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A shadow was all that could be seen as it glided quietly across the old building. It soon landed next to a skylight watching as people loaded crates into a truck. The fire held held up two fingers then made a low mournful bird cry, the signal for her allies. A dark energy vortex opened allowing her teammates to join her. They were a Black Op's unit set up by the Justice League to deal with the stuff the public teams could not, like infiltrate a warehouse full of grade 9 teach being shipped to dictators and warlords across the globe all secretly funded by the Iceberg Lounge.

While the group consisted of teens, they were not the Teen Titans. The Titans were Robin (aka) Dick Grayson, Superboy (aka) Conner Kent, (aka) Megan Jonez, Jinx (aka) Sarah Tick, and Hotspot (aka) Jordon Muntz. The Black Op's team known as the Dark Titans had the members Owl (aka) Barbra Gorden a orphan trained by Batman to be the ultimate hunter. Stargrazer (aka) Kori Anderson (starfire) an orange cat like alien who escaped slavery many years ago. Rave (aka) Rachel Roth (Raven) a half demon witch who like the story of Hansel and Gretal until they killed the witch. The Beast (Beast Boy) a large shaggy green beast with the power to shape shift, it was rumored he had a human form. BloodStone (aka) Victor Stone (Cyborg), A thin layer of stone coated his body, while his real power was tech control. Because of their appearances or attitude toward human life or life in general they were kept as far away from the public eye as possible.

"Beast would you be so kind as to thin their ranks?" asked Owl.

Beast licked his lips indicating that he would feast well. Rave opened another energy vortex which Beast entered then exited behind some guards. Beast roared so loud the windows began to crack and caught all the guards by surprise then horror as Beast began to chomp on their comrades, one despite being a professional fainted when blood gushed from Beasts meal.

"Didn't he just eat like 30 minutes ago?" asked BloodStone.

"Getting soft little man!" sneered Stargrazer.

"No I just think he should learn some self control" said BloodStone.

"Right self control something a mass murderer like you doesn't have" retorted Rave.

"I know when to stop" said Bloodstone.

"Right, Yet you killed a prison full of people, inmates, cops, and visitors" said Rave.

"So, what's your point?" asked Bloodstone.

"The Beast is more animal but he has more self control then you by far" said Owl.

"Ha!, As if , we are all cold bloodied killers why do we need self control!" laughed Bloodstone.

"So we don't turn into our pray, the very vermin that we hunt" said Stargrazer.

"That's pretty melodramatic" said Bloodstone.

"I was held as a slave on another planet for most my life when I escaped I killed most the slavers" said Stargrazer.

"Your point?" asked Bloodstone.

"The rest I enslaved and tortured for months, it was fun but in the end it meant I was no better then them" said Stargrazer.

"Great another lesson from our sordid pasts" said Bloodstone.

Thump! Sguletch!

The Dark Titans looked down at the skylight to see a body smashed into it. Bloodstone was carved into its chest indicating Beast was tapping out. Rave opened a vortex that Bloodstone entered and Beast emerged from. They could see why Beast tapped out. The guards were now using elctro guns which had no affect on Bloodstones rock hide.

"Now that your back Beast can you answer some questions please?" asked Owl

"Oh not this crap again" said Bloodstone over the radio.

"Hey! You like his voice too" said Rave.

"It's so hot and manly!" said Bloodstone.

"Beast what are you exactly?" asked Stargrazer.

"I am a old gold, a god of beast kin, kind of like the owl spirit our leader gets her power from" said Beast in a half Spanish, half animistic voice.

"Hold on you know about that?" asked Owl.

"She gets her power from what?" asked Bloodstone.

"Ha ha! A demon witch queen and a beast god share a bed" laughed Stargrazer.

"They do what?" asked Bloodstone.

"Are you the only one in the dark here?" asked Stragrazer.

"I know of your power as it was to me Batman called to first gain the powers of the bat and then once more for you to gain power" said Beast.

"So you gave me your power?" asked Owl.

"Ha! As if, I do not bestow mortals with my powers that would just cause to much chaos, you received your powers from Wise the owl while Batman got his from the Dark hunter" said Beast.

"It's Rave's turn, they went magic on me!" said Bloodstone.

Rave opened another vortex and stepped through trading places with Bloodstone. The Dark Titans watched as Rave strangled people with her tentacles and flung fireballs at the others. Rave stabbed a couple of people in the chest taking their souls and devouring them.

"So where do the souls go if she eats them?" asked Owl.

"They don't go anywhere they get digested and increase her power, they don't get a afterlife" said Beast.

"We are a strange group of people" said Bloodstone.

"We're people?" asked Owl.

"Oh right I forgot" said Bloodstone.

"We are hero's right?" asked Rave.

"You know, I'm not entirely sure on that" said Owl.

"So we are villeins then yes?" asked Stargrazer.

"No we are anti hero's" said Bloodstone.

"So then villeins we are" said Stargrazer.

"No, Yes, wait what?" asked Bloodstone.

"I am so confused!" said Beast.

"OK the idiots are dead, time to call the League" said Rave.

"Hold on, first we should take our cut" said Owl.

The Dark Titans all laughed as they began to search the crates for stuff they wanted before calling in the Justice League.