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I am keeping the title so people know where it came from and I really like it! Anyways, this story was put up for adoption by LolyGothica and I couldn't show enough love for her letting me adopt it! I fell in love with the story and couldn't help but want to craddle it! (Oh gosh I make it sound like I adopted a child.) So I went through and did my own little touch ups, or you could say-into my writing style!

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Here we are! On with the chapter!

Chapter One

Cool air rushed at a dark haired male as he walked out of the local hospital he worked at as a surgeon. A hand moved to rub the back of a stiff neck before beginning to fix the fuzzy white hat with brown spots. On his way out, a nurse nodded to him on her way in and he gave just smallest smile to her. Being outside now had him tugging on the zipper to his jacket, grumbling about how inside it was much warmer. Eyes moved to look up to the endless blanket of darkness as it was hard to see the stars with so many streetlights.

"Finally!" Those dark grey eyes flicked to view his company and wanted to roll eyes at seeing the redhead. The new male that appeared was taller, broader and paler than the doctor. "What took you so long, you morbid bastard?" Arms folded over one another as he watched the other fix his scarf securely around his face.

"If you have any memory cells working, then you would know that I am a doctor, Eustass-ya. It's not as easy as repairing vehicles or selling illegal weaponry." The dark haired male stated as he began walking towards the direction to get to his apartment building, but feeling amber eyes made him turn around. "What is it, Eustass-ya?"

"This is why I hate you sometimes, saying that I do nothing important or that hard. I'll have you know that working in a repair shop is tedious and selling weapons is something you can't flaunt about." Arms crossed over a chest to keep hands warm from the winter chill.

"I deeply apologize, I didn't realize." The sarcasm was thick as grey orbs stared to the other with the question he asked just a moment ago lingering.

"I need a ride."

"Then you wasted your time, for my vehicle is in the shop because someone decided to back into it today. Though, you should have known that since Killer-ya stopped by to pick it up around one this afternoon." A curse left the redhead at the words and made sure to yell at Killer later since before he left he mentioned getting a ride from the doctor.

"Are fucking serious?! I walked all the way here for nothing!"

"If you hadn't wrecked, you wouldn't have had this problem."

"Shut it, Law."

"We should head back." A sly smirk was on the doctor's face as he turned to head towards their apartment building. Kidd caught up with strings of insults, causing the two to begin bickering about nothing really. Since the complex was not far they made it there in no time, heading up the stairs. "I take it that you will take care of my car, Eustass-ya."

"Why do I have to?"

"Or you will not receive any rides from me and you will have to suffer until you almost completely wrecked vehicle is fixed or replaced." Law mentioned as they moved down the hall and he received a groan.

"Fine, fine! I will fix the damn thing!" The redhead complained before noticing his friend stop and he moved to turn to look at the other. "What?" He asked, thinking that his words weren't good enough, but he noticed grey eyes staring ahead with this hard look of curiosity. Amber eyes followed to the end of the hall to notice a person standing on the small balcony that was in the hall, mainly used for smokers.

"What is she doing?" The words left the doctor without a thought and his red haired companion backed up to where he was to converse quietly.

"I don't know… I can't see her front side."

All they could see was the puffy jacket covering a slim body and a pair of jeans snug against her legs. They assumed the person was a female as it made more since with how the body was slim and, well, they may have been looking at the perky butt in the jeans she wore. A pair of boots covered her calves as they hid the bottom of her jeans and by the angle you could tell she was leaning against the rail as her arms seemed to be angled like she was holding the railing with her hands. A hat was covering her head and dark brunette locks stuck out the edge of the hat.

"I'm sure it's just a visitor getting fresh air." Law concluded firmly, though you could tell he was highly unsure about the matter at hand.

"Yeah, you're probably right." The redhead agreed before they moved to their respective doors and slowly began to put their keys in the door. The lock was slowly clicked to open the respective door of the mechanic as he had it opened, but the doctor had experience in these types of situations.

A possible suciude attempt.

It was a farfetched guess since he could be correct from the beginning and could just be a guest getting fresh air without getting their friend's apartment cold. When nothing happened, the door was opened by Law and he took a hesitant step before stopping. No, he couldn't enter his apartment, maybe he should converse with he—!

"Shit!" The body began leaning over the railing, as if she was reaching for something, and her lower body began to join her. The doctor shifted with quick agility he would use in emergency situations and lept for the leg still in sight. Kidd was right on his tail as he grasped his friend by the waist to make sure he did not fall along with the young lady. Once everything calmed a little and the doctor did a quick analyzsis with his eyes, he let out a breath when he realized the young female fainted.

"Fuuuh, that was too close!"

"Will you pull me up now, Eustass?" Irritation was in the voice of the dark haired man as he really hated the predicament he was in. Especially since two large hands gripped his hip bones uncomfortably.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it!" The redhead tugged the two up, helping to up right the young lady into his arms.

"I need to do a quick examination of her to see if she is alright." Law stated without much of another word as he moved towards his apartment, being courteous enough to close the mechanics door.

Kidd had rested the young lady on the couch to keep her comfortable and was soon handed a mug of coffee with an eyebrow raised at the quickness.

"I have it set to turn on for when I get off of work; it helps me when I need to do some paperwork." The doctor explained as he rested his own mug on the coffee table and began checking the young lady's temperature, then her pulse. She seemed alright from just the two checks and then checked her eyes to receive brown eyes rolled to the back of the head to indicate her state and nodded. It may have just been a random occurrence unleash she had been a bit dehydrated whilst out in the cold.

"I think we have been wrong."

"About what?"

"I don't think this person is a she but a he."

"What indicates so?"

"The hair is a bit short for a young lady." Dark grey eyes stared to the other with a bit of disbelief before moving to grasp his mug.

"A lot of women wear their hair short these days." This rough sigh left the redhead before shifting to the person on the couch and grasping the puffy coat with fingers holding the zipper. "Eustass!"

"I'm just undoing his jacket to show you proof!" The quick zip of the jacket was made into the air and for some reason, Law was holding his breath. He wasn't quite sure why, but it was only let out heavily at the revelation of the person on his couch.