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a plot unfolds

The digital world, a world created entirely out of data, inhabited only by creatures known as digimon who come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Just like us humans there different personalities and emotions accompanying them as well as different desires and wishes, which leads to different opinions, which leads to arguments, which leads to fights, and then to war.

Some digimon have decided to withdraw to their basic instincts and live like animals, fighting to survive. Others, the majority of the digimon population wanted to live a more civilized way, building villages and towns where they would live alongside each other to communicate and befriend each other.

Tough many digimon wishes or acts to be kind towards each other some decides they will rather fulfil their own desires, and put themselves in front of others acting selfishly instead of selflessly. Doing so is only natural of course as digimon after all was created by humans and was bound to inherit some of the basic behaviour humans hold.

A digimon being selfish didn't mean it was evil, or even bad for that matter. Selfish acts could vary from dealing pranks to others for your own amusement which was most common in the younger dark digimon. They meant no harm, they just wanted some fun, often banding together with friends of their own to mess around.

These mischievous digimon can hold affection of course but have a hard time befriending others, wherever it is of their own choice or their personality varies.

Very often things go beyond mere playfulness and pranking, when a digimon tries to harm or kill one another, punishment must be issues. For trying to take another life is as we all know, immoral. But when stronger digimon does this some higher power must intertwine, this, is the royal knights, a group of powerful holy digimon who protected the digital world.

But when good appears, so must evil to mirror it as there can never be light without there being darkness.

This is where the seven great demon lords. A group of some of the most powerful dark digimon ever to exist comes into play. These fearful demons reside in the depths of the dark area, a desolated place where only the wicked minded and evil of heart can survive, and hold almost complete control over it.

Even as the dark area usually is a place for the unkind there is nothing separating it from the rest of the digital world and the only proof you were there would be the continuing assault of hostile dark digimon, the heavy atmosphere and the constant fog clouding the forever darkened sky, where the only illumination would be the moon.

But even so, there were also a "neutral" area, which covered most of the digital world, where either digimon was welcome as long as they didn't wreak havoc no one would have had the right to drive them away.

But even with the neutral stage of most of this world, the relationship between the royal knights and the demon lords was getting more tense with each passing day and deep within the dark area the latter was plotting.

Heavy footsteps echoed through the halls of the dark castle, the demon lord of gluttony was not pleased.

The very second Beelzemon set his foot outside the giant rock structure, a devimon showed up telling him that all the demon lords were to urgently assemble at the meeting chamber.

The mega's glare gave away his increasing desire to turn the skeletal digimon into a floating cloud of data right where he was standing, but decided against it and instead quickly dismissed the champion before walking through the double doors.

Beelzemon was not very fond of these meetings, nor was Lucemon, the self-proclaimed leader who usually called them, and the same went for the rest of the lords. Some he could tolerate, but others were just plain infuriating.

The so called leader was the worst, always having that snobby attitude and prideful air around him.

It made the demon biker sick.

The sort of spite he held for Lucemon could not compare to the rest of the lords. Most of them would get along, some might even consider themselves comrades, Beelzemon however, would rather avoid the lot most of the time.

It was his nature to be a loner and would usually only retreat to the castle for a good rest before heading back out.

Groups of dark digimon of every kind passed by Beelzemon, not even earning as much as a glance from their lord. Some even cowered slightly, as if they could sense the dark atmosphere surrounding the mega.

They would not have to cower for long. The demon biker moved with fast strides, hell bent on getting this so called meeting over with so he could retreat to his chamber for a few days of uninterrupted sleep before jumping back on his beloved behemoth and drive off, not to be seen around the castle again for at least a couple of weeks.

To anyone who didn't know the castle, it was a maze, a labyrinth of halls, doors, chambers and dungeons. But despite the fact that Beelzemon usually kept away from the castle, he still had an easy time manoeuvring around and quickly found himself in front of the meeting chamber.

The mega's sharp hearing picked up several voices from the inside, seems like he was the last to arrive.

Lucemon would want his head on a silver platter, not that it matters. If Beelzemon was given an opportunity to annoy the fallen angel then he would gladly take it, even if it meant a harsh punishment later. It would be completely worth it, seeing the pompous fool's face change into an infuriating sneer when he was offered no respect; after all, he was the demon lord of pride.

The demon biker pushed at the impressively sized doors and opened them with ease. The old metal hinges whining against the unnecessary force weigh down on them, making the doors slam into the walls with a loud bang before he walked into the even more impressive chamber.

The talking and muttering stopped, all eyes fixed on Beelzemon as he slowly made his way to his throne.

There was a large circular stone table in the middle of the room, seven thrones placed around it in varied sizes of course as some of the demon lords were larger than others, Leviamon being the biggest one had more of a platform then a throne, considering the giant, red alligator was a beast with four legs and would feel utter discomfort if forced to sit on a normal chair.

"Making an entrance like always, Beelzemon?" the demon lord of lust, Lilithmon chirped lightly while making a small welcoming gesture with her left hand.

The glutton lord didn't answer and sat back in his throne, making himself comfortable by placing his arms behind his head while crossing his feet on the stone table.

"Ok, o' great Lucemon! spill the beans, why did you have me drag my tail down here?" the demon biker asked.

Lucemon snickered slightly "Well I must say your manners are as crude as ever, old frie-"

"Just cut to the chase already, before I fall asleep" Beelzemon interrupted, a small smirk crept across his lips as he watched the lord of pride's face pucker in annoyance.

A few seconds of silence occurred, and the only thing disturbing it was Belphemon's soft snoring.

Instead of an outburst which was what Beelzemon expected, the fallen angel's face quickly turned back into a soft smile, what was he thinking about?

One thing was for sure, It couldn't be good, not for Beelzemon at least.

"Impatient as always I see" Lucemon murmured.

"Well!" the lord of pride started "As we all are finally gathered, I must make an exciting announcement!" his mouth changed into a huge grin and his eyes widened until it looked like they would pop out of his thick skull.

"We all know that our biggest obstacle is those infuriating knights!" a few murmurs agreed.

"And if they are out of the way, the digital world will become our personal playground" a few dark chuckles was heard from the various demon lords.

"We could wipe them out with a direct war, but the losses would be tremendous on both sides and there will be no telling whom will win and gambling that way would be foolish" Lucemon paused for a second.

"The royal knights, being those soft hearted fools they are would probably accept a certain challenge if we were to threaten with war" The fallen angel continued.

"What are you getting at, Lucemon?" the lord of greed asked.

"Well its very simple my friend" The ultimate gazed over at Barbamon "We challenge them to a match, a fight to the death, the royal knights against us the seven great demon lords!"

"Peh! You want me to run in to battle against 13 holy digimon with no chance of success?!" Beelzemon asked "I don't know about you lot but I sure as hell aint' gonna put my ass on the line for a stupid idea like this"

"He's right Lucemon, individually we carry more power but we would be outnumbered" Leviamon pointed out.

"It might be so, but this is where our secret weapon comes in play" the pride lord chirped.

"Do we have a secret weapon?!" Daemon roared.

"Not yet we don't, and this is where things get exciting" Lucemon said. "Thanks to our dear Lilithmon" The lord of lust rose out of her throne and made a small bow before returning to her seat.

"We have found a way to create an incredibly powerful digimon, by using..." Lucemon grinned.

"Just get to the damn point already Lucemon" the glutton lord was getting fed up with all this beating around the bush crap.

"A HUMAN!" The fallen angel roared, he was getting really exited now.

"WHAT!? are you out of your mind!? Lucemon, I have no idea what you're on, but it must have fucked with your brain! A human of all things? You'd be better off running with your eyes closed inside the royal knight's assembly!" Beelzemon mocked, he didn't like humans, in fact, he hated them, sure they had done their thing, creating digimon but they still were good for nothing weaklings that breaks like glass if you look at them to harshly, they could be of some uses though, the glutton lord grinned to himself.

"Just shut up and listen" Lucemon hissed "thanks to Lilithmon's magic, we found a way to reconstruct the data of a human being and turn it into the one of a kind digimon, we can literally turn a human into a digimon, it will surely be something we have never seen before!" The fallen angel raised his arms as if he in his mind was welcoming someone who would help him make his dream come true.

"Or it could turn into a numemon and all this hype of yours would have been for nothing" Beelzemon mused.

"He does have a point Lucemon" Barbamon agreed "And Lilithmon, doesn't your magic originate from myths and legends around religion and so on? How are you planning on turning a human into a digimon?" the lord of greed continued.

Lucemon placed a hand on his face and gestured to the lord of lust with his other "Lilithmon, dear would you please explain to these fools how this is going to work out" and with that, the lord of pride sat back in his throne and crossed his legs.

Lilithmon made sure she had everyone's undivided attention (excluding the still sleeping Belphemon's of course) before she started to speak.

"As you all know, most of us digimon are created through the course of myth, some are based on a holy knight from ancient times or maybe a fierce dragon from a fairy tale, we are based on demons from the Christian religion and so, by finding a demon whom no other digimon have ever been in contact with, I can cast a spell which will be sure to give us the result we so desperately want, I already created the spell based on a broken civilization recently discovered by mankind and as the news and inscription and religion from that civilization was spread across the net, which I was able to get a hold of it" Lillithmon explained with a smile.

"All we need now is a human with a mind somewhat like our own, whom we can raise to become another one of us, and with that power we will destroy the royal knights" Lilithmon's beautiful face twisted into that dark smile.

"Yeah, a mind like our own?! Good luck finding that" Beelzemon laughed.

"Well to your information dear Beelzemon, I already found one" Lilithmon snapped her fingers and an image appeared in the middle of the stone table.

"What is the meaning of this Lilithmon?!" Belphemon's roared, finally taken enough interest in the current events to awaken, turning into his

rage mode "it's just a female child! What can you hope from such a fragile little thing?!" the lord of sloth roared once more.

"I have been following this one for some time now so trust me she is filled with dark intentions, if given the opportunity to" Lilithmon smiled.

"Looks to me like she's filled with candy, why don't I slice her up and check?" Beelzemon grinned behind his mask.

"Beelzemon! Don't think of hurting the child, do you have any idea how long it took me to find her?!" Lilithmon yelled.

"Yeah yeah, you're right, I know how to make way better use of her" Beelzemon licked his lips.

"HA! Your obsession with human girls is still raging is it? Beelzemon?!" The lord of envy snickered.

"Give me that tone again and I'll show you rage, you overgrown fly trap" The demon biker placed a hand on the gun holster strapped to his boot, which made the large alligator cower.

"Yeah, I didn't think so!" Beelzemon leaned back in his seat once more.

"Good thing you enjoy what you see, for you will be the one to retrieve her" A grin crossed the fallen angel's face.

"WHAT!? You're the one who wants this bitch, go fetch her yourself" The lord of gluttony growled.

"Does the human world scare you Beelzemon? Well to bad, because you are the one of us who would stand out the least in the human world, if we make too much noise the royal knight will find out!"

The demon biker seemed to be pondering for a while before raising his hands in defeat "fine I'll go get the girl! But don't complain to me if I break her" Beelzemon sneered.

The response was a wave of a hand and a small "off you go then" from the leader.

The lord of gluttony felt a twitch below his eye before he shot out of his throne and stormed out of the chamber knocking the doors straight of their hinges in frustration before yelling something around the lines of "glorified fucking asshole!"

"My oh my, he sure have a temper" the lord of pride scowled slightly.

"Lucemon, do you think it's safe to place the human in Beelzemon's hands?" Lilithmon gave her leader a worried glance.

"Nothing is safe in his hands my dear but as long as he don't kill her, everything should end up fine...just fine" a dark grin crossed the fallen angel's face.

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