I know this isnt the update you all were hoping for, BUT it will give you an idea of whats going on and whats to happen with this story. Am i stopping this story? No not at all, in fact I have a few chapters started in my notebook that im going to be going over and trying to improve. For why it has taken so long to write this, I know ive told you guys ive been very ill well it seems lady luck is never on my side because about a year ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. If you have no idea what it is, its pretty much the trigeminal nerve in our faces that runs from your nose/temple to our chin. Its a very rare disease, not life threatening though its so an unimaginable pain it causes suicidal thoughts. It doesnt go away. It actually gets worse with age...medicine helps tame it but more and more you have to up the doses, as my doctor proclaims. So um skipping all that stuff, the medicine is expensive, SUPER, I was working harder and ahrder and was in so much pain I did nothing but work and instantly come home and cry myself to sleep. Its hard to eat,drink,sleep and even shower, it got so unbearable I did actually consider suicide here and there...right now I am taking a dosage that makes the pain tolerable but for how long...I dont know. But when I had free time I wrote or watched anime (the new season of attack on titan...OH MY JESUS! TAKE THE PRNDL!) About 4 month ago my hours started getting cut at work and my home life got very abusive...I didnt have internet, or a laptop, I was yelled at for nothing all the time and even beat...some days are good...I have been trying to move out and am hoping that is a reality in October with a friend of mine but I make so little and have to keep buying medicine it makes that dream seem unattainable...if you follow me on tumblr (smells-like-yaoi) or DA ( Nova-Kururugi) I am taking art commissions to help me earn money for medicine and moving out. I am even taking donations...if anyone is interested in helping, you do not have to PLEASE DONT FEEL YOU HAVE TO! If you are interested though you can donate to me on at . My whole reason for writing this was not to beg for money or to have a pity party thrown for me, it was merely to let you all know what was going on and apologize deep in my heart for making you guys wait...it still warms my heart people find my story to be interesting even a little...thank you guys. I will be uploading more I just want you all to know it may take some time because of my illness, but be prepared cause I will see this to the end! XOXO