A Tale of Two Wolves

Written by AndiCullen104

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Chapter 1

Three days after Edward left

Bella sat on her bed and just stared at the wall. Time had lost all meaning to her ever since he left. She didn't know what day or time it was because all she saw was the white wall. Bella felt cold inside like everything had frozen over and that nothing would ever make her okay again.

What was the point of everything? Of anything?

All she knew was that she caused pain everywhere she went like she was the plague.

"Bella," Charlie's deep baritone voice called from the other side of Bella's door. He was worried about his almost catatonic daughter. He had never experienced a teenager with a broken heart but surely they shouldn't be this bad. It's almost like someone died, he thought. He had a feeling there was more to the story that Bella wasn't telling him.

Silence was his only answer, so he slowly opened the door and stuck his head inside the room. Bella's back was to him and he could see her devastation from the way her body curled in on itself. He stepped into the room and sighed as he sat down next to his only daughter. He touched her shoulder however Bella did not turn towards him. She didn't even flinch.

"Bella, you've got to eat something. Honey, please you're scaring me." Charlie begged her. There was no response from her whatsoever and he could feel the tears sting at his eyes. He hurriedly left the room not wanting Bella to see him in such a state. Charlie wiped at his eyes as he made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

He paced the tiled floor trying to calm his breathing so he could make the phone call that was very much needed. After a few minutes he collected himself to be able to call her. Charlie dialed the number and waited for her to answer.


"Renee I need your help."

"What is it Charlie? Did something happen to Bella?" Renee asked in a rush, worry coloring her tone.

Charlie began to tell her what had happened between their daughter and Edward. He also did his best to describe Bella's condition and talking about it brought the tears back to his eyes. Only once in his life had he ever felt this helpless, and that was when Renee left with Bella all those years ago.

"I'm coming Charlie, I'll bring our baby home with me." Charlie hung up the phone with her after some parting words. He sobbed as the stress of the past three days came crashing down on him.

The next day

"I don't know what to do Billy," Charlie said exasperated as he talked to his friend on the phone. Charlie hadn't gone to work for four days now. He was too worried that Bella in the state she was in might become desperate to ease her pain at any cost. Renee was coming today to hopefully get Bella to move back in with her.

"She'll get over it Charlie, trust me." Billy tried to reassure his best friend.

"Has this ever happened with Rebecca or Rachel?"

"Well um not to this degree…"

"I almost wish I had never let her get involved with that damn Cullen boy." Charlie growled.

"I told you he was no good for her."

"Yeah I know. I just don't know what to do… she's barely eating and she doesn't leave her room. Hell she doesn't even get out of bed!" Charlie sighed heavily.

"Her Mom's coming, right? Maybe she'll get Bella to move back in with her." That thought made Billy sad for his friend that once again he was going to lose his daughter. He wished that he wasn't bound by the tribe's secrets, because Billy would have told Charlie all about those leeches if it were allowed. The guilt that maybe he could have prevented the heartache that both father and daughter were feeling weighed heavily on Billy's shoulders.

"Maybe," Charlie mumbled. "I'll call ya later. I'm going to go check on Bells." He said getting off the phone as he trudged up the stairs to her room. He knocked gently and as always was met with no response so he opened the door. Bella was lying on the bed on top of the blankets her vacant eyes were staring at the ceiling.

At least she's chosen somewhere else to stare at, Charlie thought warily to himself.

"Hey Bells, uh um how you feeling?" He asked awkwardly. There was no answer. Charlie wasn't really sure if he was expecting one. He walked over to the head of Bella's bed and placed his hand on her forehead. Charlie was surprised that she was so warm almost to the point of being feverish.

"Are you sick?" He asked and looked at her more closely. She didn't look sick well other than the fact that she was withdrawn within herself. Perhaps he should hospitalize her because the way she's acting is not normal by any means. Charlie sighed he didn't want to have to take her to the hospital . A knock at the door broke his reverie. He rushed downstairs and opened the front door to see his ex-wife Renee standing on his doorstep.

"Where's my baby?" Renee asked as she pushed past Charlie dropping her bag on the floor by the door not even bothering with pleasantries.

"Bella," she called running up the stairs to her bedroom. When she opened the door, the scene before her stopped her from moving forward. Renee had never seen Bella this way. Her strong and confident little girl never before acted like this.

"Oh baby," Renee cried as she wrapped her arms around her only daughter.

"You're so hot! Don't worry once we're back in Florida, we'll go see a doctor . Everything's going to be okay. " Renee said and she held Bella close for one moment before pulling away. She grabbed Bella's suitcase from under the bed and began packing away her clothes. All the while chattering about how much fun they were going to have in Florida.

Charlie leaned against the doorway watching Renee pack Bella's belongings. His heart hurt knowing that he had lost his child after having her for such a short while . He didn't know how he could go back to living by himself again. It nearly killed him the first time.

"And you'll love the heat… oh and the boys are so cute!" Renee exclaimed hoping that would make Bella feel good about moving back in with her.

Bella finally could make out the words of what people were saying around her, though she still felt the numbness that kept her safe from the darker feelings that were always trying to overtake her. Something her mother just said seemed to cause a crack in the numbness as if it were glass. Anger flowed like lava seeping into her very core and all she saw was its redness . She jumped out of the bed causing both her parents to gasp.

"You can't make me move!" Bella yelled while her hands shook at her sides.

"Bella, honey, you'll be better off without reminders. It's already been decided that you're going to move back home." Renee said as she placed the last article of clothing in the bag.

"NO! I'm not leaving Forks!" She screamed at the top of her lungs . Her vision was blurry and she realized that she was literally vibrating from her anger. Bella felt hot tremors roll down her spine as if she were going to explode. She took deep breaths and the shaking stopped enough for her to move. Bella yanked her suitcase from her mother's reach, and she began pulling out the clothes Renee had just packed. She threw the clothes everywhere all the while screaming that they couldn't make her leave. Renee stood flabbergasted as she had never seen Bella throw a tantrum, not even when she was a tiny girl. She could see Bella's tears streaming down her flushed face.

Renee was shocked into silence.

Charlie was smiling in relief.

Finally they had gotten a reaction from Bells and he hoped that this would help her move on once and for all. After all the clothes were strewn about her floor, she felt the fight leave her. Only to be replaced with grief and the aching loneliness she felt at being abandoned by the boy she loved. Bella felt herself sag to the floor and she sobbed begging her parents to let her stay in Forks.

Renee was the first to move and she cautiously made her way over to Bella. Once she was close enough she knelt down and hugged her only child.

"You don't have to leave if you don't want to Bells. I'm sorry," Charlie whispered and walked out of the room. He felt the stress of the past few days ease because he was going to continue living with Bells in his, no their home. And hopefully she would be better because of it.

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