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First Person POV

I groaned, really not wanting to face the day today. I ran my fingers through my hair as I stood, wanting nothing more than to crawl back in bed and sleep the day away. I went into my personal shower, smiling at how close it was to my bed, making mornings rather easy. I stopped along the way and backed up to my reflection.

"Holy shit!"

I looked like I'd been run over by a car. My hair was every which-way, my eyes had purplish bags, and my skin was almost an ashen color - completely the opposite of healthy.

I groaned again, now feeling sick. I shouldn't have looked at myself.

All of a sudden my head swirled, my eyes shut and I collapsed onto the floor. I started to sweat and began breathing quickly, trying to cool myself. I heard Vegeta's scream for food from downstairs, but by now I couldn't have responded if I wanted to. Hence the word, 'if'.

He came upstairs to my room, shoving the door open. "Woman! Wo - " He stopped abruptly as he noticed I was lying on the bathroom floor, in a nightgown, breathing harder than I had since Namek.

He blinked, seemingly surprised. I was unaware of all of this, seeing as how I couldn't force my eyes to open.

"Baka onna," he muttered. He walked over to me and picked me up. At any other time I would have freaked and started screaming at him, but now I couldn't and didn't see a need to. He laid me down on my bed and pulled off a glove to feel my head. With the way he jerked his hand back I think I burned him.

He sighed and began doing what he must - whether or not either of us liked it. He turned on the water, filling the tub with relatively cool water, then began undressing me, and I opened my left eye to see his reaction.

Strangely, he had none. Vegeta simply had no expression. He picked me up again and brought me to the bathroom. He set me down carefully into the water and turned it off, then left. I was almost in a peaceful state - had I not been so weak, I might've really enjoyed it.

The water felt very cool against my overheated skin. When I was just starting to doze off is when Vegeta came back, grumbling about something or another. He sat on the floor with his back against the tub.

"Your baka mother isn't here."

I coughed out a response to that, trying to say, 'She won't be back until tonight'.

"Your father isn't here either."

My next response at least resembled words. 'He's with mom'.

He sighed, obviously trying to decide what to do. I started laughing - which promptly turned into coughs - at the thought of Vegeta treating me like a baby, having to cloth me and feed me and . . . change my diapers.

I really laughed at that thought. Vegeta turned to look at me as my laughter turned into coughs again. "You find this amusing? This situation I'm in?"

I shook my head very lightly, not being able to move more than that.

He sighed again. "So what am I going to do with you?"

I attempted a shrug, which he took as a twitch. He lifted my arm and held it for a moment, and I peeked open my eyes to watch him. He dropped my arm - which didn't stay up despite my efforts. I glared at my arm as though it betrayed me.

He got up slowly, and then reached over me to grab a rag. He knelt next to me getting it wet before starting to run it over me. I was surprised. Never before had he showed me this type of concern - come to think of it, he's never shown me any concern.

He hesitated around my chest, not wanting to appear sexually attracted to me. I had been wondering if he was sexually active - I guess this is my answer. However, he might find touching my skin as it was revolting.

While he kept me cool I tried to test my current abilities. I wiggled my toes - almost too easy. I moved my fingers - a little tougher. I tried to move my leg but it just rolled. I lifted my arm about an inch and for a second. I tried to lift my head but Vegeta wouldn't let me.

"Keep your strength."

I nodded partially and quit moving, but kept my eyes open. I couldn't help but be fascinated with Vegeta at this point. Why is he being so nice all of a sudden?

I suddenly screamed in pain as Vegeta found the cut I gave myself last night. While working on a project I dropped a cutter that sliced my right thigh. The cut was five inches long, deep, and on the outside of my thigh. I just wonder how Vegeta didn't notice it. Maybe he did, and is just trying to cause me pain.

He swore violently in his native tongue, examining the cut without touching it. "How did you get this?"

I moaned, the most I could do while recovering from the pain that just shot through me.

He looked at me. "This cut is infected and badly. It's more than likely the reason you're so fucked up now. Why didn't you get it treated?"

I fluttered my eyes, trying to open them again. "Uh. . . flgh mungh shrplth. . ."

He rolled his eyes, just now realizing that he won't be getting anything out of me right then. "Fine then. Let's get you taken care of, and then I'll figure out how to cook with your. . . utensils."

I sighed, not being able to do much else, and let myself be taken care of by Vegeta.

:End chapter 1:

Revised chapter 1. Hope everyone likes it. I only frigging had one hell of a time copy&pasting each individual chapter, reading through it, changing certain details, fixing others, spellchecking through AOL, and getting annoyed at the incredible lack of length to each chapter. I'm wondering. . .maybe I should put the first two chapters together as one. What do you think? Yay, nay?

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