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Resistance Base, Phineas' POV

As I was walking around I noticed Isabella walking towards me, remembering her threat, I quickly ducked inside a room and closed the door. I listened as she walked past, I let out a sigh of relief, "Dodged her."

"Dodged who, Phineas?"

"Gah!?" I quickly turned around to see Candace standing right behind me, her arms crossed, and her sunglasses in her hands as she gave me a questioning look.

"Oh, hi, Candace, what are you doing here?"

"Well these are my quarters, so I think the better question is, "What are you doing here?""

"I was just, um, taking a stroll is all, I must of gotten lost, hehe." I answered as I rubbed the back of my head, keeping my hand busy to avoid scratching my ear.

"Even while hiding your tell, you're still a terrible liar." She smirked, then offered me a seat on her bed. I sat down, she pulled up a chair and sat with the back facing towards her. I stayed silent, wrestling my thumbs, trying to decide if I should tell her or not, after all she would have to talk to Isabella. Isabella would become even more mad at me, or worse, she'll hogtie me, then hang and beat me like a pinata.

"I'm assuming you were trying to avoid Isabella again?" She asked.

I quickly looked up, "How did you-"

"I'm still in charge Phineas, nothing slips by me, you two have been avoiding each other ever since we busted you out of prison, or more accurate to say you avoid Isabella."

I nodded my head, yep that's Candace for you, nothing slips by her.

"Now, I want you to tell me, what is going on between you two?"

"We got into a fight." I quickly answered.

"Nice try Phineas, but I'm going to need more of an explanation than that."

Dang it, I cursed in my head, I guess I might as well tell her what happened.

Danville Forest,

As Isabella, Eugene, and Ryan walked back to the mine tunnel entrance, Ryan stopped and turned around, Eugene and Isabella stopped and turned.

"What is Ryan?" Isabella asked.

"We're being followed." Ryan stated.

"I don't hear or see anything, are you sure?" Eugene asked.

"Call it a sixth sense, and it's rarely wrong." He replied, still scanning the trees behind them.

"Could it be bots?" Isabella asked.

"No, we would've heard their hover engines, then it has to be the prison guards." Eugene answered.

"It would be highly unusual for them to be scouring the forest for us." Ryan stated.

"Still, we can't lead whoever is following us back to the mine entrance." Isabella stated.

"Got any ideas?" Ryan said as they continued to walk.

"I've got one that should work." She said and began to explain.

Resistance Base, Phineas' POV

Candace was deep in thought after I finished my story. After a few minutes she spoke, "I'd hate to say it Phineas, but Isabella has a very good reason to hate you now."

"But," I started, but Candace put up her hand, stopping me.

"Phineas," she began, "Isabella, has a lot of weight on her shoulders whenever she's on a mission. The team looks to her for guidance, they trust her with their lives. Isabella can't have her emotions clouding her judgment. In the end, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

"So then you agree with her, to just be cold and heartless and-"

"Phineas," She raised her voice interrupting me. She took a calming breath before continuing, "Isabella and the Firestorm Girls have been through thick and thin with each other, each of them depending on each other. Isabella cares for each and everyone of them, she also cares about Buford, for how much he annoys her, Baljeet, Ferb, me, and you."

I looked down, thinking back to what Isabella said in the Infirmary, "Let's get one thing straight Phineas, I care for everyone under my command, you no more than anyone else. When we were in that room, I nearly broke when Raymond was beating you. I care about you Phineas, but I have to put the resistance ahead of everything, and until you understand that, you have no right to accuse me of anything.

"Phineas I'm going to ask you a question. If you had to chose between saving Ferb or saving me, and you only have time to save one of us, who do you pick?"

I looked up at her, her eyes just stared at me, waiting for me to answer. "I," I began, "I don't know, if I could. You both mean so much to me, I don't think I could chose one of you to save." I answered.

"All right, now go back to the prison and reverse your situation with Isabella. Would you talk in order to save her life and put everyone else in danger, or would you keep quiet if it meant keeping everyone safe but sacrificing Isabella."

I went silent in thought, I guess I had no right to accuse Isabella.

"I've had to make that decision Phineas, and let me say, there's never an easy answer. All you can do, is hope it was the better decision in the end and hope that the people you sacrificed understand. As much as I want to save everyone, Phineas, we don't get that luxury; these are the hard decisions that have to be made at a moment's notice. I want you to think about our discussion really hard Phineas, then I want you to bury this thing between you and Isabella and move on."

"Thank you Candace, I'll… give it a lot of thought." I replied.

Suddenly a loud pounding was heard on Candace's door, the person was hitting so hard and fast it must of been important.

"Any reason you're trying to break my door?" Candace said as she got up and opened the door. Dr. Baljeet was standing on the other side, out of breath.

"Candace… we found… something… important…" He huffed out.

"Baljeet, did you run here from the control room? That isn't very far for you to be out of breath." Candace replied.

"Yes.. I did… but need to get back… you need to see this." He said as he got his breath back.

"What's so important?" I asked as I walked up beside Candace.

"While browsing the network for anything interesting we found a file, a file containing detailed information on Marcus Flynn." He finished.

"Marcus… Flynn." Candace said slowly

"Our father." I said out loud.

Danville Forest, No POV

"We're lost aren't we?" Eugene said as he and Ryan followed Isabella.

Isabella looked at the compass in her hand, "We don't exactly use this entrance daily, so my memory is a little fuzzy." She replied.

"In other words, we're lost." He said as he turned towards Ryan.

Isabella stopped, annoyed, she turned towards them, "Okay, you're such the navigator? You take point then."

"Look," Ryan began, "It's getting late and we're all a little tired, let's rest a little then continue on our way. Eugene see if you can get a fire going, Isabella and I will have a look around.

"Okay, have fun, don't get lost." Eugene said as they left. Isabella, gave a glare before she and Ryan disappeared into the forest.

Eugene laid his rifle against a tree, he gathered up twigs and branches and began to build a fire. Their was a slight rustling in the bushes behind him, and a hand stealthy reached towards the weapon.

"Why does the Lieutenant trust her so much." He muttered to himself as he knelt on the ground and dug a fire pit. "She got us lost in the first place, maybe he's having me build a fire so they can find their way back." He laughed to himself.

As the rifle was picked up, a young girl emerged from the bushes, her other hand griped the rifle grip and her finger eased on the trigger. She lightly stepped towards him, lining up the sights.

The fire caught and began to build, Eugene warmed his hands up next to the flames. The girl had closed the distance, taking aim at his head. The rifle in her hands trembled, her eyes were full of determination. When she was a few feet away, she pulled the trigger, the rifle sputtered. Surprised at the noise, she pulled the trigger several more times. The rifle wouldn't fire she quickly examined it, trying to find the source of the problem.

"That gun won't do you any good without a power cell." Eugene said as he held up the power cell, still looking at the fire. He stood and turned around, his expression turned to surprise when he looked at his would be killer. "Hey, weren't you that kid running away from the Normbots earlier?"

The girl face turned to panic, she quickly tossed the rifle at him and turned to see Ryan and Isabella weapons pointed at her, blocking her escape path. She looked around to see the trio had her surrounded, she backed slowly into a tree, her body shaking with fear and tears rolling down her eyes.

"Please," The girl began, "Please don't hurt me."

As Isabella studied the girl, she realized who she was. "Melissa?" She called out.

The girl jumped at hearing her name, she looked up at the older girl.

Isabella immediately lowered her weapon and set it on the ground, "Melissa, it's me, Isabella, I helped you and some other kids learn how to play with the sports equipment about a year ago."

"Isabella? Is that really you." Melissa took a step forward towards the older girl, but immediately stopped at the two other teens pointed their weapons at her.

"You two know each other?" Eugene asked, his weapon still pointed at the girl.

"Guys put your weapons down." Isabella said, sternly.

"After what this girl just tried to do?" Eugene exclaimed.

"Isabella, we don't know what this kid is capable of, now is not the time to drop our guard." Ryan said.

"I'm sorry," Melissa croaked, "I thought you were soldiers from the army trying to find me."

"We're not going to hurt you." Isabella said as she looked back at Eugene and Ryan. They looked at each other then lowered their rifles, but remained on guard.

Isabella knelt on one knee and extended her hand towards Melissa. Instead of taking it, the little girl rushed into Isabella hugging her, Isabella hugged her back

Control Room, No POV

On the main view screen was a front and side photo of a man with a triangular-shaped head, with dark red hair. Candace, Phineas and Ferb, stared at the photo.

"Is, is it really him?" Phineas asked, fixated on the photo.

"Yeah, it is, even after eight years he hasn't changed at all." She looked down towards Aaron and Baljeet, "What are we looking at?"

Aaron and Baljeet gave an uneasy look to each other before Aaron started, "It's a documentation file, and from what we've been reading, you're not going to like it. He's been doing research for Doofenshmirtz for the past eight years, working on classified projects."

"What?" Phineas said, horrified, he quickly shook his head, "No," He began, "Dad wouldn't have disappeared for eight years and broken off contact with us just so he could work for Doofenshmirtz. He must have been kidnapped or forced to work there, he would never create anything for evil. He.. he wouldn't do that." Phineas had tears forming in his eyes, Ferb put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Phineas," Baljeet started, "We do nott know your father, but from the file's contents, your father is responsible for some of Doofenshmirtz's more advanced technology."

"Our father wasn't an evil man, he wouldn't create anything for Doofenshmirtz, unless something else happened to him." Candace said

"Well he did, and if you want to ask him, we have his position." Baljeet answered.

"Okay, get everyone together, were going after him." Candace ordered.

"We're coming too." Phineas and Ferb stated.

"Oh no, after what happened to you, I'm not taking any chances, you're staying right here." Candace replied.

"He's my father too Candace, stop trying to protect me and let me do my job." Phineas stated.

Candace looked towards Ferb to help her out, he did the opposite, "As a member of this family, I'm going to help you whether you like it or not."

Candace sighed, she had been ganged up on by her brothers, knowing it was hopeless to fight with them, she nodded her head. "Lets bring dad home."

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