All My Way, On My Own By: Aki Akito Part: 20

          "So, Kara, is it McPokemon's or Burger Slowking?"

            "Burger Slowking! McPokemon's is G.R.O.S.S." Kara replied, her nose was scrunched up and a look of disgust played in her hazel eyes at the mention of "McPokemon's."

            "Pi." Pikachu shoved his nose up into the air and snorted. "Pika!"

"Sorry Kara, Pikachu likes McPokemon's better." I expressed my regret, though I wasn't done. "I only know that it's your last night here and we are gonna miss you. But it seems that Pikachu really wants to go to McPokemon's, even when there's tons and tons of ketchup at both. Oh, what the point. Sure Burger Slowking's has much better ketchup…but Pikachu still prefers artificial flavor from McPokemon's…ah well…tch…tch…tch."

"Pikachu?!" I could see the look of curiousness in Pikachu's small brown, yet loving, eyes as well as I could see some lament in Kara's hazel eyes.

"Yep, that's right. Artificial." I kept my teeth clenched together in a sinister grin, knowing Pikachu was defeated.


"Okay, are you sure Pikachu?"

"Pikachu pika pi!"

"Alright. Come on, let's go!"

Kara punched her fist into the air whilst she started heading towards Burger Slowking. "Yay!" And we headed off after her.

Dinner was a reasonably a quiet meal; we sat, ate, and thought. How was I going to be able to talk to Misty? Everything was such a blur. It was hard for me to think of ever being friends with Brock, Alec, or Misty ever again, at least after what I did. I was so pathetic, running from my problems instead of working them out.

"I'm done," Kara moaned, obviously from a full stomach. She belched as she slumped down in her seat. A small smile played on my lips as I glanced to Pikachu who was in the same position, then I glanced to my meal, I had hardly touched it.

"Ok, are we ready to go back?" Kara and Pikachu nodded. We all stood up and walked outside into the refreshing, cool air of the night.

            The Poke Center stood feet away from my eyes; there inside the window was Alec and Misty, each finding a snack in the lobby. Kara and Pikachu rushed in and to the lobby, passing Alec and Misty without them noticing. I decided I would wait until they disappeared into their room.

            "Hurry up, guys…" I moaned as they spent too much of their time spreading cream cheese over a bagel. They at lastly turned around, seeming to go back to their room, "finally…" I muttered.

            DARN!!! They sat down to eat! I observed them as they slowly ate their bagel and I started to get cold. Maybe I could slip by like Pikachu and Kara, it was a 50/50 chance, and I was cold and needed to go to the bathroom, really badly. "Ok, that's it, I'm going."

            I slipped in through the door and began to casually walk through the lobby, towards the hallway as if I were no one in particular. I began to get excited, thinking I would make it and turned my step into sort of a gallop, I was gonna make it!


            CRAP!!! There standing in front of me was Brock and behind me Misty and Alec stared at me, wide eyed. Man oh man….

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