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Quick recap : "Were do you think you're going my little Marid?" I spun around to see Sa'luk smile wickedly at me from a nearby ledge he reached into his pouch and pulled my crystal lamp from it. I gasped as he held it in his hand and pointed upward. I glanced up at saw through the skylight, to my horror that the sun had just reached its highest point, I was officially twenty years old, and Sa'luk had my lamp. I paled as I stared at him and I saw him whisper something under his breath. Next thing I knew sliver mist erupted from my lamp spiraling toward me and started to circle me like a shark. I glanced around, unsure of what to do. I tried to walk out of the swirling vortex of silver mist but the minute I touched it my arm burned with pain and I jerked back.

Tears filled my eyes as my worst nightmare was coming true before my eyes. "Somebody HELP ME!"


I was shaking with terror as the mist started to surround me. It became thicker and thicker, becoming, almost like a cocoon. I could hear my friends calling out to me from the other side. Al, Yang, even the triplets. I couldn't move, the mist burned like hellfire. There was nothing I could do but let the tears fall as the mist consumed me. The instant it touched my skin I screamed. The mist felt like it set my skin ablaze; it felt like it was tearing my dna apart, changing it, and slamming it back together. All I could see was silver every which way I looked so I squeezed my eyes shut and cried. It felt like an eternity, but I think it only lasted a few minutes. I felt the pain slowly ebbed away and I sank gratefully to my knees. I felt someone shaking my shoulders and as sound returned I could hear Al repeating my name over and over, begging me to be ok. I slowly, reluctantly opened my eyes. I blinked up at Al's shocked expression. Everything looked normal but from his expression I could tell something was wrong. I glanced down and barley refrained from screaming. My skin was silver, not gray, metallic silver! My outfit had changed to an electric blue top that looked more like a sports bra. However from my waist down my body was gone. In its place I saw silver mist, like when genie first came out of his lamp, I followed the trial of mist to its source and saw my lamp, sitting in the palm of Sa'luk's hand. I swallowed hard, feeling myself shake in terror as the gravity of the situation hit me. Al squeezed my shoulders reassuringly but one look at his face proved he was scared.

"I summon the Marid Anala into servitude through her crystal lamp." My head snapped in the direction of Sa'luk's voice to see his triumphant smirk. "Come here slave!" I opened my mouth to retort a tingling feeling came over my whole body. I felt myself float off the ground and hover a few feet above it. My body started moving of its own volition.

"Yes master!" I flinched as the monotone words flew out of my mouth and my body floated over to Sa'luk, my eyes wide in terror. His hands landed on my shoulders and he spun me to face my companions.

"She's mine now!" he hissed gleefully at them and I saw Al's hands clench into fists. Sa'luk gripped my chin firmly in his fist, forcing me to meet his eyes and he smiled, "destroy them slave," he snickered.

I paled and opened my mouth to refuse, but the only words that came out where, "As you command Master!" I shot threw they air and tackled one of the thieves sending us sprawling backwards he threw me over him but I floated before I hit the ground and then their was a ball of fire in my hands. The thief's eyes widened in terror and I could feel tears trickling down my cheeks as I threw it at him. I watched in horror as the flames closed in on him. But then at the last second Cassim shoved him out of the way and I let out a sigh of relief. However it was short lived as I shot lightning at Cassim, he back flipped away just in time but I sent a cascade of lightning bolts after him which he barley dodged. "Anala stop this we are on the same side!"

I shook my head tears streaming down my face, "I….I ….can't control….my…my body!" I sobbed. "You have to fight back, don't worry about hurting me, just don't let me hurt you!"

Faiz, Ghadir, and Rasim looked worriedly at each other but after a few mumbled words from Yang they nodded sadly and drew their swords. I smiled encouragingly, which must have looked really weird considering I was shooting lightning and fireballs at them. Faiz charged and leapt at me with his sword raised. My body wasn't moving, and in a few moments I knew why glancing down I noticed my body had become transparent and Faiz flew right threw me, and collided with the rocky wall. I glanced over at Sa'luk who had leapt onto the floating hand in the center of the chamber and was slashing his golden claws at Al. my heart felt like it was tearing itself in two, I wanted to protect my friends, but I was the one doing them harm. Suddenly Rasim appeared out of nowhere and slammed the hilt of his sword into my side sending me staggering. I would have expected to have stayed down but I was up in a flash and send an uppercut right to his jaw. Rasim dropped like a rock. I was just able to registers that he was only unconscious when Ghadir leapt on my back, and wrapped his arms around my neck. My human survival instincts kicked in and I grabbed onto his arm trying to pry him off. Then I threw him over my shoulder causing him to land on top his brother, hard. I spun and threw a fire ball at Yang, who moved to the side but not fast enough. As the fire ball past him the flames licked at his outer robe setting it on fire. I fought with my vocal cords until I was able to croak out, "Y…y…yang….. …robe..f…fire!" he glanced down and swore slipping his outer robe off his shoulders and dropping it to the rising water below. I was able to get my uncooperative body to turn it's attention away from Yang but not to stop it from launching me at some of the others that came with us, shooting fire and lightning combos at them causing them to dodge and attract in retaliation. I had just delivered an right hook to the cheek of one of the thieves causing him to land on his back starring fearfully up at me as my fingers crackled with electricity. My body shook as the magic that bound me to Sa'luk's command and my own personality battled for dominance. Unfortunately I was unable to beat magic as I raised my hand, and pointed straight at the poor man's heart. I shot lightning straight at him, in a fatal blow only to have it absorbed by a blue mass an instant before it would have hit the thief. I blinked and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Genie." The one word took lot of control to force through my unmoving lips but that was all he needed to hear. Genie poofed back to his original form and smiled sadly at me.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here to stop him Anala." I lost look filled his eyes and I smiled and shook my head.

"N…not…y…your fault."

"SLAVE DESTROY THE GENIE!" dread filled my heart as Sa'luk's command rang out and echoed through the cavern. I paled and fought the command with my very being. Genie, meanwhile snarled at Sa'luk.

"Leave her alone!" he shot blue lightning at Sa'luk who jumped back in time to be spared. I knew it couldn't have killed him, Genie's can's kill. Unfortunately however, Marids aren't bound by that rule. I shot at Genie and wrapped my arms around his waist sending us careening into the walls, then we were a blur of movement, lightning and fire. It broke my heart to be fighting this way with Genie but I was glad he knew enough to fight back; if he kept my bound body occupied I would be far less likely to harm someone who couldn't fight back. suddenly Genie's lightning struck my shoulder and I screamed and dropped the twenty feet to the ground. I struggled to sit up and clutched my shoulder painfully. Tears poured from my eyes and I heard the words from will the sun ever shine again (Home on the Range) being sung from my mouth.

Rain is pourin' down like the heavens are hurtin'.

Seems like it's been dark since the devil knows when.

How do you go on, never knowin' for certain,

Will the sun ever shine again?

I felt a slight pressure on my uninjured shoulder and glanced over to see Genie's hand resting reassuringly I smiled sadly up at him and fought off the magic as it tried to take control and kill the man I loved.

Fells like it's been years since it started to thunder.

Clouds are campin' out in the valley and glen.

How do you go on, when you can't help but wonder.

Will the sun ever shine again?

What if the rain keeps fallin'?

What if the sky stays gray?

What if the wind keeps squallin',

And never go away?

Genie wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly as he sung softly in my ear.

Maybe the soon the storm will be tired of blowin'.

Maybe soon it all will be over, amen.

I shook my head and sang back sadly.

How do you go on, if there's no way of knowin'?

Will the sun ever shine?

Wish I could say.

Send me a sign-

One little ray.

Lord, if you're list'nin', how long until then?

Will the sun ever shine again?

I wish I could have stayed that way forever, safe in Genie's arms but my ability to fight off the magically control faltered and lightning shot from me to him and he gasped in pain and staggered back from me. I felt tears stream down my face and I rushed over to him. He lay on the ground eyes closed. I held his face in my hands and breathed a sigh of relief when his eyes opened and he smiled. I rested my forehead against his.

"I…I'm so so sorry." He kissed me

"I love you Anala, this isn't your fault."

I nodded and kissed him again, then Cassim's voice called out, "Sa'luk stop this, call off the control on Anala and I will give you the hand of Midas! I froze, Cassim would give up the treasure he'd been searching his whole life, for me?

Sa'luk threw his head back and laughed, "Why would I trade a completely loyal slave, for an object I can just have her steal? Slave! Retrieve the hand of Midas and kill anyone who stands in your way." I hung my head as my body flew toward Cassim. He looked between Sa'luk and myself, seemingly torn and he barely had time to back out of the way and I flew past. I looped around and threw a fire ball at him. He flipped out of the way and narrowed his eyes in concentration. His focus on dodging my fire balls drew his attention away from the fact that he was getting closer and closer to the fact that he was backing toward the edge of the ledge we were standing on. I tried to open my mouth to warn him but the magic must have been getting stronger because I was unable to say anything. I threw another fire ball right at his feet causing the section of ground to give way sending him falling twoward the rising water. I shot forward to go after him but Sa'luk's voice barked out, "Leave him!" and I instantly stopped watching helplessly as he feel closer and closer to the water below. Just before he hit however a golden blur speed through the skylight and caught him flying him back up to the ledge and setting him down, my jaw dropped as I saw the man standing, or floating in front of me. He looked like me, only he was gold colored. I opened my mouth but was unable to speak. He smiled at me and floated over to me.

"Rest easy child we are here to help."

Forcing my vocal cords to work I was able to say one word, "WE?"

He nodded and gestured up at the skylight where six other floating men that where white, green, red, yellow, purple, and orange. I looked back at him and he explained, "We felt that another one of our kind was in distress and came to lend you aid."

I blinked, "Then…y…your…"

The green one floated down and rested a hand on my shoulder reassuringly, "That's right," he said in a deep voice with a slightly Irish accent, "We're Marids!"