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Darkest Betrayal

(Part One: Rose)

Rose sat down in an alleyway in New York City. Her clothes were ragged and dirty from running and her sword Nightmare was at her side. The celestial bronze and stygian iron blade gleamed in the fading sunlight. She looked up at the sky. "Why me, why did this happen to me?" she whispered. As she started to close her eyes a flash of warm golden light made her jump. With Nightmare at the ready she looked around for the cause of the light. Who she saw wasn't a threat, it was Lady Hestia. "My lady." She said bowing to the visiting goddess.

"Rise my dear, there is no need for formalities. I have come to ask you not to give up hope." she said smiling. "My brother dose not know we are here so we are safe for the time being." Rose spat on the ground at the mention of Zeus, king of the gods. Zeus had caused her so much trouble and inconvenience these past couple years that she despised him. "I know that you have had so many hardships in your life, but now everything is going to change. When you wake up there will be two boys here, you must convince them both to help you. You will need them to succeed in your coming quest."

"Wait what quest?" Rose asked but Hestia answer just touched the middle of her forehead. The last thing she felt was Hestia gently laying her down on the ground before she fell into a deep sleep.

(Part Two: Rose)

Rose woke up to a cold sword pointed at her neck. She slowly opened her eyes to see the two boys that Hestia said would be there. Both had dark brown hair but one had sea green eyes and the other dark brown eyes. She tried to grab her sword but the green eyed one blocked her path. The other boy held his sword at her neck. Hestia said that these she needed to convince the boys to help her; but she wasn't sure exactly how she was going to do that if they were pointing swords at her right of the bat.

"Come on get up." Green eyes said nudging her with his foot. She just stared at him; this was going to be fun. "Get up now!" he shouted. When she still didn't get up a second time he pulled his foot back to kick her but Rose didn't give him time. She jumped up off the ground and tackled the boy with green eyes. The other one fell back in surprise as the two wrestled on the ground trying to get an advantage over the other. Rose was winning the fight until the brown eyed one got over his shock and pulled her off of the other boy. He threw her against the wall and pinned her arms. "Hurry up Percy, get the Restraints." He said.

"What's this all about huh?" Rose asked slamming her head into his nose. He stumbled backwards clutching his nose. She tried to run out of the alley way but she ran into the other boy, Percy. The force of the impact made her fall onto the alley floor. Percy Jumped on top of her and pinned her arms down.

"Nico, get the rope, hurry." Percy said. Rose struggled underneath his weight as Nico tied her wrists together. Once he decided that she was secure, Percy got off of her and yanked her to her feet. "Nico, grab her sword and open a portal back to camp. We have to get her back ASAP." He said. Nico went over to where Nightmare was laying and tried to pick it up. As soon as his hand touched the metal, he yanked it away. Rose almost laughed aloud.

"You're not going to be able to touch Nightmare unless I allow it." She said.

Percy glared at her but just shook his head. "Forget the sword, it's not like she'll be able to use it." He said.

This time she laughed. "Oh don't worry Nightmare will come back to me, no matter where I am." She smiled. Percy growled in frustration. "Just get over here we need to get back."

Nico slowly walked toward them wiping the blood on his shirt. He stretched out his hand in front of him. Shadow from all around the alley way came toward them and started circulating into Nico's body and started to form a large portal. Once the shadows stopped and the portal was opened, Nico looked like he was going to pass out from exhaustion. "Good work, you okay?" Percy asked. All Nico could manage was a quick nod. "Come on lets go." Percy pushed her forward and she stumbled.

As soon as they entered the portal Rose felt the cold stone on her necklace reappear. She stroked it silently and shivered. "Is it just me or is it absolutely freezing in here?" she asked. Percy glared at her and in the dim light they seemed to glow with an alien light. She didn't say anything more as they exited the portal.

The portal opened up to a brightly lit scene. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light, what she saw amazed her. There were cabins sprawled along the grass valley that lay before them. Kids from the ages probably seven to eighteen roamed around the place ding different activities. Some were lounging around on the beach that surrounded a lake while others were doing various types of sports like archery and volleyball. But what surprised Rose the most was the kids who were practicing hand to hand combat and sword fighting. Most of the kids didn't pay any attention to the three of them but a couple stopped what they were doing and walked with them. All of these kids seemed to be only one or two years older than her at max. Walking together they made their way to a large bunker. Rose kept mulling over what Hestia had told her about getting these people to trust her but so far things weren't going so well.

As Nico and Percy lead her into the bunker she wondered how in the world she was going to get out of this mess. One of the boys who had joined them grabbed a chain that was attached to the wall and clamped it down on her wrist. Nico cut the ropes on her wrists and stepped back. Rose looked at the chain and then back to the group. "Okay, so you got me. What now?" she asked looking from face to face. Nico was the only one to speak. Due to the injury to his nose his voice seemed a little off but not by much. "Look we know you have Thanatos. Just tell us where he is and nothing bad will happen to you." He said.

"Wow I must have hit you harder than I thought." She laughed. "I don't have Thanatos anywhere and I'm almost one hundred percent sure he's in the Underworld with your dad."

"How do you know who my father is?" Nico spat. "Um considering that you just shadow traveled us here and I used to hear your dad brag about you the whole time I was in the underworld it was basically a no brainer." She said. "Look it's been really fun hanging out with you guys and all but I need to be getting back to my search so if you could ju…" Rose stopped mid-sentence as a dagger impaled itself in the wall right next to her head.

A girl with curly blonde hair from the group smirked at her. "You're not going anywhere." She said. Rose yanked the dagger out and looked at the girl. "Okay first off you should never ever give your prisoner a weapon to escape with and second…" she chucked the dagger so close to the girls head that a piece of her blonde hair drifted to the ground. " If you really want to scare someone, I suggest you aim a little closer to their body." The girl looked wide eyed at her and slowly removed the dagger. Another girl from the group, this one with chocolate colored skin and hair spoke up with a shaky voice. "Stop lying and tell us where Thanatos is." She said.

"And what exactly would I gain from lying to you?" Rose asked.

Nico got impatient and drew his sword. "Tell us where he is right now!" he yelled pointing his blade at her chest. Rose calmly grabbed the stone on her necklace and pulled it off. Nightmare grew to full length in her hand. She put her blade up against Nico's. "Put the Sword down Nico, before you get hurt." She said coolly. He didn't back down. "Nico I don't what to hurt you, but if you think my dad is in any type of danger then I have to go find him." She said.

"Your father is Thanatos?" Percy asked amazed. "Yeah who else would put up with having weekly meetings with Hades without getting a splitting headache."

It seemed that Percy was pondering something but Rose couldn't tell what exactly. "Why were you in New York?" He asked. "At first, I was trying to find my lowlife brother but then Hestia came to me and told me that I needed the two of you to help me if I was going to succeed in some sort of quest. If she hadn't have warned me not to kill you both then I probably would have sliced you to bits considering the welcome you gave me."

"You were unconscious when we found you, you would have come with us one way or another. You didn't have a choice." Nico said stepping forward. "Nico I did have a choice but if Lady Hestia said that I needed you two then I trust her. That's the only reason that I'm still here, trying to convince you to help me." Rose said calmly but also taking a step forward.

Let's see how they like this, she thought as she focused her power. She felt her body start to turn into a fine smoke. The chain around her wrist slipped through her arm and clattered to the floor. She reformed back into solid. The look on their faces was priceless. Only Nico wasn't fazed by her turning into a ghost. He stood smiling at her, slowly clapping his hand together. With him not pointing a sword in her face and the way his hair swooped over his forehead and his crooked smile, Rose noticed how cute he actually looked.

"It's amazing that your still alive and can use your powers like that." He said looking Rose up and down as if assessing what she was capable of. "What do you mean?"

Nico just shook his head. "Most children of Thanatos die when they are very young because of a power over dose. Even if they did survive past infancy the minute they use their powers they would wipe out everyone around them and kill themselves in the process." He said not even meeting her eyes. "Well, I guess that just makes me special." Rose said.

By now everyone else in the room was over their shock and listening intently to the conversation. "So what's your story?" Percy asked. "Why do you care?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest and leaning against the wall. "I just would like to know where you came from and if I should even waist my breath trying to keep these guys from attacking you." He said motioning to the group. "I could take you easy." She sneered. "I don't doubt that but still even you would have trouble with more than two of us coming at you at once." He said.

"Fine" she said running her hand down the blade of her sword. "Do you want me to start from the beginning and bore you with my horrible childhood or should I just get straight to the point?" she asked. "Let's just skip to the point shall we."

"Okay then let's see; so my mom was killed by my brother when I was ten, I know lovely right, he almost killed me in the process but Thanatos saved me and brought me to the underworld to heal. I stayed there for three years then my dad sent me out on my own. I wandered from town to town trying to find my brother but didn't get anywhere. Hestia helped me as much as she could but Zeus was watching me so I was mostly by myself. After about two years I wound up here. I guess you can fill in the story from there." she finished. Her voice had cracked when she spoke about her mom but it was now bitter. "So that's my life story, amazing right, now are you going to help me or not?" she huffed.

Most of the group was looking at her sympathetically but Nico still didn't look convinced. "Nice story, but I don't buy it." He said. "Come on do you really expect us to believe that you've been searching for two whole years for someone you claim is your brother and that you haven't seen or heard anything from your father all that time?"

"Yes I do." She paused and started thinking. Who would try to even capture Thanatos, they had to have known that even if they completed the job that they would have everyone looking for them, they'd have to be prepared for this with years of training.

"I know who has Thanatos, and it's not me." She said.

"Yeah like who?"

"The only demigod who could pull it off and not get caught would have to be someone close to him; my brother, Zack."