Humphrey's P.O.V.

"As I woke up I remembered what happened last night." "Hi my sexy omega." Kate said in a sexy tone, which startled me. "Hey my lovely alpha." I said back, "I need to pull out of you, so you can go to your Alpha duties." "You're right." She said. As I slowly pull out, she moaned like she did last night.

1 week later:

I woke up after I saw Kate running out of the den. I heard her throwing up & I told her that she should see her mom. It took a while, but she finally said yes. After we walked to the main den, I waited outside. That was when Winston walked out & told me that Eve wanted to see me inside. When I walked in Kate & Lilly were talking in the back of the den, & Eve was smiling the way see did before she threatened people. I looked from her to the girls & she told me very quietly "I need you to take care of Kate until she stops breastfeeding". She said so the girls wouldn't hear her. I promised with my life.

2 months later:

Kate was getting huge in the stomach & Eve is now sleeping in the back of our den which makes me scared, but now I can hunt better thanks to Winston & Garth (mostly Winston, probably because I would provide the food to his daughter & her children.

The day before Kate gives birth:

I was hunting with Hutch & Can-do to get Kate some caribou to feed her children. That was when something startled the caribou which started the stampede. I saw that Hutch made it safe, but Can-do was in the middle of the valley with a broken arm, in which I tried to move him, but Hutch go there first. As we were making it towards the eastern side of the valley, something happened in which my arm got stuck in a hole & that was when everything went black.

Kate P.O.V.

There was a stampede so my mom (she been in the den for about a month) told me to stay in the den & she would check it out. After about an hour Lilly & I (mom told her to wait with me) were getting worried, & when she got back she had a sad look on her face. The next day was the funeral & I couldn't go because I just went into labor. Lilly & mom were here while dad was forced to go to the funeral. I had 5 pups; 3boys & 2 girls.

Humphrey Jr.: A boy name after his dead father. He has Humphrey's feature & he would become the Omega leader when he becomes old enough

Victoria: A girl named for becoming a great leader. She has golden fur with some grey streaks & Hazel eyes. She would become the Pack leader when I retire.

David: A boy named for being alive after almost dying coming out of Kate. He has Humphrey's features with golden streaks & Kate's eyes. He will become a great Omega.

Tristan: A boy named for the sadness if losing Humphrey the day before. He has Humphrey's body with Kate's legs, underbelly, & a golden part of his tail. A great Alpha he will become, with one icy blue eye & one hazel eye.

Ellen: A girl named for being the runt & the lightest. She will be a gorges blonde hair Omega with Humphrey's eyes