"Stark I swear to God you are the most annoying son of a –"Natasha spat as Clint grabbed her glaring at Tony and Steve. "I agree Stark, and Rogers where the hell were you?! You're not above fighting with us!" Steve flinched trying to keep his composure. Tony sighed and just leaned back in his chair, which would have struck Fury as odd, had he not been so damn pissed off.

He rubbed his head irritated. They weren't fighting as a team, and if they kept it up there wouldn't be a Avengers anymore. Luckily he had one last idea. "That is IT!" He roared angrily, the migraine he was getting from their yelling taking any patience he had left. The team swerved and they all looked surprised at his sudden outburst, except for Stark who looked indifferent. Maybe because he knew what Fury was about to say. "You are all going on a forced vacation." Clint and Steve's eyes went wide and Natasha's narrowed. "You're firing us Fury?"

Fury shook his head irritated. "No .You are all going a on a forced bonding vacation. I asked Stark to let us use his island, and he agreed. You will all be staying there for 2 months. Unless the world is in serious danger you aren't leaving. Jane and Pepper can visit but no one is leaving at ALL. It's still top of the line everything I mean its Starks Island, but maybe this way you can learn to fight as a team. The alternative is ending the Avengers initiative."

Everyone's eyes went wide and then all glares turned to Tony. "You agree with this?!" Steve yelled at Tony was just rolled his eyes. "No point in saying no is there? We would have just had to go somewhere else." The group grudgingly accepted that and turned their glares to Fury instead. Oh hell he was gonna have a long few months ahead of him.


Clint sighed as he sat on Stark's private jet with the rest of the team. They were all miserable and cramped, but the most miserable was Tony since Fury wouldn't let him fly his suit there. When Tony had tried, Fury had replied by stating. "We have half of the navy surrounding that island. They have authorization to shoot you down, and even though I know you'd still do it, it messes up your tech for no reason." So for the first time, Tony was riding in the jet with them.

Now Clint wasn't gonna lie, he wasn't overly fond of anyone here except Natasha and maybe Banner, Banner seemed decent. Steve was too righteous, and for some reason, after an abusive father and life in the circus, then later as an assassin, Captain Perfect just rubbed him the wrong way. He didn't like Thor because the fool insisted Loki wasn't evil, only misguided, and after being fucking MIND-RAPED by the asshole, he didn't take too kindly to people defending him, family or not.

He knew the reason he didn't like Stark, or more accurately why he wasn't LETTING himself like Stark. He was unreadable. Clint's first impression of the guy had been everyone else's- selfish asshole- but, then he went and sacrificed himself, which totally threw Clint for a loop. Then the guy would be loud at one moment, talking and just annoying the crap out of everyone, then on the drop of a dime he'd do exactly what he was doing now, and go quiet, which freaked Clint out more. So yes he didn't know what to do with Stark, but maybe he'd find out. He might as well put the next 2 months to use.

Natasha was actually watching Tony with masked interest. She was bored, so that contributed, but she was beginning to notice things that she hadn't before. Stark was nervous about something. His hands were sweaty and his breathing was quicker than normal. Not to mention she HAD noticed his pathetic attempt at secretly dumping vodka in his smoothie, unlike the other apparently OBLIVIOUS members of her so called team. She didn't really have anything against anyone but Stark, but they had ALL been getting on her nerves lately, and that was hard to do.

Actually she was lying because honestly she didn't really have much against Stark either because he had never done anything to her. If anything he should have something against her for tricking him back when she was Natalie. He didn't seem to be holding anything against her, but she couldn't tell and that pissed her off. There was something just OFF about Stark. She could tell when a master spy was lying through their teeth, but couldn't even tell if a simple civilian hated her or not. She sighed irritated and put her feet up on the table watching as Stark tried to take advantage of her distraction and slip more vodka into his smoothie. Damn him he was going to be drunk before they got off the damn plane. "So Stark, where is this island anyway?" Steve piped up trying to break the four foot thick tension building, and failing miserably. Stark jumped a little then recovered. "It's in the Caribbean. It's done up like a resort, except with a lab for me and I added one for Bruce, then when Fury told me I had a shooting a sparring range added. You'll adore it Capsicle." She felt Clint tense next to her and knew he was about to say something to set off the tense atmosphere like a bomb. So she did what any master spy would do. She pinched the living hell out of him. "Crap! OW Natasha!" She looked at him innocently. "What? I'm sorry did I do something?" Clint just glared at her and rubbed his leg as a small smile crept up her face.

Steve watched the team with weary eyes. He really was out of his league here. He didn't know any of these people, and they were so different than people he knew in his own time. People now were so much colder, rude, and hostile. It was like no one even knew about manners, especially Stark. Dear Lord, that one hurt him the most. He had hoped to find his friend in Tony somewhere, something to connect him to where he came from, but there was just nothing. Except for his brains and guts, Tony Stark was nothing at all like the late Howard Stark. Not to mention Steve didn't really like what he was seeing besides that.

Stark might have proven him wrong on about the sacrifice play, which really he regretted that whole speech, but after that he went right back to the way Steve had first conceived him to be. Arrogant, Selfish, and a loose cannon. Except for right this moment he was confused. He had just seen Tony dump some probably alcoholic drink into his smoothie. Not to mention his shaking hands. He had actually talked to Ms. Potts when he got worried Stark would start drinking, and she had informed him the Mr. Stark doesn't drink when flying anymore. Ever. Actually since Iron Man he hardly drinks at all. Ms. Potts seemed like an honest woman, but obviously something she was not aware of was going on, so he would have to figure this one out on his own.

Bruce was just watching. He wasn't even sure why he was doing this, he didn't really care for any of the Avengers except Tony, who went out of his way to make him feel comfortable. Other than that he really didn't trust any of them, least of all The Widow. Steve was neutral, as was Thor, but he didn't like the way Clint and Natasha looked at him and Tony. Clint might be civil enough, but it still got on his nerves. Like now. Both assassins were staring at Tony, trying not to make it obvious, but focusing, so their guard was down a little. Even Steve and Thor were staring at Tony, so creepy meter upped. Everyone had a different expression on their face. Natasha's was just calculating, as if Tony were a difficult problem she was having some problems with. Clint was just irritation mixed with Natasha's expression, saying he was doing the same thing just he was getting pissed when it didn't work. Steve's was obvious. Sadness, Longing, and Disappointment. That might actually have set Bruce off if he weren't under such good control, thank God. Of course he felt for the guy, being stuck 70 years ahead of your time sucks majorly, but it wasn't TONY'S fault it had happened in the first place.

Thor's look puzzled him. He had sadness written all over his face, as with kind of a far off haze to his eyes that made his look like a kicked puppy. He looked like he wanted to punch Tony or just hug the man. That's when it hit him. Tony reminded Thor of Loki. Bruce wasn't all that surprised, considering everything, they were similar. Though he had a feeling as good willed as Thor's intentions may be, it would bug Tony being compared next to Loki.

So really the only reason he was here was Tony. Huh. Surprising, especially since he was pretty sure the only reason the "Other Guy" Fought with the Avengers is because Tony was on the team. Go figure, the first thing that Bruce and the Hulk ever agree on is Tony Stark.

Thor just sat in silence watching the Man of Iron dump more alcohol into his drink with sadness. He greatly missed his brother, and this man reminded him of Loki, with the quick wit and condescending nature. He could also see that the man was hiding something, just like if he had been paying more attention to those around him at the time, he would have seen something wrong with Loki many years ago. He didn't want it to end up like that, so he resolved that he would keep a close eye on this man, to ensure he didn't fall into the path of shadows his misguided brother had.

Tony was really trying to ignore the fact that EVERYONE on the damn PLANE was staring at him and he didn't know why. God it was creeping him out, even if his eyes were fixed on his vodka filled smoothie, he could still FEEL the eyes glaring at him like he was going to explode, and it was stressing him out even more. Ten more minutes of staring. "STOP STARING!" His internal voice screamed loudly. Nothing happened. Finally he sighed and got out his vodka, though "To hell with it," and in plain sight dumped the entire bottle into the smoothie.