It was dark, and Tony had just woken up, unable to breathe. Someone must have turned the lights off without him noticing. The arc reactors glow wasn't even there giving him any light at all. It felt like there was a huge weight pressing down on him, crushing the life out of his lungs.

He felt around the wall for the light switch, flipping it on, his arm flopping down weakly. He noticed Steve lying incredibly close to him, and for one second all memories of their relationship had disappeared from his head. He sat up quickly, confused, then more air got around his body and to his brain and his memory came flooding back.

Steve's eyes fluttered open, squinting in the bright light. "Are you okay?" he asked quietly in a sleepy voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a...headache." Tony didn't want to worry Steve.

"Do you want me to get anyone, anything?"

"No, seriously, I'm fine."

There was a short silence.

"Was it dark?" Steve asked.



There was another silence.

"Do you want to go back to sleep?" Steve asked.

"Not really. Have you realised that we haven't been on a date yet?"

"Are you sure? You look tired. And yes, I have plans."

"I'm fine, really. That sounds...intriguing."

"Do you want to get up then?"

"No, I want to stay here with you."


Silence again.


There came a noise from the bunk above them. "Fuck, guys, I'm trying to get some sleep for once, shut up."

Steve and Tony mumbled some apologies, smiling at each other.

"Also Steve, you really are not meant to be in here so you owe me a fricking huge favour for me letting you stay here." Clint said sleepily.

"I'm in Tony's bed, not yours...ew." Steve said, sharply poking the mattress above his head.

"Ow! Fuck you bro, I wouldn't want you in my bed anyway. Now please, shut up or prepare to die."

Steve rolled over, closing his eyes to go back to sleep.

The Avengers were called for a meeting, early the next morning. Fury stood in front of the large oval table, glaring at everyone that entered with his creepy eye.

"Yo, Fury, what's this all about then?" Clint asked loudly when everyone had sat down.

"It has come to my attention that the team hasn't been cooperating as well as I believe it should." Fury's glare bore deep into them all, making them wonder if it was their fault. "There seem to be a lot of trust issues going on in this group and if we are going to work with perfect unity we need to overcome these with some team exercises I have organised." Most of the group groaned, knowing it would be torture. "They commence at noon today in the gym."

"Team exercises?" Clint said to Natasha outside the meeting room. "We work fine as a team."

"No, we work fine as a pair, because we've known each other for years. I think that this would be good, Thor and I could use some training together especially." Natasha's face remained as blank as usual.

"It's gonna suck."

Noon came too quickly for many of the Avengers, but they all gathered inside the gym, waiting reluctantly for their team training to begin. At quarter past, a junior agent came along with two planks and a piece of paper. It told them to go to a specific training room, and had a list of instructions.

"What's this, a fricking treasure hunt?" Tony commented, grumbling.

They went to the room and found about 10 poles sticking out of the floor, about a metre high. The instructions read:

Your team challenge is to get all the team members from A to B without touching the ground. All you can use is the planks, the poles and teamwork.

Director Fury

"Well this looks like absolute crap, I'm leaving." Clint said, making his way to the door.

"Wait, there's a footnote." Steve said, reading it out.

P.S Any team member who leaves, uses powers/other equipment or touches the ground during the exercise gets clean up after missions for two months. I am watching.

"Shit." Clint said, walking back to the group. "Lets get started then."

Bruce pointed out that A was marked in front of them and B was a platform across the other side of the room.

"We need to use the planks on the poles like bridges." Natasha said, putting one of the planks between the first pole and another. She pulled herself up and stood on the plank, glancing at the order of the poles. "Yes, I can see a path. Coming?"

Thor helped Bruce up, then pulled himself onto the thin plank, almost falling off straight away. Tony and Steve climbed up afterward, pulling the second plank up with them. Clint hopped on nimbly at the end.

"Okay pass the plank along." Natasha said. The six Avengers were huddled on one 6ft plank, so passing the plank along was a struggle for them. Thor was incredibly wobbly, and almost fell off. They managed to create the bridge to the next pole, and carried on slowly, making more bridges and getting closer and closer to point B. They were three poles away when Thor got overexcited and jumped up and down, making the plank wobble dangerously.

"Crap," Tony said plainly, slipping forwards. Steve reached out for his arm and grabbed it, clinging on. One of Tony's feet was still on the plank, which was beginning to tip. Clint was trying to balance it, unsuccessfully.

"Grab my other hand, Tony!" Steve said, stretching as much as he dared.

"No Steve, you have to go on without me, you'll pull you and hawkass off too..."

"Tony!" Steve looked incredibly worried.

"Jesus, Steve, its a fricking metre, let your boyfriend fall already." Clint shouted, about to fall off himself.

"Boyfriend?" Thor exclaimed loudly.

"Boyfriend?" Bruce asked curiously.

"Boyfriend..." Natasha sighed.

"BOYFRIEND?" Thundered Fury, a huge hologram of his face appearing on the wall.

"Fuck." Tony said, and he fell, hitting the cushioned floor with a small thump.

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