Chapter 25

I awoke the next morning to the feeling of feather light touches against my skin. I really didn't want to open my eyes to see what it could be. I wanted to just curl back up against Edward and stay until 'I' was ready to get up. Those plans were soon put to the grave when I heard a light giggle along with Edward's whispered 'shh'. I finally cracked one eye open to see Gracie and Edward standing at the side of the bed, Edward holding a tray and Gracie holding a single red rose.

"Hmm, what could we have here?" I said with a cracking voice that was still rough from sleep.

"Hi Mommy! We brought you breakfast in bed! Daddy made you some pancakes while Nana fried some sausages! It was so much fun helping Daddy stirred up the pancakes. Can we have 'em every morning?" Gracie told me in a rush.

"Mmm, we'll see sweetie," I told her as I scooted up in the bed so that Edward could settle the tray across my lap.

Gracie nodded in response as she climbed up to sit next to me in the bed. Edward climbed in after her and we were all sitting there, enjoying our morning with each other. Edward was practically glowing with happiness to be home. He had missed his family and was glad to see them again.

After our breakfast in bed, Edward took Gracie downstairs so that I could get ready. We were going to drive around for a while so that he could show me some of his favorite sites. He was also going to take me for a drive-by of his old shop in Raleigh. I was excited to go, but a little concerned about leaving Gracie with his parents.

She quickly showed me how wrong I was to be the slightest bit hesitant as she pushed me out the door basically. Esme and Carlisle were going to take her to Chuck E Cheeses for lunch and she was super excited to go.

We kissed her goodbye and made sure to remind her to be good and to listen to her Nana and Pepaw. She nodded her head solemnly in agreement. Edward led me by the hand out to a car that I hadn't seen before. It had been in the garage when we got here last night and he hadn't mentioned it before. It was a black mustang and I could just picture how hot Edward would look in it. I smiled at him as he sat me down in the seat and closed my door for me.

As soon as Edward sat down and buckled up, I reached over and intertwined our fingers together. He drove us around his tiny hometown and showed me some of his favorite places. We ended up at Jordan Lake and he took me to some back road that led to a small deserted beach. This was his thinking spot when he was growing up, he thought to me.

I looked around at the peaceful water and watched as the birds fluttered from tree to tree. The sun was bright overhead and there was a light wind blowing. I understood why he was drawn to such a place to sit a while and think.

We stayed there, sitting quietly for about an hour before Edward asked me if I was ready to move on to something else. I looked at the time and realized that it was almost lunch time. "I'm getting hungry, Baby. Can we stop and get a bite to eat somewhere soon?" I thought to him as we walked back to the car.

"We can grab something at the diner back in town if you want, or we can go on to Raleigh and find something there. It's your choice. There are definitely more places to choose from in Raleigh than there are back in town," he told me after he got in the car with me.

I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that it would be just as easy to eat in Raleigh since we were already on the way there. Edward and I talked about it and decided to swing by Ruby Tuesday for a quick bite to eat before he took me by his old shop. We talked about where we were going to take Gracie this evening to Trick-or-Treat and he told me about a nice subdivision that was near his parents house that always went all out for Halloween for the kids. He told me about all of the decorations that would be there. It wouldn't be anything too scary, as it was more for the younger kids than the older ones.

When we pulled into the parking lot of Ruby Tuesday's, I sat in the car and waited for Edward to come around and open my door for me. I reached out and grabbed his hand and let him pull me up from the seat. When I was standing, I wrapped my arms around his waist for a brief hug. I reached up and ran my nose along his jawline as I inhaled his wonderful scent.

Edward tightened his hold on my waist as he leaned in and captured my lips with his own. When his tongue swept over my bottom lip, I couldn't help the shudder that went down my spine.

Wrapping my fingers in the hair at his neck, I tugged gently on his hair wanting him to deepen our contact. I felt a surge of desire low in my belly as he slid his tongue in my mouth to wrap around my own. By this point Edward was leaning against the car and had me wrapped in his arms, while I leaned on him.

We finally broke apart when we heard someone laughing loudly nearby. We shared a sheepish smile with each other as we realized that we had forgotten that we were standing in a public place. I placed one last lingering kiss against his sexy lips before I pulled away and lead him toward the door of the restaurant. Edward reached around me and opened the door for me and held it as I walked through. Once we gave our name and number for a table we only had to wait for a short while before we were seated at the bar in the smoking section.

I decided to order an Amaretto Sour while we waited for our lunch. Edward just stuck with a Mt. Dew since he was driving. He ordered the Rib-Eye (medium), fresh broccoli, and white cheddar mashed potatoes. I decided to go for the Chicken and Broccoli Pasta. It sounded really good with the slow-roasted chicken and fresh broccoli over penne in a parmesan cream sauce. My stomach was starting to growl, just thinking about the food. I hadn't realized how hungry I had gotten.

I sipped on my drink while Edward and I talked and smoked. It was a relief for us both when our plates were set before us on the bar. Our food was really delicious and we were soon finished. Edward dropped a tip on the bar before he led me over to the door.

We were soon on our way downtown, going towards Edward's old shop. I tried to talk him into taking me in there, but he still refused. It's not that I want to see the people there, I just want to see where he used to do his art. He told me that he thought that he may have pictures somewhere and that it was going to have to do. I finally gave in and agreed with him. I didn't want to make him even more uncomfortable than he already was.

We discovered something though. When we drove by, Edward must have been having some very vivid mental images going through his mind, because suddenly I could see the inside of the shop ect. in my mind too.

I turned to him quickly and grinned at him. "Baby, this is way better than pictures! All you have to do is think about the place in detail and then I can see it through our link" I told him.

"Well, at least we don't have to stop now. You can just search through my brain." he told me with a laugh.

We didn't spend long passing by. I saw the front of the shop and Edward provided images of his work area there. Once we were moving on down the road our conversation turned to our costumes for tonight. We had finally decided to dress as Woody and Jesse from the Disney movie Toy Story 2. Gracie was excited about our costumes even though I was rather self-conscience about it. Edward was looking forward to dressing up himself. He told me it was just so that he could play with a lasso and rope me. I laughed at him in reply.

It was now getting close to four in the afternoon so we decided to go on back to the house so that we could start getting ready. It would be dark by six so that gave us a couple of hours to get us all ready.

I glanced over at Edward as we pulled up in his parents driveway and I was trying to picture him dressed in his Woody costume. We had ordered them a few weeks before, but he refused to let me see him dressed up yet. He kept telling me that I had to wait and see him on Halloween night. So, I made sure that he didn't see me in my Jesse costume. Edward caught me and my thoughts and grinned at me smugly. He was quite proud of himself for not leaking the info that I wanted. He wanted me to be surprised.

I led him into the house and we were ambushed by Samson and Delilah. I realized that we hadn't spent much time with them since we had gotten here, so we spent a while with them playing and loving on them.

Looking up I saw Esme and Gracie standing in the doorway to the kitchen as they watched Edward and I. I smiled in welcome and held out my arms. Gracie came running over and gave me a big hug before she went and hugged Edward.

"Did you have fun today Baby Girl?" I asked her when she had finished.

"I did Mommy. Nana and Pepaw were so much fun. They let me play games and slide on the big slide and everything!" she told us while standing with one arm draped across Edward's shoulder.

"I'm glad you had fun Gracie." Edward told her as he leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the top of her blond head.

"Nana said that it's time for me to dress up now. Can we Mommy? I wanna go!" she told me as she started bouncing in place.

"Sure we can Gracie. We have to get you a bath first, but then we can get you in your costume and then we can go. OK?" I told her as I stood up from the floor.

"OK Mommy!" she told me as she started tugging on my hand, trying to lead me up the stairs to the bathroom.

I called a quick hello to Esme before I followed Gracie. I believe that it was the shortest bath that the child had ever had. She was so excited about dressing up that as soon as her hair was washed and her body clean she was ready to get out. I wrapped her up in a big soft towel and let her lead the way into her room.

While she finished drying herself off, I found her costume's and laid them out on her bed.

"So, Gracie. Have you decided which one that you would like to wear tonight?" I asked her as I gestured to the outfits.

"Mommy, I wanna wear Cinderella's dress and Tinkerbell's wings. Can I do that?" she asked me with a big smile on her face.

I thought it over quickly and decided that it would work. I nodded yes to her and she jumped up to give me a hug.

I pulled the dress over her head and fastened it. Then I grabbed the wings from the other costume. I carefully slid the elastic over her arms and got them situated on her back. She looked so cute.

"You're Tinkerella Gracie! You look beautiful sweetie." I told her as I held her hand and let her twirl around.

Finally we got her white tights and a pair of white slippers on her and she was finished.

I led her carefully down the stairs to the living room where Edward and Esme were waiting. When they saw her they broke out into huge grins and complimented her on her style.

"Daddy, I'm Tinkerella. Mommy said so!" Gracie told them quickly.

I let Gracie know that I had to go get into my costume and Edward reminded her that he had to put his on too. Esme told us to go ahead and that she would keep an eye on Gracie for us.

I led Edward back up the stairs by one hand. When we got to the bedroom, he pulled me to him and I quickly wrapped my arms around his waist. We shared several kisses before we pulled apart.

Edward walked over to his suitcase and grabbed the bag that contained his costume before he tossed me a wink and let me know that he was going to the bathroom down the hall to get ready. I walked over to him and reaching up, I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head down for a quick kiss. I licked his bottom lip and then tugged on it gently with my teeth. When I was satisfied with his reaction, I let him go and told him to get on with it.

I couldn't help the smirk that crossed my face when I looked at his reaction. He was standing there with a dazed look on his handsome face. He finally gathered his thoughts and gave me the evil eye before he left the room.

"You're gonna pay for that later, Baby. Just you wait and see!" I heard him think to me as he walked down the hallway.

"Bring it on Baby. You know you want me!" I thought back at him.

When I didn't hear a reply from him, I went over and got out my costume. I looked it over and wondered again how I had gotten suckered into wearing it. I sighed to myself as I went into the bathroom for a quick shower. Wasting no time, I quickly shaved and washed before getting out and drying off. I decided to dry my hair before I put on my own jeans (instead of the stretchy jean colored material that came with the costume) and adding the shirt, vest, and red cowboy hat. I looked myself over in the mirror and decided that it was as good as it was going to get. I brushed on some mascara and a little bit of lip gloss and called it done.

My final step was pulling on my boots and then I was finished. I did one more once over and then went on down to the living room. I had just gotten in there and sat down when I heard Edward coming down the stairs. I kept my eyes peeled, ready to see him in all of his 'Woody' glory.

The first thing I saw was his brown cowboy boots as my eyes trailed up his legs. His jeans were very form fitting and sat low on his hips. He had on a brown belt with a big round buckle on it. The shirt he was wearing was white and the vest fit him very nicely with only the middle button buttoned up. When I got to his brown cowboy hat I think I swooned a bit there in my chair. Good Lord, my man was hot!

He looked me over with the same attention to details and let a slow sensual smile grace his lips. I was caught in the deep green depths of his eyes and didn't notice that he was now standing in front of me. I startled a bit when his hand suddenly pulled my own to get me to stand up. Once standing he motioned for me to spin around for him. Apparently, he really liked the view. He groaned quietly before he pulled me tight to his chest to leave a burning kiss against my lips.

I sighed in bliss as we stood there, wrapped up in the other. Even though the hats were a little awkward, we managed to make due just fine. There is not telling how long we stood there before we heard a throat clearing behind us.

Edward pulled away but kept his arm wrapped around me as we turned to see his mom and dad standing in the doorway with Gracie between them. I could feel the blush start to spread across my cheeks from my embarrassment but Edward just shrugged his shoulders at them and then pulled me closer to them.

Gracie was raring to go so we told his parents a quick good bye. Esme wouldn't let us leave before she had taken what felt like a hundred pictures of us together.

I checked in my bag to make sure I had everything I needed - camera, phone, wallet, ect. When I was sure I was ready I led Gracie to the door with Edward following us.

I could tell that it was going to be a fun night, the three of us dressed up in Disney's finest.