Dateline: 2018 A.T.B

Suzaku had grown from his out of body adventure. He recalled how to make a Peljub Noose like Erik had showed him and cared one with him always. He wore Erik's mask in memory of his friend and lover. Suzaku never gave up on Erik though they were worlds apart Suzaku knew he'd return somehow. He looked out toward the setting sun and said "Hang in there Erik I will return. You have my word." Suzaku sang a song.

Beyond the darkness waits the dawn, and after night, the day.
And whether you believe or not, it follows anyway.
When hope is spent, and strength is gone, and choices none or few,
There still are friends to turn to, who will give you hope anew.

Beyond all heartache comes hard seas, I swear that this is true.
And if you'll put your trust in me, I'll share your pain with you.
I'll drink the cup down to the leaves, though bitter it may be,
For pain that's shared is pain that's halved, so share your pain with

Within the shadows on your soul trapped by your own despair,
You cannot hide forever from your friends who really care.
I'll find you hope to make you whole, I'll give you love and then
I'll plague you day and night until I see you laugh again.

Beyond the hate, beyond the fears, I still stand as your friend.
Your spirit has been wounded, love-I'll help to make it mend.
Through all the hours of pain and tears, I'll give you strength and

For heart to heart, and hand to hand, I'll stand beside you still.
For heart to heart, and hand to hand, I'll stand beside you still

then he sang as if to finish like Erik his Phantom

You alone can make my song take flight

it's over now the Music of the Night.