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"Come on Kris. We are going to be late if you don't get it together. Let's go little girl."

"Daddy, I'm ten years old. I'm hardly a little girl." The roll of her big green eyes almost earned her a swat to the ass.

"Well if you wanna see eleven you'll get a move on. You wanted barrel racing lessons, today is the first one, so MOVE IT." God how I wished Bella was home. She had been in California for some kind of CPA convention or some bullshit for the last week and I missed her something fierce.

Today was Kristina's first barrel racing lesson with a woman named Siobhan. She was a four time world champion barrel racer out of Calgary and she and her husband, Clayton, had moved here to Lawton recently. She and I met one day during one of the local events that I sometimes donated my time to and when I mentioned that Kristina wanted to start training to barrel race, Siobhan offered to give her lessons.

"Daddy! Catch me!" I turned swiftly just as my son launched himself into my arms. This kid was piss and vinegar through and through, much like me when I was his age.

"Whoa Ethan! You're almost gettin' too big to be doin' that boy!" I ruffled his riotous hair and earned myself a scowl.

"Watch it Cullen!" He put his fists up and pretended to punch me lightly in the jaw. Of course, because I'm a fantastic Daddy, I faked being hit and threw myself on the ground, bringing Ethan with me. He giggled as I began to roll around on the floor being the tickle monster. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pink boot tapping.

"I'm ready now." Apparently my daughter finally decided we could go. I had had just about enough of her little attitude. Setting Ethan back on his feet I told him to get his coloring book and crayons and go get in the truck.

"Kristina Renee Cullen, I'm only going to tell you once. Lose the attitude young lady or we will cancel these lessons effective immediately."

"Sorry Daddy. I'm just nervous."

"Don't be kiddo. Siobhan is the best. It will be ok. Mama will be home soon and she'll be so excited to hear all about your first lesson. You get everything together and go wait in the truck with Ethan. I need to grab my hat and wallet then we'll drive over to the barn and load up Sundance." I turned her by the shoulders and sent her on her way as I got everything I needed and locked up the house.

Kristina's first lesson went perfectly. Siobhan was a very patient teacher and Kris seemed to be a quick learner. Sundance fell right into a good pattern immediately and I knew she would. She was the most gentle, amazing horse I had ever had and the relationship Kris had already built with her was perfect for the trust they would have to have in each other to be a good team.

Today, finally, Bella was coming home. The kids and I were headed outside to get some chores done. Jasper came over and saddled up Sundance so Kris could ride some slow patterns in the arena beside our barn while Ethan and I did some yard work. The sun was high in the Oklahoma sky as I removed my shirt and threw it on the porch swing. I was about to fire up the weed eater so I had on my old, comfortable Wranglers, straw cowboy hat and my sunglasses. I had Ethan filling up the water trough for the dogs but still had my eye on him. Bella would be here soon and I wanted the place looking nice.


I couldn't get to my SUV fast enough when my plane landed. I missed my babies and my cowboy so much. Edward and I spoke last night and he told me Kristina had done really well with her first barrel racing lesson. I was a little apprehensive when she said she wanted to start training to compete. She was my little girl and I didn't want her to be hurt. I knew Edward would find her a fantastic trainer and I trusted his judgment completely.

When I arrived at home, my breath caught in my throat at the scene in front of me. I saw Kris riding Sundance off in the arena with Jasper looking on. What made my panties explode was my Cowboy Hotness, shirtless and sweaty working the weed eater. He had on his cowboy hat and sunglasses and some old ripped up Wranglers. I sat back for just a moment and enjoyed the view. I was such a lucky woman. He was a God.

Just as I was about to jump out of the SUV and jump HIM, movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. When I turned my head, the laugh that escaped me was loud and obnoxious. Ethan. My mini Cowboy Hotness was galloping through the yard on his stick horse. That was a normal occurrence. What wasn't normal, however, was the fact that he was wearing his cowboy boots, cowboy hat and nothing else. NOTHING. ELSE. I glanced over at Edward just about the time he stopped the weed eater and looked in Ethan's direction. I could read his lips from where I sat, still unnoticed.

"Ethan Alexander Cullen! Why are you naked?" Edward dropped the weed eater and headed in Ethan's direction. My son squealed and took off running around the yard, his father hot on his heels. I stepped out of the SUV and made my way over to them just as Edward caught our little streaker. "Boy, why are you wet? Ethan, I told you to fill up the water troughs not get in them." I giggled and Edward must have heard me because he looked up and smiled as big as Texas. Ethan saw me as well.

"Mama!" He wiggled out of Edward's arms and headed for me. I bent down and scooped him up, naked as the day he was born and dripping wet!

"Hey little Cowboy! You always run around naked?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Hey Mama! It was hot and Daddy maded me work outside. I played in da water with da hose." He smiled his father's crooked smile and batted his long eyelashes.

"I see that. How about you go put on some shorts or something though? You can't be showin' all that Cullen business there." I gestured to his naked hiney.

"But Mama, you saided that Daddy should always be nekkid. I heards you." He widened his eyes at me and I knew, once again, that Ethan had eavesdropped on a private conversation. Edward walked over and swatted him on the butt.

"Go do what your Mama said boy. Put some clothes on." Ethan took off into the house, still on his stick horse as my Cowboy Hotness grabbed me and brought me into his sweaty embrace.

"Hey Darlin'. My God but you're a sight for sore eyes. Gimme some Sugar." I threw my arms around his neck as his mouth claimed mine. I moaned as soon as his tongue caressed my own. When I couldn't be without oxygen a second longer I pulled back.

"Fuck I missed you Cowboy." Edward moved to kiss along my jaw and down to my neck.

"I missed you too Sweetness." He pulled my body against him as I felt his rock hard cock pressed to my stomach. The moan that escaped me was loud. "Sounds like that are going to get you fucked Bella. Immediately."

Before I could tell him I wasn't opposed to a good fucking, Kristina rode up on Sundance.

"Hey Mama. Wanna watch me do patterns? Uncle Jazz says I'm doin' real good."

"Go ahead Darlin'. I'm just about finished with my chores. I'll join ya'll in a bit." He swatted my ass as I walked toward the arena with Jasper and Kristina.

The next week flew by fast. Edward had been taking Kristina to her daily lessons while I caught up on some work at the house. My boss had given me the week off to recover from being out of town so long. I was thankful, but had a load of work that I had missed that needed to get done. Luckily it could all be done at home. Early Friday, Edward had been called out to a job site that Cullen Construction was working on. He and Emmett had to fill in for some of the guys that had caught a stomach bug so I would be taking Kris to her lesson today.

We pulled up to the arena where the lessons were held and one of the stable guys came to get Sundance unloaded for us. Just as we were walking up to find Siobhan, Kris saw her husband, Clayton walking toward us.

"Hey Mrs. Cullen, hey Kris. I'm Clayton, Siobhan's husband. It's nice to finally meet you." This was the first time I had been home to take Kristina to lessons so I had yet to meet Siobhan or her husband.

"Hi Clayton. Please call me Bella. Is everything ok?"

"Actually I was just coming to tell you about a change in plans. Siobhan is in the hospital with two broken legs. She was in a car crash yesterday."

"Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. Both legs huh? Wow. Is she ok other than that?"

"Oh yeah, she's a tough one. Unfortunately though she won't be able to continue her lessons with Kristina. However we do have another teacher who is also a former world champion. Oh here she is now."

I turned around just as I heard the gravel stirring on the road and saw a black Chevrolet Camaro pull up. The car rolled to a stop and when the driver stepped out and pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head, I felt my fucking head about to explode. Oh FUCK NO. It was Kate Denali.


I really hate Siobhan right now. The last thing I wanted to do was teach rugrats anything. I didn't want to be around them. At all. Kids are gross, annoying, and a damn nuisance all the way around. She had called me yesterday telling me all about how she had broken her legs in an accident. Fuck if I care. When she got finished whining about it she finally got to the real reason for her call. She gave lessons to girls who wanted to get into barrel racing. Since she was injured she wouldn't be able to fulfill those lessons for quite a while. So, she asked me to fill in. Of course, I understood why she asked. I'm the fucking best but damn, I so didn't want to do this. I quickly said no but then she had to go remind me that I owed her. Siobhan and I had competed against each other many times and knew one another well. She knew me too well really. The last time we competed against each other, years ago, she had caught me in a compromising position. Literally. I was giving the competition organizer the ride of his life and she just happen to walk in just as things were getting good. She totally freaked out and was headed to tell someone all about what she had seen. I had gotten dressed in record time and ran after the goody two shoes. I begged her not to tell. She flat out refused telling me that she was morally bound to tell what she had seen. We went back and forth for too long. Finally she relented after I told her that I had felt pressured and I was disgusted with myself. I even broke out the waterworks. I didn't mean a bit of it but she didn't know that. Siobhan was one of those people who saw the good in everybody. What a stupid cow. She promised to let it slide but told me that I owed her big time and she would collect someday. That day was apparently today. My fiancé, Marcus, was all for it. He told me it would be good practice. What the hell? He knows I don't want any brats of my own. I think he's hoping this experience will change my mind. Not likely. I had been pregnant once—not that he knew that—and I had felt nothing, only complete disgust so I took care of it. Edward had to go and be all self-righteous about it. Gah, now that was a man. Marcus had nothing on Edward Cullen. If it wasn't for all of his money, I wouldn't have given Marcus a second glance. He was super stinking rich. He was horrible in bed. Horrible. That was okay though. Having his money made it worth it. I faked the biggest, best orgasms ever and made him feel like a god. Thankfully I was getting those real O's on the side from his partner. Peter was almost as good as Edward Cullen. Almost. I could settle for second best. It took two men to equal Edward and they still didn't measure up. That ship had sailed though and I was making the best of it. As I drove toward my temporary job I felt my annoyance building. I really didn't want to do this and I hoped Siobhan healed really fast.

I pulled up and I could see my pupil standing with Siobhan's husband and some woman. Probably her mother. Gag.

Come on, Kate. Just get it over with.

"Hey Kate," Clayton said as I got closer to them.

"Hey Sugar," I said giving him my best seductive smile. Clayton was seriously hot and he would be in need soon with his wife out of commission. I was so open to making lasting connections.

Finally the woman turned to look at me and I instantly recognized her.

"Oh," I said scowling at her.

"Kate," she said stiffly.

"Becka, is it? Lovely to see you again," I replied smiling sweetly at her.

"It's Bella actually but you already know that right?"


"Oh dear, I'm soooo sorry. I'm horrible with names. And who is this little darling?" I asked dripping with fake enthusiasm.

"I'm Kristina Cullen!" She yelled.

"Cullen?" I choked out.

"That's right," her stupid bitch mother said with a smug smile.

"So your Dad is Edward Cullen?"

"Yep! Have you heard of him? He used to be a super great bull rider. Right Mom?"

"That he was Kris."

"Oh I know all about what a good rider he is," I said laughing and winking at Bella.

Take that, bitch.

"Oh yes," she replied. "He really is the best isn't he? And he only gets better and better," she replied raising her eyebrow in challenge.

Fuck you.

Clayton and Kristina were looking between us in confusion having no idea of the showdown going on right in front of them. She didn't stand a chance. If Edward walked up right now I'd have him back in my bed in a heartbeat and I was so not afraid to try.

"Well," Clayton interrupted, "maybe you and Kris should get started on her lesson huh?"

"Sure," I replied finally looking away from Bella and at the annoyance I had to spend the next two hours with. She definitely had Edward's eyes. Lucky little thing. He had gorgeous eyes. He had gorgeous everything.

"Let's go kid. We've got work to do!"

"I'm so excited! I want to be a great barrel racer just like Mrs. Siobhan. Daddy said she is the bestest."

I couldn't help but frown. I had won more competitions than Siobhan. What was so great about her?

"Well, I'm not too bad myself, kid."

"Really? Have you won lots of competitions?"

The kid was looking at me in awe. I hated it and loved it at the same time. She should look at me in awe. I was the best.

"Sure have, I'm Kate Denali."

She got a quizzical look on her face and then looked up at me all innocent, with those Edward eyes.

"Never heard of you," she said quickly running up to her horse that Clayton was bringing to the practice arena.

"Well, you should ask your Dad about me sometime. He knows me very well."

"Really? Were you two friends?"

"Oh yeah, we were such good friends."

"You spent a lot of time together?"

I smirked at her thinking about all the time he and I had together.

"Yes indeed. Just ask him sometime. We had a lot of fun together and I'd love to have fun with him again."

"So you rode together. Dad is a great rider!"

"Oh yeah, we rode together a lot. He was the best rider I've ever known."

Damn, thank God this kid was too young to know what I was talking about. I was getting so hot thinking about Edward and his riding skills in the bedroom. He was amazingly skilled.

Our conversation quickly died and we started on her lesson. I hated to admit it, but she was a natural. She was definitely Edward's daughter. If she kept this up, she would give her competitors a huge run for their money.

"Great job Kristina." Surprisingly, I meant it.

"Thanks Ms. Kate," she said smiling brightly at me.

"Honey, you just call me Kate, okay? We're friends."

"We are?" She asked me, her eyes widening with innocence and awe.

Eating out of the palm of my hand. This is too easy.

"Sure we are! You can come to me for anything. If you have problems at home or whatever, you can talk to me, okay?"

"Umm…okay but I don't have problems at home," she replied looking confused.

"None? Mom and Dad don't fight or anything like that?"

"No," she said shaking her head rapidly. "Mama and Daddy are the best! The only problem we have is that my little brother is, what did Daddy call him?" She asked to herself and pondered for a moment.

"Oh! A hellion!" She said laughing and I fake laughed with her.

Ugh, one big happy fucking family. Great.

"I bet he's adorable." Gag.

"He's a pain but I love him."

"Wonderful," I replied halfheartedly. "Well, sometimes you might feel like your parents don't understand you. I know I always did. So you can talk to me anytime."

"Okay, I'll remember that. Thanks Ms. Kate," she said lunging at me and hugging me tightly.

Fucking hell. Get off of me.

I patted her on the back and gently pried her off of me.

"Kristina!" We both turned to see Bella headed our way.

"Mama! I had so much fun!"

"Great," Bella replied hugging her daughter and kissing her on the head.

"Ms. Kate is the best! Did you know that she and Daddy were friends?"

"You don't say?" Bella asked giving me a questioning look.

"Yep! She said they had so much fun together and that she'd like to have fun with him again."


"Yeah! She said they rode together all the time and he was the best rider she'd ever known."

Bella looked at me with a look of rage and I smiled smugly at her.

"Kristina, go get in the car with your father. He just arrived."

"Oh, Edward is here?" I asked happily.

"I should go say hi."

"Yeah!" Kristina cheered.

"No," Bella replied fiercely. "Kristina, I told you to go get in the car and I mean it. I need to have a private chat with Ms. Kate, okay?"

"Okay Mama. Bye Ms. Kate."

"Bye honey," I cooed sweetly.

Once Kristina was out of earshot, Bella turned to me.

"What the fuck are you playing at Kate? Saying things like that to my daughter?"

"What are you talking about? I didn't say anything."

"Don't play dumb with me. She isn't old enough to realize exactly what you meant but I know how you are and I know what you meant."

"Don't be so self-conscious Bella. Are you worried? You should be. I could have Edward in a heartbeat. He'd never turn this down."

"I have a hundred percent trust in my husband. He loves me, his kids and his life. He'd never be with you again. You are nothing but a selfish whore."

"Fuck you!" I screamed. "You don't know me."

"Oh, but I do. I know enough. Any woman who would purposely let herself be thrown off a horse to get rid of her baby is a selfish, heartless bitch."

My anger boiled over then and I lunged at her grabbing fistfuls of hair. She pushed at me but I had a good grip and she couldn't get out of it until the bitch punched me in the throat. I gasped for air and let go. Thankfully she hadn't hit me too hard so it was easy to recover.

Pansy ass bitch!

I lunged for her again but she ducked and moved away. I turned toward her and she held her hands up to stop me.

"I'm not going to fight with you Kate. We are both adults here. Let's act like it."

"Whatever," I replied. "You are such a stupid little bitch. I'm going to have Edward and you're going to be left behind with your ugly little brats, all alone while I have Edward every day. He'll be screaming my name, not yours and you'll just shrivel up to nothing. Everybody will see how pathetic you are and Edward will finally be with someone worthy of him. You're nothing!"

That set her off and I never saw her fist coming. It was like she had lightning speed. Her right hook hit me so hard that I spun around and hit the ground.

"What the hell is going on?" I heard a man's voice yell.

I turned around on the ground, propping myself on my elbows.

"This crazy bitch hit me for no reason," I replied, slowly opening my eyes and seeing Edward standing there.

He scowled at me and turned to Bella.

"Baby are you okay," he asked her, cradling her hand.

"Yeah, I don't think anything is broken."

"We'll take you to get it all checked out though. Can't have my sweetheart in pain."

"What about me?!" I yelled, pissed off that he was not worried about the woman on the receiving end of that punch.

"What about you?" He asked.

"She hit me Edward!"


"What do you mean, and? I was just talking to her and she went all psychotic on me."

"I find that hard to believe, Kate. My daughter told me what you said to her. That was so inappropriate."

"Oh good grief! You two need to chill the hell out. The stupid little brat doesn't even know what I'm talking about."

"That doesn't matter!" Edward yelled. "You were supposed to be teaching her, not trying to use her to come between her parents. You haven't changed a bit and I shouldn't be surprised. You were always selfish. You were always manipulative. You never cared about anyone else but yourself. You only wanted me because I was the top rider in the circuit and it made you look good. You didn't love me. You are incapable of love. I know that now. I knew the day that you purposely killed our unborn baby."

"You did what?!" I heard from behind Edward and looked to see Marcus standing there.

"Wha…what are you doing here Marcus?"

"I came to surprise my fiancé. I wanted to see you in action here and then take you to dinner. I guess the surprise is on me," he said turning to walk away.

"Marcus! Wait!"

He stopped and turned slowly toward me.

"What Kate?"

"He's lying. I would never do anything like that! You know me."

He looked conflicted as he glanced back and forth between me and Edward.

"Marcus," Edward said breaking the silence. "I don't want to see you get hurt like I did. Kate is only looking out for herself."

"But she said she loves me. We're getting married and hopefully have children someday."

I frowned at that.

"Marcus you know I don't want children," I said with a sigh of frustration.

"I thought maybe you would change your mind. I thought working here would help you see how great it would be to have kids."

I scoffed at that and looked away.

"See?" Edward said. "She isn't interested in what you want. She doesn't want children. Do you know that she and I used to date?"

"No, she never mentioned you."

"That doesn't surprise me. She was probably hoping you'd never find out. Do you know what she did when she got pregnant with my child?"

Marcus hesitated, looking between us again.

"What?" He asked, almost in a whisper.

"She let herself be thrown of a horse, stomach first on the ground so our unborn child would be killed. She looked up at me telling me that the problem was taken care of. I was never so horrified in my life. If you're looking for a family, you won't get it with her."

"Fuck you Edward Cullen! I hate you!"

"Wow, you certainly changed your tune quickly," Bella replied with a snort of laughter. "Just a few minutes ago you were all talk about how you were going to be fucking Edward every single day while I sat at home withering away."

"What?!" Edward and Marcus both exclaimed.

"I'm done!" Marcus yelled turning and stalking off.

"Marcus!" He waved dismissively and kept walking. He got in his car and sped away. I had just lost my cash cow. All that work, gone.

"What the fuck?" I asked turning my glare on Edward and Bella.

"Don't you dare, Kate," Edward scolded. "You brought this on yourself."

"Come on Bella. We're done here. I need to talk to Siobhan about finding someone else to teach Kristina."

"Okay baby," she replied sweetly to him leaning up to kiss him. They made a big show out of it in front of me.

"Get a fucking room!"

"Oh, we plan on it," Bella replied smugly.

"Looks like you'll be the one shriveling away, all pathetic and alone huh Kate?" She said before they turned and walked off.

I screamed in frustration, kicking at the dirt. They may think they had gotten me down but that would never happen. I am Kate Denali. I'm the baddest, hottest bitch around. Nothing and nobody keeps me down. Never. I would rise up bigger and better than ever. I didn't need Marcus and I certainly didn't need Edward Cullen. I'm much too good for him anyway. I pulled out my cellphone and quickly found the number I was looking for.

"Irina!" I exclaimed. "How would you like some company?"

A change of scenery is just what I needed and if that scenery happened to include Irina's sexy, rich brother-in-law then that was even better.

You can't keep a good bitch down.


What a fucking day. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would find Kate fucking Denali giving my daughter barrel racing lessons. Poor Siobhan, having had that accident. Clayton had no way of knowing who Kate had been to me so I couldn't blame him. When I pulled up and saw Bella and Kate having an altercation, I had to admit, it was fucking hot, and I may or may not have gotten wood. I'm kidding, mostly. But seeing Bella enraged and protecting what was hers, yeah. I was taking her home and fucking her promptly.

"Ok Hotness, the kids are both asleep. Kristina conked out immediately after all that riding she did today. Ethan took a bit longer because he was trying to tell me he thought he should be allowed to sleep "nekkid like Daddy does." She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Damn, that little shit is everywhere. How does he know all this personal, private shit? We are going to have to muzzle him or something. Maybe confine him to his room?" I joked.

"Edward, really? You don't have a clue where he gets it? He's YOUR SON." She had a point. I had been just like Ethan when I was a little boy. My mother had the gray hair to prove it, although she'd never been seen with a gray hair and only her hairdresser knew the truth.

"Sweetheart, I'm sorry about today with Kate. Had I known she would be the teacher I wouldn't have let Kristina go." I caressed her cheek as she leaned into my touch.

"No worries Cowboy. I took care of her stupid ass. What a fucking bitch. To think that she thought she could have you back after all these years and after all she's done? The bitch is seriously delusional or something. And poor Marcus. Did you hear the hurt in his voice?"

"Yeah, seems like he really cared for her. That's why I wanted to make sure he knew exactly what kind of woman she was."

"Well, enough talk about HER. Suddenly I have the urge to claim you and put my mark on you Cowboy. You up for that?"

"Oh Sweetness, do you even have to ask?" I hovered over my gorgeous wife. "Hey Bella, think you can hang on for eight seconds?" I wiggled my eyebrows as I slid into home. HOME.

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