Jefferson had spent 18 years watching the people in the house by the hill. He knew each and every one of their routines. He knew who was supposed to be related to whom and he knew each and every one of their names. HE even knew about the people that Regina didn't want anyone knowing about. Everyone locked in the asylum? He knew all about them.

So the man on the motorcycle sitting across from him was an enigma. He was not known to Jefferson, his routine wasn't the same as everyone else's….and he came up to the hill and knocked on Jefferson's door.

All three were peculiar, he was from the outside world, he had to be. But that was impossible, ever since the escape from the little boy no one got in and no one got out of this town so how on earth did he…?

Unless he was one of them.

Jefferson served the man tea and listened as he the puppet explained his situation. He told him about the curse and why they were all there (as some facts were known to Jefferson but not all)…and he told Jefferson about the only way to break it. An eighteen year old girl with a baby she'd just birthed.

"You sent that woman to jail," Jefferson noted and took a sip of his drink.

"Yes," August told him, "For her own good."

"And how is that?" Jefferson asked, "Imprisoning her alone and pregnant in a world she doesn't belong in?"

This man…August shifted uncomfortably, "I know I've done her a world of wrong."

"And you expect me to pick up the pieces?"

"The curse will start to weaken on her 28th birthday, but for that to happen…she must be here and for her to be here…she has to have a reason to stay. Emma has given up her son for adoption."

And there it was.

Jefferson scoffed and looked around the room. He couldn't even protect his daughter, what made this man think he was capable of protecting someone else's?

"And you want me to take him?" Jefferson asked.

"Good house, lots of room, a lonely father separated from his child…," August watched Jefferson bristle at the mention of his daughter, "Your Grace could wake up and have a family, but she won't wake up if we don't get Emma here."

Jefferson slammed his hand angrily down, "And you think I want her to wake up and live like this?"

"Do you want her to be asleep and live as Paige? She's not. She's Grace."

"There is a third option," Jefferson protested. "There always was, there had to be."

"Not this time," August studied him, "This is a deal that benefits everyone. You'll have someone to give all this to, you won't be alone, the boy will have a parent that would care for him and Emma-."

"-If she comes."

"She will," August looked perturbed at the interruption, "She has to come. She has to be here by the time she's 28 and we're providing her with a way."

"Forcing her."

"The point is that she has nowhere to go and this would be a good opportunity for her," August said with clenched teeth, "And all you have to do is bring the boy in."

Jefferson cleared his throat. He didn't want to be a part of all this curse nonsense, he'd gotten involved in Regina's affairs once and he was still paying for that, "Regina would suspect something."

"Not if you pay Rumpelstiltskin to get all the paperwork required so that you can adopt him as...legally as one of our own can.."

It was a good offer, Jefferson weighed the advantages. If he got the boy here…and found a way to bring Emma here too then he could befriend her…if he took care of her boy then she would feel indebted to him and she would get him his daughter first. She would send them home and he would allow her her son."

It was perfect. All he had to do was care for the child until then.

And what happened if he became attached? What happened I he grew attached to Emma's child and Emma wanted to stay here when he wanted to take Grace home to their world?

He'd have to cross that bridge when he came to it.

But he was a selfish man, he would hurt her.

However, when they all woke up, Emma would have her family to fall back on and she could raise her son and have everything.

"Very well," Jefferson said, "I'll do it."

"Good," August said and stood, "A family sent for him in Boston, I can probably bring him here in a matter of days. You're job in the meantime is to get the paperwork in order so that Regina doesn't find out what we're doing."


Two days later August drove up in a car that Jefferson had loaned him to get the baby. Jefferson didn't like the car; it was more trouble than it was truly worth.

He didn't like this. He didn't like using a child to get to his mother but with his daughter on the line, he had no choice. This was his chance to make sure they got home together and she didn't have to suffer like he did.

August had said something about how Emma was powerful. Surely she could do something to give him his daughter without the double mind.

"Careful," August said and handed him the bundle, "He doesn't like long car rides."

The boy had been crying. His face was read and he was shaking.

He was so…so tiny…and helpless.

And Jefferson felt an instant connection to him.

"Hey," he whispered at the boy as the child whimpered, "No, shh. It's okay, it's okay."

The child looked up at him through his tiny little eyes and Jefferson felt a protective instinct wash over him.

"It's okay little one, daddy's here."