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Harry James Potter was born a twin. His twin's name was Aaron Godric Potter. On the fateful night of October 31st one of them became the first , and only, to survive the killing curse. However everyone assumed that it was Aaron to defeat the dark lord. With that one decision it changed everyone's life forever.

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Lily and James are alive.

Not too much bashing on Dumbledore or Lily and James...

Aaron- selfish brat...

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The darkness covered Godric's Hallow. A man walked down the silent street. Looking for a specific house that his servant had led him to. This would be the night the boy in the prophesy would die.

In the house the man was looking for were two toddlers. Both one year old. They may be twins that have the same face but they were very different. One of them had red hair and hazel eyes while the other had hair as black as ink with shocking, emerald-green eyes. Both of them slept soundly.

The parents of the two had been called for a meeting with the Order, unexpectedly. Albus Dumbledore has suspected that there was a traitor but at the time he did not know who.

The man who walked in the dark had reached the house of the Potters. It had been covered in charms to try to stop anyone from intruding. These charms were no match for the dark wizard he simply blew the door up with a simple flick of his wand. The sudden blast woke the children up. As soon as the man had destroyed part of the house the Order was notified. However they wouldn't make it in time.

The evil wizard went up the stairs to where the two boys were. The one with red hair was crying, it was the only sound to be heard in miles. Yet the one with black hair sat calmly in his crib.

Lord Voldemort looked at the two sat in their cribs. His red eyes scanned both of them. One of the cribs said Aaron Godric Potter in red and gold paint. The other crib had Harry James Potter written on it. He did not know which one was the youngest as the youngest would most likely be the one in the prophesy.

Born as the seventh month dies...

It did not matter he would kill both of them. That way no one would defeat him. But which one shall he kill first the annoying hazel-eyed toddler who was crying his eyes out. Or the quiet green-eyed boy. He looked at the calm quiet toddler. The green eyes met the man's. As if challenging him to try to kill him was the look he received off the baby.

This child shall be the first to die. Voldemort told himself.

Wand raised.

The unforgivable curse was chanted.

Green shot at the baby.

Instead of killing it rebounded.

It damaged the dark lord.

He didn't die though.

He was simply weak at the moment.

His soul still existed.

Yes his soul was split into many. Part of his soul now lived in the child. To show that his soul lived in the boy was a little cut shaped as a lighting bolt which would turn into a scar.

As the spell had rebounded it had hit the house as well making glass from the window shatter into the crib of Aaron. The glass had cut little Aaron as it fell making a 'V' shape on his wrist.

This was a coincidence that changed the twin's fate.


This is how my life turned to the worst. If that hadn't had happened that night I would be with my, blood related, family right now. I would have a happy life, a happy beginning to my story.

This memory was when I was 1-year-old Harry James Potter. But that was 14 years ago now. I have a new a family, sisters and brothers in everything but blood.

We've been a family for 8 years. We all met each other on the streets after we had been through an awful lot. All of us have very different pasts. However all of them have one thing in common. That is that we never had a family that loved each other for longer than 5 years, until now.

We are known by many people and our group has been called various things. Such as: Menaces, Thieves, Murderers, Prodigies, Geniuses, Trouble-makers, Misfit teens and too many more to name. We were known by both Wizarding world and Muggle world.

That's what other people call us. We call ourselves The Masked.


There are 5 people in The Masked.

Dan or Danny (Daniel really) is his original name. He doesn't use his last name because people might find out who he is or rather was. I met Dan when we were both 6 years old. He was younger than me by 4 months. We had met on the streets. Well all of us met each other when we were alone. Danny ran away a month after his father had died and his mother grieved with alcohol. He had been 5 at the time. Dan survived on the streets by himself until we met. Danny has short, light brown hair and dark blue eyes. He has an athletes structure. His code name is Speedy though he's sometimes known as the Runaway. He was always more of the action type so he always distracted or kept guard while the others did the inside jobs.

Kelsey-Jane was our next member to join. She liked to be called either her first name or her middle name but whenever asked for a name she always gave her middle name. She despised her family name more than anything. Her Mother had tried to force so many things on her and use her. Her Mum had tried to get her an arranged marriage to a rich family so that she could buy luxuries for herself. We had also met her when we were 6 but later in the year when she ran away. She had been 6 and 10 months when we met so she was almost 7 making her the eldest out of us three. Kelsey was one of the smarter ones in the group. She could hack any computer system known to man. Kelsey was one of our best tactic planners although she would argue and say that was me. Kelsey was a beautiful girl. She had long, straight blonde hair and stormy grey eyes which showed hints of blue in them. You could never make a dumb-blonde joke around her or else you would be beaten up. She had a short temper whenever you said something like that to her. We decided her code name was Storm.

Next to join our group was a boy named Jerry. He had a muscled structure now, when he joined he had been a chubby kid. Jerry joined 2 years after all of us. He was a year younger than us but much taller than us when we were children. He had dark-brown hair and eyes. He had been an orphan before he ran for it. His parents died when he was 3 years old. At the orphanage he had been bullied for being slightly chubby. No one picked him to be their new son so he lived at the orphanage for 4 years until he bumped into our group on a walk and ended up never going back to his 'home'. His code name was Steel.

The last person to join was a year after Jerry joined. A little girl who was 4 years old. Her name was Sophia. No one actually knew what happened to her family. Not even herself. she was too young to remember such. All she could tell us was that she ran away from uncle. She couldn't remember her father and her mother had left her on the front step of her Uncle's when she was a baby. Sophia was really good at hiding. She was sneaky and cunning in a good habited way. Another talent of hers was that she was a brilliant acrobat. Sophia had always been small and skinny. Soph had a few scars across her back which the group guessed,correctly, to be from her Uncle. Sophia had bright ,sparkling, electric blue eyes. She had light brown hair making her eyes stand out as well as her red rosy lips. She too was a beautiful girl. She was the little sister or baby of the group. She wanted a new name as well when she joined so we gave her a "middle name". We picked Rose. That was picked out because she was silent and the rose symbolised quietness and peace. Her code name was Cat because of her stealthy like abilities.

Not to forget one of the creators of this group. Me. Harry James Potter was my given name when I was born. That changed when I ran away as a 5-year-old. My name now is Jay. I had very dark black hair that used to stick up everywhere but now it stayed in the same position covering my lightning bolt scar. Shocking, bright, green eyes that stood out. I have always been smart. Some call me a prodigy. I had been reading since I could. I had read books from maths to magic. I was athletic just like Dan but I couldn't run as fast as him. Before all of this I grew up with a twin who was known as the Boy-Who-Lived. I was always in the shadows of my twin. My parents neglected me. I didn't know whether it was on purpose or not. They didn't even know I existed at one point. I was sure of it. So I ran away on my 5th Birthday. The only people who had even knew I existed were my Godfather or Uncle. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They weren't enough for me to stay for. A year after I had run away I had been found by muggles and put into an Orphanage where I was known as Jay. Not too long after a Man adopted me but was soon abused by him. I escaped 3 weeks after being adopted. A few weeks later I ran into Dan. We became friends fast and soon we ended up being a family. This is how everything started. My code name is Scar, for several reasons. In our team they saw me as the leader since I was 'the best at everything' as they put it but I know I'm not the best...Yet.

The weird thing that we all had in common was that we were all Wizards or Witches. I was the best with magic we bought many books on and about magic. We all had learnt without wands for a many years. We hadn't got our own wands yet but soon we would.

This is our family.


We all had masks of course. Not one of our masks matched the other persons. The only thing that they had in common was that they all had black on the background of them. We had to live up to our name. Although we all had worn masks, metaphorically, to cover up our pain we no longer needed them since we were happy now.

We all had grown up slightly now. I am now 15 years old and so is Dan. Kelsey will be 16 soon. Jerry is 14 and Little Sophia is 10.

We had made a business in a way. We did missions/tasks for people and ourselves. We got money from clients and we found many treasures while on our own missions. It was quite successful. However the Dark Lord has regained the power which people thought he had lost forever. Now me and my family are going to show the Wizarding World we aren't just some rebellious kids trying to cause trouble. We are going to fight in this war but with our own style.

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