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Kanda and Allen were trying to organize their kids so that they could go to meet up with their friends at the beach. Their eldest, Chiharu, Haru for short, was almost ready but their younger one, Hakuryuu wasn't. He kept running around the house.

Haru was the oldest. She was seven years old and had long bluish-raven hair like her father but in a hime-fashion-cut. She had dark bangs that framed her face and light grey eyes. She also had Kanda's sharp features and fair skin. Hakuryuu was approx 1 and a half younger. He was 6 years old with short brown hair, like his ka-chan when he was young. He also, like his sister, had his To-chan's sharp eyes but unlike Chiharu, a dark blue that matched the Japanese's. Both children, physically looked more like their dad, they even had the same sharp tongue when someone said something bad about their 'mom', Allen Walker.

Haru was generally kind and had a warm smile, but behind that mask, she could be really merciless if anyone mistreated her Allen. The same goes for Hakuryuu, who didn't like being called like that (For exception Allen and his sister...rarely called like that by Kanda)Generally, he was called Ren by others. He enjoys giving his dad a hard time, like right know, by running all around the house.

One of the reasons he acted like that toward Kanda was because of how his dad speaks with his Ka-chan. Another one was because Kanda never seemed to understand that each time he goes out for some months (because of a sword or Kendo contest) Allen always felt horrible. His dad's departure always seemed to make Ka-chan feel the pain that he felt when his foster dad (Mana) was gone forever. Kanda never seemed to know that his mom was in danger of being molested by some old men EVERY FUCKIN' DAY when he isn't here (for example; when Ka-chan, Haru and him were at the grocery store. If it wasn't for the death glares coming from him and his sister, His mom would probably be claimed as the property of someone else. Sometimes Hakuryuu even asked himself if it wouldn't be better like that...sometime, he would want his dad to be with his Ka-chan...There, another reason, Kanda was sometimes never here because of some missions, but well...at least there was his sister and he by their mother's side...Hakuryuu couldn't also forget the time when he caught his dad making out with Santa Claus, last year during Christmas Eve. He woke up to go to the bathroom and on his way back to the bedroom – He saw his To-chan kissing Santa Claus in front of the Christmas tree. Kanda was touching his ass, SANTA CLAUS'S ASS – THAT PERVERT! He had someone as amazing and beautiful as his Ka-chan and yet, he decided to molest Santa Claus in their own living room.(AN – This Santa Claus was Allen, not that Hakuryuu knew it :P )

"Moyashi! Remind me why we are going to the beach again!" yelled Kanda as he once again failed to catch the creature that was his son.

"Hm? You just asked me this question 5 minutes ago, we're going to celebrate Komui's promotion as the new director general of the Black Order" Came the muffled reply of his lover from the kitchen. (Kanda, Allen and co were working as omyouji – priest – priestess –ect...they exorcized Akumas as a living)

"..Che...Why the hell at the beach? How old is he, seriously?!"growled the Japanese man. He apparently didn't want to go and less, run after his son only to make him wear his hat.

"Well what do you think? Of course we wouldn't go if we needed to leave the children alone at home...what's more; we will finally be able to be together with everyone...with you. And the beach isn't the only thing, we are also invited to an onsen trip..."mumbled the white haired man referring to the fact that Kanda came home from a 4 months long mission, 2 days ago. He turned the stove off as his daughter entered in the kitchen


"What is it, Haru?" asked Allen, smiling, as he turned to look at his daughter, forgetting the green tea he was making.

"I can't find my yellow hat" said the 7 years old girl.

"Where did you put it last time?" asked Allen while taking her hand in his.

"In the bedroom, but I can't find it..."

"It's okay, we'll look for it together" smiled Allen.

Finally, they found it in her closet. Her attire was almost complete. The only thing missing was her hair that was loose behind her back.

"Haru, I'm going to do your hair, ok? Do you want something specific?"

"Not really, just make it simple but pretty, please"


'Seriously, you're just like Yuu' thought Allen as he attached her hair in a ponytail on the left side of her head. He used an elastic with red cherry blossoms.

"I'm done, do you want to go show daddy how you look?" asked Allen to his daughter who had her hat in her hands.

"Yes, but I am missing something"


"Yeah, my small red hand bag"

"Oh, if it's that, I saw it in your closet, wait I'm going to take it for you" after handing it over to his daughter. Haru placed the strap over her shoulder.

"I'm going to show papa and Haku-chan"

"Okay, if you need me, I am in the kitchen. I need to finish making your To-chan's green tea"

"Ok." The girl leapt out of the room, leaving her 'mom' alone. Allen looked at his reflection in the mirror. The short hair that he had when he was pregnant with his son was now almost as long as Kanda's hair. He was wearing black skinny jeans and an oversized black hoodie to hide his arm and his snow white hair. Even if Kanda often told him to not hide them, at least his hair, Allen refused to. He preferred to avoid the odd stares that he often receives. He also felt comfortable in this hoodie; he was able to hide the small bump that was his stomach. He tried to lose weight over those two month, but it didn't seem to work. He didn't even know how he got that weight...this was one of the reasons he'd been refusing sex to Kanda for like what? One whole month? Well adding the 4 month and a half The Japanese man was absent, it makes around 5-6 months since they did it. Allen refused categorically to show his lover his naked body. He absolutely wanted to lose those calories and this no matter how sexual frustrated Kanda was – He will need to wait.

Looking around, he picked a silver clip to hold his hair in a bun before walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.


Kanda was speechless while Hakuryuu was so amazed, he stopped running around the house. In front of them stood Chiharu who was wearing her lilac bathing suit under a white dress shirt overtopped by a navy blue cardigan. She was also wearing red shorts that came to her mid-tights along with knees length white sock and simple navy shoes. Her hair along with her bag made he look like a mini-model. She was really cute and charming.

"So...Is it good?"asked the girl

"Yeah, you're really pretty, nee-chan!"exclaimed Hakuryuu.

"Really? Thank you, Haku-chan" a smile crept on her face.

She looked at her father, expecting something "...To-cha-waaa!" Haru was suddenly lifted in the air. Kanda hugged her before kissing her forehead "You're beautiful" he said in her ear. His daughter's eyes widened for a fraction of seconds. Her dad, Kanda Yuu, was smiling. Normally, one of the only person who was able to create that miracle was her 'mother', Allen Walker. From happiness, her cheeks turned pink as she hugged her father tightly. She really was happy.

Feeling forgotten, Hakuryuu opened his mouth to say something; probably insulting – like how his dad looked like a pedophile - but refrained to when he heard an agonizing scream of pain coming from the kitchen, followed by a crash.

"Moyashi?!" Quickly putting his daughter back on the floor, Kanda ran quickly toward the kitchen, followed close by the children. Sitting on the floor was his lover, clasping his left hand and cringing in pain. Kanda's eyes swept on his mate left arm shirt which was drenched – before looking at the tea mug on the floor.

"Hey! What happened?"asked Kanda, as he rushed toward the white head.

"Kanda...it hurts.."

"Ka-chan!"exclaimed the children, worried.


Locking his eyes with his lover, Allen explained as much as he could what happened. "My arm...the tea..fell...urg.."

Basically understanding what happened, Kanda took his mate's left hand into his, examining the sore red flesh of his wife's left arm. "Come on, take off your shirt, you need to get your hand under the water" Kanda opened the cold tap and turned to see his mate still on the floor.

"Moyashi? What are you doing?"

"..I...I.."Allen didn't want to take of his hoodie, afraid of what his lover would say.

"What?"asked Kanda, grumpy. "Take it off! What are you waiting for?" said the Japanese man as he started yanking the over-sized shirt over the smaller's head.

"Yamete!" cried Allen, he was only wearing a loose white t-shirt under this hoodie. It wouldn't be enough to hide his stomach.

"What's with you?! Take it off"

"Stop yelling on ka-chan!"Interrupted Hakuryuu.

"Ka-chan? You're hurt, no? Why don't you take off your shirt?"asked Chiharu, really worried about her Mother's arm. She knew that burning yourself with boiling water (Tea in this situation) hurts like hell – But being born with a deformed arm, (Color-texture of the skin, etc..) Allen's arm was probably a lot more sensitive, thus, being in a lot of pain.

"Ka-chan, Take it off! Hurry, it hurts right?"asked the 6 years old boy.

Turning his stare to meet his children and Kanda's, Allen knew that even if he didn't want to, he would need to take his hoodie off. If he didn't, Kanda would by force.

Gently, but quickly – Kanda helped his mate take off his hoodie, before helping him stand up to put his red sore arm under the gushing cold fresh water. Allen blushed as he felt Kanda's chest against his back. Except from his loose white shirt, the only thing that created an indirect contact was the light green shirt that Kanda was wearing. It had a V-neck style and 3 quarter sleeves. The tall man was wearing this shirt over tight faded blue jeans and simple flip-flops. Allen winced as his lover touched his burned arm before him clicking his tongue"

"Che...it's bad." Turning toward his children, Kanda continued "Can you guys bring me the first-aid kit?"

Calling a truce for the sake of his 'mother', Hakuryuu nodded before rushing toward the bathroom – followed by his dear sister.

Kanda sighed as he buried his face in the little one's snow white lock. "Don't scare me like that...Moyashi"

"...S-Sorry.."replied Allen, as he sniffed.

"What are you apologizing for, no, wait-Why are you crying?" Sometimes Kanda really didn't understand his lover.

"b-because...I spilled your tea"

"It's just tea, you're arm is what I am worried about"

"...I'm pathetic...I c-couldn't even poor some tea i-in a m-mug without spilling some over m-myself" cried Allen

"Where did you get that? "asked Kanda, who was starting to get angry. He hated it when Allen thought that he wasn't good enough. The white haired man changed him – Teached him to believe in people again – Made him experience love, heck, he even gave him children! Except having sex again, he couldn't see what the younger one didn't give him enough of.

Kanda wrapped his arms around his wife's waist and pulled him close to his body.

"You're good enough. Stop thinking about that."


"I don't want to hear about it. By the way, how's your hand?" asked Kanda

"...Cold, I don't feel it anymore" replied Allen before he felt Kanda take his arm out of the water as examined it again. "It should be okay"

Hearing footsteps, the two male turned to find their children with the first-aid kit in their hands. His daughter, Chiharu opened the kit, searching for a tube of some sort. After finding it, she handed it to Kanda. After drying his lover's hand, Kanda applied some cream on the now numb hand before bandaging the parasitic arm.

"Here, I'm done" stated Kanda, as he closed the first-aid kit.


"I'm okay, sorry for worrying you." Said Allen as he looked at his daughter and his son who was wearing his blue shorts (swim suit),a grey sleeveless hoodie and a pair of sandals.

"Why don't you guys start bringing the bags and the towels in the car? I will get changed and we will go to the beach, okay?"asked the white haired man, smiling as if he was apologizing.

"...Hai" replied Haru, as she turned around and walked out of the kitchen

"Ka-chan, if your arm hurt too much, you need to say it, okay?"said Hakuryuu

"Okay, now hurry. You don't want your sister to take care of all those bags in the hallway, do you?"

"No, I'm going. I will see you in the car. Old man, be useful and come help us after" said the boy before running away from his father

"Who are you calling old man, Shorty!?"yelled the Japanese man.

" Maa...Kanda"

"Che, I will seriously strangle him one day." Growled Kanda as he took Allen's right hand in to his."Kanda? Where are we going?"

"You need to change your clothes. I'm coming to make sure that you don't wear anything with long sleeves"

"Why?"asked Allen

"I don't care about how your arm looks, but I'm telling you know that if you wear long sleeves, it might take off your bandages"

"But! I don't want to!"

"Moyashi, stop acting like a child" Once they were in their bedroom, Kanda opened the closet before taking a kaki green t-shit out of it. "Here, this shirt should go well with those" said the tall man, referring to the brown and green shorts (swim suit) that Allen will wear.

"..Ah...That's right, Moyashi, it's been a long time since i took you in my arms, so I didn't really pay attention to it, but you...you took weight"

"..."The white haired man didn't say anything. He stared blankly at Kanda before kicking the man, shoving him out of the bedroom in the process.

"Oi!, What are you doing?! Open the damn door, Moyashi!" Kanda didn't understand what just happened.

"BaKanda, next time you say something like that, I will make you sleep on the couch"

"What did I say?! It's not my fault if you took my statement as an offence! And what's more, It's not like if we did something in this bedroom, because someone is acting like a damn woman and open the damn door!"yelled the Japanese as he banged on the door.

Like he asked, the shorter of the two did open the door, but not for the reason he thought. The only think he received was a stare...or was it really only that?


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