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Chapter 4


The whole house heard the scream of the toddler and began racing to her room. Rosalie got there first (big surprise), looking ready to take on another shifter pack if needed. She sighed when she ran into her daughter's room to find her crying in bed, screaming. Nightmare. She thought sadly, and moved over to her daughter.

She shook her awake. "Honey. Sweetheart, it's Mommy. Sweetie!" She said a little louder as her daughter finally sat up, looked at her mom, and burrowed herself into her mother, sobbing. "Shh, baby I'm right here. It's ok, shh." Rosalie murmured for her in her ear.

She rocked her back and forth until she was all cried out. The two stayed like that for a good minute, oblivious to the rest of the family staring, while she held her to her side. "Sorry, Mommy. I dint mean to wake you." Hermione murmured against Rosalie's chest.

Rosalie looked at her daughter. "Sweetheart, never apologize for needing me. Nightmares aren't something you control." She said sternly. Hermione nodded. "Was it about the shifters?" Hermione nodded again.

Rosalie gave a light smile at her daughter's concern for the do- er, new 'brother'. She had to stop calling him dog. She doubted Hermione would like that. "Jacob's fine, Hermione." She looked up at the shifter in the doorway, ushering him forward. "He's just fine, see? He's right here, but you've got to look up." Hermione slowly looked up at him, and he offered a sad smile.

"I'm alive. Much to your mother's objection, I'm sure." He smiled while getting thumped on the back of the head by said mother. "You're not getting rid of me that easily. Easy's not in a brothers job description." He said, emphasizing the word brother. Hermione smiled.

"Promise?" She whispered. He smiled back and nodded. Rosalie looked at the time.

"Well, since it's already morning, why don't we get you up and ready?" She said, offering her daughter a smile. Hermione nodded and held out her hands to her mom. She laughed as she picked up her daughter and ushered everyone out so she could help her get ready for the day.

About half an hour later, after Esme had finished making both her granddaughters breakfast, Jacob, Charlie and the rest of the Cullens gathered in the living room. Today was the day they would sign the papers. Today was the day Hermione would officially become theirs.

Charlie cleared his throat. "Ok, everyone. As Hermione Granger's case has fallen to me, I'm the only one who needs to be here. These are the papers you need to sign. Also, you need to change her name." Rosalie and Emmett began to protest before Charlie stopped them. "I know, you don't think you should, but this murderer hasn't been caught. He knew the child's name and will go after her next. Hermione Jean isn't a common name to hear. I think it's better for everyone if we just change it."

Slowly, every head in the living room started to nod. "Good." Charlie said. "Emergency contacts will be needed, as well as you naming her godparents. The rest of the official stuff is in there as well."

As Rosalie and Emmett flipped through the papers, signing now and then. Finally they got to the last page where the godparents would be named, as well as their signature, and Hermione's new name.

Rosalie bit her lip in concentration for a minute before looking up. She turned toward Bella and Edward. "I would name you guys in an instant, but…" she hesitated.

Bella nodded in understanding. "I understand. She will already be close to us because of Renesmee and Jacob, and this way she will have a tie to everyone, not just us. Lord knows we'll see enough of her while she with her cousin." Rosalie smiled at her sister-in-law.

"Thank you." She said and looked at Emmett, who nodded, following his wife's thoughts. She turned to Alice and Jasper. "Would you guys be willing to be Hermione's godparents?" She asked.

Jasper raised an eyebrow and grinned, while Alice absolutely beamed. It's not often you surprise a psychic. She smiled at her and nodded her head. Then she looked around, and mumbled an "excuse me". and went out to the backyard, and yelled, "I'm a godmother!" making everyone in the room laugh. She then walked back in, signing the papers while still having that grin on her face.

Rosalie hesitated. "Hermione, can you come in here a minute please?" Not thirty seconds later, a toddler was standing in front of her parents.

Rosalie held her daughter's hands in her own. "Sweetheart, Your Daddy and I want to talk to you. Do you know what godparents are?" Hermione nodded, making her family grin. Of course she did, the young Stephen Hawking. Edward heard from more than one person. "Well, your father and I just named your Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper your godparents. Is that okay with you?" She asked. Hermione smiled and ran to hug her new godparents, while everyone laughed. "I'll take that as a yes." Hermione walked back over to her parents.

Rosalie chewed on the bottom of her lip, hoping she took the next part well. "Sweetheart… the man who took away your first Mommy and Daddy…. well he wasn't caught yet. To make sure he doesn't come after you, we have to do something big." She explained.

Hermione tilted her head at her mom curiously. "What?" She asked.

Emmett took the next part. "Princess," he started, "we have to change your name." Hermione looked at them with an unreadable face.

"Really? I won't be named Hemynee anymore?" She asked.

Her parents sadly shook their heads, until they saw their daughter smiling. "That's pewfect! My name hard to say!" She said, resorting back to her broken sentences, even though they were getting better. Then she thought for a second. "What will my name be?" She asked.

Rosalie and Emmett looked at each other. They grabbed some paper and wrote down names, only to scribble some, or change spelling. After after two minutes, they finally looked at each other, smiling and nodding. They finally decided.

Edward chuckled at Alice gasped. "You really are going to name her that?" Alice asked, seeing her name being called many times in the future in a vision. "But it's so long!" She protested.

Rosalie gave her a mischievous smile. "Her name was so simple before. No one would expect this to be the same girl. Plus, it's not too long, just complicated. She's a human, we're all complicated. It's in our nature. It's beautiful, intellectual and full of potential just like 's perfect!" She said and Emmett nodded with the biggest goofy grin on his face.

Rosalie wrote down her daughter's new name, and showed it to everyone. It passed Carlisle first, who read it out loud.

"Nevena Katerina Celeste Hale McCarty Cullen." He said out loud. Everyone looked around, staying silent.

"THAT'S SO COOL!" The girls yelled at the same time and smiled at each other. Renesmee turned towards her cousin.

"Can I call you Venah for short? Nevenah seems long." She asked, and Venah nodded vigorously at her.

Jacob just smirked. "I think I'll just call you Nevie."

Rosalie huffed and glared playfully at him. "What is it with you and N nicknames?" She chuckled, diffusing the tension, making everyone laugh.

Charlie took the paperwork and chuckled. "We'll, it's official. Hermione Granger is no more. Nevena Katerina Celeste Hale McCarty Cullen is now recognized as your daughter, and will always be recognized as such. Congratulations, guys!" He said, hugging his daughter and exiting to file the paperwork.

Emmett beamed and swooped down and caught Nevenah in his big arms. "Well, looks like you're stuck with us, kiddo!" He shouted planting a kiss on her cheek.

Alice squealed. "Let me hold my god-daughter!" She said, taking her from her father and spinning her around the room, being stopped by her husband.

"My turn." He smirked, taking her from his wife, who pouted. He led the girl in a small dance around the room. "If you ever need anything, come find me, okay, V? Anything at all." He asked in a southern drawl. Nevenah giggled and nodded.

"My daughter, my turn." Rosalie scowled taking her daughter from his arms. She then looked at the girl in her arms. "No matter what happens, you're a Cullen. You're my daughter, and I will always love you. We protect our own, and nothing will ever change that. I love you, Nevenah." She ended, hugging her right to her chest.

The girl smiled and hugged back with equal force. "I love you, too, Mommy." She said.

Renesmee snuck up behind the two of them, snatching her cousin. "My new cousin! Jacob, come on!" She yelled over her shoulder while running to the back, child in her arms.

Jacob and her raced to the back, leaving everyone in the room smiling. They walked to the back porch, sitting in the sun and watching the new addition play.


It had been a little over a month since the girl had come, and everyone could not have been happier. Nevenah fit in perfectly, the pack loved her, even the Volturi's couldn't find a problem with her, and lord knows Jane tried. Jane had taking a very strong liking to the girl, it seemed. She had even given the girl her own silver phoenix pendant on a necklace. A sign she was now protected by the coven and the Volturi. No one could harm her now without answering to both groups. Rose was hesitant to accept, but Edward assured everyone she was telling the truth. It seemed she had wiggled her way into everyone's cold, dead hearts. The Volturi weren't happy about the fact they had a human in the house, but said they would sort out the problem when she was older. The Cullens knew what "suggestions" they would make, but decided to cross that bridge when they got to it.

Nevenah could not have been happier. She had a family! A family with grandparents, aunts and uncles, a cousin and even a brother! More than anything, she had found a place to belong. Jacob introduced her to the pack a his sister, and even Leah didn't seem opposed to having the girl around. It looked like things were finally beginning to become normal. Only issue was, normal in this family didn't last long.

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