The Masked

Five odd people ran through the streets of London. Down Alleys which people usually avoided except for the homeless or the people who are criminals. These five people wore masks. Each of their masks different from the other.

The girl with blonde hair had a mask that only covered her top half of her face. Although it was weirdly shaped so a piece of the mask was curved down covering a part her cheek. The mask was silver with black around the eyes as if it was eye make up. Although the silver had black hinted in it.

A smaller girl with light brown hair had a mask that only covered the top half of her face. It was shaped as if it had cat ears on top. It was black but had a white rose on the cheek.

The boy who sped in front of the others also had light brown hair. His mask was simple and only had gold zig-zags decorating the black mask.

A larger boy who looked like the slowest runner of them all wore a dark blue full mask. It didn't have much decoration however it did have silver fading into the middle. It was a very dark blue that it looked black from a distance.

Last but not least, a boy with midnight-black hair ran at the back of the group as if he was making them stay in front so he could keep an eye on them. His mask covered his eyes and most of his cheeks but did not cover his mouth. It curved up to cover a part of his forehead. The mask was black but had a silver marking across the eye as if it was a scar.

Anyway these strange masked people ran down alley ways until they disappeared. This would have been weird for any person other than someone who knew about magic. Yes, magic. They appeared in the Hogsmeade streets moments later. Obviously they didn't stand on the streets with all the people around some would think they were dark wizards if they saw them wearing masks. The five stood on top of a store called Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

Last year it had been rumoured that Lord Voldemort had been resurrected after the Tri-Wizard tournament. Although the Ministry of Magic denied it. However only an idiot would believe them. Everyone could see that Death-eater attacks were becoming more frequent and more dangerous. The Ministry still hadn't done anything to prevent it in any way. As much as one, green eyed member of the masked hated to admit it, the Order was the only one doing anything in this War.

"You guys ready? They're coming." The black haired boy asked the others.

"Yes Scar." They said in unison.

"Good. I need you Cat to stay here with Storm and attack from above. Steel block that street down there, you'll be on the ground. The Death-eaters will be coming in from these two streets here so once they come Speedy and I will block them from escaping. The charm will stop them from escaping by any magical form of transportation. Okay, let's go." The black haired, masked boy said.

The boy known as Steel made his way down to the street he was going to be guarding. He stayed in a shaded place so wizards and witches wouldn't see him. Speedy also made his way down to the street he had been assigned to protect when they attacked.

The leader named Scar was putting the charm up around Hogsmeade. It would stop any magical transportation out but would let anyone in. They needed to make sure they didn't mess up as they were targeting a certain Bellatrix Lestrange. She was known for so many murders and attacks. She was one of the Dark Lord's most loyal followers and is pretty much in second command.

Up on the roofs, Cat and Storm prepared themselves with muggle weapons such as bows and arrows, throwing knives and guns.

"You ready?" Storm asked the 10 year old girl.

"Yeah." Cat sighed.

"What's up?" The elder girl asked the younger.

"I always have to stay up here instead of fighting on the ground with them." The little girl sulked slightly.

"That's not completely true. Jay only makes you stay up here on missions like this because he wants to know your safe." Storm said looking Cat in the eye so she knew she was telling the truth.

"Yeah but I can fight just as good as them! I would be fine on the ground." The brunette exclaimed.

"Yeah maybe in a fight against a muggle but your magic hasn't matured yet, were fighting against very powerful wizards and witches this time, Soph." Storm explained.

"Okay, your right, I guess but what if my magic isn't strong like yours or Jay's?" She asked the blonde.

"Don't worry your going to be a very powerful witch one day and you might even be able to go to a proper magic school when your eleven." Kelsey told Sophia but avoided looking into the smaller girl's eyes.

Sophia's eyes lit up when she thought about going to a magic school. She had learnt a lot from Jay about magic since he knew the most but going to a magic school would be amazing. No one in their group had gone to a magic school. However Jay did grow up with a magical family and had visited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Jay saw, in the distance, the death-eaters coming. Luckily for Jay he hadn't inherited his father's eyesight. He gave the signal to the rest of them telling them that they would be here soon. Scar watched people in the streets as they walked around the streets oblivious to what was going to happen. He was going to make sure they didn't get hurt but with about 30 death-eaters coming and only 5 people or 4 teens and 1 child to stop them. The odds didn't look good but they weren't going to go down without a fight.

Suddenly death-eaters came and started sending spells at shops to try and destroy the buildings. It was time for the action. Scar ran out into the streets daggers in hands, prepared for fight. Speedy copied Scar and charged the death-eaters coming his way. Steel on the other hand got ready in a defensive position and waited for them to come to him. Storm used a bow and arrow shooting them from above. She had great accuracy and speed. Cat on the other hand used a small cross-bow. Long-distance fighting wasn't Cat's speciality but she was fairly good at it. Being raised on the streets had taught them a few things about fighting.

People on the streets screamed and scrambled. Some tried to apparate but obviously couldn't. Everyone tried to hide from the attacks that were coming. The finally noticed that there were people in the streets fighting against them. They weren't Aurors or just any wizard or witch. They were wearing masks. All of them wearing strange muggle clothing. They weren't even using wands but seemed to be using magic to stop any spells that had been shot at them. They shot spells back wandlessly which was unusual as it was a very difficult thing to learn.

Death-eaters fell to the ground either because they were dead or had very fatal wounds. Jay was scanning the death-eaters looking for Bellatrix. He finally saw her. She was about to attack three teens that had ran down the streets. The three teens looked around his age. One was a girl with very bushy hair, one was a boy with ginger hair and the last boy had more of a reddish-brown hair colour. Ignoring the rest of the death-eater that had come to fight him, he ran in the direction of Bellatrix.

He shot a spell at her and she tripped.

"How dare you!" She shrieked.

Scar kept his face neutral.

"Is that all the great Bellatrix Lestrange has to offer? I am quite disappointed. I thought you would put up a better fight." Scar said knowing he would get under her skin.

The three turned to look at him as if he was crazy. Jay saw their faces and identified two of them with ease. The ginger was obviously a Weasley and the other boy was his twin. The girl he did not recognise and assumed she was a muggleborn.

The crazy death-eater started shooting spells at the masked teen that had tripped her up. He dodged and blocked them quickly and easily. He stayed in defensive mode for a bit until. Jay shot a curse of his own and she dodged. It became a full duel in the street. The duel wasn't much of a challenge for the green-eyed boy but he played along so that she would under-estimate him.

The deranged woman started using unforgivable curses at him.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" She yelled.

Scar dived out of the way and threw one of his knives at her.

It hit her above heart and she fell to the ground in pain.

Scar was breathing heavily. He had been so engrossed in his fight that he hadn't realised what was going on. Order of the Phoenix members had arrived and had watched him fight. His fellow Masked members had finished most of the death-eaters and ran towards him.

"Are you okay?" Storm whispered in his ear.

"Yeah great." He replied.

A man with a long white beard started to speak to them.

"I would like to talk to all of you but we must go somewhere more discreet." He said in a way that made it sound like a request.

Scar grabbed Cat's hand and pulled her behind him protectively.

"And why should we go with you?" Jay asked.

"Because Aurors are on there way and it would be best if we went somewhere more private."

"Fine we'll come but if you threaten any of us we will not be responsible for what happens to you." Scar said with a flash of anger in his eyes.

It looked like some of the Order members were going to argue but Dumbledore gave them a look telling them that it wasn't the time to speak. They stopped themselves from arguing against the conditions the masked figures gave.


They had been taken to Grimmauld place by the Order. Now everyone had sat at the table other than Scar. Scar stood leaning against the wall, observing. The three who had been chased were also sat at the table even though they weren't members. Most of the Weasley clan was here as well other than Percy.

Dumbledore finally spoke when everyone quieted themselves down.

"Now it would be best if we did introductions first. I am-" Scar cut him off.

"Albus Dumbledore. Head-master of Hogwarts and leader of light." Scar said bitterly.

"I do not need introductions as we already know who all of you are. I have met a few of you several times. Just last week I saved one of your member's life." Scar said.

"Would you please tell me whom you saved and what your names are?" Dumbledore asked.

"I saved Snape from his last meeting with Voldemort. He was about to send the killing curse at you was he not?" Scar asked the Potions Master rhetorically. He ignored the flinches when he had said the Dark Lord's name.

"Yes." Snape answered quietly.

People looked at him surprised and shocked. Snape didn't tell them much of what happened at Death-eater meetings but they could imagine that it was a friendly chat.

"I also have saved a certain werewolf from other werewolves on one of your missions." Jay added.

"That was you?" Remus Lupin asked.

Scar just nodded in reply.

"You still haven't told us who you are." Tonks said.

"We are the Masked."Storm answered.

"Yes but what are your names?" The bushy haired muggleborn asked.

"Your a muggleborn?" Cat asked.

"Yes why?" The girl snapped.

"Because we've never seen you before. It would be the only explanation." Speedy answered.

"Your trying to change the subject. What are your names?" The girl asked angrily.






They gave their code names.

"Now, now no need for those names please tell us your real names." Dumbledore said cheerily.

The group glared at the old head-master.






They answered.

"You do not have last names?" James Potter asked the group.

Jay looked at his father with fury. If looks could kill he would have been dead ages ago.

"No. We did not want connections with our old families." Jay said angrily sneering at the word family.

The Order looked at them in surprise. They hadn't expected them to be without family at such a young age.

"How long have you been without your families?" She asked worriedly

"Years." Dan answered.

"Shouldn't you be in a magic school? Since you like our age." The so-called-boy-who-lived asked.

"Unlike you we never got a special invitation to your school." Scar said.

"I thought most muggleborns did in England... How come they didn't get a letter Professor?" The muggleborn asked.

"Miss Granger we couldn't send a letter to every muggleborn it is unfortunate." Dumbledore phrased carefully.

"I am not a muggleborn. I'm a half-blood and the only muggleborn in our group is Jerry." Jay said.

"Anyway I'm ten so I haven't got a letter yet." Sophie said with a smile on her face.

Everyone was shoot up by the little girls response.

They were going to be having a long discussion between the Order and the Masked. Scar knew it.

He wondered what was going to happen between them at this meeting.

It was going to be a long day.

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