AN: I know I haven't posted anything in like a year but I have just finished my GCSEs and have started A-Levels and I've moved half way across the bloody country and my laptop broke. So, I haven't posted in a while and I probably won't for another while, its mocks in January. If you want a story that updates regularly then you shouldn't read my stories, I know people want me to update my other stories, but I would like to point out that some of my stories actually say they are complete and others are up for adoption and I have hit writers block. And another reason I have stopped writing Last Breath is because I totally jumped ship.

This story I actually came up with in physics so it might be a bit mental. Anyway this is a slash story (Scerek) but not established. It is set after they defeated Deucalion but AUish because Scott didn't reveal his True Alpha ness. Anyway on with the story.

"SCOTT!" I heard Derek growl as he shoved me out of the way. It was kind of like time had slowed down as I fell. I watched Derek's body jerk as each wolf's bane bullet pierced his chest. He dropped to his knees and several hunters attacked him. An arrow hit his back and he collapsed. My wolf exploded with anger and possessiveness. I howled to alert the rest of the pack where we are and that something was very very wrong. I heard their replying howls. They were on their way. Derek whimpered and my wolf went mental. I knew I needed to control my wolf but I didn't want to. I felt myself begin to fade as I let the wolf take full control.

"Scott" Cora?

"Scott" Peter?

"Scott" Jackson?

I could hear my name, the pack were shouting my name. I looked up to see them staring at me with wide eyes. The smell of blood was heavy in the air. I checked our surroundings quickly there were only bodies, no danger.
"Scott, we need to get Derek to Deaton." Cora sounded as if she was talking to a scared child. I desperately looked around the clearing for Derek but I couldn't see him. I could smell him over the smell of blood. He was so close.
"Scott we need to get you checked out too." Cora said as she tried to pull me up. A growl rumbled through my chest and she jumped back startled.

She was terrified. The wolf rejoiced.

I heard a car coming towards us and I got up into a half crouch hovering over him, protecting him, as a warning growl pushed itself through my exposed canines.
"Scott it's okay. It's just Stiles, Lydia and Alison." Peter said.
"Hunter." I growled.
"Seriously, NOW you listen to Derek?!" Jackson yelled.
Cora, Peter and Jackson all moved to put themselves between us and the coming car. Another growl ripped itself from my throat as the car stopped and the hunter started to approach.
"Whoa dude, how much did you get your ass kicked to end up with that much blood on you?" Stiles?
"Yeah dude, are you okay? Is Derek going to be okay?" He asked. I looked down to see that I was crouched over Derek, protecting him. I jumped up and pulled Derek with me.
"Jackson can you grab his other side?" I asked as I pulled Derek's arm over my shoulder. "Stiles get the car started, we need to get Derek to Deaton."
Cora, Peter and Jackson all stared at me with their mouths hanging open.
"Jackson! Help me get Derek to the car before he bleeds to death." Jackson jumped into action. Peter and Cora exchanged worried glances before following us.
"Scott! Are you okay?" Alison ran to me and started patting me and checking for injuries, but my growl made her freeze as we pushed past her towards the already running car. I jumped into the back and put Derek's head on my lap. Jackson jumped into the front passenger seat.

"Let's go Stiles." I put pressure on a massive gash across his stomach. "Stiles go faster!" I growled.
"Scott, I don't do multitasking well under pressure, so can you stop growling at me for like five seconds so I can concentrate on getting us out of the forest and to the bloody vets in one piece!" Stiles yelled. I tried to stop the growl rumbling in my chest but I couldn't so I concentrated on Derek's heartbeat.
"Jackson can you call Deaton so he knows that we're coming?" I sighed in relief when I heard Deaton say that he would be ready when we got there. The relief was short lived however when I heard Derek's heart stutter. "DRIVE FASTER!" I half growled, half yelled at Stiles who swerved slightly at the unexpected volume. Jackson cast a worried glance my way before texting someone.