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"….What kind of idiot steals the God Cards then summons them in the centre of the city for everyone to see?"

And then the lights blinded them.

The headlights of the bikes making them shield their eyes.

"You blokes want your cards back?"

"They're mine!" Yugi said angrily.

"All you have to do is get past us." The first biker stated.

"But we warn you….we've been known to fight dirty."
"That's right so what's it gonna be mates?"
"Fight or Flight?" The girl; the only one with no motorcycle on the back of the yellow sports-bike asked briefly peeking out from behind the driver; she like her…friends? Wore a helmet that covered her face.

"Do you think you can scare us?" Joey asked.

"Those Egyptian God Cards don't belong to you."

"Sorry to disappoint you. But they serve a new master now." The one in the centre told them holding up one card. "Pharaoh."

"If you think you've got what it takes to win back your God Cards. Follow us."

Their engines revved and they turned the girl even had the audacity to give a small two finger wave before holding onto the teen who drove the bike she rode on.

"Let's roll!"
And the thieves sped away….

Yugi and his friends had no choice but to follow them to the top of a building down town.

And that's where they met Gurimo; who claimed to have the God Cards and forced 'Yugi' into a duel.

"So far so good. He took the bait; the Boss is gonna be thrilled. As soon as the Pharaoh's life points hit zero we get his soul." The blond male of the three said.

"He's a good duellist..." The girl stated vaguely and the three looked at her sideways. "I'm not an idiot….I've done my research on this the best of my ability….lets"

They watched.

She was right.

Thanks to the Shallow Grave Spell card the Pharaoh was able to bring back 'Beta the Magnet Warrior' to the field where 'Alpha' and 'Gamma' were already there and 'Valkyrion' was Special Summoned.

True the Shallow Grave Spell card would have also allowed Gurimo to bring back one monster from his grave too but…he didn't have any.

"He better think of something quick. Or the Pharaoh's gonna kick his bum."
"Relax Valon, there's plenty of time left!" The red head of the group stated.

"Hmm…" The girl frowned.

"What you musing over Mixie?"

"Maybe nothing…maybe something…I haven't quite figured it out yet…" She mumbled.

And then Obelisk the Tormentor was summoned.

But the power was obviously getting to Gurimo.

"Looks like someone needs a rest." Valon said.


"The boss did warn us that the God Cards and the magic of the Orichalcos mightn't mix very well…didn't he?" Their female friend stated.

"I think that geezer's just getting to old for this."
"Hm; and that's why we made him duel first right to test the Pharaoh's strength." The blond nodded.

"Pharaoh the age of destruction is here….the world will be shrouded in darkness. And your very soul will fuel the force that will devastate man-kind!" Gurimo announced.

"Way to be subtle about it." She muttered.

"What do you mean by that?" The Pharaoh asked.

"A great beast is now awakening from its ancient slumber. To complete what it began centuries ago. But before this beast can rise it must absorb enough souls!"

"Who are you? And how do you know these events will come to pass?" The Pharaoh demanded.

"Someone's got a lot of questions!" Valon shouted and finally the Pharaoh and his friends noticed their presence.

"Hey it's those biker punks!" Joey shouted. "Who do you guys think you are?" He asked angrily.

"Haven't you been paying attention?" The girl of the group asked. "We're soul collectors."

"Matter of fact." The big blond said holding out what seemed to be two duel monster cards. "I've got two unfortunate souls right here in my hand."

That obviously shocked everyone but the Pharaoh continued the duel bringing back his Valkyrion Magnet Warrior making them disassemble and two of the three monsters attacked due to the 'Brave Attack.'

And yes. That did leave a rather large dent in Obelisk.

Finally Gamma attacked…..Obelisk was destroyed.

"So he got lucky…" Valon shrugged.
"He'll need more then luck wit the Seal of Orichalcos." The blond nodded.

"You can say that again." The red head agreed.

Though it was now Gurimo's turn the Pharaoh summoned 'Watapon'

"That's adorable." She couldn't help but comment.

"You're such a girl." Valon huffed.

"What's that supposed to mean!"
"Can it you two!" The blond muttered.

"Screw you Rafael." She said to herself but Valon heard her and he chuckled lightly.

Gurimo for his age was a damn good duellist blocking an attack from the Pharaoh's arguably most famous card….

And managing to summon four shield tokens (one taking the Dark Magician's hit) and three Bronze Knight Tokens.

Leaving six monsters on the field.

Which as Wheeler decided to point out blabbering on about 'duellist handbook' yada, yada, yada he can only five monsters in play at one time.

But Rafael disagreed. "You better get yourself a new rulebook. Because it sounds like yours is out dated….The Seal of Orichalcos doubles the amount of monsters his holder is allowed to have on the field."

"No way!" Joey said. "That means this creep can 'ave up to ten monsters in play at one time!"
"Correct!" Gurimo nodded. "And you can't attack my back row of monsters without first going through the front row. And sine everyone of my monsters gain five hundred attack points you'll never take them down!"
The Pharaoh did try at least to get rid of the Seal but…

Yeah that didn't work.

"Doesn't he know the magic of the Orichalcos cannot be broken down by a measly trap card?" Rafael asked.

"I guess he's a slow learner."

"He knows now." Mixie stated… 'But this is far from over.'

Almost as if he was on Que. The Pharaoh drew the very card he needed to save his Dark Magician girl and win the duel.

Dark Wave Motion.

"You're kidding me…"
"Talk about luck of the draw mates!" Valon raised an eyebrow.

"Now go Dark Magician Girl! Defeat everyone of his monsters with Dark Burning Attack!"
"You've got to be shitting me…." Mixie said.

"I lost…." Gurimo said.

"Give me those God Cards!" The Pharaoh ordered.

"No they belong to us now! Take Obelisk!"
With expert precision Gurimo threw the card out of the circle for Rafael to catch.

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" He cried as the circle closed on him… "Please spare me master!"

His soul was gone.

"Oh well. It was his own fault." Rafael stated.

"I always thought the old man was cramping our style anyway."

"Besides…now we know more about Yugi's duelling strategies."
"That's right…and that's all we really wanted to know." Mixie nodded.

"Now let's go." Rafael ordered as they turned to leave.

"Hold on!" They stopped….the Pharaoh shouted at them. "Give me back the God Cards!"

"Sorry you didn't hold up your end of the deal pal. You need to beat all of us not just one. But I'll tell you what this is for being such a good sport!" He held up the two cards that contained Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood and threw them at the Pharaoh.

"I released your friend's souls as a gift."
"I'll give ya a gift!" Joey shouted.


"Just come down here and get it! It's the gift that keeps giving again and again."

Valon laughed slightly too himself. "That ones got spunk he reminds me of me-self only dumber and not nearly as attractive. Toying with that guy's gonna be fun. Come on guys."

"Hey don't turn your back on me!"

Too late. They were gone.


The plane dipped low into the clouds.

"Here we are gang. Home sweet home."



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