A/N: Well isn't this just a JeagerBombastic moment~ I'm gonna be attempting an Attack on Titan fic –koff koff- More importantly Levi x Eren. Really I've come to love this couple a little TOO much. So as always I obviously own no rights to Attack on Titan! All of this is in Levi's POV and forewarning I never finished the anime therefore idk EXACTLY how their personalities are nor do I officially know what's going on in the anime so don't worry about spoilers~

When falling do you ever feel like time has just stopped? You ever feel that jolt in your chest like your hearts just stopped? Falling was a horrible experience, and here I was falling, and hard. The day seemed normal, well if you can disregard the fact of giant monsters trying to eat all of humanity then yeah the day was as fucking normal as any other day. I was in my private study scratch that because my 'privacy' was ignored when a brown-haired girl ecstatically bounded through the door towards where I sat at my desk. This rude girl was Hanji Zoe, or as I like to call her shitty glasses. She stood before my desk practically bouncing with excitement for some reason. I gave her an exasperated look.

"Is knocking just unheard of in this god damn world?" I sighed out, she laughed whole heartedly, pushing up her glasses more on the ridge of her nose giving her specs a gleam that shielded her eyes.

"Now Corporal~ Manners should be the last thing on anyone's mind in this day and age, but enough on an etiquette tutorial I've got big news!" She gave me a lopsided grin, reminding me for a brief moment of a titans grin. I rolled my eyes though honestly my interest was triggered; I guess I could hear this one out. I leaned back in my chair, folding my arms and tilting my head to the side giving a silent command to continue talking and making it fucking good. She dug in her pockets around the assortment of straps for the 3-D gear until finally finding what she was looking for. A folded piece of paper?

"I know that look, that's the "are you shitting me" look, but I shit you not for this here tells of a delightful specimen coming to join our squad today~" She shivered in slight happiness and handed me the paper. I glared suspiciously at the offending thing.

"I never agreed to someone joining my squad."

"Didn't have to, Erwin did." She shrugged nonchalantly and leaned against my desk. "How about you just stop questioning me and look at what's inside." I sighed irritably, unfolding the paper and skimming through the information. Nothing really stuck out as amazing to me, a simple fifteen year old boy, family deceased besides his adopted sister, made it into the top ten and—

"Titan shifter…" My eyes widened just a bit at this info. Hanji nodded enthusiastically.

"Bingo! Apparently to keep him off of death's door the council ordered him to be under our wing for tests and to learn control of his titan ability while also helping to rid us of those lovely creatures." She pouted a bit at the last part of her statement, one thing you should know about this freak is she's…well a freak, a titan obsessed one.

"So he's practically the governments bitch." I mumbled out more to myself before finding the back of the paper had something that was a bit more interesting than the fact that he's a shifter.

"In a nut shell yes, but we haven't decide who would actually be the one taking him under their wing. Petra's too nice and no one else even bothered to let me finish my explanation, I guess I—

"I'll be watching the brat." I stood from my chair quickly and smoothly, striding past the open-mouthed girl and out the door. Her footsteps quickly caught up to mine.

"L-Levi!? You!? No offense but you're methods aren't exactly the best. This is my only golden opportunity to experiment with one—eep!" She quickly dodged my fist that was aimed for her head.

"He fucks up once he's dead. He will know control. You will get your time to do whatever shitty glasses likes to do with titans but from this day on he is my responsibility. He will be representing me and you know me Hanji."

"You don't make mistakes, gotcha, but I gotta ask what's really made you want to take the kid under your wing? ~" Hanji nudged me softly in the shoulder and I could only give a smirk in response when I showed her what was on the back of the paper. An innocent looking brown-haired boy with large sea green eyes stared back at her. She mouthed a slight "oooh" taking the paper and intensely observed her soon to be new specimen closely.

"I'm not seeing what you want with him unless you're trying to fuck hi—"This time my fist landed dead in her face. She fell to the ground in a comical unconscious way. I straightened out my jacket and under shirt before continuing my walk down the corridor and out towards the horse stables where I would be awaiting for this brat. Hanji's theory wasn't off though he did truly want to fuck the boy, but not quite the way she imagined it. From the picture itself the boy had a very strong willed mind, even the camera caught the sheer shine of determination in his eyes but, also the innocent playfulness it held as well. How does one expect to be, as what was said on his bio "The one who will kill all Titans", when the kid still held that one bit of innocence. Just that tiny ounce could mean the end of him and others and if he was now going to be part of his squad, even a scratch on anyone was deemed a failure. They weren't the recon corps for nothing after all. I leaned against a tree in the court yard, glancing with uninterested at the castle that was now their "home". I shuddered in disgust at the condition it was in when they had first arrived there. Dirt. Dirt Filth. Scum. Everywhere! If he hadn't took the initiative to clean the damn place it'd still be the shit hole it was. Horse gallops brought me out of my trance of damning every spec of dirt to hell and back. With a final sigh and a final goodbye to my normal life I pushed off of the tree and stood before the approaching horses, three to be precise. Each face covered in darkness from the green hoods they wore. Which was the brat I idly wondered? When the horses stopped before me and neighed softly when the reigns were pulled back to make them halt, no one made a move to get off their horse and I for one wasn't fond of waiting.

"Any of you going to address yourselves or am I going to have to kick each of your asses for wasting my time." I stated with every ounce of irritation I held. One of the hooded figures shook a bit in fear and I couldn't have been happier. One finally jumped down from their horse and without hesitation walked forward and saluted me with the signature stance of right fist to the heart. I felt my eye twitch just a bit when this person was a slight bit taller than me. Curse the god who damned me with this disadvantage! With a slight acknowledging nod of my head the figure pulled down the hood revealing an apathetic looking girl with short black hair and plump lips.

"Mikasa Ackerman, Part of squad—"

"Where's the brat?" I asked not really caring who this person was if she wasn't the boy. Her hands tightened into fists and though she kept her cool her eyes bore hatred.

"Eren is right over there sir." She pointed to her left and as if on cue the rider shyly jumped down from the horse and with more confidence walked to stand before me and the irritation from before came back tenfold when I saw that the brat was taller than me by at least a head. Strike one. He also saluted me with the hand gesture.

"Eren Jeager reporting for duty sir! Thank you kindly for accepting me into your team. I will not fail you!" His voice was…cute. Sickingly cute. Oh yes I would enjoy breaking this boy of that innocence. He studied me openly and I found myself smirking at the thought of this idiot checking me out. Quickly and with enough pressure to make him cringe I gripped his hair straight to the roots and roughly pulled him down to my eye level. The girl and the other rider, who finally decided to stop being a puss and present himself as a blond haired boy with a bowl cut hairstyle, stared in shock at this scene playing in front of them. I didn't care though I held the green eyes before me unwavering. He gulped audibly and stared back at my piercing gray eyes with confusion written clearly through his orbs of emerald.

"You definitely will not fail, because one slight mistake…" I ran my hands through tufts of soft brown hair and down towards the nape of his neck and lightly scratched the area, like my blades would cut the necks of titans. "And you're dead. Understood?" I growled out dangerously daring him to chicken out. Alas this kid was full of surprises today, his eyes were set in that hard determination and he saluted again.

"Understood Sir. Uh but if I may ask a question?" He asked timidly. I sighed and released him, roughly pushing him away making him stumble to catch his footing and not missing the way the girl glared daggers at me.

"Speak brat."

"I was told I would be under one of the higher ups order and I don't see anyone out here to greet me besides you." He tilted his head questioning me. Biggest mistake of his worthless life. Fuck strike two and to hell with strike three because this boy was out. With a raise of my eyebrow and still keeping my stoic expression I roughly kicked the boy's feet from underneath him. He fell to the floor with a nasty crack of skin and concrete connecting viciously.

"Eren!" The two called in alarm oh but I wasn't done yet. I crossed my arms and raised my foot and stomped into the middle of his back again and again and again. He grit his teeth and only let tiny screams erupt from his mouth.

"Listen well you shitty brat. I am your superior, you belong to me. Never disregard me in that disrespectful manner ever. Again. Are we clear." I stated more than asked, delivering blow after blow until I got tired of this and placed my foot back and stared with unknowing interest at the battered boy beneath me. That sounded good, beneath me, he is not only the bitch of the government but everything that was Eren, body, soul hell even his name might as well belong to me. He can be their dog but I'm the rightful master. The blond haired boy ran up to Eren's side and with frantic gestures tried to get him into a sitting position with the help of the girl but…Eren pushed them away from him. Shock crossed each of their faces even mines when he staggered to stand and placed his fist above his heart. His breathing seemed labored and his body was now bruised and dirtied with shoe marks but he still stood there with the most sincere expression I had ever seen. Even though I kicked the living daylights out of him here he was trying his hardest to not show weakness. He passed…for now.

"A-accept my apologies…It was stupid of me…to doubt you Heichou…" He shallowly breathed in after his apology. This kid…no this man may just be the most interesting thing to happen to him in a long time. I nodded my head and turned my back towards him and walked back to the entrance, I didn't even hide the smirk when I heard the loyal footsteps of my new pet following me. From the corner of my eyes I could see his wounds healing a bit possibly side effects from the titan ability and the way he looked around the castle with the curiosity of a five year old I actually found myself finding it pretty fond…maybe I was getting sick. Jeager, you will achieve your objective. Mark my words.