Chapter 18: Epilogue

A month after the surprise wedding, Rika still could not believe that she became the legitimate Mrs. Henry Wong. She was surprised that it was her mother who permitted Henry to plan the whole thing out and she was still grateful for it.

But since she already resigned from Shinjuku Publishing, she began working with Henry and goes with him as his freelance assistant. It was entirely different but she enjoyed it.

Well, because of her conversation with Mrs. Kitara, she was forced to admit that she got married on the day she was supposed to leave for America. The woman was amused and at the same time extracted a promise that she would not say a thing. Rika told that she would reveal her marital status on the book signing itself.

One Monday of July, Rika went to her husband's office and wore a simple white long-sleeved dress and a pair of black high heels and she carried a medium-sized shoulder bag. She rarely used accessories but decided to wear her hair down since she was not easily recognized by the members of Shinjuku Industries. As she went inside the office, she saw Henry who was busy in the computer.

"Hi, Henry!" Rika greeted as she walked towards his table.

"Hi, Sweetheart!" Henry smiled as he saw his wife coming towards him.

"How's everything?" Rika asked as she sat down on one of her husband's guest seats.

"Tiring but when I saw you, I felt so much better." Henry grinned as he finished saving the document inside his computer.

"You poor thing!" Rika answered back. "Always the medicine for you, am I?"

Henry stood up and walked towards his wife who was still seated. He stood in front of her and Rika eventually stood as well.

"You're not just my medicine." Henry smirked in front of his wife. "You're my drug because I'm always addicted to you."

He smiled and he gave Rika a quick kiss while cupping her face with her kissing him quickly as well.

"Anyway, I brought you lunch so we could eat together," Rika replied as soon as they broke away from each other.

"Just in time! I'm really hungry after all." Henry laughed. "What's the food?"

"Chinese food, Henry. You name the viands you like and that's inside the lunch box," Rika replied in amusement as she fished out the square-shaped container.

God, I can hardly thank you for giving me a lovely woman and wife, Henry thought with a smile on his face.

"Alright…" Henry smiled. "Let's just dine here."

Eventually, Henry took a spare seat so that Rika could sit next to him while Rika removed the container from her bag and brought a water bottle out of it. Henry was amazed with what Rika brought for him so he stood up so he could help her. Rika insisted that Henry sit down so that she could make things easier for them to eat sooner.

"Even if they say that you're cold, I know that you're still warm because you love to take care of me," Henry said to his wife who was busy preparing the food. "Thanks, Rika."

"You're welcome," Rika replied with a smile. Now that Henry was with her, she knew that she would not have to face life alone.

But this topic seemed to not get off his mind. He wanted to ask Rika about this somehow.

"Rika, do you want to have kids in the future?" Henry asked as they began to eat.

Rika already knew that Henry would ask this eventually. After her miraculous survival, she was given a clean bill of health already and she would not pass anything to her future children.

"Maybe…" Rika answered as she was still eating. "Only if you want to."

A small smirk spread on Henry's face. "Of course, I want to, Rika. At least, I got a consolation that you also want kids as well."

"Of course, I do!" Rika laughed. "The nature of your job somehow discourages us to have one."

Henry became confused. "What? What do you mean?"

"Yeah! Your boss- type of job prevents us in having kids," Rika answered back humorously. "You're too lazy to be a dad."

Henry only laughed good-naturedly. "I'm not lazy. You haven't visited me at my house when we're not yet married. I've been the living houseboy at the Wong residence."

Rika was only amused while she was eating. "Now tell me something I don't know!"

"I cleaned everything. Including the shit that my parents gave me just recently." Henry winked at Rika because she knew what it meant.

"Hmm…" Rika nodded as she ate what she prepared for her husband.

"Besides, I'm sorry if I made you the maid when we got married…" Henry answered, feeling sorry because Rika had spent the first weeks in his home cleaning and sorting.

"Nah… It's okay," Rika answered, wanting her husband to eat more. "It's what a wife should do when she gets married."

Eventually, she took a spoonful and decided to spoon-feed her husband in order for him to stop talking.

"Do you think there's something incomplete in our relationship?" Henry asked as he continued eating.

Rika raised an eyebrow because she did not understand what Henry meant.

"I don't know… What do you think, Einstein?" Rika countered back and spoon-fed Henry. "Say AH, Henry…"

Henry opened his mouth so that Rika could feed him. Once the food was inside his mouth, he felt happy with his wife's subtle yet sweetness towards him. When he gulped it in, that was the time he started to talk.

"You know… what couples do when they're in love?" Henry said and made it sound like a question than a statement.

At that time, both were already finished with their food so they were free to talk about anything.

"Kiss?" Rika asked innocently.

"Higher," Henry answered casually.

At this point, Rika's eyes went wide as she guessed the thing correctly.

"You mean the deed?" Rika asked in surprise. Well, how would she not be surprised? A man like her husband had needs and he needed it somehow.

Henry was surprised since his wife figured it out. He decided to simplify everything.

"Yeah, that one…" Henry answered.

"I knew you'll ask that." Rika smirked. "Silly boy!"

"I'm not pressuring you into that because I love and respect you," Henry answered with a grin. "I only told myself that when I married you, I'll do it at 24/7."

This caused Rika to turn into a deep shade of red because of her husband's remark.

"Henry! You really are a pervert! Eww!" Rika exclaimed as she slapped her husband's arm playfully, leaving Henry only laughing heartily. "So was that the reason why you wanted to get back with me? Eww!"

Henry only took his wife who was yelling like mad and brought her close to him and hugged her.

"Of course not… I wanted to get back at you because you're my first love and now my last love," Henry said with a smile and kissed her cheek. "I know it's been a month so I still wanted to prove you everything."

Rika broke off from Henry's grasp and smiled. "Sorry… I thought you're getting silly again."

Henry only smiled as well. Their faces were only inches from one another and they were almost going to kiss when they heard the door open. They turned around and saw Takato who wore an amazed look in his face.

"Uh… Please get a room, will you?" Takato exclaimed.

"Sorry, Takato!" Rika and Henry chorused.

A couple of days later, Rika was at the ballroom of the Royal Hotel for the Finding Our Missing Happy Ending which was organized by Shinjuku Publishing. She was surrounded by her friends in the office, her boss Naomi Kitara and her friends in the digimon world including her relatives. Not to mention that her other guy friends were audience in the book signing as well. The decoration of the ballroom was very simple. A white cloth hung in the ceiling and the purple balloons stood at the entrance while forming an arch.

At that time, Rika was wearing her hair in a ponytail once again and she was clad in a red short-sleeved blouse and a pair of black jean pants along with black flat shoes.

I can't believe this! Everyone's here… Rika thought. Well… I'm not expecting my husband here… He's still in China because he met some executives there so I promised him that I'll photograph the moments here.

Not long after, Mrs. Naomi Kitara stood up and started the program.

"Good afternoon, everyone!" Naomi Kitara began. "I'm so happy to see that everyone showed their support for our writer, Miss Rika Nonaka, and her story that was now published into a book."

The tamers only nodded since they knew that Rika had not announced her marital status to the public yet. Only they and their relatives knew about Rika and Henry getting married weeks ago.

"Gosh! I never knew Rika could write like this! It's so… amazing!" Alice praised as she held a copy of Rika's book. She had never stopped reading the novel ever since she bought it with Jeri.

"Yeah!" Jeri agreed. "It may be based on her life story but with the way she described it, was so amazing!"

The guys were only watching as they showed support for the redhead. Ryo admitted that he envied Rika when he read the book because of the upside-down and twisted story.

"I should have known that my daughter had some romance in her!" Mrs. Nonaka remarked as she held a copy of her daughter's book.

"You don't know it, Mrs. Nonaka!" Ryo snickered. "Maybe the book two would contain her and Henry's love life after marriage!"

"Here's our writer, Miss Rika Nonaka, so she could tell us the story behind her story," Mrs. Kitara said and stifled a laugh because of the Rika Nonaka when it should be Rika Wong.

Rika stood up and went to the podium so she could speak up.

"Thank you very much, Mrs. Kitara," Rika started as soon as she got close to the microphone. "Good afternoon to all of you. It was a pleasure seeing you with your support to me and to my book. Well, it wouldn't be possible without my family, my friends inside the Shinjuku Publishing and to my friends since my high school days who were always there to help bring out the best in me. I know that writing a story is tedious but having an inspiration helped me. So thank you guys for everything."

Eventually, she finished her speech with a smile on her face. She returned to where she was seated.

God… I can't bear to speak in a large audience! Rika thought. I wonder what'll happen next!

Meanwhile, Henry was already at the façade of the hotel. This was the hotel where his and Rika's reception was held. At that time, it was because he arrived at Shinjuku and he knew that today was his wife's book signing and he wanted to be there to support his wife. He actually had become a fan of Rika after she told him that she wrote a story about her life and converted it into a book as well.

Since he wanted to surprise her, he also brought a bouquet of flowers just for her. Right now, he was busy walking towards the hotel ballroom so he could go there unnoticed in order not to foil his plan. Just like his proposal and wedding, this too was a surprise.

I just hope I'm not yet too late, Henry thought as he held a bouquet full of red roses, just like what Rika's bouquet looked like during his wedding with her. But as he was walking, he spotted the ballroom and knew that the book signing was there.

At that very moment, Rika was seated at the long table but she did not notice that Henry had gotten inside the ballroom already. She was busy fidgeting her phone until she heard something speaking loudly.

"Uhm… Excuse me? Where's Rika Nonaka?" the voice said. "I need to see her."

Rika was confused because she had an idea who the owner of the voice was yet she was not sure if she was correct with her assumption. And what was the funny part? The speaker revealed himself inside the room while he was holding a bouquet of roses with his right hand. There already stood a blue-haired young man clad in green buttoned down and long-sleeved shirt along with a pair of black slacks together with his black shoes. His hair was laid to the side which also caused female fans to go giddy with him. It was definitely Henry after all!

And from the audience, the tamers were surprised but laughed at Henry. Girls were screaming because of his handsome looks.

"Sorry, Ryo, but it looks like Henry's attracting a lot of girls and fangirls this time!" Kazu sneered at Ryo because of the attention Henry was having right now.

Ryo only laughed the comment off. Henry being flocked by girls was never a stranger to him. In fact, it would surprise him if the girls' attention would be put to Kazu or Kenta.

"Uh… Thanks, Kazu. I'd rather let Henry gain the attention. I'd rather have the attention of the girl beside me." Ryo grinned as his eyes rolled towards Alice whose cheeks turned a bright crimson with what he just remarked.

"Oh, Ryo!" Alice remarked as she stopped her face from blushing.

As she saw the young man, Rika's heart could not help but pound wildly because she saw her husband. She thought that Henry would not totally attend her book signing due to the conference held in China. And here he was, walking towards her with a bouquet of flowers and pretending as if she was still single. She only covered her mouth to prevent herself from smiling.

"To my idol, I know it's a wrong thing for me to fanboy over you but this is for you," Henry said with a smile as he arrived at Rika's long table and gave the bouquet to her.

Rika tried her best not to blush but fortunately stopped herself. But she was still touched with the flowers her husband gave her.

This caused the ladies from the area behind Ryo, Takato, Kazu, Kenta, Alice and Jeri to be giddy with what Henry just did while the gentlemen around the area fumed at the blue-haired man.

"Oh my gosh! Rika Nonaka's so beautiful! She even had an oh-so handsome admirer!" one fangirl squealed.

"Hope that fanboy's still single! He looks yummy to suit me!" another one exclaimed.

Alice and Jeri were only snickering with the comment. They knew Henry and Rika too well.

"In their dreams," Alice sniggered to her brunette friend.

"Yeah… He's already taken!" Jeri agreed.

They were interrupted when Rika began to speak up.

"Thank you, My Loyal Admirer," Rika answered with a smile as she held the bouquet with her right hand.

Henry knew that his wife was privy regarding her married status. He decided to reveal it right now.

"You're welcome." Henry smiled as he came close to the microphone once again. "You know that I'm more than that. I'm your husband."

Rika only covered her mouth with her hand once again. At last, her husband helped her reveal her secret.

Thanks, Henry, Rika thought. I love you and your foolishness sometimes!

The crowd gasped as they heard Henry's comment. The two fangirls' jaws dropped.

"Are they serious?" the second one asked. "They don't look like they're married!"

Alice and Jeri shared a high-five as they smirked triumphantly. "Alright!" they chorused.

Eventually, Rika stood up so she could say something to Henry as well. Henry bent forward so he could listen as well.

"Thanks, Henry," she whispered. "I owe you one."

"No problem, Rika," Henry assured. "I'm just helping you."

With that, Henry walked away from the table and winked at Rika which signified his support to his wife. He walked towards his friends who sat at the left part of the ballroom. Rika eventually sat once again and took the wireless microphone that Henry had held earlier.

"To my supporters, whether you like it or not… I have an announcement to make," Rika started. "I'm actually married… That guy you've been crazy earlier, he's my husband. Aside from my family, friends, he's the one who inspired me write this one. But in real life, he's the one who completed my ending and made it a happy one. He may have undergone hardships just to get me back but I knew that he did it just for me."

Henry only smiled since Rika knew and valued what he did for her. Eventually, Rika cleared her throat so she could proudly say her whole name.

"Folks, I'm no longer Rika Nonaka," Rika continued. "I'm now Mrs. Rika Nonaka Wong. And I'm proud of it. Some piece of advice… It doesn't matter how long you made the story as long as you'll have the guts to end and how you'll end it. Like the title of my story, happy endings are always needed to be found the hard way but as long as you have the person that inspires or loves you, it will be easy for you. Thank you very much and have a good day!"

This caused Rika's family, guests, friends to stand up and give her a standing ovation. Henry was proud with what Rika just told and he knew that past experiences made her stronger. And now that she was together with him forever, nothing could possibly stop them.

"And… to those who brought a copy of my story… Thank you so much for the support… I will sign them but it shouldn't be me alone…" Rika replied as she continued sitting down and looked at Henry intently. "Because I wanted the most important person in my life to leave a lasting mark on you as well."

Henry was flattered with the way Rika presented him. He could not believe that he would also be signing copies as well.

I can't believe this. Being revealed to the public as her husband is already good for me, Henry thought as he felt his heart beaming with pride, love and happiness for his wife.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Rika replied as she signaled her husband to join her in the long table. "This is Henry Wong, my husband."

With this, Henry walked towards the long table as guests were applauding loudly. Even the tamers and Rika's family were surprised with what Rika just did and they were clapping their hands as well.

"Nice one, Riks!" Kazu yelled, suddenly feeling proud of the redhead's statement.

"I'm so proud of you, Rika!" Mrs. Nonaka smiled. Who would have thought that I really made a good decision in marrying Rika off to Henry! They're like peanut butter and jelly!

Henry arrived at the long table and Mrs. Naomi Kitara offered a vacant seat to the blue-haired young man. He seated beside his wife and smiled at her.

"Nice speech, Rika," Henry praised her.

"Was that sarcasm that I hear?" Rika teased.

"Of course not!" Henry chuckled. "Thank you for dedicating it to me."

"But thanks a lot for being here… I almost thought that I'd end up getting pictures from my mother," Rika answered good-naturedly.

"Of course! It's your special event and I want to support you in this one," Henry assured.

Now that they were engulfed in a temporary silence, Rika's former boss cleared her throat.

"So, Miss Rika? Shall we start the book signing now?" Naomi Kitara asked.

"Yeah!" Rika answered with a nod.

Eventually, Mrs. Kitara gave the go-signal for Rika's fans to have their copies signed by the couple so the fans stood up and walked towards the long table as they fell in line. And of course, the line was being led by Mrs. Nonaka and Grandma Seiko as well as Rika's friends.

"Hi, dear!" Mrs. Nonaka spoke up as soon as she met her daughter and son-in-law. "I must say that you have some talent in making this! Good job!"

"Thanks, Mom!" Rika answered as she signed her mother's copy and passed it on to her husband.

"I agree with 'Mom', Sweetheart." Henry grinned. "Maybe you could act as my secretary in Shinjuku Industries."

"I'll think about it." Rika snorted in amusement. "I'm your assistant there, remember?"

"You really look good together, Henry and Rika," Grandma Seiko remarked with a smile. "Just shower your marriage with love, okay?"

The couple nodded and smiled at Grandma Seiko. As soon as the old woman left, there was a blonde and a brunette who followed. Rika knew that the two were Zoe Orimoto and Mimi Tachikawa and smirked at them deviously.

"My god, Rika!" Mimi exclaimed as she handed her and Zoe's copies of Rika's book. "The last time we checked, you resigned because you want to join your mom in the States… And now, we heard that you're already married! My gosh! It's you already!"

"Thank you!" Rika smirked as she gave the copies to her husband.

Mimi's eyes were drawn to the blue-haired man sitting beside Rika.

"Hi, Sir!" Mimi greeted simply because she was only attracted to him by his looks. "It's nice meeting you!"

"Hello. I'm Henry. Nice meeting you as well!" Henry grinned as he signed the books. "Are you her friends?"

"Former officemates," Zoe, who just appeared with Mimi, answered with a smile. "Rika's supposed to be our boss but she resigned already."

Henry nodded since Rika told him about the things that happened to her in her workplace shortly after their wedding. He handed the girls' copies as soon as he finished signing them.

"Thank you, Sir! And, Sir… You're so handsome!" Mimi exclaimed dreamily. "No wonder why Rika became head-over-heels for you!"

Henry only laughed while Rika snorted with Mimi's comment.

"Yeah, yeah!" Rika answered in attempt to drive the two away already. "I'll talk to you girls later on!"

When Zoe and Mimi left, they were followed by Alice and Jeri. The girls were smiling at the sight of the couple in front of them. Only the girls had copies of the books because the guys only promised that they would read it as soon as the girls had them.

"Can we have your autographs, Mr. and Mrs. Wong?" Alice and Jeri asked in unison.

"Sure," Rika answered and took the two books once again. Once she was done, she gave Henry the two as well.

Henry finished signing as well with a smile. He did not mind if his hand hurt. He was actually used to signing multiple papers courtesy of Takato. And, as long as he was with Rika, he was happy.

"Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Wong!" the two ladies chorused.

The couple only nodded teasingly and the two ladies sauntered off. For a moment, Henry looked at Rika.

"Can I have your signature later?" Henry smirked. Actually, his comment referred to asking permission from Rika to kiss him.

Rika seemed to understand what Henry meant and gave him a teasing smile. "Later."

"Okay." Henry grinned while Rika only shook her head ridiculously.

Then the couple happily resumed to signing the books that Rika's fans had.

Three months later, Rika was seen sitting in the living room. She was busy reading the copy of her book when her husband sat beside her.

"Hi, Sweetheart!" Henry smiled. "You want something to eat, drink or what?"

"No thank you, Henry," Rika replied. "I'm fine."

Then Henry moved his head towards Rika's belly and pressed his ear on it. Rika was already two months pregnant and she was amused because her husband was already excited at the arrival of their first child.

"Hey, Baby!" Henry smiled as he was placing his hand on his wife's belly. "Hurry up and get out of there, okay? Mommy and Daddy are excited to see you already."

"You're crazy!" Rika answered back with an out of character giggle. "I'm only two months pregnant, Henry!"

Henry only laughed at her. They had not known about Rika's condition until Henry found Rika to have spotting and she was brought to the hospital. That was the time they found out that she was indeed in the family way and the couple was surprised because they were only four months married. But nonetheless, they welcomed it as a blessing to their married life.

"Yeah, I know…" Henry jested. "It's just I'm happy that we're going to have a child now."

Rika only smiled because at least, the thing that happened before she knew about her child's existence was not what she really thought. She did not even know about her pregnancy because she was not experiencing the hell of morning sickness.

"I first thought that I had spotting because my disease came back once again," Rika answered, recalling how horrified she was at that time.

"Don't say that," Henry replied cautiously. "The doctor told us that you have a clean bill of health already after they knew about your miracle revival."

"I know… But I just can't help but think about it again," Rika said wistfully. "Or remember it, for that matter."

Henry sat up and now he was sitting similar to his wife. He placed his arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry, Sweetheart…" Henry assured and gave her a kiss on the temple. "I'll be here to take care of you from now on."

Rika smiled as she realized that her husband would always be there for her. She knew that being married would mean telling secrets or help that she would always need.

"Anyway, Henry…" Rika trailed off as she tried to remember something.

"What is it, Rika?" Henry asked, looking at his wife intently.

Rika decided to tell her husband about the dream that she had.

"I had a dream… about me and you married and we have a little girl who kept on pulling me so she could have a toy," Rika answered casually.

This caused Henry to raise his eyebrow. "Really? You had that dream too?" he inquired.

Rika nodded and realized what Henry just said. "Yeah. And what's with the too? You mean…?"

"I know what you're thinking… because I had the same dream too… I married you and we had a girl in that dream." Henry smiled. "It looks like we're really meant to be all along!"

Rika only blushed and Henry saw this. She was somehow happy because they shared the same dream before they could even get married.

"I told you that we'd be the ones who'd end up together," Henry assured. "I'm happy that we had the glimpse of our future."

"I agree," Rika answered and she had her turn in rubbing her belly as well. "I still can't believe it, Henry. Before, I thought I was going to die… and now, another life was growing inside me already. Maybe I still have a second chance to live after all…"

"Of course, Rika," Henry agreed. "Everybody deserves a second chance, you know?"

"Yeah. I guess!" Rika answered casually. "I'm happy with everything that has happened to us."

"That's my girl." Henry grinned and kissed her in the cheek.

I guess I had found my missing happy ending after all, Rika thought as she felt lucky to have a husband in the persona of Henry.

"I love you and our baby, Rika." Henry smiled as he returned his arm on his wife's shoulder.

"I love you too as well as our child, Henry." Rika smiled as well.

Eventually, the couple saw themselves living in a wonderful home together.