Emma spent most of the morning shopping for clothes. Jefferson told her that she could get whatever she wanted and the clothing choices were so limited that Emma felt like she could take full advantage of that without driving up the bill.

Jefferson left her alone for the most part. And even though Emma was grateful for him not smothering her or watching her carefully, she really wanted to be close to Alex. That was still a work in progress. It'd been less than a day since she saw her son for the first time. Emma understood without them talking about it that things had to be taken slow. Emma couldn't be a mother, she wasn't mother material. She had to…figure it out and work at it but not yet. Not now…

Emma finished her shopping for clothes and went to get some supplies from the general store. She appreciated Jefferson's attempts, but the shampoo he'd bought her made her hair dull and lifeless and she was allergic to the soap he bought.

Oh, and this store had giant Apollo bars. She could live in here.

Emma shoved a couple into her basket and turned the corner to go check out.

As she turned, the corner, she collided hard with another woman. The surprise made Emma drop her basket and she cursed and went to collect the things that scattered on the floor.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going."

Emma wanted to bite back an angry remark. The prison she was sent to was minimum security, but there were a few nasty ones in there. A couple of people had been 'bumped into' during a crowd and stabbed because they made them angry. Emma wasn't really a fan of getting knocked into after that, she'd had nightmares all throughout the pregnancy of getting hurt.

"It's fine, I wasn't…whatever," Emma looked up and stared into the eyes of the dark headed woman. When their eyes met, the woman looked confused for a second and then she broke into a smile. Emma wasn't entirely comfortable with how the woman wouldn't take her eyes off her, "Hi."

The woman's smile fell, "Sorry. I feel like we've met before."

"We haven't," Emma said, "At least, I don't think so."

"Have you ever been here before? I'm not sure I've seen you…"

"No, I'm…," Emma gave a small smile, "I'm new."

"Wow, there hasn't been a new person in town for as long as I can remember," she said. It sounded weird. She sounded almost like she was in a haze, "I'm…I'm Mary Margaret, I'm a teacher here."

"Emma," Emma introduced herself politely.

"Have you…have you seen the down?"

"A little," Emma shrugged, "Not that much to see."

"Well, this town's bigger than you think," Mary Margaret smiled and for some reason…Emma felt comforted by her smile, "Quite a lot of nooks and crannies to be discovered…"

"Yeah," Emma looked over her shoulder, "So…then maybe you could help me find a job?"


Emma spent most of the day filling out applications. She didn't tell Mary Margaret much about herself, she wasn't sure she wanted to trust her yet. She didn't land anything…she didn't expect that she would yet…but give it time. The old lady at the diner said that maybe she could use some help.

"I'm back," Emma announced when she drove back up the hill and came through the doors.

"I'll be down in a minute," Jefferson called from up the stairs.

Emma wondered down to the living room and she saw the bassinet. She swallowed nervously and crept over. Her son was awake. Emma gave him a gentle smile, "Hey Alex."

He gave her a curious look and she smiled at him and let him take her finger. She kissed his fist, "I got you something."

She pulled out a small stuffed bear. He burst into a grin when he saw it and made a little baby noise at the back of his throat.

"Oh," she reached out and brushed a finger against his face, "Hi…have you had a good day so far? I have…I made a possible friend and I've been looking for a job and I've gotten some clothes for me and you…"

"You can hold him, you know."

Emma's hands tensed on the edge of the bassinet and she looked over her shoulder to see Jefferson watching her. It was a tempting offer…one that would make her happy, but when she looked down and saw her smiling son….she froze. She was terrified that if she tried, she'd hurt him. She'd held him once before…but she'd just gotten lucky. If she held him again…she didn't want to get too attached in case Jefferson pushed her away

"You want to," he told her gently, "I can see it."

"I shouldn't," she said nervously.

"You could," he told her quietly.

"No," Emma grabbed her bags and moved past him, "Not yet.