by Gunman

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Summery: Peter and Lukes teams encounter two other groups of unique individuals who can help them win the war against the Empire.

Idea from wereknight.


Chapter 4

It had been nearly an hour since Luke and Leia had taken off in pursuit of their biker scout adversaries and not a word had been heard back from them since.

Though this was mostly in an attempt to keep their covert mission covert, it worried Han the most.

R2-D2 was keeping his radar up in case anyone or anything approached their position.

"So you really have the proportionate abilities of a spider?" Maris Brood asked.

"That's why they call me Spider-Man." Peter said.

"I'm just glad you don't look like a spider." Oola said to Peter, the pair sitting next to each other with the green Twi'leks head resting against the arachnid hero's shoulder. "Like the ones in our universe."

"So there are beings in this universe who look like humanoid spiders?" Peter asked.

"Yes." Maris said.

"Wow. Really?"

"They're called The Harch." Master Kota said to the spider-hero. "From the Mid-Rim world of Secundus Ando. They have six red eyes, six arms, walk on two legs and are mostly covered in brown fur." he explained.

"Sounds like a humanoid spider to me." he smirked.

"Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi actually faced one of these Harch during the Clone Wars. An Admiral named Trench, working for the Separatists." Kota explained further.

At hearing the two names, one belonging to Luke, Han cocked his head to the side, as if trying to listen in further.

"Really? What happened?" Peter asked.

"A Separatist fleet had blockaded the planet of Christophsis, which had been liberated months earlier by the Republic. Kenobi and Skywalker used a stealth ship to try and get relief supplies to the planet. But Skywalker used the ship to destroy the cruiser that Trench was on. He has never been seen since." he said.

"A stealth ship. You mean... invisible to all types of scanners?" Peter mused.

"And eyesight." Kota said.

At hearing that, everyone looked at the blind Jedi Master, including his padawan. Feeling everyones eyes upon him, Kota explained.

"It was an experimental corvette-class ship which had a special cloaking device which could make it disappear completely to the naked eye. After the war the Empire stored the ship somewhere safe, and we were unable to locate it since." he said.

"Maybe you couldn't find it because it was invisible." Peter said.

"Ha. Ha." the Jedi Master said.

Despite the somewhat somber mood, Han actually found himself smiling at the joke.

"Still, something like that would be a real asset to the Alliance." Peter said.

"When Palpatine took over as the Emperor, he had the majority of the ships and weapons used during the Clone Wars either decommissioned or destroyed." Kota said.

"So there's a chance it's still in one piece." Peter replied.

"Possibly." Kota said.

"Better than nothing." Peter smirked.

Just then, R2 started beeping wildly.

"Sir! Someone is coming!" C-3PO said to the group.

Everyone quickly sprang into action.

Han, Chewie and the Commandos readied their weapons. Rahm and Maris pulled their lightsabers from their belts and prepared to ignite them.

Peter and Oola crouched behind one of the adjacent trees and just looked for any signs of movement.

Seconds later, Luke ran into the clearing.

"Luke!" Han called out. He then noticed that someone was missing. He frowned. "Where's Leia?"

"What, she didn't come back?" Luke asked, confused.

"I thought she was with you." Han glared at the young Jedi.

"We got separated. Hey, we'd better go look for her." he said.

"Right. Chewie, Luke and the droids with me! General Kota!" Han snapped.

"General Solo?" Rahm Kota replied.

"Take the squad ahead. We'll meet at the Shield Generator at 0300." Han said.

"Right. Good hunting." Kota said.

"Thanks." Han replied.

"Come on, R2, we'll need your scanner." Luke said as he rushed off behind Han and Chewie.

"Don't worry, Master Luke. We know what to do." 3PO said.

(Beep, Beep, Beep) R2 chirped.

"And you said it was pretty here." the gold droid scoffed.

Peter and Oola went with Kota and the strike team, Maris walking with the Twi'lek dancer as Peter was up with Kota, the blind Jedi Master using the Force to guide the group.


(Marvel Universe, Reed Richards Lab)

Captain America, Tigra, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, She-Hulk and Thor arrived at Reed Richards lab in the Freedom Four Plaza building.

"Thank you all for coming." Reed said to the Avengers.

"We heard that you located Spider-Man?" Captain America asked.

"Yes." he said.

"Where is he?" Iron Man asked.

"In another dimension." Sue Richards said.

"Where exactly?" Black Widow asked.

"I haven't given this universe a specific designation, but it isn't one of our normal divergents. It's a completely different universe, far more advanced and comprised of hundreds of different alien life forms that interact with humans on a daily basis." Reed explained.

"Sounds like some kind of sci-fi universe the ole' webheads landed in." Hawkeye quipped.

"I know. And I've found a way to bring him back, or at least to send him some help." Reed said.

The group looked at the large circular device in the center of the room and waited for Reed to explain.

"What's with the Stargate here?" Hawkeye asked.

"I've constructed this Trans-Dimensional Portal to bring Spider-Man back to us." Reed said.

"Or send help to him." Sue said.


"Reed, it's not as simple as getting him back." she argued.

"Sue, this is the best option." the scientist replied.

"But he could use our help. Especially if what he said is true." she said.

"True? About what?" Captain America asked.

"Sue, we cannot become involved in their struggles." Reed continued to argue.

"What struggles?" the super soldier asked again.

"Spider-Man said that he had joined forces with a group of rebels who were trying to overthrow a tyrannical regime. I don't think he'll leave willingly." Sue explained.

"Then we should at least try and help him." Cap said. "Send him some help."

"But who would we send?" She-Hulk asked.

"I can only send two of you for now." Reed said.

"Only two?" Hawkeye asked. "Why?"

"I'm getting a lot of electro-magnetic and radioactive interference from their universe. At this point the portal is stable enough to send two people through it. Any more than that and the dimensional-exchange will transfer that energy into the portal's energy buffer, overload it and destroy it. Give me enough time and I can reinforce the portal to send an entire team through." Reed explained.

"How big a team?" Hawkeye asked.

"Seven-to-eight people." Reed said.

"Without trouble?" Black Widow asked.


"How much time do you need?" the super spy asked.

"If I can get some help with the portal itself... two or three days." Reed said.

"2 or 3 DAYS?" She-Hulk gasped.

"With help. Yes. Otherwise it would take me about a week." Reed said.

"No good. Spider-Man and this rebellion could be wiped out by then. We need to at least send him some support now." Captain America asked.

"But who?" She-Hulk asked again.

"Iron Man and Thor would be the best choices." Cap said.

"And what if we need them here?" Black Widow asked.

"Then we should send someone else who is more... expendable?" Hawkeye asked.

"That's not a good way to put it." Iron Man said.

"What about Black Widow and myself?" She-Hulk asked.

At hearing this, Tigra, who had been patiently watching and listening, grumbled.

"Why you?" Hawkeye asked.

"Look, we need people in that universe who can adapt quickly and have intelligence enough to survive, not to mention strength to handle whatever might come up." She-Hulk said.

"What about someone on the other side to build a portal to connect to this universe so that we can easily send people to and fro." Iron Man asked.

"Fro? Fro?" Hawkeye asked.

"What? Is my lingo confusing you, Legolas?" Iron Man asked, smirking under his helmet.

"So we should send you, Stark?" she asked.

"Even if we did, there isn't any guarantee that he'd be able to construct a portal device." Black Widow said.

"Are you saying I couldn't?" Iron Man asked in mock-hurt.

"We don't know what kind of tech or equipment there is in that universe that could actually help us, if their languages are the same as ours, what kind of syntax they use for their programming, if we can get away with it without someone interfering..." Black Widow stated, voicing the most obvious concerns. She looked at Reed and Sue. "You say that Spider-Man is helping a resistance movement fight a tyrannical regime. Either one of their groups could stop us from building a portal back to our world. Most likely this regime they are fighting. We need a better plan than this."

While the other heroes were arguing about what to do, Tigra had moved up besides Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.

"How do you open the portal?" Tigra asked.

"By pressing that button." Johnny Storm said to her, pointing to the big red button on the console.

Without wondering what she was going to do, Johnny was oblivious to Tigra pressing the button.

With a loud hum and a thunderous boom, the portal opened up.

"What?" Reed gasped.

"Who?" Cap asked.

Tigra quickly dashed towards the portal, bounding across the floor like her namesake.

"TIGRA!" Captain America shouted as he bolted towards the portal.

"I'll Get Her!" Johnny Storm shouted. "FLAME ON!"

"Johnny No!" Reed shouted as the human torch blazed into the air.

Tigra leapt through the portal in an instant, with the super soldier and the human torch following right behind her.

Iron Man and the others would have joined them, only to have the portal suddenly spark and surge with electricity, before exploding.


Everyone, even the mighty Thor and the rock-like Thing, were knocked off their feet. Sue had tried to cover as many people as she could with her force field, but they were too spread out over the lab.

"Ooooooh. What happened?" Ben Grimm asked as he sat up.

"The portal! It exploded!" Reed said as Sue lowered her force field.

"I thought you said that thing was stable!" Iron Man shouted as he brushed some debris from his body.

"I also said it could only send TWO people at a time! The inclusion of a Third person pulled in too much extra energy and radiation from the other universe and overloaded the portal's energy buffer. The energy feedback completely destroyed the portal." Reed explained.

"Can you rebuild it?" Black Widow asked.

"Yes, but I'm gonna need some help." Reed said.

"Fine, let's get to it." Iron Man said, disengaging from his armor so he could work easier.

"How long will it take?" She-Hulk asked.

"Well... considering we'll have to build it from scratch... even if I have help... and considering I had to custom make most of the parts...Three Weeks." Reed said.

"THREE WEEKS?!" the Avengers group snapped, worried about their teammates.

"At least." he added.

"At LEAST?" Sue snapped, worried about her brother.

"Do you want me to go through the entire series of equations, calculations and specifications needed to get this portal device up and running?" Reed asked.

"Do you want to put everyone to sleep, Stretch?" Ben Grimm asked.

"Come on, people, let's get to work." Tony Stark said.


(Forests of Endor)

Captain America, Tigra and Johnny Storm awoke in the middle of a forest that made them think they were back on Earth.

"Did it work? Did we make it?" Tigra asked excitedly.

"I... guess so." Johnny Storm said with a groan.

"Tigra!" the super soldier hissed.

"Cap?" the weretiger woman responded.

"That... was the most reckless thing I've ever seen you do!" Captain America shouted.

"I don't regret it." Tigra replied.

"You don't? Why not? Why did you do that?" he asked.

"Because I wanted to be involved!" she snapped.

"Involved?" he asked, genuinely curious.

"I got tired of being left behind." she said.

"When have we left you behind?" he asked.

"The Kree/Skrull War. Operation Galactic Storm. The Atlantis Invasion. The Frost Giants Invasion. The last two altercations with the Masters of Evil. When Ultron took over all of Iron Man's suits of armors and used them to attack The Avengers. When The Hood rallied over two dozen supervillains to try and wipe out The Avengers. When Tony tried to send me to Alabama!" she hissed.

"Tigra..." Cap said.

"Alabama?" Johnny asked.

"It was during the 50 States Initiative." she explained.

"Ah." he nodded.

"Tigra!" the super soldier snapped.

"I'm Not Weak, Cap!" she snapped back.

"I never said you were." he replied.

"But not involving me in some of the most important missions the Avengers have ever undertaken doesn't exactly show any measure of faith, either. Just like my being excluded to go to this alternate reality in order to help Spider-Man." she said.

"How were we excluding you?" he asked.

"By not even giving me consideration to go on this mission. All I heard was suggestions for She-Hulk and Thor and Iron Man and even Black Widow!" she spat.

"It's not your strength or skills that we question, but your attitude. Your brashness and impulsiveness have gotten you into trouble before." he explained.

"Because I'm an animal, is that it?" she asked with a sneer.

"I don't view you as an animal, Tigra. Though I'll admit, your some times feral nature has been a cause for concern. Much like Bruce's anger issues." he said.

Tigra huffed. "At least you're honest."

"Look, if Reed was right about where Spidey was during his last scan of this universe, then we should be in the general area as him." Johnny said.

"Then... we should go find him." Cap said as he adjusted his shield on his right arm.

"Right." Tigra said with a huff, sniffing the air for faint traces of the webslinger.


The trio walk through the forest for nearly an hour, until they came across a strange sight.

Two men, a large furry creature, and two robots in a large net suspended in mid-air.

"Excuse me, do you need help?" Cap asked.

"Yes, please. We're kinda immobile at the moment." one of the men, the younger one, said.

Johnny looked at Cap and Tigra.

"I'll burn the rope off, you catch them?" Johnny asked.

Cap and Tigra looked at each other for several seconds, before turning and nodding to the fiery human being.

"Flame On!" Johnny shouted, instantly flying up to where the rope connected to the net, sending out a stream of flame from his hands to burn through the ropes.

The net quickly dropped to the ground, only to be caught by the combined strength of Captain America and Tigra.

"Ohmp!" the younger man said.

"Arrgghhh!" the large furry creature snarled.

"That's great." the slightly older man groaned.

"Relax. We'll get you out of this." Cap said to them.

"Thanks." the tall man with the brown hair said once he and his friends were out of the net.

"Yes, thank you very much." the golden robot said.

Cap, Tigra and Johnny looked at the humans, and then the tall and lean Sasquatch like creature before noticing the two droids. One a gold-plated humanoid, the other looking like a silver and blue trash can on wheels.

"I'm Captain America. This is Tigra, and Johnny Storm the human torch." Cap introduced.

"I'm Han Solo, general of the Alliance. This is Chewbacca, my first mate. Luke Skywalker, our resident Jedi. Our droids, C-3PO and R2-D2." the brown-haired man introduced themselves.

"You wouldn't happen to be members of a rebellion who are fighting against a tyrannical regime, would you?" Tigra asked.

"We would, actually. Why?" Luke asked.

"We're looking for a friend of ours. Guy in red and blue tights called 'Spider-Man'." Johnny said.

Han and Luke looked at each other as Chewie moaned loudly.

"You're friends of his." Luke stated rather than asking.

"We came here from our universe looking for him." Cap said.

"He's with the rest of our squad. We split up to find one of our own that went missing. We're supposed to meet up with them at 0300, later on." Han said.

"Well, then. Let's find your missing friend so that we can reunite with ours." Cap said.

"Fair enough." Han said.

Luke then noticed that Tigra was looking around curiously.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Yeah. You ever get the feeling you're being watched?" Tigra asked.

"Some times." Luke said. "I'm more concerned with finding Leia."

The group went off, not noticing the small bear-like creatures hiding in the brush and watching them intently.


(Endor Moon, other side of the forest)

Peter, Oola and Maris were standing on the front lines, between Kota and the rest of the strike team, while glaring at the trio of unique aliens in front of them.

The first one was a large green-skinned alien with a breather mask over the lower half of his face, dressed in a black and silver outfit, his muscular arms exposed but his wrists covered in metal gauntlets, with a large circular hat atop his head.

The second was a bright green-eyed, olive-skinned woman with facial tattoos, dressed in what looked like, to Peter at least, a short-skirted military-green and tan industrial kimono with long-sleeves and boots.

The third was a sexy young woman with long white hair, orange eyes and reddish skin, dressed in a somewhat provocative white dress, long black boots, black gloves with white gauntlets, and a whip on her hip.

It was Kota who told Peter who and what they were dealing with.

The large green-skinned man was called Kyuzo, member of a tough, warrior-like race who possess exceptional leaping prowess. The olive-skinned woman was a Mirialan, a race known to be flexible and agile who makes them skilled fighters. The red-skinned woman was a Zeltron, a race known to enjoy pleasure and violence and are formidable combatants.

What's more, is that Kota could sense that the Mirialan woman had Force-potential.

Their initial meeting had been somewhat of a tense one, seeing as how the trio had been on the run from the Empire and crash-landed on this world. What's more is that they seemed to be protecting their ship, which was hidden by foliage a few meters behind them.

At Kota's insistence, Peter made the first move.

"Hello. I'm Lieutenant Peter Parker of the Rebel Alliance. I'm guessing you aren't Imperials." he said to the group.

"You are correct." the Mirialan woman said. "My name is Tannette." she said before pointing to the female Zeltron to her left. "This is Laurenanna." she said, then looked to the large Kyuzo behind them. "And this is Rand."

Peter made introductions of his own team, not giving them specific details or anything about their skills and abilities.

"We're on a mission right now, so we would rather not have to fight you if we can avoid it." Peter said.

The Kyuzo called Rand just huffed and grunted something incomprehensible.

"What?" Peter asked.

"He said 'that's a shame'. He was looking forward to fighting you." Tannette translated.

Peter looked a little shocked. "Me?"

"He says he can tell the skill of a person by the way they move." she said.

"Uh... thanks. I think." he said.

"You're with the Rebellion." Tannette said. "We have a mutual enemy."

"You have two injured beings with you." Kota suddenly said.

"How did you..." Laurenanna started to ask.

"I am a Jedi. I can sense things others cannot." Kota said simply.

"We liberated them from an Imperial stockade and crash landed here. It wasn't until recently we found out that the Empire had built a base here, and had a space station in orbit." Laurenanna said.

"How could you not know they had a station here?" Maris asked.

"We came in from the opposite end of the planet. We didn't even know there was an Imperial base here until we saw the space station." Tannette said.

"We have little time for talking. We have a mission to accomplish. The question is, what do we do with you?" Kota asked.

"We help them." Peter said.

"What? Why?" Maris asked.

"How?" Oola asked.

"I'm not interested in making more enemies, and if we can gain some potential allies here..." Peter said.

"You want our help? You don't know us." Laurenanna said.

"No. I don't. But having allies, working together, is a lot better than being alone. Especially to accomplish something bigger than ourselves. Against a mutual enemy." he explained.

Tannette and her friends looked at each other, speaking quietly amongst themselves for several tense seconds, before the Mirialan woman spoke up.

"What exactly are you offering?" Tannette asked.

"Well, you said you had two friends who were hurt? Maybe we could help them." Peter said.

The trio nodded and led the strike force over to their ship.

Inside, Peter and his friends saw two beings resting on the floor of their shuttle. One was a human female with red hair and an athletic body. The other was a Wookiee, taller than any of them and more muscular than Chewbacca.

"Who are they?" Peter asked.

"The woman calls herself Mara Jade. A former assassin to the Empire who turned against them. We don't know why, exactly. The other one is known as Tarful, a Wookie chieftain from Kashyyyk." Tannette said.

"They were injured during our rescue attempt." Laurenanna said.

"Can you help them?" Tannette asked.

"Yes. We can." Kota said.

"Master?" Maris asked.

"Maris, it's time to teach you something called 'Force-Healing'. Something I only recently learned how to do." Kota said with a smile.


Authors Notes:

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Not as long as I wanted, but I think people will still enjoy it. Especially with adding some unique characters, as well as members of the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

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