It was the clatter of dishes in the kitchen that caught Elsa's attention.

The sound was barely audible, but the fact that it was the middle of the night was what made the woman seek out the source of the noise, even as drowsy as she was. She might have been dreaming... she wasn't entirely sure, to be honest.

Elsa furrowed a brow as she peeked in the doorway, only to have her brows shoot up into her hairline as she caught sight of what was going on. This was a first...

A person stood in the middle of the kitchens with their back to the queen, a white and gray fur pelt over their shoulders with a furred hood over their head, a loaf of bread clasped in their hands. As Elsa took a breath, they tensed and she could hear their breath hitch as they breathed a curse. "Oh, shit..."

The person whirled around, perhaps to try and find an escape, only have their shoulders sag as they realized just who was there in the doorway. The wolf's head covered most of their face, but their expression was still clear as day on their dirty and scraped face.

Air tense, the two gaped at each other. And then, the person just laughed. A dry, humorless laugh as they huffed. "Oh, of course!" The person - a girl, Elsa decided from the higher, but still rough voice - kicked the floor. "I manage to get in here, slip past all the guards and staff, actually grab a loaf of bread, only to get caught by the queen of Arendelle." Their lips curled with distaste, not for the queen, but for themselves. "Way to go, self..."

Elsa's lips twitched up as the person grumbled to herself irately, making several, and some rude hands gestures to herself, only to have the smile fall as the attempted thief pulled out a skinning knife from her belt. A feeling of cold washed over the platinum-haired woman at the action, only to get colder as the thief dropped the knife onto the floor and kicked it over to her. She couldn't quite make her mouth work properly as the thief continued to talk.

"Make it quick, if you would," The thief sighed dryly, putting the loaf on the counter behind her before dropping to a knee and bowing her head. "Call the guards, or kill me, I don't know. I'm not going to escape the Ice Queen, so I'm not even going to waste the effort."

It was strange... She didn't try to run, or attack. She just gave up...


Elsa frowned, as she picked up the knife. It was old and used often, that much she could tell, but it was obviously well-taken care of. The metal shined bright, and the blade was about as sharp as it could get. Looking back to the thief, she finally managed to get out, "What-how did you get in here...?"

She looked up and said instantly, sarcastically, with a quirk of her lips, "Very carefully." She froze as she remembered just who she was talking to and dropped her head again with a grimace. "I-I mean..." She fumbled behind her back and pulled out a grappling hook of all things, rope and all, and shrugged a shoulder before putting it back where she got it from.

Naturally, the castle was by no means easy to break into. This thief was either stupidly lucky, or incredibly talented...

"So you manage to sneak into the castle and, of all things... you steal a loaf of bread...?"

The thief blushed from under the wolf head, opening her mouth to answer, only to freeze as her stomach roared voraciously. "Something is coming; a storm, maybe," She mumbled. "I haven't... been able to hunt anything, and berries aren't very filling... plus, fighting bears over them doesn't seem... ideal." Her neck went red, visible even in the low light as her stomach groaned again.

The blonde blinked, studying the girl for a few more moments before walking over to her and grabbing the loaf of bread. As she neared, she saw the thief flinch, but took note that she didn't move away. Cutting a healthy-sized slice with the knife, she kneeled down to the pelt-covered girl and held out the piece patiently.

When the girl looked up from under the snout of her hood, she yelped at the hand reaching out and leapt back, only to trip over her feet and land flat on her rear. She moved to cover her face, only to falter as she noticed what the queen was holding out. Elsa could see that her eyes widened, even from under the shadow of her hood.

"What," She gasped, "Are you trying to poison me?! I said to make it quick! Poison is the exact opposite of quick, I don't give a damn how potent you claim it is! I gave you a knife for the gods' sake, just slit my throat! Damn..."

Her expression was exasperated, rather than fearful, as Elsa had been expecting. The blonde bit back a smile. "I'm not going to kill you over a loaf of bread."

"I... are you sure?"

The thief had said it so meekly, Elsa couldn't help but laugh a bit. "Yes, I'm sure."

The girl tentatively grabbed the bread from her hands and cradled it to her chest, looking between the slice and the queen several times as she sniffed the slice. "And... you're actually giving me this...? As in, for free? Just like that?"

Elsa tried to stifle a giggle at the thief's bewildered expression. "Yes." She paused as she heard the girl's stomach growl once again, and added gently, thoughtfully, "Though, a slice of bread isn't very filling, either. Perhaps I could find you something more filling than that..." Standing up, she moved to the fireplace in the kitchen, with a pot full of soup boiling away in the embers. "Perhaps you would like a bowl of this...?"

The thief stumbled over herself as she stuttered, "I-wait, what? I was just - I was stealing!"

"A loaf of bread, yes," The woman hummed lightly as she grabbed a bowl. "Though, I must wonder... why here? There are plenty of places to get a loaf of bread..."

Still clutching the bread to her chest, the girl fidgeted. "I... the easiest homes to steal from are the ones who need what they have the most. The ones where everyone works long and hard... they need what they have a lot more than I do," She blushed again and made a nervous noise. "I figured... take something small, from someone who wouldn't even notice it's absence..."

"For a thief, you have a good sense of morals." The queen remarked curiously.

She coughed. "I'm not - I don't usually..." She trailed off and bit her lip. "I'm-I live out in the wilds. I'll occasionally come to Arendelle to trade furs or any extra meat..."

"You live there alone?"

"I-yes, I always have, but," The thief stopped mid-sentence and studied the ice queen with caution. "Why-why are you...? You're..." She frowned. "Are you daft?" As soon as the words left her lips, from the neck up, she went red as her hands lapped over her mouth. She stumbled over her words clumsily. "I-I-I mean... why are you talking to me like I'm a guest, instead of someone who was trying to steal? Why are you so... calm?"

It was a good question. She wasn't entirely sure, herself... perhaps it was sympathy, from just how defeated the girl had seemed when she'd gotten caught...? Or, maybe this really was just a dream... she was sure that she wouldn't normally be this calm or friendly in a situation like this...

Yes, she quickly decided, this was merely a dream... Why else would she have been wandering the halls at this hour...?

"It's late, I'm tired and stressed," Elsa poured the creamy soup into the bowl and set it onto the table. "And you have yet to make any threatening moves towards me. You are one of my subjects... it is my duty to ensure your good health, is it not?"

"Erm... no, not really..." The girl looked between the queen, the soup on the counter, and the bread she still clutched in her hands like it was a priceless treasure. "But if you wish it to be, who am I to complain?" Still wary, but less so, the pelt-covered girl tentatively walked over, flinching as the woman, the queen, put a spoon in front of her, like the whole situation was a normal thing...

The corner of Elsa's lips twitched up as the girl, whose name she still didn't know, used a shaky hand to pick up the silver spoon. "What is your name?"

She faltered and lifted her head a bit, peering at her from the dark shadows of her hood as she answered, underlyin caution in her tone. "Ylva."

The blonde raised a brow. "She-wolf...?" She translated questioningly.

The girl, Ylva, blushed. "It... it was the only name I could think of that suited me well enough."

"You named yourself...?"

"My parents," She explained quietly, blush fading as she dipped the spoon into the bowl and began to idly pour the soup back into the bowl with it, clearing her throat. "I don't... I don't remember them. Or my real name. Or... anything, really."

Elsa's brows drew together in concern. "What? What do you mean by that?"

"I woke up in the forest when I was young, alone and cold," She mumbled, voice going so quiet that the queen had to strain her ears to hear her words. "I couldn't remember anything. I could talk, I knew about life in general, but when I tried to recall who I was or why I was in the wilds..." she trailed off and shook her head vigorously, forcing a small smile on her face. "I knew how to hunt and start a fire, and all the other basics... I figured that was just my home, and stayed. As I got older, I came upon Arendelle, and started trading, when I wasn't drifting. That's about it."

"That's awful..." The blonde frowned.

She shrugged, staring into the soup like it was the most interesting thing in the world. "It wasn't so bad... Not long after I'd awoken in the wilds, a young wolf-dog found me. She took care of me..."

"So is that why you named yourself Ylva?"

Said girl nodded. "Yep. You got it." Finally putting a spoon to her lips and tasting it, her eyes lit up from under the snout, and Elsa had a thought as she studied the pelt upon her shoulders.

"So... is that...?" She gestured to the pelt upon her shoulders. There really was no way to ask the question, without sounding... unqueenly.

For a few seconds, the attempted thief looked at her blankly until it finally clicked, and the girl threw her head back and laughed. "What?! You think this is-" She cracked up again and sniggered into her arm. "No, ma'am... this isn't - this is a wolf that attacked me. I had no choice but to kill it, and saw no reason to waste the fur, is all," Her smile faded just a bit. "No, my wolf simply told me to 'stay' and left when her time came. She didn't want me to see, I suppose... perhaps it was best that I hadn't."

Elsa frowned. She had just said that her wolf spoke to her...? She had never heard of such a thing, but gave a sympathetic look, regardless. "I'm sorry."

"Such is life, your majesty," She turned her attention away from the queen and began inhaling the soup. It was gone in record time, but still she didn't eat the bread, Elsa noticed. She also noticed that Ylva suddenly looked a bit ill as she leaned her forearms on the counter. "Ooh, that was a little too rich for me..."

"Are you alright...?"

"I'm great," She breathed, looking a little green as she gave a shaky breath. "I've never... never eaten anything like that... worth it, though..." She shook her head vigorously. "I should probably get going before this really hits me. Thank you, queen... um..." She trailed off awkwardly as she realized that she didn't know the queen's name.

"Elsa. My name is Elsa" Her eyes flicked to the doorway. "Would you like to have an escort, so any guards that may see you won't think you're an intruder?"

The thief snorted and flashed a smile. "Technically, I am an intruder..." Brushing off the pelt on her shoulders before grabbing the knife on the table and putting it back in the sheath tied to her belt, she gave a small, joking bow. "But not to worry, queen Elsa... the only one who will know I was here is you." She opened her mouth to say something else, only to look behind Elsa with a puzzled expression.

She turned to see what she was looking at, only to see nothing and look back at the girl. Only... she wasn't there. And it occurred to Elsa that her action had merely been a ruse...

The bowl was in the sink, spoon inside the bowl, and any crumbs that had been on the counter were gone... Only a feather laid on the table.

With a quirk of her brow, she gingerly picked up the feather and spun it between her fingers. It was half the length of her finger, soft to the touch and fluffy, white with dark brown on the very edge. It almost looked as though it had been dipped in chocolate...

The woman simply sighed and put her fingers on her temple. She really needed to sleep... the stress and exhaustion was making her imagine things.

A girl from the wilds who wore the skin of a wolf, a thief that hadn't stolen anything...

She was hanging around Anna too much. Her younger sister's wild imagination was imposing itself on her. But still... as she walked back to her room, she held onto the feather.

Author's note (feel free to ignore)~

FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK. Fuck. Why am I starting another story? AM I INSANE?!

YES. But I saw Frozen, and that amazing movie has CONSUMED my thoughts. It's ridonkulous, guys, you don't even know. I don't even know, I just have so many feelings about that movie, and I think I may have an awkward lady crush on Elsa because FUCK she's so fucking fabulous even though her whole fucking childhood and LIFE was so FUCKING bad, and she was just so fucking SELFLESS growing up as a kid and just as a person in general. She struggled so much with something that should have been considered a gift and it kills me inside. My first lady crush is a character from a DISNEY MOVIE. fucking GLIB GLOB IT.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I might not be going anywhere with this. It could be about the magic of friendship. It could be my first (and very awkward) girlxgirl thing. It could be a crack fic. I just dunno. Again, it could be going NO WHERE.

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