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Phineas's POV

Isabella, Katie, Adyson and I had just destroyed a Normbot recharging station; crippling the bots' ability to recharge and keep their patrols shorter, so they didn't use as much power. Now we're trying to get out of dodge as the Normbots were chasing us.

We made our way through a neighborhood trying to shake them, but it was no use they were still behind us firing their lasers. We've had several close calls with them almost hitting us. We used our own lasers pistols to keep them at bay as we ran though; we're starting to run out of energy packs.

"Chief we need to get out of the open and hide!" Adyson yelled as we ran through the neighborhood.

"We need to lose these bots first!" I exclaimed as I looked back to see the Normbots still on our tails shooting at us.

"Calm down guys, there's a tunnel entrance up ahead, I've radioed Gretchen to have the mine carts ready to go when we get there; we'll trip the security door at the entrance and lose the bots." Isabella explained.

"How far is the entrance to the tunnels?" Katie asked.

"Just six more blocks, keep running." Isabella answered.

We ran four blocks when I heard Katie scream. I turned around and saw her on the ground clutching her side. "Katie's down!" I exclaimed as I started running back to her.

Isabella and Adyson both stopped and started to lay down covering fire, so I could get to her. I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder and ran towards Isabella and Adyson. As I ran I felt the worst pain I had ever experienced; something hit me on my right side. I fell down, knowing I had been hit.

"PHINEAS!" Isabella screamed as she ran towards me, I lifted my head and yelled, "Isabella, run!"

Adyson came up behind her and struggled to hold her back from trying to save us; she shouted our names as Adyson held her back. Adyson then said something to her and they started running to the tunnel. A volley of laser followed them, as the bots continued to pursue them.

As I lay on the ground, my vision began to blur and I began to lose consciousness. The Normbots flew overhead, but one stayed behind and said, "Under Doofenshmirz law 183 all resistance members are to be executed."

It then raised its arm aiming at my head; I closed my eyes, accepting my fate, I heard a laser weapon fire.

I opened my eyes and discovered I was still alive. I saw the bot crash to the ground; I looked with my blurred vision to see two people running towards me and Katie, that's when I lost consciousness.

Normal POV

Adyson and a reluctant Isabella had lost the Normbots. They entered the tunnel entrance and closed the security door; making sure that they weren't followed. Gretchen was waiting at the mine carts with the engine running.

Gretchen smiled as she saw Isabella and Adyson, but it soon faded when she noticed that Phineas and Katie were missing.

"Where are Phineas and Katie?" She asked, worried for her friends.

Isabella got in the cart and sat down looking toward the rear hugging her knees. When Gretchen looked towards Adyson she responded by shaking her head from side to side. Gretchen knew their fates and turned around putting the train in drive beginning their trip back to HQ. Tears started forming in her eyes.

As the train rolled forward. Adyson sat next to Isabella and hugged her. Isabella began to cry and hugged her back, both letting their emotions out. Even though Isabella was a strong leader it had been especially hard on her since it was the first time that she had ever lost anyone under her command. Both were close friends and Phineas was Candace's brother.

Everyone thought about how to break the news to the others; Phineas the optimistic and technical genius and Katie the odd but brave soldier, dead.

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