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"Broken bottles, broken plates, broken switches, broken gates

Broken dishes, broken parts, streets are filled with broken hearts

Broken words never meant to be spoken

Everything is broken" -Bob Dylan

"For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers."


"What if this world is just another planet's hell?"

-Albous Huxley


Chapter Sixteen: End Game


"Well this is just great." Harper looked at Asher.

"Don't look at me. I don't know."

*Harper and Asher are standing in the middle of a huge desert.*

"Asher, what did I do to you?"

Asher kept looking forward. "I hate you."

Harper laughed, "Good. That's good. You know why?" Asher didn't look at him so he continued. "Because hate is just love with a baseball bat."

Asher looked at him and smiled sarcastically. "Really? So you don't really hate the Magog?"

"Oh, but you see that's a different kind of hate. That there's pure hate. This thing you have with me is just a chip. Believe you me I have plenty of those myself. You go ahead and hate me," He looked at him harder and continued in a quieter voice, "at least then you can feel something besides pain right?"

Harper walked ahead down the sand dune.

Asher stood there and closed his eyes. He swallowed deeply. He took a deep breath and walked after him.


Tyr walked slowly and quietly through the seemingly abandoned ship. He knew that DeGarres and his men were hiding somewhere. They were biding what little time they had. He stopped suddenly and sniffed. He suddenly whirled around with his Gauss gun raised only to have it slammed from his grip. He tried to fight but his arms were suddenly gripped behind him with excruciating force. He heard the weapon fire before he felt it hit. He felt something like a blazing fire that was unbearably hot just before he hit the ground.

The man knelt next to the body and pressed his fingers to Tyr's throat. "He's dead."


"Sir, the others are on board as well."

DeGarres suddenly looked up. "Our sensors are still online?"

"Yes sir."

DeGarres smiled at this news. "It looks like our little friend has fallen 'asleep' at the job." He smiled.


Harper suddenly stopped walking.

"What's wrong?" Asher stepped up behind him.

"Tyr's dead."

"And you know this how?"

Harper turned around. "I don't know."

~It's falling apart. He should be waking up now. ~

"What did you say?"

Asher looked at him funny. "I didn't say anything."

~There is a possibility that he can't wake up. ~

"You don't hear that?"

"Hear what?!"

~Harper, wake up! ~

"You're not even real are you?"

Asher suddenly looked very sad. "I thought you cared." His faced hardened. "I should've known better."

"Asher I do care."

Asher stepped back from him shaking his head. "Go back to your friends. They need you."

The sand fell away and the sky lit fire and burned. He felt his insides fall apart and then fit back together. He was whole and yet still incomplete. And alone.


Asher sat straight up in his pallet on the dirty floor in the abandoned building on earth. It was the building that he had picked the glass up from when he had released Ptolemy.


He walked to the window that was still broken and looked up at the evening sky. He was still alone.

"Just a dream."


Harper jerked straight up on the bio-bed on the Med deck. He looked at the faces surrounding him. He looked at one in particular and gasped.

"Tyr!" He jumped up and gave him a hug startling everyone in the room.

When he released him he stood back and looked around. "Where's Asher and Maegwin?"

"Who?" Beka looked at Dylan who looked just as confused as she did. Tyr just rolled his eyes.

Harper's face fell. "Harper, I think you should get some rest," Trance looked at the rest of them and stated pointedly, "alone."

They filed out of the Med deck and Trance turned back to Harper who was sitting on the edge of his bed. He looked up at her. "You know don't you?"

"Yes Harper."

"Was any of it real?"

She walked around behind him and began cleaning the instruments. "The device you found was used to transmit a Pruignert wave."

"They control subconscious thought?"

She looked at him. "Not exactly."

He looked up. Now he was confused. He'd never even heard of a Pruignert wave and yet it somehow had worked into his subconscious? How did that make sense?

"The waves are used to capture someone's subconscious leaving their conscious unable to surface. The device then transmitted your subconscious to wherever it ended up."

Harper just looked at her like she was nuts. "So my brain took a little trip across the known worlds?"

She smiled slightly. "Pretty much."

"So how did I make the return trip?"

"After a few hours of trying to figure it out Tyr got angry and used his force lance to-"

"-blow it into chunky salsa?"

Trance smiles at him. "Yes."

Harper grinned. "That's my Tyr."

Trance made no comment on that remark.

Harper suddenly stopped smiling. "What about them?"

Trance set down the flexi pad she's been looking at and bit her lip.

"Was he even real?"


Harper raised his eyebrows. "Wow."


"I wasn't actually expecting you to answer."

Trance turned to face him. She looked at him for a moment and then walked over and sat beside him. She swallowed and sighed. "Harper, he's alone. He's been alone for years. Maegwin isn't real. She never was. He made her up as his sister so he wouldn't have to be alone. You had a cousin named Eli who was taken by the Nietzscheans in a slave run." Harper opened his mouth to ask her how she knew that but then abruptly closed it and let her continue. "He was taken to another camp after he was found to no be useful for any slavers. I don't know why he wasn't killed jus that he was relocated to another camp. He was married to a prostitute named Lilly. He was raised on stories of you and your family and he grew to spite you for not being there."

"Just me?"

"I'm not Asher so I wouldn't know the reasons why, but he saw you as the cause to his suffering."

"And why exactly did he keep calling me father?"

Trance hesitated. "Because he knew it was a dream." She said quietly.

Harper looked surprised. "Wait, wait, wait. You're saying that Asher thinks of me as his father? Why would he?"

"I wouldn't know."

Harper looked hard at her trying to tell if she was keeping anything he might need to know back from him. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Okay so what now? I just leave him there?"

She just looked at him. "I don't know."


He looked up at the night sky. He could see the fires still burning by the gates from the recent purge. He wrapped his thin blanket tighter around himself and slipped out the door and into the night. Some day he'd be free of this hellhole.


End Notes: Harper could see ever part of the dream, he knew about it being DeGarres and about the hired scientist and about Maegwin being like Trance because it was part of his dream. Asher's dreams mixed with his to create the false reality. Like any dream, he was, for the most part, totally oblivious to the fact that he just happened to know what was going on on the Andromeda even though he was in a kind of 'coma'. When it came together that that wasn't really possible his mind started to free itself from the dream n turn freeing Asher.

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