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There are two people in bed making love to each other with so much passion and love,



or not.

That name Reborn called out shattered his heart to pieces and made him realize something. He realized that Reborn will never be his. Reborn's heart belonged to Luce and her only. He hated it. He hated her.

Tsuna got out of his trip down memory when he heard a small child cry. He saw two kids, a boy and a girl they were about five to seven years old and dressed like they were in a high-class party. They looked so out of place in the middle of the sidewalk as people just walk past them. People these days, Tsuna thought. He walked up to them and got a good look at the children. The boy was about seven with platinum blonde hair that made a 'M' shape with his bangs and icy blue eyes. He was wearing a black suit with a dress shirt and purple bow tie but he had dress shorts instead of pants, finished off with shiny black dress shoes. The boy was also trying to comfort the girl. The girl was about five with golden blonde hair pulled into pigtails by indigo hair ribbons and sapphire blue eyes that were filled with tears. She was wearing a cute pink dress that had indigo roses on the bottom of it, white dress socks with shiny black mary-jane's, and a white-cream color cardigan. He knelt to the one that was crying.

"What's wrong little one?" he asked.

The boy got in front of the girl in a protective way. He was wary of Tsuna. His father always told him to be wary of strangers.

Tsuna saw this and softly said, "Don't worry I won't hurt or do anything bad to you. I just want to help. My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi but I like to be called Tsuna. What's yours?"

Seeing no threat in Tsuna the boy answered, "My name is Hibari Alaude and this is my sister Hibari Elena."

Tsuna smiled that he was able to gain a little of their trust.

"What's wrong?" he asked again.

"We were at a party with our Tou-chan and we got bored so we went outside. But we can't remember our way back and and..." said the girl named Elena but started tearing up at the end. Tsuna got out a handkerchief and wiped Elena's tears. He tried to calm the little girl and succeeded. He gave her a warm smile.

"It's going to be alright Elena-chan," he said then he turned to face Alaude. "Alaude-kun do you have your father's number in case you get lost?"

Alaude nodded and took out a piece of paper out of his pocket. Then he gave it to Tsuna. He looked for his phone then remembered that he left it at home. He turned to the kids and asked, "Do you guys want to come to my house so I can call or do you want me to take you to the police station? I don't have my phone with me so those are our two options. "

"I pick the first one!" shouted Elena cheerfully.

"No Elena, it'll be better if we go to the police. They know father after all," her brother said. Elena looked at her older brother with her biggest puppy-dog eyes and said pleadingly, "Pretty please Onii-sama."

She didn't want to go to the police station. The policemen always scare her to death even if they knew their father and knew they wouldn't hurt them. Alaude knew that the only time his sister calls him 'Onii-sama' is when she wants something from him or when she did something that would make him mad at her. He tried to be strong but Elena bumped up the power of her puppy-dog eyes and he couldn't resist anymore.

"Fine," he sighed in defeat. Elena squealed happily and hugged him.

Tsuna just watched everything that was happening and couldn't stop thinking that they reminded him of two people he knew very well.