Author's Notes: Before you ask, yes I am insane. Yes I have an unhealthy obsession with the Torn Prince…yes, you should most certainly run away….AN' GO READ Doped Out Bunny's 'Things 13 Ghosts Characters would never say or do'…that story kicks so much ass.

*~* Dennis' Death Scene *~*

Juggernaut: *Walks Toward Dennis*

Dennis: *Does His Little 'Aah! I'm so screwed' face*

Juggernaut: *Trips over A Fishing Line drawn across the floor. He bangs his head on the wall and lands on his butt*

First-Born Son: *Pulls Back Fishing Line and Scampers Away* Hee-Hee.

Dennis: I'M SAVED! *Remembers Hammer* I'M STILL SCREWED!

Director: Cut! *Shakes Head* Okay, who's the moron who let First-Born out of his cube and gave him sugar?

Juggernaut: @_@ Ooh…Stars…

---Take Two---

Juggernaut: *Walks toward Dennis'*

Dennis: *Does His Little 'Aah! I'm so screwed' face'

Everyone behind Juggernaut: *Burst Out Laughing*

Juggernaut: *Grits Teeth* Do I even want to know?

First Born Son: *Cackles & Hides A Sharpie behind his back*

::: On the Back of the Juggernauts shirt is a lovely scene of Bumblebees & Flowers done in black sharpie. On a rather disturbing note, the Bumbles Bees are made of bullet holes and gunpowder smears.:::

Director: *Still Snickering* Cut!

---Take Three---

Juggernaut: *Walks toward Dennis…However, his eyes are darting suspiciously from side to side, cringing at every noise and sudden movement, and almost skipping in an effort to avoid fishing lines…All in all, he has the scare factor of a kitten. *

Dennis: *Does his little 'Aah! I'm so screwed' face*

Juggernaut: *Is so worried, he completely forgets that Dennis is there and trips over him…. He probably could have recovered…if not for the liquid soap all over the floor behind our favorite little psychic. Predictably, Juggy-Kins slides and goes careening into one of the glass walls. Sadly, (But not unexpectedly) the glass breaks and he doesn't stop until three walls away. *

First Born & Torn Prince: *Snicker madly and run away, carrying a half-empty bottle of liquid soap. *

Torn Prince: *Crashes into a wall on his way out and falls on his perfect little bum. *

First Born: *Rolls Eyes and continues on his way* Dork.

Torn Prince: *Very Dazed* I heard…that…Ooh…Sparkles!

Juggernaut: *Half Dead…Lol, no pun intended. * Ow.

Director: CUT! Good Gravy, can't you people do anything right?

*~* The Bathroom Scene *~*

Kathy: *Opens Shower Curtain…only to reveal…*

Jackal: *Waves Cheerfully*

Torn Prince: *Is unsuccessfully attempting to pick up a bar of soap. *

Kathy: *Stunned Silence*

Jackal: *Cheerfully* Hi! I thought that since I was so dirty, a bath might do me some good! However, I seem to be having trouble with making physical contact with the faucet. Help me out?

Kathy: *Still Speechless. Slowly turns her head to stare at The Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Is concentrating too hard on watching his hand go through the soap to notice her. *

Angry Princess: *Struggles Vehemently from Her place in the corner…where she is bound and gagged*

Director: CUT! My god, that's disturbing.

---Take Two---

Kathy: *Opens Shower Curtain…only to reveal*

Jackal: *Waves Cheerfully and Grins*

Torn Prince: Soooooaaaap…. *Watches hand go through it*

Angry Princess: *Struggles Vehemently from her place…under Jackal…still bound and gagged*

Hammer: S'up, ho?

Kathy: *Twitch*

Director: CUT! *Smacks Forehead* Tylenol…please.

---Take Three---

Kathy: *Cringes & Opens Shower Curtain*

Jackal: *Waves Cheerfully*

Torn Prince: Arg…*Continues To Be Entranced By The Soap*

Hammer: S'up, Bootylicious?

Angry Princess: *Struggles Vehemently from her place…on Hammer's lap…now wearing Jackals straightjacket*

Dennis: *Waves Cheerfully…From his place in The Torn Prince's Lap* (1)

Kathy: O_o;;

Director: Cut…

---Take Four---

Kathy: *Twitches & Opens the Shower Curtain*

Jackal: *Waves Cheerfully* Hello! ^___^

Torn Prince: *Pokes soap, and seems aggravated when his finger goes right through it. * Arg.

Hammer: Yo! S'up, foo?

Angry Princess: *Sulks*

Dennis: *Is Playing A Game Boy* C'mon, Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt!

First-Born: *Is boredly prodding his arrow….from his place on Hammer's shoulders.*

Dennis: YES! *Pumps fist enthusiastically. It goes through The Torn Prince, who can't feel it, but jumps from surprise. For some inane reason, he hit's the soap with his hand and DOESN'T GO THROUGH IT! *

Torn Prince: *In Awe* Quick, Do That Again, Dennis!

Dennis: *Elbows Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Pokes Soap*

Dennis: *Elbows Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Pokes Soap*

Dennis: *Elbows Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Pokes Soap*

Dennis: *Elbows Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Pokes Soap*

Dennis: *Elbows Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Pokes Soap*

Director: *Half In Tears* Cut!

Torn Prince: Mwaha. *Grabs Dennis And Runs Off* C'mon, we have experiments to do! *On his way out, he crashes headfirst into a glass wall. * Ow.

*~* The Junkyard Scene *~*

::: Cars are flying everywhere, and the bloodshed is just starting.:::

Juggernaut: *Hums A Cheerful tune and Snaps a man in half*

Torn-Prince: *OS* Oy! D'ya think you could keep it down? We're experimenting over here! (2)

::: Camera pans to just behind a mound of cars. The Torn Prince is standing next to a large table that is covered in various tools and bottles. He is wearing safety goggles and a lab coat. Nearby, Dennis is in a Hamster Wheel. He is shirtless (3) and has wires attached to various parts of his body (4).:::

Director: Cut! What the hell are you two doing?

Torn Prince: *Looks Smug* Discovering how I can use Dennis to allow me to…*Pauses for Dramatic Effect* TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Mwaha.

Dennis: *Flashes Peace Sign*

---Take Two---

::: Cars are flying everywhere, and the bloodshed is just starting.:::

Juggernaut: *Hums A Sickeningly Cheerful tune and Snaps a man in half*


::: Several Cars are seen to be doing perfectly executed 360's across the air.:::

Director: What the hell…?

::: As it turns out, the source of the BOOM!… Is none other than Princie & Dennis.:::

Torn Prince: *Is Covered In Soot, and is looking Rather Triumphant*

Dennis: *Cough* Um, oopsie?

Director: *Rubs Temples* Now, just out of curiosity; was it really necessary TO BLOW UP MY SET?!

Torn Prince: Yes. Yes it was. *Cackles* For now, I have the secret to taking over the world! Mwaha! *Grabs Dennis and runs* Come, Dennis! To my Bedroom, for we have much to accomplish! (5) *Predictably crashes into a randomly placed wall on his way out*

Director: Good Lord. CUT!

*~* Dennis' Death Scene *~*

---Take 42---

Juggernaut: *Walks Toward Dennis*

Dennis: *Does His Little 'Aah! I'm so screwed' face*

::: Suddenly, the lights go out…:::

Hammer: Hoo Boy.

::: Strobe Lights Begin Flashing.:::

Dennis: Oh, man.

::: The Torn Prince, The Angry Princess, and The Bound Woman jump in Juggernauts path…and:::

Everyone: *Jaws Drop*

::: For, in a rather unnerving turn of events, all three are in Sailor Moon Getups. Yes, even Princie.:::

All: O_O

Torn Prince: In the name of the moon, I command you! Stop this mindless violence at once!

Angry Princess: I hate you all.

Bound Woman: *Has a Seizure…nothing out of the ordinary. *

Juggernaut: Umm…

Dennis: *Looking Odd* Um, I can see up your skirts…

Torn Prince: *Shakes His Bootay*

Angry Princess: I hate you. Besides, it's not like it's something new. You've seen it all before.

Bound Woman: *Has A Seizure*

Director: *Bangs Head Against Wall*

Juggernaut: *Scratches Head In Confusion*

Torn Prince: In the name of love and justice, I SHALL SMITE YOU! *Does fancy…and very feminine poses…*

Dennis: *Is Drooling and Staring Up The 'Girls' (6) skirts…*

Arthur: *Is EXTREMELY disturbed* Stupid Necrophiliac…how did I get dragged into this?

Director: CUT!

*~* The 'Okay! Ghost! We Get It!' Scene *~*

Lawyer: You're Dennis Rafkin?

Arthur: Who's Dennis Rafkin?

Dennis: ME!

Director: *Shakes Head* Cut…

---Take Two---

Dennis: Don't laugh at me. Don't laugh.

Torn Prince: *OS* HA! HA! HA!

Dennis: I SAID DON'T LAUGH! *Pulls a Spork Outta Nowhere and Lunges for the Torn Prince*

Torn Prince: *Makes a run for it…and crashes headfirst into a glass wall. * Oh. Ouchie.

---Take Three---

Dennis: Ghosts goddamit, listen to me!

Arthur: I'm sorry, did you say something?


HarHar. Just a little tidbit for all you Slash-Puppies out there to ponder. Oh, the implications. Don't we all wish? Not those parts…Pervs…. Good lord, I'm perverted. And very feminine males. HarHar.

*Bows* And there, ladies & gents, was my first attempt at t 13 Ghosts fanfiction. ….Yeah, okay…it sucked.

But that never stopped me before, and it won't stop me now! Mwaha! I will prevail! Hee-Hee.

And yes, I do realize that Bloopers are banned. Fine… this is NOT just A Blooper fic. It will have a bunch of other slighty humorous elements in it…hopefully.

So! Read, Review, Flame…whatever! And I'll see you in the next chapter!