Rei: Hi! We are the almighty team, Chococat* and Rei!!! Mwa ha ha ha! All hail us! We stink, we stink! Bwa ha ha ha!

… Okay…um…never mind. We're doing, mwa ha ha—

Chococat*: Will you stop it with the mwa ha ha already!?!? You stink!

Rei: See that's my point. Anyway, I shower more often then you, so there!

Chococat*: I hate showering!

Rei: I know. That's why you stink.

Chococat*: You stink to! Bwa ha ha ha!

Rei: -_-; Anyway, as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted…we are doing Tues-Day-Oh blooper thingies!

Chococat*: Tuesday? What the hell are you talking about? What's Tues-Day-Oh? I thought we were doing Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rei: Ah…yes…"Yu-Gi-Oh" ::Makes little air quotes.::

Chococat*: Whatever. Lets just get on with it.

Rei: Lola is on the monitor.

Chococat*: SHUT UP!!!


Rei: Okay, this isn't actually gonna be completely bloopers. Some of them we are just going to make up. And the ones that we don't make up we can't tell you the eppy or whatever.

Chococat*: I mean how the hell are we supposed to know?

Rei: Lola is on the monitor.

Chococat*: Well the bongos are in the corner!


Jounouchi: Yug, you won! Congradumalations! Lets go get pizza! And soda, and pineapples and pizza and…uh…will you stop dancing?

Yugi: No! I'm too sexy for my shirt!

Pegasus: Ooh! Me to!

Jounouchi: Wait, where'd you come from?

Pegasus: Weren't me and Yugi dueling?

Jounouchi: No…see the script? Yugi's supposed to be dueling Weevil.

Honda: And where is he?

Jounouchi: Counting his nose hairs.

Yugi: And I'm too sexy for my land, too sexy for my land, New York and Ja-Paaaan! And I don't like Peter Pan!

Honda: Will you shut up?!

Yugi: My name is not Yug!

Jounouchi: Sorry Yug.

::Pegasus joins Yugi in his dance.::

Pegasus and Yugi: ::Both take off their shirts:: I'm a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah on the cat—

Car Head, and Joe: SHUT UP!!!!

Director: What are you doing? Your not supposed to dance! Did you guys get drunk last night? No more coffee breaks!


Honda: Ahhhh! It's a dead-end! Oh crap, I'm gonna fall! Mommy, help!

Yami Bakura: What? I didn't hear you?


Yami Bakura: ::Has headphones on:: You should listen to this song. It really sucks. ::Hands Honda the headphones::

Honda: What? My parents don't listen to Elvis! Why are you listening to Eminem? I hate him!

Yami Bakura: Well if you don't appreciate great music, I'll just have to push to your peril.

Honda: But you just said it sucks!

Yami Bakura: Do not mock me!!! Die! ::Shoves Honda off cliff. Mokuba falls with him. Sorry we didn't mention him. I mean he's not doing much.::

Honda: There are fluffy pillows at the bottom…!

Yami Bakura: I took them off the set before we started!
Honda: I hate you…!


::Honda limps in the next day with a broken leg and three broken ribs::

Jounouchi: Man, what happened to you?

Honda: Bakura pushed me off a building.

Bakura: No I didn't! Grandpa, he thinks I pushed him off a cliff!

Honda: I said building:
Jounouchi: I'm not your grandpa.

Bakura: Course you are. ::Hugs:: And I did say building, right Grandpa?

Jounouchi: No…

Honda: You guys are all morons! I don't know why I put up with you!
Anzu: Want some tea?

Honda: Where'd you come from?

Anzu: Boss says to offer an alternative to coffee during breaks. I get paid extra. Remember, Yugi and Pegasus made them drop the coffee breaks?

Jounouchi: Goddamn them!

Honda: Can we at least have a smoke break?

Anzu: You don't smoke.

Honda: Well I do now. ::Produces cigarette that looks suspiciously brown.::

Anzu: That's chocolate.

Bakura: FREE CHOCOLATE!!! ::Grabs it from Honda, breaking his wrist in the process.::


Yugi: ::Sleeping:: Zzzzz…

Director: Yugi! Wake up! This is your scene! You're supposed to be dead, not sleeping! YUGI!!!

Yugi: No…no, Polly…no more crackers…

Director: Oh for god sakes! All right, just pretend to be dead!

Cameraman: Dude, that's not in the script.

Director: Are you taping this?

Cameraman: Well, duh! That's my job man.

Director: You imbecile! Whatever. Yugi! Wake up and be dead or you're fired. You were supposed to be dead! Dead, dead, dead! Not sleeping!

Yugi: AHHH! Nooooo! No don't put peanut butter on them!!! No more crackers! Polly! Yugi no want a cracker!

Director: -_-;; That's not part of the script Yugi.


Director: Okay, now, Yugi, pretend to be dead.
Yugi: I have to pee!

Director: Pee later! Actors hold it in!

Yugi: I don't wanna work today! I gotta pee!

Director: Okay, go pee!

Yugi: Never mind, I don't have to go anymore.


Director: Okay, Yugi, you are going to do it right this time. You know the scene. You're in the shadow realm, and you just died. Or so we think. You can do this. I know you can. No bathroom, no sleeping, nothing weird. Just do your thing Yugi.

Yugi: Okay, I can do this.

Director: Cameraman? Start filming.

Cameraman: Okay, dude.

Yugi: ::"Collapses" on table::  I'm dead. Are you happy now?

Director: YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY ANYTHING!!!!! Oh Lord help me. ::Begins to cry.::


Director: Okay, guys, Yugi's not here, so someone has to pretend to be him. Any volunteers?

Seto: None of us are short enough.

Director: How about your precious brother?

Seto: He's in the hospital with a broken spine.

Director: Why?

Seto: He fell with Honda, remember?

Director: Oh yeah. But he's the best of us at acting dead!

Seto: Well he's not here.

Director: Okay then…Pegasus, you be Yugi.

Pegasus: Okay!

Director: Now the scene is "Yugi Versus Pegasus." So you have to be two people.

Pegasus: Do I get paid extra?

Director: No.

Pegasus: Yay!


Pegasus Versus 'Yugi'

(We have no idea what the actual lines are.)

Pegasus: Hehe, this is fun, Yugi-Boy! You know you've lost. You can't save your beloved grandpa now, can you? This is just delicious

::Runs over to the other side of the table::

Pegasus: No! I will not lose! I can't lose! Everyone's counting on me!

::Runs back.::

Pegasus: Sure…just keep on believing that. I'll just make this last move, and I win!

::Runs back to the other side.::

Pegasus: But you're not supposed to win, I am! Check the script you dumb ass!

::Runs back to his place. Digimon, 'My Place' starts playing.::

Chococat*: Rei, turn that off!


Chococat*: Shut up!

Director: Will someone get them off the set!? And Pegasus, you're doing this wrong!

Pegasus: Can I have a Fig Newton?


(Tea break)

Anzu: Anyone want tea? 'Cause I don't want this anymore.

Seto: Is there water?

Anzu: No.

Seto: Okay, I'll take it. I'm thirsty. ::Takes cup. Sips, and grins.:: This is delicious! What kind is it?
Anzu: Smashed Worm Juice. I made it myself!
Seto: Really? I like it! Can I get the recipe?
Anzu: You smash up a bunch of worms and squeeze 'em into a cup.

Seto: O.O I didn't know you meant real smashed worms. I have to throw up now. ::Runs out of the room.::


Seto: I will trade you all of these cards for the Blue-Eye-White-Dragon!

Grandpa: No. It is very precious to me, for reasons that I don't remember.

Seto: Fine. I'll trade my Bunny-Boo. It's a stuffed rabbit, if you were wondering.

Grandpa: No. ::Looks a little tempted.::

Seto: My footy pajamas?

Grandpa: What color?

Seto: Um…pink…

Grandpa: I'll think about it.

Seto: I'll throw in my pacifier!

Grandpa: Well…

Seto: My blankie?

Grandpa: Uhh…

Seto: I'll even give you one of my dirty diapers!

Grandpa: You've got yourself a deal! ::Gleefully takes all the baby things.::

Seto: Can I have the card?

Grandpa: NO! Be gone! ::Runs away, then smashes into the wall.::


Director: All right, where's Yugi? Is he back yet?

Jounouchi: Nope.

Director: Oh for god sakes! Who wants to pretend to be him now?

Pegasus: Ooh! Pick me! I like being Yugi!

Director: No, we have to give someone else a chance. Everyone wants to be him.

All: -_-;; No…they don't.

Director: Anyway! Honda, you can be Yugi!

Honda: Okay, where's the pretty wig?

Director: There isn't one.

Honda: But I need to have hair like his.

Director: Yours is pointy enough! Just walk around on your knees.

Honda: Okay…


Honda: …I am Yugi…watch me be Yugi…observe my Yugi-ness. I am the shortest person in the world. Do not mock me.
Jounouchi: Honda, will you shut up?

Honda: ^^; Sorry.

Director: Okay, cameraman! Start filming…now!

Honda: ::Crumples into a ball.:: … … … … … … … …

Jounouchi: ::Walks over to "Yugi":: Hey, Yug, you can—

Honda: ::Bursts into song. This is to the tune of the Spiderman theme.:: I AM SHORT, I AM SHORT! I AM VERY, VERY SHORT! I'M SO SHORT, YOU THINK I'M THREE, BUT IN REALITY I AM THIRTEEN! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I AM EXTREMELY SHORT!!!!

Jounouchi: Um…-_-;;


Director: Yugi! You're back! Two days god dammit, two days! Do you have any idea how hard this is without you? You are never taking a day off again! Ever!

Yugi: Uh…sorry?

Director: And you better have a damn good excuse for not being here, or I'm docking your pay! ::Is very angry.::

Yugi: I was in the Amazon, getting a rare mystical jewel that powers the long lost village of Ketchupville. I fended off a bunch of smelly Ugga Bugga people, but it was easy! Then I returned the jewel and saved Ketchupville, and married the princess, but she didn't wanna come back with me, so here I am.

Director: I don't believe you! I'll just use my Fibfinder™ to find out whether you're telling the truth, or a fake fib!

Yugi: Did you get paid to say that?

Director: Yep! Anyway, Fibfinder™ says you have a crush on my brother!

Yugi: O.O No I don't!

Director: Yes you do! Were you with my brother those two days?

Yugi: Uh…yeah! ^_^

Director: Well Fibfinder™ says you're telling the truth so…wow…I'm gonna go tell everyone the news! ^_^


Anzu: Yugi! Is it true you're having an affair with the director's brother?

Yugi: Um…no?

Anzu: Well the director said you told him you were.

Yugi: I did? I don't remember.

Anzu: This is so cool! I didn't know you liked guys! Well, once you get tired of him, I

have this friend I wanna introduce you to! I think—

Yugi: I don't like guys, Anzu.

Anzu: Oh! Then what are you doing with Mr. Directors brother?

Yugi: I wasn't! I was in Ketchupville!

Anzu: You're having an affair with a bottle of ketchup?

Yugi: No!

Anzu: Wow, you're weird. Liking guys is great and all, but ketchup?


Yugi: Okay, guys, I called this meeting to explain that I am not having an affair with either Mr. Director's brother, or a bottle of ketchup!

Jounouchi: Sure…we believe you Yugi.

Yugi: I wasn't! I wasn't even in Ketchupville, okay?

Director: My name is Hector Director.

Mai: No one cares.

Weevil: I have 900,657,342,100 nose hairs!

Seto: Congratulations.

Yugi: Hey, this is about me!

Honda: You get to be the star of the show, why should you be the star of the meeting to?


Honda: Fine have it your way, you spoiled brat.

Yugi: That's right. I am a brat. Anyway, I was just trying to sound special. Theres no such thing as Ketchupville, and I've never been to the Amazon. And it would've taken more then two days anyway!

Director: Then where were you?

Yugi: I was at home.

Director: Doing what…?

Yugi: Nothing…

Director: You can do nothing at work, why didn't you come?

Yugi: Fine, ya got me. I was stealing from the cookie jar.

All: Gasp!

Yugi: No, I wasn't. I wasn't doing anything.

Director: Okay, then I'm paying you anymore! You cant take two days off to do nothing!

Yugi: I was sick.

Director: So? Actors don't get sick! And if they do, they ignore it! You'd better have been dying, or else!

Yugi: I wasn't, I had a cold.

Jounouchi: You stayed out two days for that?

Yugi: It was a 48-hour virus. ^^;;

Jounouchi: I had pneumonia last week and I came anyway. I still have it.

Yugi: Okay…get away from me…::hides behind Honda.:: He's all contagious! Hide me!

Honda: What is up with you? And Jounouchi, you do not. You never did.

Jounouchi: Okay, fine I don't.

Honda: Anyway, Director? Can we go home now?

Director: No! You will stay here 'till the end of time!


Director: Okay, Honda, this time, you're going to put your hand in through the big bubbly thing, then run through. Got it?

Honda: Yup.

Director: Okay, lights, camera, mittens, ACTION!

Honda:: ::Punches the bubbly thing. His hand comes out from in and punches him in the nose.:: OWWWWW! My nose!!!! It hurts, Mommy!!!!

Director: -_-;;


(This is a suggestion from our stepbrother, Davis.)

Yami Yugi: OBLITERATE!!!!

Rex: Aww, no fair…I lost…

::Suddenly, a Moltres comes out of nowhere, and bites Yami Yugi's head off!::

Yami Yugi: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! ::His head grows back, then an Articuno swoops in and bites it off. It grows back. Another Articuno comes and bites it off. It does not grow back.


Headless Yami Yugi: Can I have my head back?

Articuno: Bleh.

Headless Yami Yugi: I'm very unattractive with out my head. I like being attractive.

Articuno: ::Pukes up his head.::

Headless Yami Yugi: Eeew I don't want it anymore!

(How he can talk without a head we don't know.)


(Tea Break)

Honda: ::Takes a sip of Monkey Butts Surprise, another of Anzu's 'recipes.':: I wonder what its like to be as short as Yugi.

Yugi: I'm not short.

Honda: Course ya are. Want some Monkey Butts Surprise?

Yugi: No. And I'm not short! ::Is starting to cry.::

Honda: Yeah, you are. I even made a song about it. When I was pretending to be you.

Yugi: Um…okay…

Honda: In fact, if you were any shorter, you wouldn't even exist anymore!

Yugi: ::Bursts into tears and runs into the girl's bathroom.::

::A bunch of screaming girls call him a pervert and run out.::

Honda: ::Sips his tea.::


Rei: We're DONE!!!!

Chococat*: We are done, we are done, we are done, done, done, done! DONE!!!!

Rei: That sucked…sorry. Please R&R though. Let us know if you want more! ^_^

Chococat*: I don't think it sucks.

Rei: Well you have an ego and I don't. Okay, bye!