Authors POV

It was a beautiful sunny morning that Cammie woke up to. She woke up alone; a spot that was usually occupied was now vacant. Cammie slowly got up with nothing on but a shirt two sizes too big for her that framed her petite size perfectly.

She shuffled off to the kitchen, where she was met with smell of bacon and she smiled. It was a beautiful sight, a man (not to mention shirtless) was standing over the stove making bacon. Cammie walked over to him and kissed his cheek as she passed him to get orange juice. Then she looked at the pan where the bacon was being cooked and almost spit out her orange juice.

"They're coming, aren't they?" She asks carefully. He only laughs.

"Yeah so I guess you should be getting dressed. I do love my shirt on you though." He says, winking at her. Cammie only shakes her head and drank the rest of the orange juice before proceeding to walk out and stop at the doorway.

"And I'm guessing you want your shirt back, Goode." Then, right then and there, she takes it off and throws it at him before walking out hurriedly to get clothes on. Behind her, she can hear Zach cursing and fumbling with the spatula he had in his hand. Cammie stifled her laugh.

By the time she got done dressing, she could hear voices and she smiles. She walks out of the room and into the kitchen before stopping at the sight in front of her. Before her were Bex and Grant who were fighting over bacon, Macey and Nick who were making themselves coffee, Liz and Jonas. Who were actually expecting their first child in a few weeks. Macey noticed her first.

"Well? Aren't you going to step in?" She asks, eyebrow raised. Cammie only shakes her head and lets out a little laugh before rushing to Liz to help her sit. Liz slaps her hands away.

"Stop! I am perfectly capable of sitting myself on a chair!" Liz yells and Cammie only stares at her before laughing. Liz huffs and puts her hands on her hips. "Why are you laughing?" Cammie only laughs more and slowly, a smile forms on Liz's face. It was a little bit over a year after they successfully got Ashley out and Liz was happy that Cammie can finally laugh and smile.

"Remind me not to get anywhere near Liz." Grant says dryly. Then the doorbell rings. Cammie resists the urge to grab her gun but she's safe. She knows she is. Zach opens the door and in walks in Ms. Solomon, Mr. Solomon with their little 1 year old, Cassie, Ashley and Jason.

"I hope we aren't late." Ashley says. Jason and Ashley's hands were intertwined together and she couldn't look any better. Then, a series of hugs and kisses went around. Everyone settled down again and Bex had Cassie in her arms coo-ing at her with Grant behind her trying to make Cassie laugh with a series of weird faces. Cammie's mom and Joe were talking to Liz and Jonas while Nick and Macey were talking to Jason and Ashley. Turns out, the Ashley and Macey had a lot in common.

Cammie stood there watching everyone with absolute delight in her eyes. All her loved ones were there, surrounding her. She couldn't be any happier. Then, arms encircled her waist. Zach was holding her and she sighed in content, leaning on him.

"I'm going to get back at you for that stunt you pulled earlier." Zach murmured into her ear. Cammie smirks and turns in his arms to face him. Zach was looking down at her with so much love, Cammie felt ashamed for ever thinking Zach cheated on her.

"I love you, you know that right?" Cammie whispers. Zach smiles and kisses her forehead. A million of butterflies erupted in her stomach and couldn't stand it anymore. She had to tell him. Cammie brings his ear down to her mouth before whispering the words:

"I'm pregnant." Zach quickly pulls back, catching everyone's attention. Zach holds her at arm's length and looks at her, staring down at her stomach then to her eyes then back to her stomach then to her. HE proceeded to do that for a while. The rest had caught on and Liz had started crying, Ms. Solomon had tears in her eyes and everyone else was smiling.

Then suddenly, Zach wraps her in a fierce hug and began to tell Cammie how much he loved her in different languages. Cammie laughed at his behavior and pulled away, turning to the rest. The women were the first to give her a hug and the men gave Zach bro hugs and congratulations were passed around.

They all stood together in a cluster with the sun shining radiantly down at all of them.. They looked happy, safe, content and most importantly they looked like one big happy family. That's all what Cammie wanted.

And that's what she got.

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