Soo, I read some MAJOR Desolation of Smaug spoilers. And I decided to write a story based on what I know so far, about what happens to Kíli during the movie. So, if you don't want to read EXTREME SPOILERS, TURN BACK NOW!

If you're sticking around, I assume that you are just as curious as I was. As most of us know based off of the footage we've seen while the Company is in Bard's boat, Kíli receives an "orc wound" during the barrel scene, which he claims is just a scratch. Well, it so happens I know exactly what that "orc wound" is and how it is treated, based off of various credible reviews of the movie. I also know how his relationship with Tauriel is developed. Some of you guys might not be fans of Kíli/Tauriel. Don't worry, this isn't a fic about their relationship. I'm just going off of (movie) canon, and they do seem to have somewhat of a romantic relationship brewing, and if not that, a very good friendship. I don't really know many exact quotes, I'm just going off of what I heard. And once I see the movie this Wednesday, I will come back and edit the story to work with the movie.

I hope you guys enjoy the story! Let me know what you think!:)

Kíli's mind was in a haze. He felt the ground beneath him, damp and cold beneath his stiff frame. His limbs felt restricted against him. He could vaguely hear the sounds of yelling and rasping and a strange clicking through the fog in his head. His eyes could only see darkness.

All he could remember was a faint mist, trickling in through the trees of a crooked forest. Then there was a sharp pain in his stomach. Then… nothing.

One thing was clear, however. He was in danger.

He desperately struggled to sit up, but his body wouldn't permit him. He tried to call out. For Fíli. For Thorin. For anybody. But his tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth. His lips wouldn't utter a sound.

This empty void of darkness was going to kill him. He was sure of it. He couldn't see. Couldn't move. It felt like even the air was refusing to enter his wanting lungs.

Distantly, he heard a voice. This voice was familiar to him. It spoke his name. The voice came closer. It was above him now, shaking him. It seemed to be… begging.

Suddenly, his vision was cleared. Fíli knelt over him, pleading with him to get up.

He could barely make out the words that were being spoken.

"Kíli… spiders… go… now!"

The young Dwarf blinked his eyes lazily in an attempt to gather his bearings. This only gained him another rough shake from his elder brother.

"Hurry! We've no time! They're coming! Help me get these webs off of you!" Fíli's voice was high and frantic as his fingers scrambled to remove the webs from his little brother's body.

Kíli could read the terror on Fíli's face. He knew it was serious. This wasn't a game. Not this time. They needed to go. It only took a few seconds, a few scratches later and Kíli was freed from his silky bonds.

The brothers stumbled to their feet, clinging on to each other as the dizziness sought to claim them.

Members of the Company were everywhere, gathering up their weapons, freeing others from their webs.

The young Dwarrows paled as eight large, spindly legs crept out from the thick of the forest. Then eight more. Soon, the entire group was surrounded by the horrendous arachnids. Their eyes were black and their mandibles clicked angrily at their escaped meal. They rasped in agitation. And then they charged.

The Company had no way out. They would have to fight.

Thorin let out a war-cry as he sped towards the nearest spider, easily slicing across its unprotected eyes. The others quickly joined their leader. Fíli charged, brandishing his axes, prepared to take down any foul creature that came in his way. Kíli followed suit, pulling back his bow, his aim proving true as an arachnid fell dead to the ground, an arrow protruding from the center of its head.

It was a grey flurry of madness. The forest was so dark that one could hardly distinguish their companion from their enemy.

No matter how many monsters were struck down, two more would scurry from the undergrowth to take its place, hissing out commands to their compatriots.

Kíli soon found himself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of spiders circling him. He drew back an arrow, aimed and… missed. The creatures were quick, and light on their legs. Their close proximity caused Kíli to trade his bow and draw out his sword. He hacked and stabbed and slashed at the arachnids, but there were too many. He looked to his brother for aid. He could see the golden-haired Dwarf attempting to kill his own foes. There was no way the elder of the Durin's could reach him.

One spider managed to evade Kíli's blade, and plowed the young Dwarf down with one of its gargantuan legs. Kíli's breath left him as he hit the ground, and his weapons slipped out of his grasp. He desperately tried to scramble away from the hordes of spiders surrounding him. One creature moved in. This one larger than the rest. It rested its hungry eyes upon the small Dwarfling. Kíli flinched away as the fangs drew near to his neck. The spiders had learned from their past mistakes. This time, they would use no paralyzing venom. This time, they were in for the kill. Immediate. Final. Kíli closed his eyes as he prepared to meet his end.

But pain and darkness never came. Rather, in its stead, came light. From the heights of the trees came two beautiful beings. One man and one women. Fair and beautiful. And dangerous. They leapt from the trees with a lethal grace, shooting arrows with deadly precision. More figures burst through the trees, arrows ringing through the air, striking down the monsters. The shrieks and hisses of pain and terror rose from the pit of spiders as one by one, they fell. Most crawled away in fear of the new arrivals.

Kíli's attacker, however, wasn't so easily distracted. It reared up, fangs frothing with venom and hate.

He could vaguely hear his brother calling his name.

The killing strike never came. The creature was felled by a single, perfect arrow. In the distance, Kíli could make out a figure. Tall, strong, and beautiful. It was the She-Elf. She, a member of one of the Dwarrow's most hated of races, had saved his life without hesitation.

Her shots didn't cease, however, as more and more spiders filled in through the trees. She snatched up daggers from her belt, slinging them in quick succession at the beasts, each hitting the mark.

Kíli shouted a warning as a spider came crawling from behind the She-Elf.

"A dagger! Quickly, throw me a dagger!"

No dagger was thrown to him. Rather, the Elf turned with unspeakable grace, hurtling the blade into the face of the monster, ending it.

"Do you really think I would give you a weapon, Dwarf?" She spoke, amusement playing on her face. There was no malice in her tone. Her eyes darted to her companion, who stood before Thorin and the remainder of the Company, bow taut with an arrow pointed directly at the King's face. Many other Elves stood around, their stance in accordance with their leader. Kíli stole one more glance at his savior, as he moved to stand with his brother.

"What purpose have Dwarves in this forest?" The Elf snarled. "What have you come for?"

"Our business is our own." Thorin growled, eyes dark with loathing.

The Elf seemed to notice something, as he straightened his body and stood tall.

"Drop your weapons." He ordered.


"Drop your weapons now or your leader will have an arrow through his head." Finality laced his tone.

Reluctantly, the group lowered their weapons to the ground. Each member leveled their gaze at the Elf, threatening him with their eyes.

The Elf matched his glare with theirs, as he knelt down. He rose, and in his hands lay Orcrist, gleaming in the pale light.

"This is an ancient Elvish blade, forged by our ancestors. Where did you get it?"

"We found it abandoned in a cave. It is mine now." Thorin challenged darkly. "We have even received Lord Elrond's blessing to pass through here. Let us go, and we will cause no harm to come upon you or your people." Thorin spat out the words as if they were poison.

The Elf seemed to contemplate this. Sheathing Orcrist at his side, he turned to the woman, muttering words in a language so soft and untainted, it made Kíli feel as though he was unworthy to hear it. She responded in hushed tones, her face grew worried. The male Elf turned away from her, his next words firm as he set his jaw.

"Legolas." She stepped forward. "Please. He will kill them."

The Elf called Legolas frowned, lines creasing his delicate face. He moved near to her, eyeing the other Elven warriors who stood around the clearing. He whispered, nearly unheard by the Company. "It must be done. He already knows they are here."

Her face and posture spoke of obvious distress. "If it must be something, convince him to imprison them. Anything but death. Please." She muttered.

Legolas closed his eyes as he sighed. "Take them."

The She-Elf smiled in gratitude as she moved away from Legolas, coming to bend down to Kíli's level.

She looked him squarely in the eyes. "I am going to bind you. " Her eyes sought forgiveness, while her face held unrelenting.

Kíli was unsure of what to say. "Oh? But I've just been freed from the spiders!" He exclaimed with mock-horror. He didn't know why, but he felt a strange need to comfort her.

She let a small smile light her face as she tied a rope around his wrists, attaching it with Fíli's bonds. Her curious gaze lingered on Kíli for a moment more, and she turned away to lead the Company away.

Fíli's head snapped around to his brother.

"We're about to be taken to some evil Elf-lair, and still all you can think about is flirting with the prettiest girl you can find!" He snapped angrily.

"Oh, don't get angry, brother!" Kíli put on a cheeky grin. "I still think you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen."

Fíli smacked his brother's head. "Idiot."

Their innocent banter was interrupted by a loud "Up, Dwarf!" The brothers were forced roughly onto their feet by an Elven warrior, who shoved them into the line-up of very angry looking Dwarves.

Thorin struggled in his bonds. "Where are you taking us?" He spat, using every ounce of his strength to set himself free.

The Elf Legolas stared into the dense forest ahead. "To the halls of the Elvenking, Thranduil."

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