Author's Note:

Pairing: Will Turner/Jack Sparrow

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, graphic depictions of violence, pre-slash for the first few chapters

Timeline: Set after CotBP, disregards DMC and AWE

Note [11/12/13]: Now a multi-chapter story, due to semi-popular demand.

Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to, um... Disney, I think. If it doesn't, let me know. I own nothing but the plot and make no money from this story.

Author's Note: So... I'm not sure if anyone will actually read this story, given that the movies came out quite some time ago. But I was only thirteen when the first one did and had no idea what slash fanfiction was back then. Thus, when I finally discovered the beauty that is Will/Jack about three days ago, I decided to write one. If no one reads it, that's fine, but my muse demanded that I get it written. So here we go :)


Chapter One

Less than a year ago, Will was disgusted by Tortuga; he was disgusted (and slightly terrified) of the pirates, the dishonourable men, the taverns and pubs and whores who sold themselves on every corner and in every alley they could. Now, after almost two months in port, it had become something he didn't even glance at as he went about his routine. Every night Will made the twenty minute walk from the blacksmith where he worked to The Grubb, a tavern where he drank and ate his nights away.

The Grubb was by the harbour, the perfect place for Will to take up his watch. He'd sit inside and down pints of rum, sometimes food when it didn't look too horrible, and every half hour he'd wander outside to see what ships had made their way in.

There were plenty to see; small boats with a captain and less than four or five crewman; boats bigger than even the Interceptor; but none of them were his ship... well, not his ship, just the one he was looking for; one done up all in black, including the sails. One that was captained by the pirate who had changed Will's life forever.

Every night stories of the Black Pearl reached the tavern Will haunted, and he made sure to only stray close enough to the men telling the stories to hear their words. Captain Jack Sparrow was insane, not one of them doubted that, but he was a bloody good pirate, and the Pearl performed marvellously for him, far better than she had for Barbossa. Will would smile when he heard about the navy ships- or fellow pirate ships- that Jack and his crew had swindled, and he'd move away once he heard where Jack and his men were.

Will sighed to himself as he thought about Jack and the Black Pearl. He'd come to Tortuga in the hopes of convincing Jack to let Will come aboard. He was done with a life on land; the sea called to Will every night, every day. It was like there was sea water flowing through the young man's veins instead of blood, and Will only ever felt content when he stood on the beach, the sand between his toes, staring out at the ocean.

And even then it just wasn't right; the ground beneath him didn't move, there were too many people and too much noise around him. He needed to be on a ship; the wood rocking beneath him as the boat ploughed through the waves, the sound of men rigging sails and fixing cannons the only noises for miles.

Will was brought from his thoughts when he walked into a wench who had her thin arms wrapped around a man- pirate, Will realised after spying the man's clothes- and he mumbled, 'Sorry,' before continuing down the street.

Sorry. I'm sorry. The only two words he'd left Elizabeth before disappearing. He'd wanted to write more; had wanted to explain to Elizabeth why he could no longer call Port Royal his home. He needed the ocean and the Black Pearl. Jack was right when he'd said that pirate blood flowed through Will's veins. After their adventure, Will could think of little else but Jack and his ship.

Elizabeth would understand, as soon as she read those two simple words. She'd commented on Will staring off at the sea, about how all their conversations eventually led back to Jack Sparrow. She had known that Will wanted to leave and was no longer satisfied with being a blacksmith. Elizabeth, too, could think of little else but their adventure on the high seas. But she was a governor's daughter, and she belonged in a fancy house somewhere with a husband who didn't dream about stealing treasure and a man with Kohl-rimmed eyes.

Shaking that thought from his head, Will pushed his way into The Grubb, expertly moving through the throng of men and women. He made his way to the end of the bar and snagged a stool when one of the drunkards toppled backwards, his snores reaching Will's ears before he'd even hit the floor.

'Evenin', laddie,' the woman who owned the bar and brothel upstairs called when Will sat.

Will gave her a tired smile. 'Good evening, Tabby,' he responded. 'Can I get the usual?'

'You be wantin' any grub, Willie?' Tabby asked as she went to pour him a large mug of rum.

'What've you got?' Will asked.

'Some meat, some 'tatoes that ain't too bad,' Tabby said, sliding Will's drink to him.

The distinct smell of watered-down rum made Will's lips twitch upward. Rum reminded him of Jack, which was the only reason Will had started drinking it. He'd rarely touched alcohol in his life back at Port Royal after seeing what it did to his master, but rum helped him sleep at night, and it was what Jack drank, so...

Will took a large gulp, letting the familiar taste rush down his throat. It'd disgusted him before, but drinking rum daily had made Will develop a taste for it.

'Yeah, bring us a plate,' Will finally said and reached into his pocket. He tossed Tabby a few coins and they were scooped up by her husband, Doyce, who ran the pub and brothel with her.

Tabby clapped Will on the back, almost sending him into the wooden bar. She was a large woman, and Will knew that she could take on any man who dared to rough-up her tavern. He'd seen her throw a fair few pirates out in his two months.

By the time Tabby returned with his food, Will had finished off his drink and signalled for another.

'Wantin' tah drown yer sorrows tonight, Willie?' Tabby asked.

'Might as well,' Will shrugged, dragging the plate and fork towards him. The meat was more black than anything else, the potatoes watery and yellow, but food was food, and this was all Will could really afford.

'Still waitin' fer yer pirate?' Tabby then questioned, giving him another drink.

Will just nodded. His questions about the Black Pearl- and Jack- hadn't gone unnoticed. Anyone who stayed in Tortuga for more than a day knew what Will was waiting for.

''E'll turn up sooner or la'er, laddie,' Tabby told him. 'Jus' wait 'round fer a bi'.'

'Nothing else I can do,' Will shrugged. He busied himself with his food and rum, letting his eyes wander over the patrons of The Grubb. Most were pirates or men who worked in port- swilling drinks, stuffing their faces with half-stale bread. More than half had a woman of some kind on their laps, and there were even two or three with men.

Will blushed at the sight and turned away. His mum hadn't really been a good Christian, having taken herself a pirate husband, and Will had only led his life under the codes Governor Swann and Elizabeth had taught him. That didn't mean he believed in God, but it did mean that he'd heard a fair bit about sodomites.

Pirates only lived under the Pirate Code, and even that was often skewed to fit the captain's fancy. But Will shouldn't have been surprised that most- if not all- pirates didn't even bat an eye at sodomites. It was why Will had let his own thoughts about Jack run free, rather than try to tie them up and throw them far, far back into his own mind. He liked Jack- he'd always liked Jack, even back when he was a dirty pirate who wanted to use Will. But now, after watching Jack fall off the tower and sail away on the Pearl, Will realised that his feelings for Jack went a bit... deeper, than mere friendship.

That didn't mean that Will would do anything about it if- when, when- he met up with Jack. Well, not unless Jack fancied that kind of thing. Despite what Jack said, Will wasn't a eunuch, and he knew how to get what he wanted.

Will finished off his second rum, ordered another, and scraped the last of his food into his mouth. Tabby took the plate away and Will swirled his rum around, staring at the dark liquid as his mind wandered.

The scrape of a stool against the wooden floor alerted Will to the fact that he wasn't alone, and when a firm hand slapped onto his shoulder Will had a dagger drawn and pressed against the person's throat even before he'd blinked.

His eyes widened when he saw who was sitting beside him, and he almost dropped his weapon.


'Will, my lad, yer wouldn' cut this pretty face, would ya?' Jack Sparrow asked with wide, Kohl-lined eyes. His teeth- half of them capped gold- were shining bright in the murky tavern light, and Will just continued to stare.

He was the same old Jack; dark hair twisted into dreadlocks and wrapped in thread and beads, his captain's hat only just hiding a red scarf, his clothes flamboyant, half-open, and dirty. The cheeky smile was the same, the face warm and tanned, the eyes dark and brilliant...

'Jack!' Will shouted again. This time he did drop his dagger, and then he threw his arms around the pirate, tugging a flailing Jack in for a bruising hug.

'Knew ye'd miss me,' Jack chuckled into Will's ear. His warm breath made the younger man shiver, but Will ignored it in exchange for holding Jack just a bit longer. He finally drew back, smiling brightly at the pirate, and Jack said, 'What are yeh doin' here, lad? Ain't yeh got a wife waitin' at home?'

Will sighed and turned to grab his drink, not missing the way Jack's eyes widened as he knocked the entire thing back.

'Easy, lad, wouldn' wanna get drunk and 'ave me take advantage, would yah?'

Will snorted and dropped the mug. 'You'd take advantage of anyone, whether they were sober or not,' he stated.

Jack laughed and smacked his shoulder again. 'That's my boy,' he grinned and turned to Tabby, who was smiling widely at them from halfway down the bar. 'Oi, where's me drink?' he demanded.

'Where're yah manners?' Tabby countered, but poured them both a rum each and handed them over. Will reached for his pocket, but Jack dropped the coins into Tabby's large hand before he could.

'Thanks,' Will said and wrapped a hand around his new rum.

'No worries,' Jack replied. He eyed Will over the top of his mug. 'What're you drinkin' rum for?' he then asked, taking a large swallow.

'It grows on you, after a while,' Will admitted.

'A lotta things do that,' Jack winked. Will grinned. 'So what are you doin' here, William? Didn' answer me the firs' time, which is rude, I might add.'

Will sighed and put his rum down. He re-sheathed his dagger, which had still been lying on the bar, and took another drink before answering. 'I left,' he stated.

Jack raised an eyebrow. 'Left?' he echoed.

'Yeah, left,' Will nodded. 'I couldn't... it wasn't...' he frowned as he struggled, trying to figure out how best to explain why he hadn't been able to stay in Port Royal.

'Pirate blood get the better of yeh?' Jack finally supplied, and Will nodded. 'Told yeh it would, mate,' Jack continued. 'Yer dad was a pirate, and his dad 'fore him, probably. Ain't no man can ignore a call to the sea.'

'So I've discovered,' Will said. He sipped his rum and leaned against the bar, keeping his eyes on Jack.

'How long 'ave you been in Tortuga?' Jack asked.

'Almost two months,' Will answered.

The older man nodded slowly before saying, 'And Miss Elizabeth?'

'Port Royal,' Will said. 'At least, I'm assuming she's still there.'

Jack's eyes narrowed slightly and he took off his hat, placing it gently on the bar. 'Didn' come with yeh?' he queried.

'I didn't ask,' Will replied. 'I just... left.' He shrugged and glanced down at his drink. 'She'll know why I had to. She wanted me to talk about it, every time she saw me staring at the sea. But I didn't.'

'Not an easy thing to talk about, mate,' Jack told him. 'Call o' the sea's like that. Gets under yeh skin.'

'Yeah,' Will nodded. His skin still itched, even now. Standing on the beach, or dipping his feet into the water, wasn't the same as actually being aboard a ship. 'So what are you doing in Tortuga?' he decided to change he subject. He didn't want to talk about Elizabeth; about how his love for her had waned from an all-encompassing thing to a soft, warm glow in his gut. He loved Elizabeth and he always would; but he wasn't in love with her.

A grin lit up Jack's face and he waved a hand about, almost toppling off his stool as he did. 'Food and wenches, William, food and wenches!' he shouted at the top of his lungs. Of course, nobody even glanced their way. 'The crew were about ta mutiny, I think. They were stuck at sea fer a good month and got sick o' mouldy cheese and stale bread. Needed fresh stuff and warm bodies.' He winked at Will and downed his rum before making a grab for Will's, only for the younger man to easily push him aside and clutch the mug to his chest.

'Get your own,' Will told him and took a long drag, licking his lips just to rub it in.

But instead of pouting, like Will had seen him do in the past, Jack's eyes zeroed in on the blacksmith's mouth. Will shivered minutely as Jack's eyes, already dark from the Kohl and poor-lighting, darkened even further.

Maybe I'm not insane, Will thought, maybe there is something between us.

Jack shook his head and the dark, hungry look was gone, replaced with a drunk grin and bright eyes. 'That's my Will,' he crowed and clapped the boy hard on the shoulder before calling for another drink. 'Anyway,' he said when it had been delivered, turning back to Will. Will tried not to notice the trail of rum that dribbled down Jack's chin and neck. 'Gotta get some supplies for Pearl, and the men gotta get the lust outta their systems. We'll be shovin' off tomorrow night.'

Will felt his heart drop and nodded jerkily. Right... so Jack would be leaving soon. Will hadn't actually given much thought to what he'd say to Jack when they met up again. He'd been too busy worrying about the pirate, and too busy thinking about how amazing it would be just to see Jack again.

Jack noticed. Of course he noticed; despite his general behaviour, he wasn't an idiot.

'What's with the look, mate?' Jack said. 'Yeh not ready to leave by tomorrow night?'

Will's head snapped up so fast he was amazed his neck didn't snap. 'What?' he blurted.

Jack grinned at him. 'Yeh really think I'm gonna leave yeh, now that I got yeh back?' Jack asked. ''m not an idiot, Will. Yer comin' with me.'

'I... I am?' Will asked, voice breathless, heart jumping. It couldn't be this easy, could it?

'Will, I asked yeh last time if yeh wanted to come with me,' Jack said, 'and yeh made the wrong choice. I knew yeh'd eventually wanna set sail, s'why I make port here every month or two. Knew I'd run into yeh eventually.'

'So... you-you want me to come with you?' Will asked hopefully. 'Aboard the Pearl?'

''Course I do!' Jack shouted, waving both arms about, like Will thinking anything else was stupid. 'Need a first mate,' he continued, 'or a cabin boy.'

'I can be a blacksmith,' Will piped in, too excited to take offence to the cabin boy suggestion. 'I can fix your crew's weapons, maybe even make some more, if I get a good smithy going on board. I'll be careful, I swear.'

'I know yeh will, mate,' Jack laughed. He swallowed down some rum and patted Will again. 'Yeh need to go get anythin'?'

'No,' Will shook his head. He gestured to the bag he had at his feet, and Jack spied at least four or five swords tied to the bag with rope. 'I carry everything I own all the time.'

'Good,' Jack nodded. 'Yeh can stay on-board Pearl with me tonight, I'll give yeh a proper tour tomorrow when the crew's still busy.' He grinned brightly at Will and leaned closer, noting that Will's breathing stuttered and his eyes widened. 'Ready to be a pirate, Mr Turner?'

Will blinked rapidly before smiling. 'I became a pirate the first time I met you, Captain.'

Jack grinned.

Author's Note: If this story garners any actual fans, I'll write more. I really want to write about Will and Jack's adventures in pirating, and I want to introduce Elizabeth and Norrington into the story at some point. But if nobody actually wants to read it I won't bother.

So let me know what you think :)