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"Bella, are you sure he won't shoot me?" I had asked her this question fifteen times out of the last ten minutes. Currently we were on a plane to Forks, Washington. It was time for me to meet the parents. On our way to the airport we had returned Bella's U-Haul rental truck. She had been in Lawton all of one day and with the help of my family we got it unpacked and all her things moved into my house. We wanted to fly out to her parents' home as soon as possible because she was going to start her new job in a week and I had to attend a rodeo in Cheyenne in four days.

"Edward relax. My Dad's bark is worse than his bite. Besides, he wouldn't use his service revolver to shoot you with anyway. That would kill you. He'd most likely just use a small .22 pistol or something." Was she serious with this shit?

"Oh great, because that makes me feel so much better." I was working myself into a frenzy and needed to relax. Chief Charlie Swan was already scaring me shitless and I hadn't even met the man yet.

Bella had told me that she was raised in Texas for most of her life. When she entered college, her parents moved to Forks where Charlie accepted the job as Chief. Deep down they missed the South but they also liked the slower lifestyle a small town like Forks provided.

Sooner than I cared for, we were landing at Sea-Tac in Seattle. Bella said there was a bit of a drive to Forks so we rented a car. Hopefully this would give me some time to relax. He was most definitely going to kill me. I had gone about this shit all completely ass backwards. Here I was, engaged to his daughter and she had just moved into my house. Sure, they knew of our relationship from Bella's phone calls and emails. But shouldn't I have asked his permission to marry her? God dammit Cullen, you are a first class turd.

"I can see steam coming out of your ears from all that thinking going on in your brain Cowboy."

"I'm just nervous Darlin'. I want your parents to like me. I really do."

"Edward they know all about you and about us. They understand how our schedules haven't allowed a face to face meeting so far. You're really overthinking this. Just relax and be yourself. They will love you." She squeezed my hand and I did feel slightly better.

After a few hours we were pulling into the driveway of a two story white house. Charlie's cruiser was in the driveway, along with a Chevrolet SUV. I took a deep breath as I put our rental car in park.

"Relax Cowboy. I won't let anyone hurt you. I need every part of you intact for what I plan to do to you later." She reached over and palmed my cock roughly.

"Shit Sweetheart! Are you crazy? You can't rub my dick while we are sitting in your POLICE CHIEF father's driveway!" I knew my eyes must have been wide as saucers. She just giggled and began to gather her things.

"God this is going to be fun." The little minx winked at me as she opened her door and stepped out. I looked up to see a woman who was the same height as Bella with shoulder length light brown hair come bounding down the front steps straight to my fiancée.

"Baby girl! You're here!" The two women embraced and I surmised that this was Renee Swan, Bella's mother. I grabbed the keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the car.

"Hi Mama. We made it." She gave her mother a kiss on the cheek just as Renee spotted me standing beside the car door.

"Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Edward Cullen. Get your wrangler wearin' ass over here and give me some sugar!" I couldn't hold in the bark of laughter that escaped my mouth. Renee was a spitfire, just like her daughter. I moved over to her and she wrapped me in a big, warm, motherly hug. I saw Bella out of the corner of my eye shaking her head and smiling.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you Ma'am. Bella's told me a lot about you." She was still hugging me when I saw Charlie walking toward us. Great, the first time he sees me, I have his wife wrapped in my arms. Nice Cullen. Real Nice.

"Lord have mercy woman, give the boy some air." He was smiling as he said it. That's good, right? Surely he wouldn't shoot me with his wife and daughter right here. Would he?

"Oh Charlie shut up. I can't help it! Look at him! He's gorgeous Bella! Good job baby." She released me and hugged her daughter again. Charlie walked up to me and threw his arm around my shoulder.

"Cullen, how the hell are ya?" He stuck out his hand and I shook it.

"Great sir. It's nice to finally meet you."

"Oh knock it off with the 'sir' shit. Call me Charlie." He smiled and it was the same as Bella's.

"Charlie, ok. Damn. So you aren't going to kill me?" It slipped out before I could stop it. He chuckled loudly and shook his head.

"Well, not unless you hurt my little girl. Do you plan to do that?" He raised an eyebrow at me and his porn star moustache twitched.

"Never Charlie. That will never happen. She's too damn precious to me." I told him truthfully. He put his arm back around my shoulder and slapped me on the back.

"That's what I wanted to hear. Ya'll come on inside. Renee has some of her famous Gumbo simmerin' on the stove and I just fried up a mess of catfish nuggets. Ya'll came hungry right?" We nodded and Charlie scooped Renee up and tossed her over his shoulder, her screeching the entire way and slapping him on the ass as they headed inside.

"See? And you were so worried. Trust me Edward, they loved you before they even met you. Now, they'll just love you more."

"Damn, I guess so Sweetheart. Your parents seem great. Come on, I want some of that gumbo." I did the same thing as Charlie and scooped Bella up, throwing her over my shoulder caveman style and carried her into the house. I saw Charlie and Renee at the window laughing their asses off, and then I knew this was going to be an awesome visit. Thank fuck.


Edward was so nervous all the way to Washington. I know I should have let him in on the fact that my parents were huge PBR fans and knew who he was before I even met him. I'm a bitch, but seeing him sweat bullets was hilarious. My normally calm, cool, and collected Cowboy was losing his shit and that folks, was funny as hell. As soon as he met my parents, their true personalities came though and made him feel welcomed and already a part of the family. I loved my parents. They were amazing. I missed them a lot now that they lived so far way but I knew they were happy here.

We got settled upstairs in the guestroom and went back down to have some of my Mama's cooking. I truly missed it because Renee Swan could cook like sin. When we rounded the corner we stopped in our tracks. There in front of the stove, my father was rubbing up against my Mama as she stirred the gumbo. His hands here up the front of her shirt and she was giggling. I chanced a look at Edward and his eyes were almost popped out of his head. This was usual behavior for them so I just cleared my throat to announce our arrival. My Dad didn't miss a beat.

"Just because ya'll are here doesn't mean I'm going to stop mauling your mother every chance I get." He kissed her on the neck and slapped her ass as he turned around and walked to the kitchen table and took a seat.

"Yeah but we don't wanna see that shit Dad." I pushed Edward down into a chair and plopped myself in his lap. He smirked at me and I leaned down and gave him a chaste kiss on those plump lips.

"Oh, like I wanna see you spit swapping with Cullen here at the table?" He retorted.

"You think that was spit swapping? That was just a peck Daddy. This is spit swapping." I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck and pulled him to me. As soon as his lips parted in surprise, I slammed my tongue into his mouth. He caught up quickly and massaged it with his own tongue, sucking on it slightly. I could feel his cock below me through his jeans stirring around so I backed off a bit and licked my lips. Then I placed two small kisses on his lips and looked at my Dad with raised eyebrows.

"Amateurs." Dad shook his head and picked up the sports section of the paper and began to read.

"So Isabella, is there something you need to tell us? I couldn't help but notice that large diamond on your left ring finger." Mama looked over her shoulder at us, still stirring her gumbo. Edward was the first to speak.

"Charlie, Renee, I know it's completely backwards from how it's supposed to be, but I love Bella more than my own life. She's everything to me and she always will be. I asked her to marry me and she said she would do me that extreme honor. So, with a blessing from you both, I'd like to go ahead with those plans and marry your baby girl. Would that be ok?"

"Cullen, what would you say to some target practice? You wanna go out to the gun range with me?" Dad looked over his paper at Edward and I heard the audible swallow from beneath me.

"Umm….sssuu…sure Charlie. We can do that." He was pale as a ghost. Suddenly, my father erupted into the biggest, loudest laugh I had ever heard from him.

"Oh Cullen! You are too fucking easy! Look at your face! You need to go change your drawers boy? I think you just shit yourself."

"Daddy! Behave!" I looked down at Edward, who was still pale. "Sweetheart, he's joking. He thinks he's funny." I glared at my father.

"Ok, ok….I'm sorry Bells….I just have to give him a hard time. Relax Edward, I won't shoot you, I promise." My mother had come over and perched on Dad's lap. "As long as Bella is happy and cared for then we are fine with you marrying her. Welcome to the family son." He reached over and shook Edward's hand.

"Thank you both. I promise, Isabella will never want for anything as long as there is a breath in my body." He looked up at me with so much love in his eyes I was almost rendered speechless. "I love you Darlin. So much." He reached up and caressed my cheek. I heard my Mama 'awww' out loud as she squeezed Daddy tight.

Later that night we excused ourselves to go to bed after a long day. Edward had asked my father if he was ok with us sharing a room since we weren't married. Charlie just waved him off and told him he didn't give a damn. He said he certainly didn't think Edward and I hadn't been intimate yet and didn't see any need for us not to sleep in the same room. We settled in bed and I cuddled up to my Cowboy.

"I'm not sure why I was so worried. Your parents are great." He squeezed me tightly against his naked chest.

"I need to confess something to you Cowboy. Don't be mad at me ok?" I sat up and purposely let the sheet fall to my waist, exposing my rack to Edward's hungry eyes. As per usual his eyes drifted down to my tits. I laughed. Such a guy.

"Whatever you want to say go ahead and thanks for trying to distract me with those fabulous tits. It totally worked." He began to swirl a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Stop for a minute. When you do that I can't form a coherent sentence." He just smirked but stopped his ministrations. "I didn't tell you that my parents knew who you were before I even met you. They are big PBR fans. So there was no need for you to worry at all."

"So, you're telling me you let me stress out and freak the fuck out this entire time on purpose? Oh Isabella. You should not have done that. You've been a very bad girl. And do you know what happens to bad girls?" He lowered his fuckhot voice and pulled me down so his mouth was right beside my ear. "Bad girls get fucked in their parents' house. Hard."

Before I knew it, Edward had pushed me down onto my back and hovered above me, holding himself up by his arms. "I want you to be very quiet Isabella. I don't want to hear a sound or I'll stop. Got it?" I nodded as he slipped down my body, taking my thong with him. He tossed it somewhere across the room, pushed my legs apart and plunged his tongue into my hot core. I couldn't help the moan that escaped. Just as promised Edward stopped immediately and looked up at me from between my legs with raised eyebrows.

"Sorry. I couldn't help it. Please Edward, keep going." I begged.

"Last chance Bella. One more sound and I will go get rid of this hard cock in the shower by myself." I bit my lip to stay quiet. I loved Domineering Edward. Thankfully he dove right back into showing my pussy who was boss. I was writhing around on the bed gnawing on my cheek so hard to keep quiet that I knew it was going to bleed. I felt my orgasm coming fast and before I could think anything more it hit me. Edward didn't stop, he kept licking and sucking me to a second orgasm and this time I failed miserably at keeping quiet.

"Shiiiittt….MMMM…soo good." He licked me softer until I came down. Once I relaxed he slid up my body.

"God dammit you taste good Bella. I need to fuck you now baby. Get up on all fours." I did what he said and he immediately slammed into me with a grunt. Edward plowed into me over and over for the better part of thirty minutes. How he held off his orgasm that long is a mystery to me. The man had stamina like I had never seen.

"Come on Cowboy. Make me come again. Fuck me Edward. Harder." I pushed my ass back toward him.

"You got it Sweetheart. Fucking. Come. For. Me. Baby." Each word was presented with a hard, angled thrust and hit my G spot squarely. I fell over the edge and took Edward with me. He roared through his orgasm, my name spilling out of his lips. After we both calmed down, he tucked me into his side and both of us fell into a deep, restful sleep.


Charlie and Renee Swan had shocked the fuck out of me. They were amazing and I now understood where Bella got her spunky personality. They accepted me right away and gave their blessings for us to get married. We said goodbye to them, promising to come back and visit as soon as we could. When we arrived back in Lawton, we walked into our house and gasped. My mother had completely redone the place and made it more female friendly. She and I had talked about it before Bella moved in and she said she would be glad to do it. Seeing Bella's things mixed in with my own gave me that special feeling deep in my belly. This woman was mine and soon I would make it permanent.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to leave for Cheyenne. I wanted Bella to come with me, but she wanted to get the rest of her personal things unpacked and get ready to start her new job. I understood that and promised to be safe and call her often. She sent me off with a damn fine shower blow job. Fuck, I would never get enough of her.

Jasper and I were traveling together this trip and Emmett was staying behind. He was planning a trip down to Houston to try to woo Rosalie to Lawton. Jasper told me he was going to propose to Alice soon and she would be moving up as well.

"So you're ready to take the plunge too huh?" I teased Jasper a bit.

"I am. Alice is amazing Edward. She's everything I have ever wanted."

"I'm happy for you man. Who knew when we decided to go to Houston we'd end up with two gorgeous women that wanted to be with us?"

"So how is it adjusting to having Bella here?"

"Truthfully she hasn't been here long enough for me to really realize that she's here for good. I just know that I'm glad." We continued to talk the rest of the drive about our feelings for Bella and Alice. Almost thirteen hours later we pulled into Cheyenne, both desperate for a shower and a bed.

We checked into our rooms and after a hot shower I crawled in bed to call Bella. It was funny to call my home phone number and find Bella on the other end. It rang twice before she picked up.


"Yes ma'am, this is Edward Cullen. I'm looking for my hot as fuck fiancée Bella. Is she there by chance?" I heard her giggle at my silliness.

"Hey Cowboy. You made it ok I guess?"

"Yeah, just got out of the shower and into bed. How are you baby?"

"Well since you just told me you are freshly showered and in bed I'm hot and bothered now." Damn her. Now I had a hard on.

"I'm sorry I'm not there to cool you off baby."

"It's ok Edward. We've been apart longer than this. I can't believe I am here now. For good. I can't wait for you to come home to me." God I loved hearing her refer to Lawton as home.

"Believe me baby, seeing you in our house, waiting for me to come home is going to be amazing. I love you Bella. So fucking much."

We talked a little while longer before the long drive I made finally caught up with me. I told Bella I loved her and we hung up. As I got comfortable in bed, my thoughts drifted back to the brunette beauty I met in Houston. She was it for me and I had always known it. I made it my mission to make her happy for the rest of her life. Now that I had her home in Lawton with me, the sky was the limit. I'd give Bella anything and everything. For the rest of our lives.

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