Disclamer: I do not own Andromeda or any of the character's mentioned in this tale. I do not make a profit from this work.

Author's Notes (AN): This story was written out of pure contempt of the fan- fictions I had read on the web which had no applied insight into the characters personalities or the "frame" story of the show. If you do not enjoy this or find it untrue well. so what like I care. This is my version of things and if you don't like it than try to do better .So there. Ha.

~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~ **Forty Days and Forty Nights **

All day long and all night through,

One thing only must I do:

Quench my pride and cool my blood,

Lest I perish in the flood.

- Urda Verdandi Skuld Cy: 3298




Harper stared at the nano-welder in his hand. What had he just been doing? He couldn't remember.

"Harper," Andromeda's holograph popped up in front of him. "What exactly are you doing?"

Harper laughed his innocent laugh and shrugged. "You know.I'm uh.uh. alright I have no idea, but I will figure it out."

Andromeda raised her eyebrows as she turned off the hologram.

Suddenly the ship gave a huge lurch and tools were scattered everywhere.

"Hull breach on level eight, section seventeen." Andromeda's voice echoed through the ship.

"Harper!" Dylan's voice came over the com.

"I'm on it! I'm on it!"

*View changes to show the bridge. Dylan is standing at the front. Beka is seated in the pilot's chair, apparently moving the ship about. Tyr and Trance are at their stations.*

"Tyr, fire at the head ship!"

"With pleasure."

*Tyr fires two volleys. They hit the ship on the view screen, but break apart without causing any damage.*

"Mr. Harper, I'd appreciate some weapons that actually have an affect on my enemies!"

"I can only do one thing at a time."

"And here I thought you were a genius."

"Unless, of course, mister high and mighty would like to activate the war heads like a good little weapons expert should."

"Boy, I do not have the patience for your tongue today."

"Uh, hello, could you boys stop bickering and just kick their asses already?" Beka interjected.

*Tyr turned back to his controls.*

Harper's voice continues. "Aye, aye, Captain Valentine, proceeding to kick ass!" Beka's face looks expectant. "And, Boom! Yeah! Fire when ready!"

Tyr fires another two volleys and the lead ship is blown apart. "Yes! Excellent work, Mr. Harper!"

"Why thank you, Mr. Tyr, I aim to please."

*The remaining ships turn and run, jumping into the slipstream*.

"Harper, get to that breach." Dylan order's quickly. He then turns to Trance. "Did you get a reading of their Bio-signs?"

"The scan indicates that no one was on board."

*The scene changes back to Harper who is now surrounded by androids busy picking up pieces of scrap metal in front of the breach. He picks up a large piece of metal and stops.*

"Uh.Dylan. I don't know what they hit us with, but it came with a hitch hiker."

*Swings back to the bridge in the middle of this statement.*

"Care to explain?" There is a lengthy pause. "Harper?"

*The camera is focused on Harper's face. We see light reflected in his eyes getting brighter*


*Andromeda's avatar is out of focus behind Harper's face*

"It's so beautiful." Harper's voice is spacey.

*Suddenly a bolt of light strikes out and the scene changes. We see the same as in the beginning: Harper staring at a nano-welder not knowing what he was doing.*

"Harper?" Andromeda's hologram appears suddenly in front of him. "What exactly are you doing?"

*This time Harper doesn't laugh.*

"Oh, crap."