Daffy Duck- Looney Resistance Force leader. Tina's boyfriend. Bugs' best friend. Tunesquad member.

Tina Russo Duck- Tunesquad member. Daffy's girlfriend. Lola's best friend. Michael and Victoria's little sister.

Alvin Bunny- Lola and Jennifer's brother. Tunesquad member. LRF member.

Lola Bunny- Alvin and Jennifer's sister. Tunesquad member. Tina's best friend.

Jennifer Bunny- Alvin and Lola's sister. Grant's boyfriend.

Buster Bunny- Toonsquad leader. Babs' boyfriend. LRF member.

Babs Bunny- Buster's girlfriend. Toonsquad member.

Jake Bunny- Babs' brother. Toonsquad member. LRF member.

Plucky Duck- Buster's best friend. Toonsquad member. LRF member.

Shirley McLoon- Babs' best friend. Toonsquad member. Plucky's love interest.

Jericho Mallard- Jocks member. Daffy's rival. LRF member. Dash's best friend.

Dash Bunny- Jocks leader. Bugs' rival. Madison's boyfriend. LRF member.

Madison Hare- Jocks member. Dash's girlfriend.

Roderick Rat- Perfectoids leader. Tunesquad and Toonsquad's former rival. Rhubella's boyfriend. LRF member.

Rhubella Rat- Perfectoids member. Tunesquad and Toonsquad's former rival. Roderick's girlfriend.

Danforth Drake- Perfectoids member. Tunesquad and Toonsquad's former rival. Margot's boyfriend. LRF member.

Margot Mallard- Perfectoids member. Tunesquad and Toonsquad's former rival. Danforth's girlfriend.

Herman Stockente- Erusean Army Captain. Daffy's rival. Imprison and executes resistance members.

Stepan Bunny- Yellow 12. Member of the Yellow Squadron. FEAF pilot. Befriends Daffy and Tina.

Otto Neumann- Erusean Army Sergeant.

Johann Schultz- Erusean Army Private. Befriends Daffy and Tina.

Bugs Bunny- Mobius 1. Tunesquad leader.

Grant Rabbit- US Army Sergeant. Jennifer's boyfriend.

Daniel Duck- Daffy's father. Rebecca's husband.

Rebecca Duck- Daffy's mother. Daniel's wife.

Frank Russo Duck- Tina, Michael, and Victoria's father. Susan's husband.

Susan Russo Duck- Tina, Michael, and Victoria's mother. Frank's wife.

Michael Russo Duck- Tina and Victoria's older brother.

Victoria Russo Duck- Tina and Michael's sister.

Tunesquad- Looney Tunes characters.

Toonsquad- Tiny Toon characters.

Perfectoids- Perfecto Prep characters.

Jocks- Tunesquad's rival group.