Chapter Twenty-One

Warnings: Explicit sexual content

It was a hot day and the men (one woman) were cursing up a storm as they walked back and forth across the deck doing their jobs. Even Mr Gosh seemed to be low on spirits. He'd left the galley after cooking dinner and leaving it to simmer; it was too hot to be stuck below deck, and he was currently off to the side in the shade, playing a card game with Mr Gibbs, Debt and Moon.

Will was sitting in a small square of shade made by the sails, his shirt off and hair damp and tied back. Artie had finally removed his bandages, which cooled Will down just that bit more. The skin around his healing scar was still tender, but the cut had finally closed up, the scab peeling away, leaving only new, pink skin behind.

Will prodded it a bit as he took another sip of lukewarm water. Jack might like rum in this heat, but it just made Will thirstier, so he was drinking water. It was days like this that Will missed the smithy and Governor Swann's house. Mr Brown had kept his alcohol cool in a large steel tub in the cellar, while Governor Swann's house had had an entire bunker used to cool food and drink. Aboard the Pearl there was only warm beverages.

'Yer wounds lookin' might fine, Mr Turner.'

Will looked up as Anamaria dropped onto the deck beside him, making Will shift a bit to avoid getting squashed. He'd set himself up between the bulwark and a few crates of supplies, the sun just beyond his bare feet.

'Mm,' Will nodded, 'it's finally healed.'

'Reckon yeh've got plans now,' Anamaria said, wiggling her eyebrows when Will looked at her. 'I've seen the way yeh've been lookin' at our fearless captain. Jack's been playin' it safe since yeh got injured.'

'I know,' Will grumbled.

'That gonna change?' Anamaria asked.

'Definitely,' Will grinned, making the woman laugh.

They fell into silence- really, it was too hot to talk- both staring across the deck at the few men still moving. After a few minutes they heard Jack shout an order for the crew to take a break. The men groaned in relief, and Gabe and Misty quickly grabbed a few spare sails and started tying them between the masts and bulwarks, setting up more areas of shade for the men to rest. Some of the sails were rolled up, too, making the Black Pearl slowly drift through the water, rather than power through it like she usually did.

Will had heard Jack and Mr Gibbs discussing a port earlier that day- Port Stevens, he thought- which apparently was a good place to get food, clothing, and take a break. It didn't get many Navy ships docking, so would be a good place for the Pearl to harbour. But it'd take them at least two, maybe three, weeks to get there. They had enough food and water, though, so they weren't in a hurry; and if the following days were as hot as this one, Will knew that it would be difficult to get to Port Stevens quickly.

The heat sapped everybody's energy, Jack's included. The normally exuberant man was slumped over the Pearl's wheel, standing in the one spot of shade offered by the sails. His hat was lopsided, off-white shirt drenched in sweat, and Will wasn't sure but he thought that Jack might have removed his boots a few hours earlier.

The Black Pearl slowed further and further until she was bobbing in the waves, her remaining sails barely catching the wind. The crew didn't seem to mind, though, and were now sprawled in whatever shade they could find. Will spotted Mr Forsyth and Mr Cotton sitting on the stairs that led below deck, the sun barely touching the tops of their heads through the trapdoor opening. Mr Cotton's parrot was bathing itself in a bowl of water between Mr Gosh and Mr Gibbs, and Jack's kitten- named Rusty-Red, today- was curled up on Gabe's shoulder.

'What are they doing?' Will questioned when he spotted a few men opposite them. They were currently removing their shirts and trousers, leaving some of them in their drawers and others in nothing at all. Will wrinkled his nose when he caught sight of pale and tan flesh covered in dirt and sweat.

'What's wrong, O' Bucket?' Anamaria asked, looking far too amused. 'Thought you were queer?'

'I am,' Will muttered.

'Oh, I see,' Anamaria smirked, 'only wanna see Captain Jack, eh?'

Will grumbled under his breath, but Anamaria thankfully moved on with a chuckle.

'Lads are goin' swimmin',' Anamaria said, making Will perk up.

'What about sharks?'

'See those two there,' Anamaria said, pointing at the two men standing just off of the side of the naked group. Will nodded. 'Shark watchers,' Anamaria explained, 'they'll keep an eye out, and a few ropes'll be dropped for the boys to climb up if anyone spots a shark. Yeh aren't likely teh be attacked, Buck, unless yer bleedin'.'

The thought of going for a swim- of feeling nice and cool, even just for a few minutes- made Will's entire body tingle. God, just a few minutes out of this heat! Will was used to heat; he'd been a blacksmith since he was twelve, after all. But that was different; when it got to be too much in the forge, Will could just take a step outside and cool down. There was no reprieve here unless he dunked his head in a jug of water.

'Fancy a swim?' Anamaria said, having followed Will's train of thought.

'Aye,' Will said.

'Come on, then.' Anamaria slapped him on the shoulder and Will hauled himself up. The two pirates stepped out of Will's small area of shade, both slitting their eyes against the harsh sun. They quickly crossed the deck and joined the group of swimmers, one of which had already jumped off the side. The Pearl was travelling so slowly that the man was easily able to keep up.

'Sea's amazin'!' one called up, prompting a few others to leap over the bulwark.

'Gonna join 'em?' Anamaria asked again, making Will nod. He stripped off his boots, socks and trousers, leaving them in a pile on the deck. Anamaria whistled, and when Will turned she said, 'Lookin' good, Willie.'

Will blushed and glanced down at himself. His skin was tanned from all his time spent in the sun, apart from his torso and legs, which were always well-covered. Will had never thought of himself as being particularly handsome, though he supposed that working in a smithy had kept him healthy.

Anamaria was suddenly pushed aside, Jack taking her place, and the captain looked Will up and down a few times before settling on his stomach. 'Now, Willie,' he said, 'as much as I like yeh takin' all yer clothes off, I can't have yeh injurin' yerself again, savvy?'

'I'm fine, Jack,' Will rolled his eyes. 'The wound's closed up, the stitches have come out, and it's healing nicely.'

Jack frowned, though his eyes still hadn't left Will's stomach... or lower areas.

'Do you want me to ask Artie?' Will questioned.

Jack hesitated before nodding, and then he whistled loudly, causing every pirate aboard to look his way.

'Lookin' good, Bucket!' Gabe shouted, echoing Anamaria, which of course earned Will hoots from half of the crew.

'Shut up, yeh dogs!' Jack barked, making the pirates snicker but go quiet. 'Doc, get over here!'

Artie had been sitting near the crew playing cards, and quickly got up and scampered across the deck. 'Want me to take a look at the lad, huh?' Artie guessed. He sidled up to Will's side and made him turn with a firm hand on his hip. Will blushed as Artie inspected his stomach and ran a finger over the healing scar.

'He wants to go swimming, Artie!' Jack said. 'Tell him no!'

Will huffed while Artie just chuckled as he stepped back. 'He's perfectly fine to go swimming, Captain, as long as he doesn't exert himself.' He turned back to Will. 'If your stomach starts hurting at any time, even if it's just cramps, I want you to come back aboard and tell me. Understand?'

'Yes, Doctor Arthur,' Will muttered.

Artie just clapped him on the shoulder and walked back to his spot. Jack growled- actually growled- prompting Will to draw him into a kiss. That quickly derailed Jack's complaints, his tongue sliding eagerly into Will's mouth to claim it as his own.

Will couldn't hold back a small smirk, which made Anamaria laugh. She was undressing, too, though left her undergarments and shirt on for privacy. Then again, she'd probably skin any crew-mate who looked at her funny.

Will gave Jack a long, thoroughly dirty kiss, complete with nips and moans and his hand sliding up Jack's shirt to flutter over his stomach. When Jack groaned, pressed closer, Will suddenly ripped away, leaving the captain blinking dumbly.

Winking, Will skipped across the hot deck and leapt over the bulwark. The wind whistled through his hair and ears as he fell, and Will let out a whoop of delight before taking a breath and closing his mouth. The sea swallowed him easily, and suddenly everything was quiet and cold. Will hummed to himself as he sank down for a few metres, before he opened his eyes and pushed up. The sea water stung his eyes, but it was nothing that Will wasn't used to.

Will broke the surface of the water and spat out a few drops, then ran a hand through his hair. A few strands had come free from the piece of leather Will used to keep it tied back, and he bobbed in the water for a minute as he untied it, wrapping the chord around his wrist.


Will looked up to see Jack leaning over the bulwark, a scowl on his face.

'What are you playin' at?' Jack demanded.

'Whatever are you talking about?' Will asked, pasting an innocent look across his face.

Jack's scowl darkened. 'I'm onto you, laddie!' he called. 'Yeh won't be able to use that trick forever.'

'What trick?' Anamaria asked. She was sitting on the railing, legs dangling towards the water. 'Yeh mean the one where Willie there kisses yeh and yeh lose all sense?'

Jack glared at her, but Anamaria just laughed and pushed off, falling through the air before landing in the ocean beside Will. She popped up and spat water at the blacksmith, prompting a ten minute splash fight that ended with Anamaria the victor and sitting on Will's shoulders.

'Careful!' Jack ordered. 'I'll put yeh on deck duty for a month if yeh hurt him, Anamaria!' he threatened.

'He's fine,' Anamaria rolled her eyes, but got off of Will's shoulders just the same. She didn't want to be stuck on deck duty just because Jack freaked out about his boy.

'Why don't you join us, Jack?' Will questioned, rubbing his eyes. 'The water's lovely.'

'I have a ship to run,' Jack responded.

'Mr Gibbs can keep an eye on her for a few minutes,' Will said. The man in questioned had just joined Jack at the bulwark, looking down at the swimmers and muttering about "idiots" under his breath. Apparently he only liked the sea when he was on it, not in it. 'Can't you, Mr Gibbs?' Will shouted up at the man.

'Always knew yeh were insane, lad!' Mr Gibbs responded. 'There are sharks in these waters!'

'We're fine,' Will rolled his eyes. 'Come on, Jack.' Jack just stared at him. 'I am half-naked,' Will reminded him, which, of course, made Jack perk up immediately. 'And if you jump in, you'll be half naked, too.'

Honestly, Will had never seen someone shed their clothes that quickly. Anamaria hooted with laughter as Jack dove expertly into the water, coming up a few feet from her and Will. He swiftly swam over and wasted no time in wrapping his arms around Will.

Will yelped as he was lifted, but then laughed and wrapped his legs around Jack's waist, his arms around the captain's neck. He threaded a hand through Jack's wet hair and used it to tug the captain up for a wet, salty kiss.

Anamaria swam back over to the Pearl and grabbed one of the ropes, apparently done with swimming, and two pirates above pulled her up. Neither Will or Jack noticed, though. The water was blissfully cool, but Jack's body was hot wherever it touched Will's; his chest against Will's stomach, one of his arms firm around Will's waist, his lips and tongue warm and slick where they met the blacksmith's. Will wasn't sure if he'd ever felt this amazing in his life; a fire was brewing in his stomach, one that could match any forge for heat, and his legs just tightened further and further the more they kissed until he was sure that he was squeezing the life out of Jack.

'Jack,' he moaned when he felt a hand grope his arse, squeezing tightly and making him arch up further into the older man's body. He felt a stirring in his drawers, and Jack had to feel it too. In fact, he drew Will closer with his arm, while his hand squeezed Will even tighter. 'Jack,' Will gasped again, ripping their lips apart to breathe. Jack panted against Will as he kissed, bit and licked Will's jaw and neck. He came back up to Will's ear, teasing the lobe with his teeth, and Will couldn't bite back the rather loud moan he gave at the sensation.

'Jack,' Will tried a third time, tugging on the man's hair, 'Jack, please.'

'Please what?' Jack mumbled, only half paying attention to Will's words.

'Jack, please, I n-need...' he trailed off, teeth digging into his bottom lip as Jack lifted him further out of the water. His mouth hovered over one of Will's nipples briefly before clamping down, teeth surrounding the small pebble and mouth sucking back. 'Oh dear Lord!' Will moaned and bucked into the pirate, body shivering in the water. Will tried to fight against the pleasure, tried to get his words to come out coherently. 'C-Cabin,' Will grunted out.

Jack pulled back enough to mumble, 'Wha'?' before he went back to littering Will's chest with teeth-marks.

'Cabin,' Will repeated, voice hoarse. 'Your cabin. P-Private... c-can see me completely n-ah-aked.'

Jack froze at that, lips still against Will's chest. Will blinked rapidly when the captain pulled back to look up at him. 'What?'

'Please, Jack, we've waited long enough!' Will near-snapped. Because, honestly. They'd been together how long? 'I just want something,' Will continued. He wondered if pouting would work, so pushed his lips out, lowered his eyes to look up at Jack through his eyelashes, and rolled his hips against Jack's stomach. Jack swallowed thickly, eyes darkening, and Will leaned forward to breathe his next words over Jack's ear. 'Please, Jack? I wanna see you... I want you to see me... preferably with no cloth between our bodies...'

Jack reeled back before shaking his head, and Will felt his heart fall. That was until Jack suddenly started swimming, dragging Will through the water and towards the Pearl, which had begun to float away. When they reached the ship, Jack grabbed one of the ropes and thrust another into Will's hands.

'Up!' he ordered, and the men above were quick to comply. The couple were pulled away from each other as they were hauled back aboard, and Will hissed when his bare feet came into contact with the boiling hot deck.

Jack threw his boots at him, but their clothes were abandoned- Jack only stopping to get his captain's hat- in favour of racing towards Jack's cabin. They heard more than one cat-call and hoot following them, but neither cared. Will's heart was pounding in his chest, and the heat in his groin hadn't disappeared at all. If anything, it intensified when Jack shoved him into their cabin and slammed the door shut.

The lock had barely clicked before Jack was on Will, their wet bodies sliding together easily. Will grabbed Jack's face with both hands, crushing their lips together, while Jack's hands went to his hips. Jack used his grip to push Will back, and the two stumbled towards the bed, mouths never leaving each other.

Finally, Will thought when he was practically tossed onto the bed. He immediately stretched out, letting his legs fall open when Jack climbed onto the mattress. The older man crawled between them, and up Will's body. Will's whimper was swallowed by Jack when their mouths sealed together once more.

Will was very, very happy with how this afternoon was turning out. And, if the bulge in Jack's drawers was anything to go by, the pirate captain was enjoying himself, too. It was stifling in the cabin, but neither man cared as they forced their over-heated bodies together. Water evaporated, replaced by sweat, and Will felt his drawers stick to his skin as Jack pressed against him, grinding himself into the blacksmith's thigh.

'J-Jack,' Will gasped when he found his breath, Jack still biting his lips. 'Jack, these should come off!' Will ordered, using one hand to tug at Jack's undergarments. Jack chuckled, a sinfully dark sound, and Will shivered as the pirate's darkened eyes found his own.

'You first, love,' Jack said.

Will raised an eyebrow, trying to look cocky despite his rapid breathing and bright red face. 'Is that an order, Captain?'

'Aye,' Jack growled. 'Get 'em off.'

Okay, Will was so done playing. He scrambled to do as asked, and Jack shifted back, letting the younger man up. Will concentrated on getting naked, rather than focusing on Jack; he'd fall over if he saw Jack's... if he saw Jack before he could get his pants off.

The sheets were hot and sticky against Will's back, but he ignored it as he settled back, head on the fluffy pillows that Jack insisted he keep on the rather large mattress. Will had always liked Jack's bed; it was a lot comfier than any Will had slept in before.

All thoughts of comfort- or anything, really- fled Will's mind when he caught sight of Jack. The man's skin-tone was even all over his body, making images of Jack laying on the deck of the Pearl naked sweep through Will's mind. His arms and various parts of his chest and back were covered in dark tattoos, images that Will wanted to explore with his tongue. Jack's chest was completely smooth, but he had a trail of black hair that went from his belly-button down, down, down...

His manhood was large, long, as erect as Will's and already wet at the tip. Will licked his lips, just imagining it on him, in him, anywhere, Will just wanted to touch! But he had no idea what he was doing- had only ever taken a hand to himself when the lust became too great- so he hesitated, just lying still as Jack stared at him.

'Not so cocky now, are yeh, love?' Jack chuckled, but it was a warm sound; understanding, not teasing.

'Not really, no,' Will agreed. 'What, uh...'

'Let me lead, Will,' Jack said. He leaned forward, and crawled up Will's body once more, making Will shiver in anticipation. 'Yeh'll learn from me, yeh?' Jack said. 'Just let me teach yeh.'

'I really, really want to learn,' Will agreed.

Jack groaned, and had to pause. Christ, a gorgeous young virgin wanted Jack to teach him about the pleasures of sex. The Gods were indeed smiling down on Jack Sparrow. It didn't help that William looked so damn enticing, his body lean and muscular, his face and chest flushed beautifully, his cock lying erect against his stomach.

'Christ,' Jack muttered and moved closer.

Jack caught Will's lips again, and Will whimpered rather loudly when he felt first Jack's chest, then stomach, then his crotch line up and press against Will's own. 'Oh, God,' he moaned- or rather, tried to moan, but the noise was swallowed by Jack's mouth, hot and hard against his.

Will had never felt anything like it. Not until Jack's hand somehow snaked between them, his fingers wrapping around Will's cock.

'Fuck!' Will shouted, his entire body pushing into Jack, his mouth parted as he took ragged breaths. Jack chuckled but didn't stop, eyes on Will as he slowly stroked Will's erection. Will's breathing hitched, little mewling sounds escaping his mouth every second. The pleasure was so much more intense than when Will did this to himself, and he could already feel that familiar heat spreading through him, starting from the tight coil in his stomach. 'J-Jack...'

'Look at me, love,' Jack ordered.

Will hadn't been aware that his eyes were closed, but slowly peeled them open. The cabin was rather dark, but there was sunlight shining through the windows, bathing this side of the room in a very soft, golden glow. Jack was lit up from the side, his skin gold and eyes like dark wood, pupils wide as they watched every movement, every noise, that Will made.

'Jack-' Will tried, but was cut off by his own gasp, a moan following.

'Shh,' Jack soothed, 'I know it's intense, love. Yeh'll get used to it.'

'Don't wanna,' Will choked out, 'want it to be like this every time.'

Jack chuckled. 'I'll try,' he promised.

Pre-ejaculate was leaking steadily from Will's prick, and Jack's mouth watered; he wanted to suck Will down, show him what kind of pleasure two people could give each other. But they had time for that; Will was so inexperienced, so young. He wouldn't last very long.

Will dug his toes into the sheets beneath him, his fingers scrambling at them, too, tugging them this way and that as he practically thrashed about the mattress. His hair stuck to his face in thick, sweaty clumps, and his skin was on fire. None of it even compared to the absolute bliss making him curl up, further into Jack's calloused grip, his head thrown back and mouth open.

'Will,' Jack said, voice barely a whisper over Will's grunts.

Will climaxed with Jack's name on his lips, the pleasure washing through his entire body and making him feel like he was on fire. It was the most amazing, wonderful, powerful thing that Will had ever felt, and he became unaware of absolutely everything but the feeling, and Jack's hand still stroking him through it.

It was minutes or hours- or hell, maybe days- later that Will finally became aware of his surroundings; the sweaty sheets twisted beneath his body, the warm hand on his thigh, the fingers stroking hair back from his face. Will's chest ached and he took a large, shuddering breath, more following as he tried to get air into his lungs. He opened his eyes and had to blink back sweat, and then felt a dry cloth wipe at his face.

'J-Jack?' he stuttered.

'Right here, love,' Jack's warm, deep voice sounded from the blacksmith's left. Will turned slightly and saw Jack, spread out on his side beside Will, manhood still erect and practically begging for attention.

'Jack,' Will repeated and rolled over, pouncing suddenly. Jack let out a yelp that he would definitely deny later, but was distracted by Will straddling his lap and rubbing against him. Will smashed their mouths together at the same time, the kiss all desperate teeth and lips. Will felt Jack's erection press into his arse and groaned softly at the feeling. He wasn't ready for any more himself, but he could make this good for Jack; he would make this good for Jack. 'Tell me what to do,' Will breathed against the captain's lips.

'Just, ah...' Jack grunted, hands firm on Will's hips. 'Shift a bit,' he murmured. Will did as he was told, letting Jack move him until he was where the older man wanted him. Will whimpered slightly when he felt Jack's cock slide against his arse, between his cheeks. Jack seemed to like it, too, because he swore and thrust up harder. 'Holy Mother of God, Will!'

'Like that?' Will asked, pushing himself forward and back. He planted his knees on the mattress either side of Jack's thighs and lifted himself slightly before pushing down, feeling Jack drag against his arse.

'Lordy, William,' Jack growled, 'yeh'll be the death of me.'

'Not before I make you come,' Will said boldly. He dug his fingers into Jack's chest and dragged them down slowly, nails leaving red marks that made Jack curse that much louder. Will smirked. 'Like it rough, Captain?'

'Fuck!' Jack snarled.

'Captain,' Will purred, moving faster. Jack was staring at him, eyes narrowed and dark, and it made Will feel powerful; he had made Jack look like that. It was him, Will Turner, that made Jack feel that pleasure, made Jack fall apart. 'What else do you want to do to me, Captain Sparrow?' Will asked. 'I've never done anything before. You'll have to teach me.'

Jack whimpered, hips thrusting up faster and faster, Jack's fingers painful where they gripped Will's hips. It just made Will hot all over again, though he definitely needed a nap before he and Jack did anything else.

'I'm gonna fuck you, Will,' Jack suddenly growled, making Will moan. 'Then yer gonna fuck me.'

'Shit,' Will swore, moving faster, grinding his arse against Jack's cock. If Jack kept this up, Will would come again.

'Would yeh like that, William?' Jack panted. 'Bend me over this bed and fuck me hard?'

Will moved faster. Jack's fingers dug into his skin.

'Jack,' Will moaned, tossing his head back. 'Come for me.'

It seemed that that was all Jack needed. He tugged Will down, thrust up at the same time, and came with a screamed, 'WILLIAM!' Will knew that the entire crew had heard that, but couldn't bring himself to care. He just watched as Jack broke down, still rocking back and forth, warm streams of ejaculate painting Will's back and arse. Will bit his lip, imagining what that looked like. He rather liked the thought of Jack marking him in more ways than one.

When Jack whimpered and let him go, Will finally stopped. He waited a few seconds, but Jack seemed incapable of speech, so he stiffly got off the bed and went to grab something to clean up. He eventually found an old rag in one of the drawers and wet it in the warm water still filling the basin on the dresser. After Will had cleaned them both up, the blacksmith climbed back onto the bed; it was too hot to get under the sheets.

'Willie?' Jack said after a few minutes.

'Mm?' Will hummed.

'How was that?' Jack asked.

Will smiled. 'Amazing, Jack.'

''Course it was,' the captain replied, that familiar cockiness back in his voice. Will chuckled. 'So, yeh serious about wantin' me to teach yeh?' Jack asked.

'Oh, yes,' Will nodded. He turned to face the older man, who was already watching him. 'I definitely have a lot to learn,' Will added.

Jack grinned. 'Yeh, you do,' he declared before rolling over. He sealed his mouth against Will's, and Will's moan was muffled but still rather loud. The younger man thrust his hips forward, and Jack pulled away with a laugh.

'What?' Will mumbled.

'Young lads,' Jack shook his head, 'always ready to go again.'

Will glanced down and blushed when he realised that he was already half-hard. 'What can I say?' he drawled. 'You make me hot, Captain.'

Jack groaned, and Will smirked.

'Captain,' he whispered.

Jack tossed him onto his back, and Will made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a whine. It didn't matter, Will decided as Jack slid down his body, lips only having one destination. He'd make any noise if it got Jack to do that.