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My nerves were on ends and I could feel sweat forming on my palms and my forehead; never before had I been so nervous to be here but today all I wanted to do was run away. I stared at the mahogany double doors and waited for it to swing open; the home owner knew I was coming since I called him once my plane landed. He sounded surprised but didn't ask any question which I am thankful for because I don't think I would have been able to keep my nerves.

The door swung open and revealed a very well dressed man in a black suit with a navy blue tie and silver cuff links. "Lara…"

I stared at the man who has known me for over ten years; the man who has supported every expedition that I have gone on and has sponsored each and every one of them and the same man who also happened to be the father of my girlfriend of 8 years.

"Mr. Nishimura," I greeted. "Come on in," he said as he moved to the side and held the door open for me. I walked passed him and waited for him to shut the door before following him into his office on the second floor. The house wasn't the house that he owned when I first started dating Sam; this one was much smaller and much fit for a single man.

Man…it was still shocking when Sam's parents got divorced; not a bad shocking don't get me wrong I disliked Sam's mother with a passion but I never would have thought that Mr. Nishimura would get a divorce. But one day Sam got a call from her father saying that he was leaving her mother and would understand if she was upset with him but Sam was the complete opposite; she was happy that her father was leaving her.

That was three years ago and honestly it had brought Sam closer to her father; he has made amends with her and tries every few days to call her even if it's only for a moment. Recently Sam told me that her father was starting to date; watching the man in front of me I couldn't help but noticed that he was actually a very nice looking man for someone in his fifties. He was still very fit, his biceps were noticeable through his white dress shirt, he had short black hair that was just starting to get a touch of grey and when he actually did, his smile was also very nice.

"So Lara…what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked as he walked around his desk to sit in his office chair. I took a seat in one of the chairs that was across from him. "Sam didn't do anything…"Sam like"…did she?" he asked; cracking a smile. I chuckled at his joke but felt my throat close up once again.

"No…she hasn't done anything…yet," I replied. I tried to relax in my seat but I couldn't get comfortable. Mr. Nishimura watched me with his piercing brown eyes, the same eyes that Sam has; I could see him going through the motions of why I would suddenly call him and ask to speak to him in person about something important. "Lara?" he asked.

My hands were shaking and sitting still was making me antsy so I stood up and began pacing back and forth. "I…I have something important I want to discuss with you," I told him. He nodded his head, "I figured that much," he said.

"It has to do with Sam…" I trialed off. I watched his expression go from amused to serious; that made me more of a nervous wreck. I knew he was very protective of her and wanted nothing but the best for her.

"Okay…what about her?" he leaned forward in his chair and placed his elbows on the desk. Right now he looked kind of intimidating; no wonder he was such a great business man; he had the right look for it.

I stopped pacing and stood in front of his desk, "I know that most people don't do this anymore but I felt it was right. I want…I want your approval to…" I took a deep breath and reached into my pocket and grabbed onto the object that would change my life. I pulled it out and placed it on his desk with its small top opened revealing the life changing object sitting snug inside.

"I want your approval to marry your daughter?" I finally blurted out.

I could hear my heart pounding in my ear as I watched his expression alter from surprise to unreadable. He just stared at the ring; it was an 18 karat white gold band that was lined with small diamonds that surrounded the 1 carat diamond in the middle and also lined the ring's shank. The total diamond weight was 1-1/4 carat.

The ring was one that I had caught Sam staring at when we were walking around London on its rare sunny days. She didn't think I saw her looking but I did; I just kept my mouth shut about it. The next day I went to the same jewelry shop and found the ring she was looking at; of course it was the most expensive one but that's beside the point and not all that shocking since this is Sam we're talking about. I gave the jeweler all her measurements and the little details I wanted added to it and within a few days he had it ready; the only problem was…I wasn't ready.

I'm ready to marry her…bloody hell I've been ready for the next step since a month after we started dating but once again…I let my head get a head of me…no pun intended. I let my mind overthink…which doesn't always end well for me and here we are 8 years later.

"Sam picked out the ring?" Mr. Nishimura asked; I jumped at his voice since it had been silent for a good five minutes.

"Um…sort of. I saw her looking at it or looking in that direction and I kind of assumed this is the one she was eyeing. But it's the only one I deemed perfect enough for her…" I explained. Sam's father glanced up from the ring to look at me; I felt the heat under his eyes; I could feel him sizing me up. I've faced dangerous men in my life time well after Yamatai but for some reason I felt the fear in this moment waiting for this business man in front of me to make his next move.

Mr. Nishimura stood up and I couldn't help but want to take a step back but didn't think that would leave a good impression. He walked around his desk to stand in front of me; he reached back over to his desk to grab the ring in his large hand. In the process he shut the box holding it hostage in his left hand while still continuing to eye me.

"If you told me when my daughter was born that her girlfriend former best friend would in 29 years be standing in front of me asking for her hand I would have laughed in your face. The first thought in my head would have been that my daughter wasn't going to be gay and the second thought would have been that there is no way that, even if my daughter was gay, that there would be a female worthy, good or strong enough for my daughter but here we are. I have you standing here asking me for the hand of my gay daughter; you the female that I think is the only one that will ever be worthy, good and strong enough for Sam," Mr. Nishimura confessed. I could feel the tears starting to form but I was trying to do everything I could to not to let them fall. "I felt bad for sending Sam to the boarding school but soon that guilt disappeared when she started to talk about you; I was happy to know that my daughter had met a friend that was the compete opposite and was keeping her out of trouble. I know that I wasn't a part of her life much once she started boarding school or even before then but I wasn't worried because I knew she had you. For some reason I had the confidence that you would always keep my little girl safe and Lara…you have proved me right in more ways than one and in so many ways."

He took a step closer to me and placed his free hand on my shoulder, "Breathe…," he urged me. I let out a shaky breath that I wasn't aware I was even holding. "You didn't even need to ask…but I am greatly honored that you did but you didn't need to ask because the answer was yes the moment I saw your panic and nervous state at my front door," Mr. Nishimura said. I blinked a few times to take in his words…he…he said yes…bloody hell he said yes…

He took his hand off my shoulder and held it out to me; I stared at the offering hand and took a deep breath before sealing the promise I knew I was making him by slipping my hand in his and giving it a firm shake. "Congratulation," he said as he handed me back the ring. "Thank you," I replied and slipped the ring back into my pocket.

He let go of my hand and walked over to one of his cabinets; I stayed put…I still couldn't believe that he said yes…it was a lot easier than I predicated. And the things he said…I never knew he thought of me that way; he just seemed so serious; I never really gave a mind to the fact that he was actually paying attention. But I wasn't about to let him down now, now that I know he is paying attention, I am going to give Sam everything I have and do everything in my power to protect her and make her happy; that is my promise to him, myself…and Sam.

"Scotch?" I looked over and saw him holding up a glass that was only filled about an inch from the bottom with the dark strong liquor.

"Yes please…" I said, I felt my nerves begin to fade away as I took the offered glass and took a small sip of the much needed alcohol. Mr. Nishimura chuckled as he watched me; he nodded his head in the direction out of the office. I followed him out to the balcony and took a seat in one of the lounge chairs next to the one he had occupied.

"You knew when you opened the door? That I was going to ask for your approval?" I asked; his words were still catching up to me.

Mr. Nishimura let out a genuine laugh and looked over at me, "Lara…you were shaking and I could see sweat on your forehead. You've been up against some crazy things yet you looked more scared standing outside my house than you did on Sam's footage of you taking down several men with guns pointed at you. Also it was only a matter of time before you came to me asking for approval or Sam announcing that you eloped suddenly," he pointed out. I smiled at the thought of Sam announcing us eloping to her dad…that would have been funny.

"Thank you, Mr. Nishimura," I said once again so he knew how deeply grateful I was for his words and approval.

"Lara…I think it's about time that you got on a first name bases with me," he started, "please…call me Toru."

I smiled at him, "Very well…thank you…Toru. I feel like I can breathe now," I confessed. Toru gave me a smirk and took a sip of his scotch, "Don't breathe yet…my daughter has yet to say yes," he said before standing up and heading back into the house.

I felt my throat once again close up and the once light ring now felt like a thousand pounds weighting down my pants. I brought my glass to my mouth and finished of the scotch in one large gulp,


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