"No, Natasha. I refuse. Absolutely, positively, refuse. I will hold on to whatever shred of manhood dating you leaves me with, and I cannot do that watching sappy romance movies." Clint whines, and Natasha rolls her eyes and pushes him off her lap and into the floor.

"Clint, we're watching Titanic, get over it." She says, her tone eerily cheerful, yet dangerous. Clint just groans from the floor and lays his head on her foot, pouting up at her and ignoring Tony and Steve laughing at him. "But Tashhhaaaaa…" He whines again, his voice going even higher pitched, and Natasha raises an impressed eyebrow. Never before has he been able to sound so annoying and pathetic in two words.

"Clint, Tony made you the best orange chicken you've ever eaten, Bruce didn't smash you when you stole half of his plate, and I haven't killed you for your whining yet. I believe you should quit while you're ahead." Her voice drops a little lower and Clint breaks under her glare, surrendering and throwing a pillow over his face.

Natasha smiles triumphantly, and looks to Tony, waiting for his argument. He just takes one look at her expression and raises his hands in surrender. "Nope, I've been dating Pepper too long to argue when she wants to watch Titanic, and you scare me almost as much." She shoots him a doubtful glance at that, but says nothing and chooses instead to gesture for Jarvis to start the movie.

She does her very best not to grin when she hears Steve whisper, "They made a movie about the Titanic?" She fails completely at resisting when she hears Tony chuckle and respond, "Yep. Spoiler Alert, the ship sinks."


Natasha watches as Rose whispers to Jack from the driftwood and pushes his body into the water and he sinks into the darkness, and without thinking tightens her grip on Clint, who had moved into her lap at some time after Jack stopped Rose from killing herself.

"If you ever did something that stupid like staying in the water when there's room on the raft for two, I would drown you myself." Natasha whispers to Clint, who just grins and lifts an eyebrow. Then suddenly he tenses and gestures over to the couch where Tony must have drifted off at some point, because he's curled up next to Bruce, who has also fallen asleep.

She lets her gaze focus on the billionaire's pained expression and the way his hand is settled protectively over his heart, and she feels a surge of pity for the man. PTSD is a bitch, and nightmares just come with the territory.

"Hammer…" She hears Tony whisper, distressed, and she freezes. Justin Hammer? Why would Tony be having nightmare about him? She would have assumed he was dreaming about Afghanistan. "stop….." Tony whispers again, a little more forcefully this time, and Natasha just knows, call it instinct, but this is important. And if whatever Tony's hiding has anything to do with Justin Hammer, she will find out.

Because no one screws with her team, no matter how much they dislike each other. Like it or not, they're in this together now, and Tony will just have to figure out that means him too.

She freezes at that thought and looks at Thor and Steve, who are shooting Tony worried glances too. Maybe it's time they were finally all in this together.