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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Why cant that be me? Rosalie wondered, as she saw a mother interact with her baby girl in her stroller. That beautiful little girl, why can't she be looking at me the way she's looking at her mother?

Rosalie had always wanted children . When she was engaged, she was old-fashioned so her first time was after she as turned. Everyone knew vampires couldn't have children. It broke her heart to know that she had lost her chance to have a loving family like the one she saw before her now. Don't get her wrong, she loved her family, she did, she just wanted something more. There really is nothing like a babies laugh to get a mother's heart going. Renesmee had proved that, when she was young. Suddenly, she felt a hand slip into hers as she smiled and looked over at her niece. She was about 14 now physically. Too old to hold her aunt's hand, but she knew the calming effect it had on her. Rosalie had begun to let Bella in shortly after the final confrontation. Even went so far as to become close friends with the woman, shopping with her, claiming Alice would drag her around for too long. It had become a tradition for the two to take a shopping trip, and both begun to enjoy it.

To think, this all happened for this little bugger, Rosalie thought to herself as she put an arm around Renesmee, continuing walking. She loved her niece more than she could even explain, causing her to love the girl's mother, as well. She couldn't exactly hate the woman who gave her this little girl, could she?

"Rose, come back to us!" Bella chuckled, looking over at her daughter and sister-in-law. "Renesmee, why don't you go catch up with Jacob in the music store? Your aunt and I will be right there."

"Mom, do you think I could drive home?" Renesmee asked, with her best puppy dog eyes. Her mom just laughed. "Ask me in a few years, sweetheart." "Awww, Mom!" She said, and ran off to catch up with Jacob.

"What was that about, Bella? You almost never let the two be by themselves." Rosalie smirked. Bella shrugged. "It's just hard to believe that he's imprinted on my baby girl. I accept it, though. If it had to be someone, I know he will protect her. Or I'll kill him if he doesn't give it a try. I had to talk to you, anyways." She said, going back to a serious tone.

Rosalie topped walking mid-stride. She looked at her new sister with concern. "Bella, is everything OK? You never talk with me about things. Should I go get Alice?" She asked, turning in the direction if she said yes. "No! Actually, the others already know about this conversation, but I wanted to have it with you alone. Just in case." Bella said quickly. Rosalie quirked an eyebrow.

"In case what?" She asked.

"In case you say no..." Bella trailed off. She sighed, knowing this needed clear explanation, grabbed her sister and sat her down on a bench nearby. "This is rally important, so I need you to let me finish before you give a serious answer or ask any questions. Just listen first, OK?"

"Fine, but this had better be important. My niece just ran off with a wet dog, after all." She said, with an edge to her voice. She couldn't help it, she didn't have her own kids to mother.

Bella nodded and started to explain. "So, Charlie has done some searching around this new girl who just came into town. He had a feeling we would want to know, right? Well, she's an orphan from England her parents were killed by some extremely dangerous criminal, so they sent her far away from there in case he came after the girl, too. The point is, the girl needs protection. More than the state can offer her. Charlie was trying to see if we could somehow find a way to have her stay with us. He still isn't completely sure what we are, he just knows we can protect her in the way she needs it. i mean, eight people with superhuman strength? You can't be much more safe than that. So, and don't get mad, I told him I would talk to you. I know how much you've always wanted a child. As Renesmee's godmother, I couldn't think of anyone else who could do a better job. I mean, I could help with her if you'd like, and you don't have to, but I thought -"

"What are you trying to say, Bella?" Rosalie asked, trying to figure if it was too good to be true. There was no way. Forks still looked at her as pretty young. Yes, she graduated, but she still only looked about 20.

"Well, Charlie ha the paperwork ready for you. He knows Edward and I are busy with Renesmee and this girl will need a lot of one-on-one attention. If you'd like, he and Carlisle can pull some strings. She needs a family, Rose. She needs someone to adopt her. But you don't have to, and it may not work anyway, it was, just a thought I-" She was interrupted with a backbreaking hug from her sister. She breathed a sigh of relief and returned the embrace, happy to not be turned down and hated.

"This better not be a sick joke, because I'd hate to have to leave my niece without a mom." Rosalie said with tears in her eyes. Bella hugged her tighter, with a laugh. "It's not, I promise. Now, you still have to do the paperwork, and Carlisle is going to be helping with that, and if you need me to, I am more than happy to help with her like you helped me" she smiled.

Rosalie looked up at the girl she had hated and harassed for so long. A woman who, in her mind, had no business doing anything kind for her. This woman is giving her the one thing she had always wanted, but the one thing he could never have. She could finally have her own family. She get to watch as her baby girl grow up, and says her first word, and goes through all of her milestones as other kids do. She could be a mom! She was drawn out of her own thoughts by Bella looking at her with concern in her eyes. She pulls her new sister into another hug. "Thank you." She whispers.

"For what?" Bella asked curiously.

"You've given me a real family. I love Emmett, but this finishes our family. You've given me something I've always wanted more than anything. I hate gushy moments, so if you tell anyone about this, I'll have to kill you." She said with a serious look.

Bella gave a loud, hearty laugh. She gently pushed Rose by her shoulder. "Anyway, as much as I trust my baby girl and my best friend-" She started.

"Say no more, Mama Bear, and let's go find my goddaughter. When are we going to do the paperwork? When can I meet her?" Rosalie asked, as they stood to leave.

Bella smiled. "She's waiting for us back at the house. I was going to call Carlisle if you said no. Are you sure you're ready for this?"

Rosalie smiled at her with a real smile she hadn't shown anyone in a very long time. "I've never been more ready for something in my life."

Bella smiled. "Well, let's go make sure the dog hasn't ran off with my daughter. You have a little girl that's waiting for you." She said as she stood up.

Rosalie smirked and stood up next to her. "Wait! Where would she sleep? Emmett and I don't have much of a bed. It's barely big enough for the two of us. And what about her clothes? Toys? I have so much to buy for her!" Rosalie said as she started to panic about everything the girl would need.

Bella almost laughed at the already over-thoughtful new parent. "Rose! Would you like me to go shopping with you tomorrow? I highly doubt you are letting her out of someone's arms tonight. You didn't let Renesmee out of your arms until I woke up, after all." She reminded her.

"Would you mind? I know I bought Renesmee some things, but you know what she used and didn't. Just until I understand more about parenting, that is." She paused for a minute." Do you think she'll like me? I hope she will. She doesn't have to call me her mom, obviously, but….. I really hope I can make this work with her." She admits.

Bella looked at her. "She'll love you. She's about 2, so if she doesn't like you, we'll know right away. I highly doubt we even have to consider worrying about that. I'm positive she'll love you. But you have to let her love you." Bella said.

Rosalie nodded. "OK." she said. "I'm ready."