannian Empire striped Japan of it's rights, culture, and even it's name. It was then renamed Area 11. Seven years later the fallen prince of the empire rose up and led a rag tag group of rebels known as the Black Knights. They soon became heroes to the people of Area 11 and other Areas. However, at the end, Suzaku, now a Knight of Seven, captured the fallen prince Lelouch vi Britannia. Today, Suzaku was policing a ghetto within Area 11 when his life to a turn for the worst. He had gotten into a fire fight with the remains of the Black Knights. The devils blew up his Lancelot, but not before it could eject him hard into a near by mountain. The last thing Suzaku saw was a fellow Knight cover them as Gino worked to free him.