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Blood of My Blood

By Nyghthawk28

Chapter One - "Summer With Dudley"


This summer with the Dursleys was different from the previous summers. The source of the change was an ultamatium issued from Smeltings about Dudley. It was a five page letter but what it boiled down to was Dudley had get into shape and get a serious attitude adjustment. The explained it not as a problem with uniforms but health risks. Basically if Dudley didn't shape up physically and socially they'd have him transferred to a military school. Actually there was a very interesting story to go with the ultamatium but Harry didn't find out until later.

Uncle Vernon turned almost purple and for the first time Harry could ever remember he turned his temper on Dudley. When Dudley gave him lip about it he also turned his fist against Dudley. It was scary how Aunt Petunia just watched everything silently. Her horse like face blank but something in her eyes disturbed Harry.

The next day started a training regime from hell. Since Dudley was doing it Harry had to do it too only twice as much. The training lasted from dawn to dusk, every day without stop. Jogging, swimming, boxing, Twae Kwon Do, cycling, gymnastics, aerobics, dancing, and weight training. There was barely a break between one activity before another was started.

The only bright side to all this was for once the Dursleys were actually feeding him properly. Once again it was the prescribed diet but this time it was a high protein low carbohydrates diet. Harry guessed that because they were angry at Dudley they were feeding him.

The bright side to all this exercise is it left Harry too exhausted to dream or in Harry's case nightmare. In fact Harry barely had the energy to do his summer homework before collapsing into sleep. More then once he awoke at his little desk with his quill still in his hand and his face pillowed on a book.

Life became one long chain of physical exertion. Dudley was actually tolerable because he simply didn't have the energy to be mean anymore.

When his birthday finally arrived he was actually shocked. One day seemed the same as the day before and the day before. Actually paying attention to the actually date took too much energy. Still the arrival of owls kicked his brain into work.

He unloaded the owls and gave Hedwig a nice feather scratching and murmured some kind words to his owl. Then he sent her off with the other owls. Dumbledore hadn't wanted him to be scent anything beyond the bare minimum of owls over the summer with Voldemort alive again. Harry had also felt Hedwig would be safer at Hogwarts so with Dumbledore's permission had left his beloved owl at Hogwarts for the summer.

Usually Harry would be dying to see what he got. Presents being a novelty that still seemed shocking after years of neglect. Unfortunately at the moment Harry was just too tired to open the presents and letters. He put them away in his trunk then collapsed into a much needed sleep.

As days passed a few things became obvious to the usually exhausted wizard. Harry was hitting a growth spurt. Harry had spent his whole life on the short and painfully thin side. Now he almost seemed to be growing an inch a day. Harry wasn't the only one growing and Dudley was also gaining height but not to the extreme of his cousin. Considering their age the growth was categorized as puberty.

Unfortunately for Harry and to a lesser degree Dudley, the growth made all their physical training a lot more difficult. For Harry in particular was starting to feel like Neville because of how clumsy he was at times. Basically his center of balance was completely screwed by his ever changing height.

Another fun thing was Harry's voice broke. Going from a soft alto to a rich tenor. On the bright side Harry never talked a lot so it wasn't too embarrassing. Also Harry seemed lucky enough to avoid the pimple stage a lot of boys go through.

There was one other change that had Harry puzzled. His impossible, forever messy, black hair was changing. For one thing it seemed to be growing with even more abandon than his height. Also the color was changing. At first he just thought he was gaining highlights, red highlights. Yet day by day his hair was less black and more red. Also it wasn't a normal red like the Weasley family was known for his hair wasn't becoming the color of fire but the color of blood.

Luckily Harry was too busy with the physical regime for Vernon to take notice of his new look. Vernon hadn't liked his messy black hair, his new ever longer blood red hair probably wouldn't have been liked any better. If not worse. These days Harry was ignored by Vernon in favor of angry stares at Dudley.

Dudley was actually showing good results with the diet, exercise, and his own growth. The fat was starting to melt away into muscle. A young man was starting to be revealed where only a vaguely human blob used to be.

After awhile Dudley started to open up to his cousin. Maybe because of the shared suffering or more likely just because Dudley desperately needed to talk. Apparently there was a lot more to that letter from Smeltings than Dudley being fat.

"You're lucky you aren't going to Smeltings. You've seen the sticks they give us as part of our uniforms. Beatings are common, both by the teachers and the students. It's supposed to "toughen us up for real life." Besides beatings some of the older students rape the younger ones. Your so pretty that you'd have been someone's bumboy by the second day if not the first." Said Dudley with a snort.

Harry blinked at this. Pretty? Bumboy? Eww… "Where you…?"

Dudley snorted again, "I have a mirror. I know what I look like and pretty is not one of the words that describe me. To them I'm some hideous beast and if I didn't have money I would have been completely black listed."

Harry didn't say any to this. He just waited for Dudley to continue.

"I got caught snogging a boy named Taylor."

Harry was a bit blindsided by this commit.

"That's right I'm gay but that's not all. I got caught snogging the Headmaster's son by the Headmaster himself. Taylor is sort of the school slut but since he's the Headmaster's son no one really talks about him. He's gorgeous with rich chocolate brown hair and brown eyes with little flecks of gold in them. He's beautiful and for some reason he wanted me. He wanted me because his friends dared him to seduce the quote "most hideous" kid in school. Me."

"Taylor almost immediately told his father that I was molesting him among other things. He outed me before the whole school and had his friends lynch me with their sticks. Usually they made sure I always had bruises but where no one could see. The only thing that saved me was this all happened while there was only a week of school left."

"The Headmaster didn't want to make it known his son was involved so he can't expel me. At least not for snogging his son. Instead he used the one reason he could legally have me expelled to the school of his choice. My weight or technically my health. He told me to my face that he thought it impossible that the fattest tub of lard in the history of man could ever get into good shape even with a heavenly miracle."

"I arrived two days before you so you didn't see Dad's response when he first read the letter from the Headmaster. He probably hates me even more than he hates you now. You're a freak of nature but I am the freak against nature."

Harry knew very well how intolerant Vernon was of anything that didn't fall under his classification of normal. Harry might be a wizard but he was only the unwanted child of his wife's sister. Dudley on the other hand was his gay son. His flesh and blood.

Well it explained why Dudley's birthday had been ignored like his own.

This new information had Harry watching his uncle even more carefully than usual. More and more often Uncle Vernon would spend his nights drinks and mumbling to himself in a voice to soft to hear. It was a type of drinking Harry had learned to fear as in the past it had often been a prelude a beating with Uncle Vernon's belt. Only now instead of eyeing Harry Uncle Vernon was eyeing Dudley.

It wasn't until almost the end of summer that Uncle Vernon finally snapped. Business was actually going good from Vernon. He'd taken a day off to celebrate and had ended up consuming a massive quantity of alcohol. A day spent in a rather jovial mode took a turn for the worse when night came.

It was nighttime and both Harry and Dudley had already retired for the night. Harry awoke to the sound of screaming and breaking furniture.

Harry had no trouble identifying Dudley's screams and Vernon roars. In a way Harry had been expecting this and dreading it. Part of him didn't believe Uncle Vernon would actually ever do this to his spoiled golden child. While another part of him knew Vernon would.

As usual his door was locked from the outside. Fred and George had shown him how to pick locks but he didn't have the time to find his picks and fiddle with the lock. Harry shoulder rammed the door three times before realizing he was wasting his time. Of all the doors in the house his was probably the most solid.

Vernon was screaming something about beating the "perversion" out of Dudley and something about "Bloody Faggots". Harry had a very bad feeling that Vernon might end up beating his own son to death.

Remembering something from his Tae Kwon Do class Harry got into a stance. Like his sensei had taught Harry focused himself for his next move. He was going to have to use all his weight and momentum to pull this off.

He would not fail another person like Cedric.

That did it. Anger, almost rage got added to his fear and determination. Harry power kicked the door. The door practically exploded from its frame but Harry didn't stop to admire his handiwork.

Harry ran down the hall only to be once again confronted by a locked door. He tried the handle a few times before backing up and getting into his stance once again and kicked the door.

Unfortunately unlike his own door Dudley's wasn't as solid as his own. Instead of removing the door Harry managed to make a nice hole in it. A hole his foot was stuck in.

A difficult situation to be in especially with bare feet. Still Harry didn't spend time worrying about splinters. He jerked his foot form the hole then stuck his arm in reaching for the lock.

When he finally got the door open he found Dudley a bloody mess on the floor cowering from his father. Vernon was merciless as his belt and buckle. Each swing was causing blood to fly and Dudley to scream. Dudley was beyond making coherent cries for mercy from his father. All that existed for Dudley was the burning pain as belt and buckle tore into his flesh.

He didn't even think about it. He moved between Dudley and Vernon.

For his trouble his chest was laid open by Vernon's belt. Yet even before the pain could register a huge meaty fist backhanded him. The force of the blow completely destroyed his glasses and threw him into Dudley's entertainment center.

The expression about having your bell rung applied to Harry. His head was ringing and blood was dripping down his face. Shards of glass were embedded in his face from his destroyed lens. Besides the ringing ears and bloody face he was feeling strangely hot, almost feverish.

In his mind images started flashing by, one after another. Hundreds, maybe thousands, or even millions of images. Memories of every harsh word, every hungry night, and every blow ever struck. Years of repressed started to bubble to the surface like lava.

Something about the anger awakened something in Harry. It wasn't just rage but something else, something powerful, and something frightening.

Harry got to his feet with a roar. His emerald green eyes were glowing and angry nuclear color. Like an atom bomb waiting to go off.

"You Son of a Bitch!!!" screamed Harry. Then Harry grabbed Vernon by the throat and with one hand lifted him off the floor. He then slammed Vernon into the wall. "You Bastard! If you Ever lay a Hand on me or Anyone else Ever again I'll rip off your arms and Feed them to You! Then I'll take all your belts, shove them up your ass and try to start you like a Lawnmower!"

All through this little speech Harry would pull back and slam Vernon back into the wall.

"You better hope we Never meet again you Worthless Piece of Shit!" This time instead of slamming Vernon into the wall he actually threw he through the wall. The force of the throw sent Vernon through Dudley's wall and the wall behind it. Harry didn't bother to look where Vernon landed.

The little speech had caught Dudley's attention and he watched his cousin throw his father through the wall one handed.

"We're leaving." Was all Harry said. Suddenly hundreds of little glowing lights swarmed around Harry then they flew off. Dudley watched the little lights gather pick up all his things. Then as he watched as they shrunk his things then placed them in his backpack. When he room was bare the glowing lights carried in Harry's trunk which apparently had been similarly packed. The light then swirled around his backpack and Harry's trunk and shrunk them. The lights carried the toy sized packages to Harry and dropped them into his hand then they disappeared.

Harry then picked up Dudley and left number 4 Privet Drive for the last time. Once outside Harry pulled his wand out of somewhere and summoned the Knight Bus. A flash of light and Harry carried Dudley onto the bus.

"St.Mungo's." was all Harry said to the driver before settling Dudley onto one of the beds.

About ten minutes later they arrived at St.Mungo's the wizard's hospital. Luckily by now Harry had calmed down so he eyes were no longer glowing. There was still a glimmer to them that hadn't been there before but nothing too noticeable. Still Dudley was in too much pain to care if Harry was in a grass skirt and glowing pink.

Harry paid for the ride and carried Dudley into the hospital. The nurses didn't bother asking questions. Dudley was carried away and so was Harry himself.

It wasn't until hours later after all his wounds had been treated that Harry realized no one recognized him. He was used to the way he looked now. After all his Mom had red hair and Harry just figured it was some sort of weird wizard's puberty. As it stood Harry was more than willing to keep his identity a mystery. The one thing that would have given him away was his scar but it was covered up by the healing cuts on his face. Once the glass was removed they weren't too serious so they were healing naturally.

Despite using magic to quicken the healing process Dudley was in the hospital for a week. Apparently physically made wounds took longer to heal than magically made ones. It was one of those strange rules of magic.

During the week of Dudley's recovery Harry had plenty of time to think. Something he hadn't much time for during the summer. One of the first things that came to mind was the lack of visions about Voldemort. He wasn't sure if he was relieved by this or disturbed. Either Voldemort was recovering from his rebirth or playing possum from the fools in the ministry. Either way it worried Harry. At least when he had the visions he had some idea about what Voldemort was doing.

The next thing that came to mind was what was he going to do with Dudley. He had more than enough money to support them for several lifetimes. They weren't going back to the Dursleys no matter what. He couldn't go to the Burrow or Sirius because that would just put them in danger. He decided it would be best to stay in a muggle inn until school started.

Before checking Dudley out of St.Mungo's Harry made a trip to Gringotts to pay for the hospital stay and the other things they were going to need. Luckily Gringotts didn't care who you were as long as you had your key. Business was business. He took out a large amount of galleons then took and equally large amount of muggle money.

Harry returned to St.Mungo's and checked Dudley out. The diagnosis was clear for Dudley but the doctor proscribed future therapy for Dudley. All his physical scars were gone but he had plenty on the inside that would be raw for a long time.

They ended up staying at an inn called Hatchets & Hand Grenades. It was a tavern in front and a quiet inn in back. Harry also paid a little extra for the no questions policy. It's big draw was its location, only four streets away from the Leaky Cauldron.

"We'll stay here until school starts." Said Harry.

"But what about money?" asked Dudley he looked up from all his worldly possessions in his right hand. Harry had given him the shrunken backpack as they left the hospital.

"Don't worry about it. My parents left me money." Said Harry.

Dudley looked like he was going to say something but he stopped. He decided he didn't want to ask but there was something he wanted to know.

"Why are you being so nice to me? I've treated you like shit your whole life. You must hate me but you saved me from… him." Finished Dudley quietly.

"I don't know. I'm not some golden miracle child despite what the wizarding world thinks. I stopped Vernon because I wouldn't and I won't let anyone suffer like that. Not if I can stop it. Screw whatever nobility you find in that statement I never want to see or hear another suffer as I have."

"Did I hate you? Maybe. I don't really care. As of now you don't even rank on my scale of evil. People change and you obviously have changed or you wouldn't have even bothered asking. You are an overweight spoiled brat but you're changing. We're all changing. Life makes you become whoever you need to be to survive. Or you end up dead." Said Harry in a fatalistic voice.

"Harry? Wha…?" asked Dudley in surprise and concern.

"Sounded a bit bitter did I? You know what the wizarding world calls me? The Boy Who Lived. It's like some horrible title I can never get away from. You know this scar? It's famous as well. It marks me as the only survivor of the Killing Curse. I got this scar the night my parents were murdered from their murderer."

"But I thought they died in a car crash?" said Dudley puzzled.

"That's a lie! An evil wizard by the name of Voldemort killed them." Harry proceeded to give Dudley a full history of his life that Dudley had known nothing about.

"My wonderful title that has everyone staring at my forehead in awe. Boy Who Lived. What they never say is for me to be the Boy Who Lived then others must have died. Others die while I survive. Maybe its not a title but my curse." Finished Harry with a bitter laugh.

Dudley was pale faced after the story. Harry hadn't really left anything out in his explanation to his cousin. Dudley had know Harry all his life and yet he suddenly realized he didn't know him at all. Once upon a time this wouldn't have bothered him but it did now.

Dudley decided to change the subject. "I don't want to go back to Smeltings."

Harry accepted the change of conversation without commit. "Fine where do you want to go?"

"I think I'll go to the military school the Headmaster mentioned." Said Dudley.

Harry didn't ask for reasons and as things turned out it was an easy adjustment to make. They wrote a letter to the Headmaster of Smeltings and he was more than happy to handle the paperwork for the transfer. He was even nice enough to send a list of school supplies Dudley would need at the Dunford Military Academy. It was actually a rather prestigious school.

This left Dudley and Harry only one more thing they needed to do before school started.

"Let's go shopping."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end chapter one~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Author's notes- Well I decided to take on the challenge issued by Severitus. The whole point of this is to reveal Harry as Snape's son but here's an interesting question. Who's Snape's father? Like any other writer I thrive on responses good or bad. So burn me or praise me tell me if you like it.

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