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Chapter 15: Just Another Day, Part II

He ran and ran right after the boss was about to deliver a powerful punch to the boy who stole the Kyuubi from his body back when they battled at Konoha's outskirts. He didn't even look back when he heard the explosion and kept on going towards the direction that had been given to them by Takigakure's leader after much coercion from the boss' side.

It didn't take much for the village to give up their Jinchuuriki. After all, they were wary of her because of their incapability to exert absolute control over her and her behavior didn't help matters as she constantly disregard their attempts to exert control and they just knew that she was very much capable of destroying the whole village on a whim.

They also received the information that the Jinchuuriki was an enigma to the village that she's supposed to be loyal to. At times, they weren't even sure that she believed anyone in the village, or that she was loyal.

"Considering the treatment you've given her, should it be that much of a surprise for you?" was his unspoken thoughts, because it was just logical for a human to be disloyal if he didn't feel appreciated or constantly belittled by his superiors or colleagues.

People are idiots, and now that he knew, especially those in Takigakure, it made him wonder how the hell that village had sustained itself all these years. Well, the answer to that was easy, after all, Takigakure couldn't even hope to challenge any of the Five Great Villages, and so it made them somewhat subservient, making them dependent on the trades from other villages.

However, despite the fact that they were able to somehow acquire a Bijuu and seal it into someone, they did not understand a lot of things about Jinchuuriki, and that was their fatal flaw, as they were not able to fully realize the full potential of a Jinchuuriki.

So it was to no surprise that they gave her location to them without too much coercion, which was no problem for him since it made everything easier to do.

That is until that annoying boy got to them again somehow.

This was supposed to be his redemption after failing Danna during the mission to Konoha. He was supposed to completely decimate the village during his 'distract and destruct' objective, but instead, he was thwarted by a boy who had similar powers as the Danna.

While he did succeed on the 'distraction' part, the 'complete destruction of the village' part was pretty much a complete bust, and despite Danna's assurance that it was alright because their main objective was fulfilled, it really bothered him that he failed Danna.

So it really got to his nerve that the boy was once again got himself in the way of Danna's plan. That, and the fact that he was as powerful as Danna which put the boy above him in terms of power level, and that was why he was somewhat content in leaving the boy to be taken care of by the boss.

However, he didn't notice that the boy didn't come alone.

He stopped when someone landed in front of him, a person coated with some kind of purple aura that acted as a protective layer that allowed her to create a small crater when she landed.

It was one Satsuki Uchiha, her short hair flared wildly as she shot a defiant, furious look on him, and her energy field pulsed as her emotion was barely restrained from blowing.

Even as he took a step back, he couldn't help contain his talkative nature and remarked with a loud voice, "Hoo boy! Got myself another scary one! Man, I know I deserve this somewhat, but how many of you are there?!"

Her expression didn't change one bit as her scowl was still in place and the intensity of her sharp gaze made him flinch, "You're quite a chatterbox for a mass-murderer... But I guess that's lunacy for you."

Without anymore quips, she extended her hand and created a beam of destructive energy to the mutated man. He barely avoided it by removing the slightly hindering cloak and leaped out of the way, leaving him with only a pair of black trousers, showing his now seal-less white skin.

The man grinned as he responded with an attack of his own, his right hand was suddenly engulfed with an orange-colored fire-like energy that he threw like a ball towards her, "Take that!"

She responded with deflecting the attack using her energy field to create a solid construct, a circular shield that reflected the energy ball shot by the man away from her and into a nearby tree.

The result was a medium-sized explosion that engulfed the tree that it hit and the area two meters from the tree.

Satsuki looked at the sight of the burnt tree in shock for a split second before she re-focused her mind on the battle and leaped back from the man who charged at her with his fists blazing.

After his initial attack was evaded, he jumped towards Satsuki using his energy to augment the height of his leap, he cocked back his right fist just as he was about to close in on Satsuki, but she retaliated by performing an upward kick, using her feet that was clad in her personal energy field, she exploded the energy on impact and disoriented the mutated men, and she finished it with an enhanced energy beam that she created through combining two energy beams that she shot from both of her palms.

The explosive effect created by that attack brought the mutated man down to the hard ground below in a violent fashion, but Satsuki was not finished. She extended both of her hands towards the direction of the downed mutant and released several energy beams towards him, creating numerous explosion that was centered on the chalk white-skinned man.

Then came another orange energy ball out of the smoke which she failed to completely avoid, as it managed to graze her right on the outer edge her energy aura.

The energy ball created another explosion, but that was not Satsuki's main concern as the man suddenly dashed out of the smoke despite his visible injuries and soot on his person with his fists blazing and his teeth shown as he was literally grinning from ear to ear.

He laughed maniacally as he charged towards Satsuki who got into a combat stance, her eyes were filled with resolve instead of fear and indecisiveness. When he was but a few feet away from punching her with his energy-coated fists, she performed an upward punch that should've missed him completely...

If it weren't for a seven-feet long disembodied right arm made out of her energy to materialize right below him and mimicking Satsuki's arm's movement, sending the man flying with his blood coming out from his mouth as the solid energy construct hit him right below his chin.

She then followed that by creating a giant left arm using her energy and punched the mutated man mid air towards the nearby forest with such a force that it actually made him crash and destroy all the trees that he hit.

The silence that followed was quite unnerving. As the man was lying on his back far from where Satsuki was to the point where she couldn't see him clearly, she prepared for the inevitable continuation that could come at any moment by keeping the energy arms at her side and her aura covering her body.

Then the silence was broken when a flame-clad giant whip made from his energy made its way towards her from where the man was. The sight made Satsuki instinctively change the energy arms to a large circular shield that she placed between her and the energy whip.

It exploded when it impacted with her shield, making her wince at the sheer force of the explosion. She felt the purple energy shield flickering as his energy was destructive enough to inflict an adverse effect on her energy field.

Then she saw the man approaching her at breakneck speed as he materialized another energy whip on his left hand and swung it at her.

This time, she turned her shield back into a pair of giant arms, one of which she used to catch the whip...

"Take this!"

...And the other she used to pummel the man into the ground as she leaped away from him. Afterwards, she focused and created two pairs of construct that looked like a pair of armored boots and gloves that could burst out continuous, highly concentrated streams of fire from a pair of holes on the soles of the boots and the palms of the gloves to keep herself floating, a design which she happened to steal from Shiho's notes that was lying around when she and Naruto were back at the Base.

She had a thought that it would come in handy someday, so she memorized the design and its hypothetical schematics, and with that, she was able to craft it using her energy field.

Her assumption turned out to be proven true rather quickly, as the mutated man flew up from the dusts of the crater that she had created when she pummeled him, his flight granted by coating his palms and feet with his energy and using the same method that Satsuki was using, except without the energy constructs.

'Ck! How versatile is this guy's power exactly?!' Satsuki wondered in slight frustration as she flew away with the mutated man right behind her, her mind was trying to find a satisfying way to end this fight.

"Oooh! Cat and mouse fight, huh! Okay then, I'll play along you not-so-scary-after-all lady!"

He then released several bolts of energy with punching motions that he directed at her as they flew, she then responded by slightly turning her body to face him and release numerous bolts of her own energy in retaliation.

Some of their energy bolts hit each other, some of them missed completely from their intended target and the opposing energy bolts, some of them grazed either two of them a little bit, some of them hit something else instead of their supposed target, but due to their seemingly endless reservoir of energy, the sight, had someone else were to witness it, was spectacular.

It was as if the stars were declaring war upon each other and shot themselves to one another in an attempt to defeat their respective adversaries. Even a hundred fireworks would not be able to match the sight that was made by the intensity of this battle.

Meanwhile, down below on the ground, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune kept on moving towards the location of the battle above them. They kept their gaze slightly upwards, towards the sight of the aerial battle that was happening between Satsuki and the mutated man.

"So what's the plan, Jiraiya? It looks like the girl can handle herself pretty well." Tsunade remarked, rather impressed by how Satsuki was handling her battle and the spectacle that it created.

Even though she had never seen an aerial combat before, Tsunade could see what the girl was doing, which was to adopt a hit-and-run tactic combining it with a battle of attrition, both of which were familiar to her, it was just the way that they applied it with their powers that made it look somewhat unfamiliar to her at first glance.

"Yeah... still, I didn't know that she could do that though..." Jiraiya said as he rubbed his chin, "I suppose we'll keep watch. If it looks like she's in trouble then we'll jump in."

"Hm, good plan." Tsunade remarked as they stopped at a tree branch located a few hundred meters away from the battle, "Who do you reckon those mutated men are, Jiraiya? Have you heard of them?"

"Only from one source... Hiruzen-sensei." answered Jiraiya, "Four of those men were the ones responsible for Kyuubi's attack in Konoha. They masqueraded as a part of Kumogakure's Shinobi that was sent to discuss a more solid peace treaty after the action of their Shinobi a couple of years ago where they kidnapped the Hyuuga clan's young heiress."

"Ah, the Hyuuga Affair." Tsunade remarked.

Jiraiya grinned at that and gave her a remark in return, "Still keeping your ears to the ground sometimes, huh?" he asked rhetorically, "Anyway, four of the Kumo Shinobi turned out to be the man-like creatures that looked similar to the one we have seen, except the ones that sensei described are not as muscular as the one who is fighting with Naruto right now."

"How can they be involved with the Kyuubi?" asked the curious Shizune. "I mean, a method to control a Bijuu is for someone to be a-"

"-Jinchuuriki. Correct, Shizune." Jiraiya said, "And somehow, they managed to capture the Kyuubi and tether it into the body of one of those men, making him a Jinchuuriki. The carrier was the one who brought the Kyuubi into the doorstep, and the initiator of the attack."

"...The hospital was their first target, I assume?" Tsunade asked after a moment of silence, connecting the dots between Jiraiya's statement about the waning number of medic-nin and the Kyuubi attack.

Jiraiya nodded, "Yes." he answered, "And that's where the boy lost his adopted mother."

Tsunade's eyes widened and she tightly crossed her arms after she heard that answer. "...Who was she?" she asked in a soft voice.

"Her name was Taji Kanzaki. She was the medic-nin who was chosen to help Kushina gave birth to him, and sensei gave the custody over Naruto to her after Minato's death." answered Jiraiya.

She then frowned as she asked the question that pierced deeply into Jiraiya's heart, "Aren't you his godfather?" she asked, "Why would sensei gave him to another person instead of you?"

At this, Jiraiya could only smile in a somber fashion and answered, "You know what kind of man I am, right, Tsunade-hime? ...Sensei made that decision with the best intention at heart... And I believe that his decision was right in more ways than one."

Tsunade knew what kind of man Jiraiya was. A pervert, a lecher, a womanizer... but despite all his faults, he was nevertheless kind, loyal, and trustworthy. However, in addition to that, he was also a free-spirited man, and in a way, it was both one of his faults as much as it was one of his redeeming qualities.

She knew that he was not a man fit to be a father. Or at least, he did not consider himself as a man fit to be a father in any form considering his nature. So his declination was something that she could understand. After all, if she were in the same position as he was, she would have many doubts in her capabilities as well.

Her gaze softened as she said to him, "Don't be so hard on yourself Jiraiya. Minato trusted you for a reason. If the circumstances allowed you to perform your godfatherly duties, I'm sure you would've done a satisfying job."

Jiraiya's smile did not change, indicating that he did not really believe in himself as much as Tsunade believed in him, "That's very kind of you Tsunade-hime." he said. "Perhaps... I might try to actually fulfill that role once this is over. Maybe. Still, with his maturity, I'm not sure if I actually need to be his godfather anymore, Heheheh..." he ended it with a sheepish smile.

Tsunade and Shizune smiled sadly at Jiraiya's attitude, he had always been fond, perhaps too fond to cast himself in a less-than-positive light combined with a bit of self-deprecating humor that was simply far from the truth that those close to him could see.

Further conversations were halted when Jiraiya cleared his throat and said; "Anyway, we need to pay attention on the battle. If they move too far away, we need to quickly follow them."

Looking upwards to the location of the battle, each of them were feasting their eyes upon the sight that the two combatants were creating.

"Jiraiya, outside of the boy and the girl, how many of these superhumans are there?"

"Including them, there are eight known superhumans," he emphasized on the known part, "each with their distinctive abilities."

"And the boy is the strongest I assume?"

Jiraiya smirked and answered...

"That goes without saying."

When Naruto flew out to get to the giant which he had sent flying for at least a hundred meters away from where he punched him, he didn't expect for the man to retaliate even before he could reach him.

Mid-way to the giant's location, he was caught off-guard when the giant jumped towards him mid-flight and caught his neck within the grasp of his gigantic right hand. Carried by the force of his powerful jump, Naruto was brought back to a location near the entrance to Takigakure.

When both of them landed, their landing created a crater and a deafening booming noise.

Naruto was pressured by the giant's hand as he forced him to remain on his back on the ground. Before he could try and push it, the giant pummeled his head several times using his free hand, creating small earthquakes every time he did so.

Before his head was completely buried in the crater that was created with the giant's punches, Naruto punched the arm that was holding him on the ground with all his might, and he ended up burying his fist into the giant's flesh.

The giant's wince was enough of an opening for the blonde as he pulled his fist from the giant's arm and delivered an uppercut to the giant's chin that sent the giant flying upwards for at least one-hundred meters high.

Naruto flew up to meet the giant before gravity could pull him back down to the ground and pulled out every last bits of his energy to deliver a powerful sideward kick that created a reverberating quake that one could mistakenly thought as a giant-sized explosion.

The side kick not only cracked the giant's bones, it also slightly caved the side of his abdomen inward and sent him flying at at least twice the speed of sound.

Following the powerful kick, Naruto flew towards the flying giant with an even faster flying velocity to catch up to him, which he did in the span of one and a half seconds. He mimicked what the giant did to him and tightly grasp the giant's neck and roughly pushed him downwards and into the ground below.

Like an asteroid that fell from the sky, the impact of their drop created a massive shockwave that in turn, gave birth to a desolate crater as the shockwave uprooted every nearby tree in a violent fashion and leaving only the imploded circle of their crash at the fertile ground.

On the center of the crater was Naruto and the battered giant that he held by his neck. He lifted him up and cocked his fist back in an attempt to continue his assault, but he was stopped when the giant grabbed his fist midway, creating a small quake due to his strength and the giant's durability.

Naruto defiantly stared at the giant, who merely looked at him with a disinterested gaze despite his injuries. He then opened his mouth, and suddenly, the base of his throat produced glowing veins, red in color that seemed to crawl towards his mouth.

Then to Naruto's surprise, the giant breathed out a stream of flame of intense heat directed at his head.

Though the giant did know that Naruto was practically immune from such attack, he did so with the purpose of catching him by surprise and blinding him with the heat so that the grip that he had on his neck would be lessened.

He succeeded. Naruto's grip went slack for a little bit and he pulled his hand that he used to block his punch in order to pull it back to retaliate to his assault.

However, Naruto blew out a powerful gale from his mouth, forcing the fire to go back into the giant's body and in turn, catching him by surprise.

The slight choking that the giant experienced was enough for Naruto to retaliate, freed from the flames that had singed him slightly, he focused the energy within him to his eyes and released them in the form of two bright, blue-colored destructive energy beams directed at the giant's chest. The energy beams possessed huge kinetic and thermal force that pushed the giant a hundred and ten meters away and burning through the skin and muscle of his chest due to the beams' intense heat.

Deep beneath his psyche, the Bijuu known as Kyuubi was deeply impressed by Naruto's unforgiving, merciless and brutal fighting style. He could feel the boy's hatred and anger flowing through him, but they were refined, focused, and he let bits of it out in a proper fashion that made him more like an intensely angered warrior instead of a raving, screaming madman.

The beast continued to watch on as Naruto flew towards the location where he had sent the giant to with his back slightly upwards, and he saw as the giant emerged just before Naruto could reach him, he side-stepped to the left slightly and charged back with a lariat aimed at his neck.

The Kyuubi noticed that the giant's speed seemed to be augmented somehow as he managed to land the lariat right on his intended target.

But Naruto only budged slightly and he didn't fall due to the force, and his head was not disconnected despite the massive amount of physical force behind the attack. In fact, as his neck was being held at bay by the giant's right bicep, he glared defiantly at the giant before he delivered a powerful knee kick right at the white giant's abdomen.

The giant buckled slightly at the sheer weight behind the attack, but he struggled to remain standing in the same position, and his attempt did not succeed as he was pushed several meters backwards by its force. If his innards were not very durable, they would've exploded a long time ago, but still, the relentless attacks had given a significant amount of physical pain on the giant.

Inside Naruto's mind, the Kyuubi decided to help Naruto along in an attempt to give the first of many comeuppance to come for the giant's master, the fake Madara. After what he did to him and his previous host, the Kyuubi was more than willing to do anything to get back big time at the fucker.

The beast channeled his energy to the boy's body, and within the span of two seconds, he was enveloped in a red chakra aura that seemed to boil in a similar way to how a boiled water produced many bubbles because of the fire's intense heat.

However, it appeared as if Naruto did not notice this at first, until he pulled his right arm back and struck the man's head with a mean uppercut. The aura exuded intense heat that rivaled the temperature of his energy beam and when it touched the giant's skin, it burned him so fast that it only required a total amount of a half second to be affected by the aura.

The moment Naruto's fist touched the giant's head and the moment where he was sent flying upwards were separated only by 0.8 second, and the effect that Kyuubi's aura gave was no doubt felt by the giant.

Naruto flew up to meet the giant again, but he stopped as he looked at his hands coated in Kyuubi's aura, 'What is this?' he asked the beast within him, 'What did you do to me?' his tone was not accusatory, but nevertheless firm, stern, and a bit demanding.

"A bit of an incentive to end the fight quicker, kit." was the beast's answer, "I have a beef with these creatures' master, so let's just say that I'm willing to help you fight these bastards to hurt him."

Naruto smiled as he looked up towards the giant who's beginning to fall down to earth, 'Your help... is appreciated, Kyuubi.'

Then he flew up, fully intent to continue the battle and bring it to an end.

Tsunade's attention was diverted from the Uchiha's fight and to Naruto's fight from afar. She noticed that they have moved quite a few miles away, but she could still see the ripples on the air that they were creating, even from their position.

She then looked back towards the Uchiha girl's battle, and she felt as if she were insignificant despite her own impressive abilities. While she certainly had the strength and speed along with the capability to heal almost any injuries, she lacked the versatility that these two kids had with their powers.

Seeing this new generation of exceptionally-powered people in action left an impression that would last in Tsunade. The sight of Satsuki Uchiha and Naruto fighting reminded her of her past battle alongside her teammates that made the moniker Sannin hold a powerful effect in the world of Shinobi, which was their fight with the one called Hanzo of the Salamander from Amegakure.

"Tsunade-hime..." Jiraiya said to her as their eyes were locked to what was going on above them.


"...Was this what other Shinobi feel when they saw us in battle during the war?"

Being a mere spectator in a battle gave a different feeling to a battle compared to being a participant. Usually, this position would give one a feeling of awe, as the separation from the 'seats' and the 'stage' allowed them to be emotionally distant for the plight of the combatants and make their mind focused on the spectacle of the battle itself.

This was a feeling that neither Jiraiya nor Tsunade ever felt before. It was new, fresh, and somewhat scary.

"I don't know..." replied Tsunade with a faint smile, "Whether it actually is or not, there's one thing that's certain..."

The hermit looked at his oldest friend and asked, "What?"

"These two... they're really promising."

Satsuki charged at the super-powered man with her right leg extended backwards and her left leg folded, she performed repeated punches directed at the man, releasing her energy from her fists that was formed into purple-colored fireballs similar to the Great Fireball technique.

The man clad in flame-like energy avoided few of them, a lot of the purple flame managed to hit him and direly affected him due the fires having a far more concentrated destructive property compared to a normal fire and his lesser durability.

Both of them were then separated by an empty space as wide as twenty feet. He pulled his fist back and Satsuki did the same.

Then they thrust their fists forward and let out two massive streams of fire-like energy that were equally powerful to stall the progress of one another and in the process, holding back the casters from moving forward.

The conflicting energies were at a war with one another, and the sight that it made was so bright that despite it was daytime, the battle of the two streams of energy produced a source of light blinding enough for the spectators of the battle.

Their extended hands kept on giving out streams of their respective energies, and at first, it seemed that the battle was doomed to remain at a stalemate, but after a moment, the odds of the battle began to tip over to Satsuki as the stream of purple flame began to win over the orange one.

As Satsuki's flame began to win over his own, the mutated man decided to be smart and flee before it could hit him.

The moment the purple flame consumed his red one, he was already away, using his energy to propel himself through the air and to the relative safety of the area outside of her attack.

The fireball created by Satsuki landed on the ground below, and the subsequent explosion was so massive that it nearly reached to the height of Satsuki's location, missing her by the margin of three meters.

'Goddamnit, this lady is dangerous!' was the thought of the mutated man as he flew away, certain that the enemy that he mentioned was right behind him, following closely with the intent to kill, 'This mission is supposed to be simple! At least before their arrival! Hopefully the Jinchuuriki doesn't have any special powers too! ...Crap, I jinxed it didn't I?!'

Speaking of which...


"Ah, they're so close, Choumei! Should I interfere? Would you judge me badly if I decided to?" Fuu asked the beast within her.

"It is your choice on what would happen next, Fuu. Whatever the consequences will be, all of it will fall only on you." Choumei answered, "But remember, if you fall, I will also fall. So let me hear your plan first."

"It's simple, I just use my power to aid that girl in defeating that strange-looking man." was her answer, "And afterwards, find out what they want. I have a bad feeling every time I see that white-skinned man, I don't like him... He might be looking for me before the girl and the man with the strange outfit interfered and impeding their progress."

Choumei could be heard sighing through their link, "It is likely... However, are you sure you are strong enough?"

Her response was to let out her energy in a way that made her skin lit up in a green-colored light that seemed to be coursing through her veins, "Thanks to you, I am."

She heard the beast within her chuckling in amusement, "Then let's go kid."


Satsuki knew that the battle of attrition that she had been waging with the mutated man was tilted in her favor. The mutated man might have a superpower that could match her own, but he did not have a firm grasp on the ability to manipulate the energy the way she could.

However, he was able to evade her so proficiently because of how he was more used to flight than she was. She had been improvising ever since she used the designs of the armored gloves and boots that Shiho had drawn forth with her power.

Despite the man's reckless nature, he could be cautious when the situation called for it. Frustrating as it was, it was the thing that had been prolonging this battle, and the one thing that she could do to shorten the battle was to create a large construct to cage the man within and fight him inside it, but...

Wait a minute, there was something else that she could use with such a construct besides keeping him inside it and fight him.

'Damn it, why didn't I think of that sooner?' she mentally berated herself as she increased her speed, fully intent to severely weaken the man before she could deliver the final blow that she just thought of.

However, the speed of his flight was much faster compared to his performance before, indicating that he had no desire to fight any longer. However, his flight route was rather chaotic and his sight seemed to be unfocused as he kept on looking at the area surrounding him as if he was looking for something.

'Could it be the Jinchuuriki that they seek? Are they here?' Satsuki asked to herself, not expecting to get an answer...

But as it turned out, she was answered by the one whom these mutated men were seeking. At first, she thought she saw flashes of green light from below her, following the movement of her and the mutated man, which she initially chalked up to something that was not actually real.

But then, the flash of the glowing green object turned out to be real as it jumped up from down below at breakneck speed and it was coming towards the direction of the flying mutated man.

She saw as the object hit the man... with its fists. The image of the moment was captured with her eyes, the moment where the objec-, the young woman's fists that were extended upwards hit the mutated man's abdomen from below and sent him to greater height with the force of the punch that created a ripple similar to the ones Naruto created whenever he put a large amount of his power unto his hands and struck an object.

Though it was smaller compared to the ones that Naruto was able to make, it was nevertheless powerful, enough to send the mutated man quite far away from their location and it actually concussed him so bad that he fell to the ground with a big 'thud' either because he got unconscious or because he was severely disoriented.

Satsuki took a moment to look at the young woman who helped her, and she saw the green-haired, orange-eyed woman being covered in some kind of green aura that mimicked an insect's nest due to the way the wings beat so fast that it made buzzing noises and was unable to be properly seen in motion due to how fast they were beating.

The stranger noticed Satsuki and she waved and said; "Hi! Sorry if you're offended with me butting in, but I have a reason to believe that that man might be looking for me. My name is Fu, strange looking eyes by the way."

"Uh..." at first, Satsuki's lackluster response was made out of confusion, but after a moment, she re-composed herself and she managed to give out a more proper response, "I-I'm Satsuki. Are you, by any chance, a Jinchuuriki?"

At this, Fu's eyes narrowed as she scrutinized Satsuki with her gaze, for a second, there was silence, until she broke it by saying; "You're not in league with those strange men, but you're not looking for me too, are you? You're not some kind of rival of theirs that has a same cause, are you?"

"No no, I am not." Satsuki answered as she shook her head, "I also have some beef with the strange men, and that's why I'm fighting one of them. I do not have any ill intent towards you... Fu."

"Hmm..." Fu hummed for three seconds before she said; "Alright then, I decide to trust you, Satsuki. Let's continue kicking that man's ass, yeah?" she asked rhetorically before she flew towards the direction where she had punched the man into.

"Hey, wait a-! Damn it!" Satsuki yelled as she quickly followed suit.

When the three of them saw a glowing green object delivering a powerful flying punch to the man that Satsuki had been fighting, they knew that they were dealing with another one of these superhumans.

But Jiraiya knew that there was something more to this one, as the aura that the new one was using was familiar to the drawing that his student had drawn in his notes when he examined Kushina's Jinchuuriki ability in which she manifested the beast's power through a chakra aura, and this one looked quite similar to the Uzumaki, sans the red color of the aura and the similarity of its appearance to an insect instead of a fox.

Connecting the proverbial dots led him to the conclusion that this one was the Jinchuuriki of the Seven-Tails who belonged to Takigakure. Inwardly, he was impressed by how in control the Jinchuuriki appeared to be. After all, even Minato once said that his wife had some difficulty in controlling her Bijuu's power.

And this one was able to use the energy of hers with relative ease, indicating remarkable familiarity with their Jinchuuriki and an extensive experience with the beast within them. 'Maybe the difference in the aura color is caused by their more powerful connection...' Jiraiya assumed as he turned towards Tsunade and Shizune, "Let's go. It seems that the fight is about to come to an end."

As they leaped from one branch to another, Tsunade couldn't help but chuckle, "Jiraiya... Do you know that my medic-nin self within me is actually raring to examine these superhumans? Gods... it's like I'm turning into him."

Jiraiya knew whom she was talking about. Their former teammate who turned traitor, Orochimaru, whose desire to uncover and experiment the secrets of Shinobi's source of power led him into conducting inhuman experiments.

He knew that she meant it as a joke, but he couldn't help but to be a bit stern when he said, "As long as your curiosity is still within the boundaries of what's acceptable, it doesn't mean that you're turning to him, Tsunade."

Sensing his friend's serious tone reminded her that to him, Orochimaru's betrayal was something that pained him deeply, and she immediately said, "I know Jiraiya, I know. I didn't mean it that way."

As the uncomfortable silence fell upon them, Shizune couldn't help but lament the fact that once again, a small rift was created because of Tsunade's remark that unwittingly reminded Jiraiya of the one they once called friend. "J-Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama only meant what she said as a jest... Surely it's not something to be taken seriously?" she rhetorically asked, wanting to fix what her mentor had caused.

Yet the silence remained. And Shizune was cowed into silence as they were making their way towards the location of the crash, recognizing that to Jiraiya, Orochimaru was quite a sensitive subject.

"Gods be damned... what the hell just hit me?"

One minute, he was flying away from the scary lady with all the power that he had at his beck and call, and the next minute, he felt a significant amount of physical pain from a flying attack made by a third party that he didn't even see due to how disoriented he became by their attack.

To be honest, he felt as if he had been thrown into something from which there was no visible exit. First, there was the boy who absorbed the Kyuubi, then there was this scary lady whom he's beginning to think having an Uchiha blood within her considering the strange red eyes that she exhibited, then there was the unknown attacker who was powerful enough to inflict serious damage to him.

'Danna... forgive me, but it seems that the odds are not in my favor!' he thought to himself as he struggled to lift himself up.

Then, he heard buzzing noises coming from above. Driven by instinct, he gathered his strength and moved away from his position, and one and a half second later, something landed on the spot where he once was, and he groaned as his body was once again attacked by the stinging pain that came from his severely injured body.

Before he could do anything, he was kicked by the one who landed. The attacker performed a powerful upward kick that right at his head which dislocated his jaw, severely disoriented him, and sent him flying for at least four meters high.

He heard something before he even landed... "Get out of the way Fu!"

'Fu...? So that's the name of the guy, Fu... Wait, have I heard that name before?'

He was then encased in a purple energy sphere constructed by none other than Satsuki Uchiha, a sphere which had a diameter of five meters and riddled with hexagon pattern that imprisoned the man and placed him at Satsuki's mercy.

The mutated man landed on the base of the sphere's interior, and Satsuki threateningly said; "It's over. Whoever you are, you are not going to escape." her red eyes then produced a tomoe as she said; "This is where you will meet your end."

As the sphere began to glow brightly, indicating that Satsuki was going to explode its interior, Fu then said; "Wait! Don't kill him that quickly!"

Though she halted the progress of the explosion, Satsuki was still more than willing to kill the mutated man after what one of his kin did to Konoha, and so she said; "What?! Why?!" she asked her.

"Why don't we question him first? I want to be certain that he is sent to kill or do something bad to me!" Fu pleaded with Satsuki.

Satsuki's response was heated, "Look, if he is, then it would be a good thing to kill him now! And if he isn't, he and his master already did something bad to my village, and he might be the one responsible for the death of my boyfriend's mother, so either way, you win!"

"She's right you know." Choumei remarked, "Either way, you lose nothing. Except maybe your need for certainty, which you can satisfy later anyway."

"...Oh alright. Do it if you're so inclined to." Fu said, realizing her mistake but not that willing to admit as much to her.

Satsuki then increased her energy input, and then, the light within the sphere glowed brighter and brighter until it violently vibrated and flashed a blinding light that forced Fu and even Satsuki herself to shield their eyes as everything in the vicinity of the sphere's interior was utterly destroyed in a blast of energy that she had unleashed in the contained space.

The explosion lasted for four seconds. The light remained for two seconds and it fully dimmed out in two seconds as well, and when the light died down... There was nothing within the sphere... Nothing. Not even ashes.

Satsuki dispelled the sphere along with her armored gauntlets and boots, and then, she fell to her knees as sweat began to pour out from her skin as exhaustion began to affect her.

"Exhaustion, huh?" Fu said as she walked over to Satsuki and patted her on the back, "I suppose that's the first time you ever done something that big? Don't worry, it's only temporary. I had the same experience when I used my power in the scale that I have never done before. Blacked out for two days. But the one to be blamed for that is Choumei, who gave me false assurance."

"You are never going to let that go, are you?"

'What can I say? When one has a good memory, they tend to remember every little detail of what happened to them, so suck it up Choumei.' she mentally replied to the Seven-tailed beast. "Anyway, are you in league with the strangely dressed man who is finishing his fight with the bigger white-skinned man? Speaking of which, you are also weirdly dressed, is this some sort of new fashion?"

Naruto. She was talking about Naruto. "How did you know about him?"

Fu responded by pointing to her eyes, "I saw him from afar, and I also found you with the same way. It's what my power allows me to do. That and what you have seen before, the aura? Though that is a joint effort of mine and Choumei's power interacting with each other."

At first, Satsuki frowned out of confusion at the name that she spoke of. Whoever could this Choumei be, she wondered, but then, she connected the dots, and came with a conclusion that hit the bull's eye, "Is Choumei the Bijuu inside of you?' she asked.

"Why yes!" Fu answered in a rather chipper tone of voice, "He is the number seven. The confidante. The best friend that I made due to the circumstances that bound us together. He is a bit of a jerk sometimes though, especially prevalent during the first years we were bound together."

"Might I remind you of how you used to be before I took the liberty of actually teaching you proper etiquette and behavior? If you need the assistance of a demon to act properly, then you are not allowed to complain of how hard I was on you. You might've ended up as a worse person than this."

"Yeah yeah, I get it, pick on the time where the only relation that I have with other people are limited to glares and ostracization and forcing me to have you as the only one whom I could communicate freely to, I never get bored by that."

"See? See how well you transmit your sarcasm like that? Before I told you the concept, you weren't even able to know if people or a Bijuu are being sarcastic or not. I may have been a jerk to you kid, but don't deny that I did not have a profound effect on your life besides the ostracization that the villagers gave you."

Fu sighed as she scratched the back of her neck. The relationship between her and Choumei were quite vitriolic at times, as Fu grew and develop a hard-ass attitude to counter Choumei's jerk-ass one during the initial stage of their relationship. If she were asked what kind of relationship that she had with her Bijuu, she would admit that it was... as Choumei would put it, quite like a significantly older big brother and his little sister without any parental involvement.

"Right. Sorry." Fu said, genuinely apologizing to her Bijuu, but she was being rather taciturn and awkward about it, indicating her discomfort in how she carelessly spoke against him before.

"Are you... actually talking to him?" Satsuki asked, quite befuddled by what she had seen.

"Yeah. Sorry, sometimes I lapsed and ended up talking to him verbally, which usually earned me some harsh glares from the villagers. But yours seem a bit more... confused and surprised. Which is quite refreshing in itself, I have to say, I sense no hatred from it at all." Fu began before she continued, "Anyway, yeah, we are actually quite amicable, but don't say that near any of the councilmen of Taki."

The green-haired girl then abruptly turned her head towards her right, as if alerted by something. She looked at a particular spot in that direction for two seconds before saying, "I don't really like eavesdroppers! If any of you want to hear us talking, then at least do so when you are present! That is, if you're not a hostile! If you are, then you may stay right there and wait for my attack!"

As if on cue, Satsuki saw Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune jumped down towards them, landing only a few feet away from the two girls. Jiraiya's gaze landed on Fu, and then he said; "I assume that you are the Jinchuuriki of Nanabi?"

"You've heard as much, haven't you?" Fu rhetorically asked, knowing that they already knew because she just sensed them and might've been hidden for longer, "Who are you three?"

Jiraiya placed his hand over his chest and said; "I am Jiraiya of the Sannin. Sage of the Toads, the beautiful blonde bombshell beside me is Tsunade of the Sannin, the Slug Princess, and the one beside her is Shizune, Tsunade's pupil, and a talented medic-nin in her own right."

Fu then crossed her arms and said; "And are you in league with her?" she pointed to Satsuki, "You're not in cahoots with the guy that she just reduced into a state of inexistence, did you?"

Jiraiya's sight turned to Satsuki, who was just about to fully recover from her exhaustion and he let his surprise be shown, "You... did what?"

Satsuki blew out a small amount of air from her mouth and said; "I used my power to... obliterate him. I contained him and then I released a lot of my energy in just that space and the result was... this." she gestured to the empty space behind her, the place where she killed the mutated man.

Tsunade raised her eyebrows as she whistled in admiration. If it were true, judging by the lack of evidences that it happened in the first place, then the Uchiha's power might be at a level far higher than she initially thought of.

"Alright then, where did you hail from?" Fu asked.

"Konoha." answered a new participant from above. They looked up and found the figure of one Kanzaki Naruto whose appearance appeared to be slightly disheveled and singed, flying down towards them. When he landed, he continued, "We hailed from Konoha."

"Naruto!" Satsuki exclaimed as she approached him out of concern, "What happened to the one you fought, the big one?"

The blonde frowned, as if he was dissatisfied with something, and then he answered her question, "Either he died, or somehow still alive and escaped from me. Either way... our fight is over."

Moments before...

Victory was unattainable. The sentence echoed in his mind as the blonde kept pummeling him without mercy, his strength was amplified as the aura from the Bijuu that he extracted from one of his kin gave each of his attacks a destructive substance that the blonde himself did not have besides his impeccable strength that surpassed his own and rivaled his master.

As he violently crashed into numerous trees that splintered under the durability of his body thanks to the blonde's latest punch, he realized that he could not hope to win. Unless he could summon his master, which he could not, then this was a pointless battle to be continued.

Therefore, there was only one choice that he needed to make. One course of action to be performed.


They were far away now. They might not even be in the same country where they started the fight in, after all, he had been rather mobile in the orchestration of the battle in which he was the conductor and the big guy was the one affected by his 'music'.

He had the big man cornered and severely weakened. Scanning his bodily functions allowed him to see that his attacks had pushed him so close to death and for him to reach that line and die would require a fraction of his power.

But Naruto had to admit that the man was quite powerful. Though not enough, he would certainly give Sakura a run for her money, as he was definitely more powerful than the one that she told him she had fought before during the time when he fought the Kyuubi.

Now, as he's still covered in the aura of the Bijuu inside of him, he was preparing to finish the battle. 'Kyuubi... Can you give a little boost? Just for a little extra amount of certainty.'


The bubbles present within the aura that covered him reacted as if it were bubbles of air created in the act of boiling a volume of water with fire that was hot enough to boil it under the span of a half second. Such a volatile aura would normally cause an adverse effect to the one enveloped within it, but with his exceptional durability, he only felt as if he were covered in fire.

Which he had experienced before. Willingly. Under his own power and volition. For experimental reasons.

He then flew towards the downed giant with his right hand pulled back, fully intent on finishing it with the last punch.


He saw it coming. And with all his remaining power, with all he remaining energy that he possessed, he leaped away from the attack that the blonde was about to unleash.

He succeeded. He heard and felt the reverberation, the aftereffect of his attack, but he did not care for that. He ignited the remaining energy within him to perform the 'last resort' method and as his body began to glow red, he leaped towards Naruto and wrapped him with his arms and legs.

Then he whispered one thing to his ear...

"Let's see if we can survive this."

Before Naruto could even react, the man exploded, explosively exuding heat that could equal the temperature of the sun's surface and kinetic force equal to that of a tons of of bomb being dropped at once.

"He didn't even leave pieces of his body." Naruto finished his recount, "But the explosion was quite strong. It did hurt me a little bit. By the way, did any of you happen to hear it? I know it happened quite far from here, but..."

"I'm afraid that we didn't." answered Jiraiya, "Still... as much as this development with Fu over here pique my interest, we need to return to Konoha. Not just to bring back Tsunade, but to inform the Hokage that we have encountered two of these strange men."

"Oh, that reminds me." Naruto suddenly said as he turned to Satsuki, "What happened to the other one, the one you fought?"

It was not the Uchiha heiress that answered, instead, it was the other Jinchuuriki available in the proximity, "She obliterated him to inexistence." she said it rather simply with a rather impish smile.

Naruto blinked once as he looked towards Fu with a gaze that said '...Um...what?', and then, he turned to Satsuki and asked her; "Is what she said true?"

"Well, there's no proof of it ever happened, that's how you know it!" Fu exclaimed before she giggled at what she said, somewhat proud of herself for saying that. "Although I did witness it. You shall have my testimony in court, Mr. Judge!"

Then it was clear that she had set up a joke. Admittedly, it was a little funny, but not enough to elicit a roaring laugh from them, but enough for Naruto, Jiraiya and Shizune to be slightly amused and chuckle slightly while Satsuki and Tsunade could only shake their heads.

"Well, good. You might not have heard it, but... the one you killed? He was the one responsible for the explosion at the hospital." Naruto revealed to Satsuki.

Though she had an assumption that it was the case, hearing it confirmed by him elated her somewhat, knowing that she had killed the one responsible for the deaths of many by not only blowing up the hospital, but to also use the Kyuubi to kill numerous other people.

It gave her a sense of relief.

"Oh by the way!" Fu exclaimed once more, bringing them out of their reverie, "Please take me with you to your village if it wouldn't be that much of a bother to you!" she said as she clapped her hands together beneath her chin as if begging for them to actually take her.



Such an elegant response was the statement that came out of Jiraiya's mouth due to the sudden request made by the Jinchuuriki of the Seven-Tails. Then, he followed it with a less-than-rhetorical question, "W-why do you want to do that?"

While he himself was interested in the Jinchuuriki, what she requested was outside of his power. However, being one of the few ninjas of Konoha that held a de facto rank that put him in the same place as an adviser of the Hokage, he was, in a way, someone important to the village.

And that position allowed him to have some power over the decision that the Hokage might choose out of all the other options.

However, for now, he only needed the reason as to why the Jinchuuriki wanted to come with them.

And what he got was the somber expression that she sported the moment the question got out from his mouth. "Let's just say that the village in which I was born in is not my home. I have not, and perhaps will never acknowledge it as such. If that is not a good enough reason for you, then shouldn't my status as a Jinchuuriki suffice? After all, would I not be giving your village more power? At the very least, my ability would be given to a place that could recognize me as both a person and a weapon at the same time."

Jiraiya knew that Takigakure was not as resourceful or knowledgeable as any of the Five Great Shinobi Villages. Judging from what Fu said, it could be assumed that not only was she considered as an unperson, but her ability was also not acknowledged.

Pitifully, such was the fate of a Jinchuuriki if they belonged to a village who did not know how to properly use or treat their Jinchuuriki, unlike Kumo, who apparently had a Jinchuuriki whom the people of the village admired and his student who might not be as popular as their mentor, but was apparently regarded as a valuable member of the village nevertheless.

"Wait a minute." Naruto said as he walked over to the green-haired girl who shared his status as a person who contained an energy being within themselves. Her statement made the hair on the back of his neck bristle, "Are you saying that these people treated you horribly because of your status?"

She shrugged in response and said; "More or less. Still, they are severely misinformed and misguided, so... Nah, that doesn't make them any more likeable than a piece of art made out of shit." she said with so much venom that a lesser man would shiver, "Still, the so-called demon that they whispered behind my back when they thought I couldn't hear them? He's the only one that I could call as friend, and he's not even a human. Funny how a supposed demon can be more human than human, huh?" she rhetorically asked with a bitter tone of voice that gave away the pained soul within.

Naruto was equally saddened by what she revealed as much as he was worried over his own status. It might be a bit selfish, but... considering how he got his fame and adulation, how would the villagers react if this were to get out?

He acknowledged that not every person could be as understanding as his teammates, and they might fear him because of it, but... perhaps considering what he had done to the village, they might not mind at all and would not be treated like his fellow Jinchuuriki in front of him.

"How long?" he asked Fu, "How long has it been like this for you?"

Fu pondered for a bit before she said; "Ever since I can remember I suppose. Which is... six years ago I suppose? I was two at the time I think."

Naruto sighed at the plight that his fellow Jinchuuriki had experienced. He badly wanted to allow her entrance to Konoha, but once again, he had no...


Technically, he had a voice that could sway the government of Konoha. His opinion would, theoretically, be valued because of his title, in a similar way that Jiraiya and Tsunade's would because of their status as two part of the three Sannin. But would that be enough?

Well... perhaps they could try a little wager to allow her entry to the village. He then turned to Jiraiya and said; "How about we play a little gamble so that Fu can be included to Konoha?"

"A gamble?" Tsunade said, her interest piqued at the word that he chose, "What do you mean by that?"

"We say to the old man that these men are here because the people responsible for Fu has sold her out to their master." asked Naruto, "Considering the treatment that she received, it's not that far of a stretch to think that they might be seeking for a way to dispose of her somehow, and if they were willing to just let her go, then would it be a surprise to them that instead of being dead, she found her way to another village?"

"I'd say that is actually very likely." Fu answered, "Besides that, they wouldn't dare to attack a more powerful village for having their Jinchuuriki if they were willing to part with her in the first place, right? Especially not a village who has them in their roster." she said as she pointed to Naruto and Satsuki.

"If we take her in, we wouldn't incur the wrath of a village that could incite a large-scale war, considering their forces. And besides that, Takigakure doesn't have many loyal allies. They wanted her gone, they could have it... But not in the way they intended." Naruto said.

Jiraiya smirked as he crossed his arms, "Not to mention that for them to sell out one of their own is something that would brand them as cowards. Even if we were to spread the news, they might deny what they did, but they won't try to get you back."

Fu smiled widely as she said; "So does this mean that I'm coming with you guys?"

Naruto smiled back in a gesture of reciprocation, and said with a pleased tone of voice; "Yeah. You're coming with us."

When Naruto fought the white giant, Naruto inadvertently brought them to a spot nearby Kusagakure.

The explosion which ended the fight created a massive crater, one big enough to be mistaken as the aftereffect of an asteroid hit that contained nothing but the singed, blackened soil and the ashes of things sturdy enough to survive the explosion that he had wrought.

Some of these ashes were the remains of the giant, middling among the ashes of the inorganic and organic, mixed together and blackened to the point where they could not be differentiated to a pair of normal eyes.

The wind would easily bring these ashes away from the crater, but some ashes somehow remained...

And slowly, they began to merge, as if remembering what they once were, and what they needed to become again.

It would take time. After all, what the Uchiha did to him was still at its experimental stage, but nevertheless, these ashes would become whole once again.

It turns out that the self-combustion did not manage to kill him after all...

Though it was decided that Fu would come with them to Konoha, Tsunade opted for them to take a rest somewhere in the Land of Fire as it was quite late at night and that Takigakure was no longer a place where they could just enter as of that moment.

Shizune and Jiraiya agreed as they needed some R&R, and though Naruto, Satsuki and Fu did not feel the need to rest, they agreed that at the very least, they should get away from the proximity of Taki as fast as possible and lay low.

Satsuki then created a spherical construct similar to the one that she made for Jiraiya, except it was a bit bigger and contained three seats for Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune to occupy.

When Naruto offered his aid to Satsuki to grant the construct the ability to fly, Satsuki declined as she showed the armored gauntlets and boots that she made using her powers and her capability to fly acquired by the aforementioned constructs.

Initially, Naruto was surprised, but then a sudden sense of familiarity hit him and he correctly guessed that it was Shiho's design, which she confirmed.

Tsunade did not have the slightest idea of what they were talking about, she did not know who this Shiho person was, Project Gear-Up, all she knew was that their location might be found quickly if they did not leave right now, and they heeded her and left the country.

Currently, they were staying at an inn northwest of Takigakure after Tsunade told them to land there, as apparently she knew the proprietor of the place and can get a special price from her after a favor that she did for her.

The recent acceptance of a healing job was not the only healing job that she had taken during her days as a vagabond. At times, she would be pulled by her conscience to help those in dire need, and sometimes, without any rewards afterwards.

The proprietor's husband was one of the few people she had helped, even if it were just to delay his death and allowing him to say goodbye to his wife, it was something that earned her the proprietor's trust and willingness to assist her however she could.

When they get there, they were allowed to have the most expensive rooms the they have available for half the price, and so they took it, with Jiraiya giving the money instead of Tsunade, which caught her slightly by surprise, as he was quite adamant about being the one who would pay for the rooms.

But nevertheless, they booked four rooms. Jiraiya were roomed with Naruto, Tsunade with Shizune, and Fu with Satsuki.

Tsunade and Shizune were fast asleep because of their previous consumption of alcohol that took its toll, especially with Tsunade, considering that she drank a lot. Jiraiya already slept because of how late it was, and that left...

'Hm... along with me, it seems that Satsuki and Fu are not sleeping.' Naruto thought, knowing this thanks to his incredible hearing. He was now sitting at the chair near the room's window that offered him the view of the small town.

He was not looking through the walls to see the two girls for one reason only, which was to respect their privacy. Hearing the noises they might be making however, was not that much of a breach of privacy, considering that seeing through a wall might be a voyeuristic thing to do, but hearing the noises that came through them was not a voyeuristic behavior.

'Hey Kyuubi...' Naruto began to talk with the beast within him, 'What do you think about this? The Seven-Tails is your... is it right of me to call him your sibling?'

"You would be right to call him as such." Kyuubi responded, "Though our relationship with each other hasn't been... amicable for the last thousand years. We used to be quite... well, as friendly and vitriolic as any sibling is I suppose, but we have been pretty dysfunctional ever since our birth."

The idea that a being as powerful as them having a dysfunctional familial relationship with one another was not really surprising, considering the fact that they were able to live for millennias and possessing an unrivaled amount of energy that could only be equaled to a few beings and people in the world, it made their status close to a god, which explained how they could be so dysfunctional, but nevertheless, it was still quite amusing.

Then, his expression turned rather somber as he said; 'But is Fu's treatment considered normal or average for a Jinchuuriki? I assume that it's because of people's ignorance and lack of knowledge in the subject, but is it the norm that this kind of treatment is pretty much expected when one is a Jinchuuriki?'

"Pretty much. At best, those in the know of your status but not about how it really is would treat you with indifference, and at worst, they will disregard your existence and would bully and belittle you."

'...Have you had other hosts before me? Were they treated that way too?' Naruto asked the Kyuubi.

"For the first question, I did have some hosts before you. But their status was kept secret from the public knowledge of their village, and so they were not treated horribly." answered the Kyuubi, "But if their status had been known... Then perhaps they would be treated with coldness. But I suppose what really matters is what the villagers see first. The Jinchuuriki, or the person who happened to have the status."

'...Have you been reading my mind somehow?' Naruto asked, feeling as if that last sentence that he spoke was directed at him specifically, especially after the doubts that he had when he knew what Fu had experienced.

"Maybe. Maybe not." the Bijuu's tone was filled with amusement. "Still, that's a load off your shoulders, isn't it?"

Naruto could only shake his head and chuckle in amusement at what the Bijuu said. However, after a moment, he then asked, 'Can I talk to you about Uzumaki Kushina now?'

"Sure."was what the Bijuu said, remembering what he said that they would have words, "What do you want to know about her, kit?"

'Does she have crimson hair and purple eyes? Fair complexity? Small nose? Lips with medium, somewhat ideal thickness?' Naruto asked these questions in rapid succession.

The questions made the Bijuu silent for a moment, and then he said; "...And how the hell did you know her facial features in such a detail?"

'I remembered her.' Naruto answered, 'Her face was the very first memory that I could recall, and I believe that it happened almost immediately after my birth, considering how much she sweated.'

"Man, I know that your brain can be considered superior to to the normal ones as much as your body could, but to think that you are able to remember such a thing from one of the earliest point in your life is astounding." Kyuubi remarked, "But yeah, that's what she looked like. Is there anything else about her that you have not known as of yet?"

'Well let's see... her personality for one. The second is her likes and dislikes. The third is her life before my birth. And the last one is the man whom she married, my birth father.' Naruto listed off the things that he did not know about his mother.

"Very well. In proper order, she's a fireball, metaphorically speaking. The vigorous personality that she has is matched only by the vibrant color of her hair or such metaphors. She likes ramen, salt ramen to be exact, pranks, chatting and cooking... Doesn't like coffee or anything bitter and most of all, giving up when there's still a chance. Before you came along, she lived a life as a refugee from a war torn village who is sent to Konoha to be sheltered. Let's just say that she is quite important, as few Uzumaki lives still."

'And I'm included in that few numbers.'

"Correct. When she was a child, she was brash, forceful, and exuberant. The traits didn't disappear over time, they were... refined. And it was in her early teenage phase that she met the man who would end up fathering you." the Kyuubi paused before he revealed who his father was, "His name was Minato Namikaze. Does the name ring a bell?"

It did ring a bell. After all, who in Konoha, or better yet, who in the Elemental Countries didn't know the Fourth Hokage. '...Wow... Taji-okaasan told me that my birth parents were powerful ninjas, but to think that one of them is the former Hokage.' he thought before he was reminded of something important, 'Wait a... you caused his death, didn't you?'

"That I did." Kyuubi said, but not with a proud tone of voice, but with a matter-of-fact tone, "Back then... it was because I saw how he was going to contain me again after I gained my freedom. I mortally wounded him... But in the end, I was forced to go back, forced to be imprisoned again. I was fighting for my freedom. He got in the way, and so I fought and killed him. But my efforts were all for naught as he subjected me to the imprisonment once again."

...Imprisonment? Freedom? ...Wait a minute...

'...So that's how you know who my birth mother was...' Naruto muttered as he realized something that shook him, 'She was your Jinchuuriki, wasn't she?'

"She was." the Kyuubi answered, already knowing that Naruto would be able to come to that conclusion so quickly, "If you need further proof, then ask yourself as to why you have those whiskers on your cheeks. It was the trait that you inadvertently inherited through my influence."

'But... when did all this happen?' Naruto asked, asking the question which he feared that he already know the answer to, 'No... was it... did it happen right after my birth? What was it that make you... break free from her?'

Before the Bijuu could answer his question, he heard something else... "Naruto." Someone, familiar, Fu, calling for him. "Naruto, are you awake?"

Hearing her sound allowed him to pinpoint her location, and he then saw him waiting outside his door... Along with Satsuki, "I am... what are you guys doing up?"

"Oh wow, you can see through walls...!" Fu said in a whisper as she turned to Satsuki and continued with; "That is so cool, I can only see far away, not through objects...! A-anyway, so, I've heard from Satsuki that you have this group that houses people you call 'superhumans'. Considering the physical requirements, I think I might be one of you guys."

Naruto then approached the door and opened it, "...What's your superpower?"


Naruto was slightly impressed by the green aura that enveloped Fu, which she had said that it was the result of her power mixed with the aura of Choumei, the Seven-Tails contained within her.

However, she was not able to say what her power was exactly, and that left Naruto to examine her, whether or not she was one of his kind, and he needed more than just seeing her, he needed to feel what she could dish out.

"Are you ready?" the green-haired girl asked Naruto.


Satsuki watched over the two at the sidelines with her hands clasped on her back, "Don't blow it all out of proportion Fu." she said with a smile, "You might not be able to hurt him, but the echoes of your punch can be loud."

Fu smiled back and gave her a thumbs up from her free hand and said; "Got it!"

"Alright then..." Satsuki said before she said, "Go!"

The speed that Fu could achieve during her charge was a little bit faster compared to Sakura's, but not to the level that Naruto was able to achieve. The strength however, was at his level, and this allowed her to hurt him when she performed a punching charge directed at his abdomen. In fact, not only did she hurt him, she sent him flying towards the nearby trees and ended up destroying them.

Naruto did not fall flat on his back on the ground however, he floated back to the wincing form of Satsuki and Fu, and the former said this in response to what the latter did, "Okay, we might have overlooked the noise that that could make."

The blonde boy's response was to smile and said; "Still, that confirms it... Your power is the ability to produce a large amount of physical energy, just like me and Sakura. However... the way you receive that energy may be a bit similar to mine."

"Really?" Fu asked, "What might it be?"

"It seems... that in addition to the ability to convert your chakra into variable forms of energy, you are also able to absorb external sources of energy and make them yours." Naruto answered, "I think I can do it too, but... it's not confirmed."

"How do you know that, Naruto?" Satsuki asked.

"The mixing of auras that she exhibited." Naruto answered before he called upon Kyuubi's power and coated himself with Kyuubi's aura, "See? The color is not like yours. This indicates that-"

"HOLY SHIT! You're a Jinchuuriki too?!" Fu exclaimed before she interrupted him from speaking further by hugging him, and it made him turn off the aura cloak that enveloped him, "By the gods, I never thought I would meet kindred spirits like this! Who do you have inside of you? I have the Seven-Tails, as you might have known, but I don't know about you? Who do you have? Who do you have?"

Suddenly, the back of her shirt was pulled by a giant purple hand that slowly removed him off from Naruto. Satsuki used the hand construct to lift her up and then place her somewhere else, and through it all, her face conveyed her slight annoyance at her behavior when she found out that Naruto was a Jinchuuriki.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Fu asked as she looked at Satsuki. There was a moment of silence where Satsuki and Fu exchanged glances, and then Fu said, "What? I'm just happy that I found somebody like me, is that a bad thing?"

Satsuki sighed and she rubbed the bridge of her nose as she realized that, to the green-haired girl, he was someone whom he could really identify with, more so compared to herself and Naruto. "Sorry. I just..."

"Anyway, who do you have Naruto?" Fu asked the blonde as she turned to him.

"I uh... have the Kyuubi." Naruto answered as he set his foot on the ground, "I only got to be a Jinchuuriki just recently, too. But nobody in my village knows."

Fu nodded as she digested the information, "I see, I see... Wait, you call him the Kyuubi? You don't know his name?"

Naruto frowned at what she said. A name? A given name? He didn't even know that they had a name other than their title as Ichibi, Nibi, and so forth, and so he said; "...No, I do not. But... maybe I will ask him later." he said to himself, Fu, and the Bijuu inside him.

"If he trusts you enough, then he will give it to you Naruto, don't worry." Fu said with a fond smile, "The guy inside me is Choumei. As I told Satsuki before, he... can be a bit of a jerk. But he's kind. I wouldn't call him my friend if he's not."

Looking at her expression, Naruto could tell that she was very fond of Choumei, the Seven-Tailed Bijuu which resided in her body. Considering what she said about the disposition that the villagers of Taki held against her, it was not that much of a surprise for her to befriend the only one being who would be friendly with her, even if said being was the Bijuu that everyone else feared.

"Anyway, I am a superhuman, yes? So... does that mean that I can join this team of yours?" she asked in a hopeful tone of voice. Clearly, she was rather excited at the prospect.

"Well... we'll see if you can be counted as a member of Konoha first. But as far as I'm concerned... you are one of us. Our friend."

Her reaction to this was to smile widely that the edges of her mouth nearly touched her ears. Then, out of nowhere, she shocked both of them, and herself when suddenly, tears began to leak out from her orange-colored eyes.

"Fu? Why are you...?" Satsuki said, somewhat at a loss for words at her reaction.

"...Huh?" the Nanabi Jinchuuriki wondered as she felt the cold tears trailing down on her cheeks, "O-oh, I'm so sorry, I... just... I'm just so happy. To feel like I actually belong somewhere after all these years, and... and all, I..."

Then, the reason why she cried came to Naruto. Even if she had been so exuberant and talkative, it might have been her defense mechanism that she set up to weather the treatment that she had been given. And now, with him acknowledging her as more than just a person, but as one of his own, a friend, it caused the hurt soul within her to surface.

With this in mind, Naruto placed his hand over her shoulder, stopping her from further explanations and attempt to wipe out the tears. She looked up to his face, and saw a smile that made her stomach flutter. Then, he said to her, "Welcome to our family, Fu."

It was an impulse, that had to be it. After all the years of being treated with severe indifference and cold, hateful glares from the people whom she was supposed to be loyal to and hiding it behind a mask of exuberant personality that reciprocated their indifference with her own, hearing that she was a part of something that she truly wanted to be was...


Without even thinking it, she went and hugged Naruto and placed her head onto his chest as she quietly wept. Naruto looked at Satsuki who understood why Fu reacted in such a way and then he gestured an invitation with his hand to have her join the hug. At first, she was hesitant, but after a second, the hesitation was gone and then she joined in the hug without any protest, and she ended up enjoying the warmth as well.

After a minute, Fu then whispered two words with genuine, heartfelt gratitude...

"Thank you..."

Meanwhile, in Konoha...

The people of Konoha rarely paid attention to the stars above them at nighttime. During this time, their attention were focused on other things entirely, and only few of them would even spare their thought to see the stars at night unless they were a pair of sickly lovey-dovey lovebirds who wanted to do so.

Because of this, and a Shinobi's lack of interest in meticulously charting the patterns of the stars and the changes that they would have seen had they were bothered enough to do so, none of them noticed, or if they did, they didn't find it weird, that there was a star that was a bit bigger than the rest, and that it was red in color instead of the usual white.

The red 'star' was immobile, floating just a few kilometers above the village... And it was looking down towards the village with its eyes.

In fact, it wasn't a star at all. It was a living being, a human. Well, a humanoid being, a female, with long red hair that shone bright in contrast to the night sky, perhaps unnaturally so, but if one were to see it, they would think that it was beautiful, like an animated flame that flickered so radiantly.

Her eyes of a rare color were locked upon the village, and her mind, filled with turmoil as it was, was set on the thought of meeting with this... Hero of Konoha who intrigued her. She didn't dare on thinking about the implication of what his physical features could mean for his parentage, but let it be said that she was angry, insulted, and filled with anxiety at the thought that she had been fed with lies for more than half a decade.

However, she was also scared of the prospect of meeting him. Or barring that, meeting anyone else in the village that might have known her. After all, as far as they know, she no longer exists, and to him... well, he might not have any idea of her existence.

Still... she supposed that there was no way around it. Sooner or later, she would have to meet him. She must.

'It must be true... It must be him. Naruto...'

To be continued...

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