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Story of the 8th

chapter 6

getting to know you

Not long after Lilithmon had taken flight with the girl in arms, the weather changed. From a blizzard into a snow storm where there would be less and less snow until nothing remained but a strong wind. The light slowly died out and they would end up flying trough nothing but blackness, where the only light available came from a moon which seemed so close you could almost touch it. but other then that, how Lilithmon was able to distinguish anything out from the darkness or even knew where they were flying, was beyond the girl's understanding.

Despite feeling the cold wind brush against her face, Maia still didn't feel cold, somehow the mega managed to keep her warmth from slipping.

The girl had no idea how long they had been flying, but the sense of time had completely left her, the moon had left their company not long ago and now the sky had seemed to clear up a bit, not like a sunrise though. It reminded her more like a few lone rays of the sun shining trough a dusty window.

Had they been flying all night? No that couldn't be it, or could it? you know how you would feel like in a dream, time would pass and it would feel like a lifetime, but in reality it was only a few hours. It was as if the girl was half asleep the whole time, who knows, maybe she was.

The "sun" or whatever the source of light was, seemed to be getting stronger and now Maia was able to make out a few mountains spread across the otherwise dead landscape which stretched across her view. It looked somewhat dull, grey and dusty as if it was a desert running out of sand ironic huh?

"Hmm..." Maia drowsily opened her eyes, quickly noticing she was being carried. The soft footsteps must belong to whoever was holding her. She felt one arm supporting her upper back and another below her knees, keeping her well balanced but also comfortable.

"Are you awake?" a quiet voice muttered.

Maia glanced up to lock eyes with the owner of the voice. A beautiful face came to view, half closed dark blue almost black eyes kindly looked down on her, full purple lips was drawn into a tiny smile. Golden horns peaked trough dark locks of hair, most of which was pulled into a bun while the rest hung loosly down framing her pale features.

"Lilithmon?" The girl's eyes widened.

"How do you feel?" The digimon cocked her head slightly as a look of concern flashed behind her eyes.

"Good enough to walk by myself" Maia shifted uncomfortably in the mega's grip.

Lilithmon sighed and gently let the girl down.

A small gasp escaped her lips as her legs almost gave away which forced her to lean on the cold walls. The demon lord was about to move in closer but decided not to as Maia raised a hand.

"I'm fine!" The girl felt her cheeks heat up as shame welled up within her, apparently Beelzemon left more then just a mental mark on her. Her body was still shaken and the aching feeling between her legs had yet to cease.

A few deep breaths and Maia carefully balanced her weight off the wall, she was somewhat still unsteady but managed to keep herself from tumbling.

"Lead on?" her voice sounded somewhat uncertain as she gestured towards the dark hallway which was lit up by several torches.

Lilithmon moved with as much grace on the ground as in the air, her purple robes flowed around her tall and perfectly curved body. The human girl felt somehow inferior while following in the enormous shadow which was cast upon the walls.

Every now and then a digimon or two would walk back, chuckling darkly or baring their fangs at her sending shivers down her spine. The girl moved closer to the demon lord.

"Why are they looking at me like that?" She whispered to the demon.

"Well as a result of Beelzemon's recent "treatment" of you, your scent is rather suggestive" Lilithmon simply replied, some venom lingering in her words.

They could smell her!? The girl's eyes widened and a familiar heat engulfed her face.

"Not to mention I can still smell traces of him on you..." Maia shifted uncomfortably, just the thought of the demon biker make her feel like curling up in a corner.

"Don't worry, you can take a bath once were in my chamber~" The demon lord glanced over her shoulder and stopped dead in her tracks making the shorter girl walk right into her.

Maia let out a yelp as her company turned around and leaned down on an eye level with the girl and placed her hands on her knees in one fluid movement.

"Hmm..." Lilithmon made a small pout and leaned even closer to the girl, who in return jumped in surprise. What is she doing!? Maia's eyes unconsciously trailed away from the Demon's awkward gaze and let it drift down, but instead of landing on the ground like she intended, it instead lingered on Lilithmon's more then impressive bust.

"No wonder he seemed disappointed..." The girl muttered.

"Are you looking at my chest?" The demon lord let out a small chuckle.

Maia's eyes widened to the point where they were about to pop out of their sockets "SORRY" she almost yelled and jumped away, her cheeks colored once more.

"Your blushing!" Lilithmon squealed in a somewhat out of character way and took the girl into her arms, lifting her off the ground and spun her around like a doll.

"How adorable you are!" The demon lord stared laughing before dancing around with Maia still in arms.

Despite being swung around by what seemed to be an over hyped demon lord, she could still see the amused and somewhat surprised faces on more passing digimon, was this normal behavior for Lilithmon? And if it was, how would she cope with it!?

"Can you put me down?" The muffled plea surprisingly made its way to the mega's ears. Still with a smile on her face Lilithmon dropped the girl, but she continued to twirl as they moved on, earning the odd glance every now and then, aparently this kind of behavior was not normal.

"And here we are~" Lilithmon chimed, and faced a large metal door, a large green crest (probably the crest of lust) was engraved into the door and had some kind of glow to it.

With a flick of her wrist, the demon lord opened the door, or doors was more like it as it split in the middle and opened inwards.

Lilithmon walked inside with Maia hot on her heels.

The chamber was rather big and other then what could be seen now there was an archway which lead to another room, a bed large enough to house an elephant was placed with the board against the wall, big glass doors with large windows beside and long purple drapes that reached the floor lead to a large balcony. Something Maia guessed was a make up table considering the large mirror which hung over it, and another set of doors, but this unlike what she had previously seen were made of dark wood.

"What's that?" Maia asked and pointed at the archway.

"Just my closet" Lilithmon chirped before grabbing a hold of the girl's shoulders and guided her towards the wooden door which opened before them as if it was haunted.

"And what is this?" The girl asked again, once they were inside the room itself would give her the answer.

There was a wooden wall which separated the two parts of the room. Anything beyond the wall was made of polished stone from what Maia could see. Running water could be heard from the other side and the whole room was filled with steam. It looked like some kind of bath house, well part of it anyway. The floor in the first part of the room was lined with wooden planks of the same kind the wall was made of. There was also a sliding door at the left side next to a bench while the other held stools connected to the floor and serveral shower heads coming out of the wall.

"Now lets get you out of those torn up clothes" Lilithmon was already on the task of removing the girl's shirt, her hands tugging on the shoulders of the torn piece of clothing.

"H-Hey!?" Maia moved out of the demon lord's range, arms wrapped around her torso "What do you think you're doing?!" Her face was flushed again and she was clearly agitated.

"Well you need a bath don't you?" Lilithmon asked confused.

"I-I don't need help with cleaning myself..." The girl said while glancing at the side.

"I was thinking of getting cleaned up as well, and we are both women, I dont see why you're so embaressed" The demon lord giggled. Understandably so, why was she acting so childish?!

"I'm just...not very uh...used to being naked around other people..." The girl was now fidgeting uncomfortably in place.

"Do you want me to turn around while you undress?" Lilithmon couldn't help but giggle again, this human is so shy, how adorible.

Maia slowly nodded her head and watched the demon lord turn around, now facing the wall. She took a deep breath and started un buttoning her shirt, or what buttons which was left and let it slip into a pile at her side, then removed her boots and placed them together against the wall before sliding of her skirt and underwear in one go and finally removed her stockings.

"uuh..." The girl mumbled and jumpe slightly as she felt a couple of hands on her shoulders.

"Just sit down here and clean up" Lilithmon told her, leading her to sit on one of the stool "pick whatever you wish" the demon lord gestured to the many hygiene products which lined the walls, shampoos, conditioner and body lotions in dusins of scents.

"how do I start that thing?" Maia gestured to the shower head which hung from the wall, no knobs could be seen. As she uttered those words though, the water came pouring down silencing any cries of suprise.

Beyond the sound of pouring water, the girl recognized clothes falling to the floor, moments later a very naked Lilithmon seated herself on the stool beside Maia, her hair was out of its bun and reached around her lower back.

The girl averted her eyes and started washing herself, she decided on a strawberry scented shampoo and started scrubbing. Finally she felt the filth wash of her skin and down some hidden drain. Her thoughts flashed to Beelzemon, was he back yet? Or to wherever this place was. Lilithmon had brought her inside this construction while she was still asleep so Maia had no idea where or how this place looked, was this the residence for the rest of the demon lords?

The girls thoughts came to a stop as the water from the showerhead halted.

"Come on then, off to the bath then before you scrub yourself raw" Lilithmon chirped and gestured to beyond the wall.

Maia awkwardly stood up, arms hiding her breasts and keeping her legs as close as possible.

The demon lord let out a small laugh, her hand waving to the side making the sliding door open and reveal its content. White towels with a large variety of sizes and fabrics and what looked like white robes all folded neatly and with care, a small and thin towel floated out of the closet and in front of the girl who quickly grabbed onto it and wrapped it around herself.

"Come on then" Lilithmon moved toward the opening with Maia following behind. Everything behind the shower room was made of stone, a few stone steps below the wooden floor led to what looked like a polished cave, the steps continued down into a large pool with steaming water, water which was pouring out of the vase of a stone mermaid that looked like it swam across the wall. To the left there seemed to be an opening leading into another cave.

"Its a sauna, would you like to try it?" Lilithmon explained.

"Nah id rather not sweat after just showering" the girl mumbled while clenching onto her towel.

The demon lord walked down the stone stairs and into the water, moving over to the edge before settling down with a sigh. A content smile on her lips before glancing over at the girl.

"Come on then, the water is lovely" she purred. Maia did as she said, setteling on the edge at the opesite side of Lilithmon.

"Are you hungry?" Maia's glanced on the demon lord "Abit, yeah" She sighed. Lilithmon snapped her fingers and there was a sound someone opening the outer door.

"Something you need my lady?" A soft voice asked, the girl felt a smile thug on her lips, it was a blackgatomon! There was no mistaking the feline looking digimon standing on her hind paws, wearing purple gloves and covered in black fur with purple stripes, her big yellow eyes was lowered and her head was slightly bowed.

"A platter of fruit, and I want the humans clothing cleaned, fixed and pressed by tomorrow" The demon lord's voice was full of authority but still held a soft tone to it.

"I will get to it my lady" The feline digimon bowed her head further down before leaving, only to return a few minutes later with a big silver platter at the size of a coffee table, a large variety of exotic fruits Maia had never even heard of was chopped up in different shapes and decorated the platter. Two smaller platters and a couple of forks was lying on some napkins.

The blackgatomon placed the platter on the surface of the water, and let it float towards the two women (something which should be breaking the laws of physics, but this world was made out of data so nothing could be sure) before bowing for the third time and left their presence.

Maia picked up one of the forks and stabbed a piece of fruit, one hand still holding her towel and brought the food to her mouth. It was sweet and juicy, somewhat tasting like a less soft strawberry, which she loved.

She had to admit, it was very comfortable, soaking in a hot bath after a good shower, eating the best fruit she ever had the joy of tasting... The girl's eyes widened, hold on a bloody minute! she had been kidnapped, dragged to a world she didn't even know existed, by a creature she thought was a part of a children's show, almost frozen to death and then molested, yet she had received no explanation of why she was here!

"Oi..." Maia stared at the roof of the grotto.

"Yeeeeees?" Lilithmon purred, sinking deeper into the water with a newly stabbed fruit in her hold.

"Why the hell am I here?"

"Huh?" The demon lord's now gave Maia her full attention.

"Why am I here!?" She snapped. "why would you kidnap some human girl, I swear if I didn't know any better I'd think I was suppose to serve as a toy for him, at least when I think back about how he treated me" The girl's voice was dripping with venom.

"There's got to be a reason for this" Maia sunk lower into the water.

"There is, but this is not the time to discuss, you need to eat, and rest, then we will talk" Lilithmon told her.

The girl wanted to object but she noticed the authority in the demon lord's voice and decided against it, shed rather not get into an argument.

A few moments of silence passed.

"You said "how he treated you"...Did Beelzemon do something beyond what happened in that hut?" Lilithmon asked.

Maia curled up as she remembered "Y-yeah, in the forest...he was hurting me, trying to make me beg for him to stop...and he noticed how I reacted at some point, tore my shirt open, said he finally got a reaction out of me, what does that even mean?"

The demon lord seemed to ponder for a moment "I can't say I know what goes on in that head of his, I never expected he would do something like this. He likes to break people I guess...feel powerful, its just odd why he would want to break you. I will not say much but I can say this: you are an important piece, you are supose to be safe and maybe that's why. Beelzemon loves to get under Lucemon's skin, to annoy him for some reason, he's actually rather childish if I may say so myself and he might think of you as the forbidden fruit..."

"That might make some sense..." The girl sighed.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"W-what?!" Maia's eyes snapped towards the demon lord.

"Did you?" she asked again

The girl bit her lip "I didn't want him to do that, I tried to make him stop but what could I do, I'm just a human...But if I'd say it didn't feel good..." she paused "I would be lying" Her face heated up again and the words continued to flow "Its the first time I've felt like that, or rather the first time anyone made me feel like that..." Somehow she managed to curl up even more.

"But there was no way I was going to beg, to first resist then once I started enjoying it would give myself to him just like that?!"

Her voice increased in volume and anger.

"Then maybe that's it" Lilithmon mused and earned a confused glance from the girl.

"I do belive Beelzemon is used to get who ever he desires, I cannot remember if he have ever been rejected, and when you did just that, you must have piqued his interest..."

"That might make some sens, he seems kindof like the possessive kind..."

"Maybe so..."

They sighed in unison.

"Is he back yet?"

"I don't belive he is, are you worried?"

"Maybe a little..."

"Don't you worry, I told you I wouldn't let him harm you" The demon lord's voice was kind and assuring.

"To be honest I don't think you can do much to stop him, I mean isn't he supose to be very powerful?"

Lilithmon's face flashed with what almost looked like shame "Yes, he is more powerful then me, I would not stand a chance against him by myself. He is the strongest one of us second only to Lucemon, which is why I am sure he wont try anything foolish. I am on good terms with Lucemon and we both know how important you can be for us. You will have a talk with Lucemon soon enough, then we can make sure Beelzemon get it into his thick skull that you are not his to take" The demon lord's choice of words made the girl shift uncomfortably for what felt like the hundredth time, she was not his to take?

"Lucemon will be sure to explain your situation as soon as possible, tomorow hopefully" Lilithmon mused.

"Sounds good I guess..." The girl sighed again.

Maybe...just maybe she could find a reason here, for whatever the demon lords wanted her for, it was sure to be something to live for.

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