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Chapter 1

Scarlet was trying to find Madoka. She wasn't anywhere in sight, and she needed a place to stay. Plus her bey needed to be fixed.

"Madoka!" Scarlet yelled out when she was walking by Benkei's Burgers.

"Hey Scarlet! Why don't you come inside?" That was Benkei. She smiled, Benkei was the most fun person she knew... well besides Yu.

She walked inside and saw Yu. He smiled when he saw her, "Hey, how've you been?"

"Snickerdoodley," she said playfully. Yu laughed and hugged her. Yu was like a brother to Scarlet. Then Benkei walked to her and hugged her, he twirled her around then set her back down.

"B-b-bull! I'm so happy! They're coming home!" Benkei cried out smiling widely. Yu and Scarlet sweat dropped.

"Who?" Yu asked leaning towards Benkei, interest sparked in his eyes.

"Umm, look! There's Madoka!" Benkei cried out, trying to distract the attention away from himself. Yu and Scarlet turned around to see Madoka walking up in her usual way.

Madoka was an eighteen year old young women. She had shoulder short hair that was brown and tied with a soft pink ribbon. She wore a white blouse with the same soft pink on her ribbon as on her sleeves. She wore jeans with white and pink sneakers.

"Hey you guys, did you hear the news?" She called out to them, only about 9 feet away from the small circle of her friends.

"Madoka! You heard too?" Benkei asked, nervously looking towards Scarlet and Yu.

"That the big tournaments coming up? I'm sure everyone's heard about it by now Benkei." She said smiling.

"T-that's what I-I meant," Benkei stuttered out. Madoka just did a uh-huh noise, because she didn't believe him.

"I need to get back to my burgers, have fun!" Benkei shouted as he went inside his fast food joint.

"Wait! Kenta will be there battling and it's starting soon! He asked me if you would come to cheer him on!" Madoka frantically yelled to him.

Benkei paused clearly trying to make a very hard decision. Madoka's eye twitched. Finally Benkei looked her in the eyes.

"I can't go. I have things I need to do." Benkei said sadly.

Madoka sighed, "Benkei, you're one of the reason's he's doing this. The other one, well, you remember. If only he'd learn to let go now and then."

Benkei looked guilty but shook his head no. Madoka sighed and waved her hand to let him go. Benkei stuttered, "Wish him luck for me. I know he'll win. Another thing Madoka," he paused, "he will be glad I didn't go, trust me."

Then he left inside. Madoka blinked and sadly shook her head. Scarlet and Yu were officially confused. What was that about?

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