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Beast awoke in a jungle one he did not recognize but all the same he first had to reawaken his senses. He shifted into an Owl, a snake, a horse, and then finally a bloodhound. Beast turned back into his true form and sniffed the air and smelled evil.

"Fuck I'm in the Amazon rainforest!" said Beast.

In his haste to escape forgot he had the power of flight and telaportation. News reports would be filled with people saying they saw Big Foot running through the jungle as birds, leopards and for some reason spiders chased him all while he screamed. That day many people who saw this event gave drinking vowing to never touch the stuff again.

73 hours later.

42 hours ago Beast remembered he was a god and had plenty of powers so he turned into a virus and hitched a ride with people who then spread him to others by sexual activity. Beast had turned into a STD that made people more attractive to the opposite. He also rewired their brains so they would only attract people who were going in his general direction. This virus was set up to die 21 days after he left the body. Eventually he was in Metropolis which at the moment was a war zone of hero's and villeins.

"Oh great more work" said Beast.

Beast saw Wonder Women fighting a lame villein easily knocking him out. Beast took over his host and walked over to her.

"Civilian stay back!" shouted Wonder Women.

"The door is ajar" said the civilian,

"Who are you?" asked Wonder Women.

"Beast, I took over her body as a virus" said Beast.

"Why didn't you fly or steal a car?" asked Wonder Women.

"Never crossed my mind" said Beast.

"As a hidden member, stay out of the fight and remove people from the building, Superman is already doing it but I haven't seen him" said Wonder Women.

Beast made the host puke and from the puke he reemerged as Beast. He sniffed the air following Superman's scent. Soon he came to a building where scent was thicker. He smelled Superman, Robin and something rare, the blood of Superman. Beast ran into find Superman face down with a kryptonite knife in his back. He removed the knife so he could heal then informed Batman where to find him. Beast had a personal matter to settle.

"Oh loser where are you!" sang Beast.


"Hide all you want but you have to pay for the death of my team and those 50, 672 other victims" snarled Beast.

Clang clang.

"Don't be a chicken, come out and die like a man!" said Beast.

Drip, drip, drip.

"Don't worry you'll only suffer a whole lot" said Beast.

"Help! help were trapped!" screamed a man.

Beast followed the sound into a basement where rubble trapped people. He moved it and let them out. He also found a women stuck under some rubble who though badly hurt still lived. She had risked her own life to save her coworkers. Beast walked over but stopped. He was in a circle of mistletoe and could go no farther.

"So this is your plan, cripple some people, use the divine weakness against me so you could do what?" asked Beast.

"What else drop a building on a god" said Robin.

"Why Superman what he do?" asked Beast.

"He got in the way, he knew about my involvement but did not know the whole truth, he also knew that I started this war" said Robin.

"Why would you willingly murder so many people just to kill the Dark Titans?" asked Beast.

"Just collateral damage" said Robin.

"Spoken like a true villein" said Beast.

"Hey I'm not the one in a building loaded with 600 tons of explosives" said Robin.

"I'll see you in Hades, hell, oblivion" said Beast.


Batman had gotten Superman out of the building in as it exploded and came crashing down.

"ki king dum come haa has fa fallen!" muttered Superman before falling into a coma.

Everyone who was a member of the inner circle knew what he meant. The dark Titans were no more.

West Virgina.

Joe walked into his room carrying a ham sandwich and a cup of orange juice. He set them on his night stand then got into bed and grabbed his book. He opened it up when his computer dinged telling him he had mail. He choose to ignore it.




Joe looked up realizing he heard a dong as in a dong sent to him by the Dark Titans. He got out of bed and turned on his computer. He clicked on a message and gasped when two words popped up.

Your Turn.