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" did you do?"Asked Hakuryuu to the man across him.

"..nothing." grumbled the Japanese man

"If it was nothing, you wouldn't have a red handprint on the left side of your face.» stated the boy, before grabbing some fries and eat them.

" ' . .thing!" Yelled Kanda as he slammed his hands on the table

"To-chan, don't yell, we are in a restaurant. Need me to remind you?"Said Chiharu, who was sitting on her brother's left.

The four of them were currently at a fast food restaurant, waiting. For what exactly? Well during the drive, not one, but TWO of the wheels had problems. They called Komui to inform him of the situation. The said man told them to wait nearby in a restaurant or something like that. Like what, the Chinese man would send someone to fetch them and their luggages. Talk of a celebration, in Kanda's mind; it was only a big troublesome thing. During the whole issue, Allen didn't say anything. Even when they entered the fast food restaurant, he walked towards the washroom and still until now, is inside. Kanda was frustrated. He didn't understand what he did supposedly did wrong and yet, the Moyashi refused to talk to him. Heck, the white haired man left him alone with the kids...ALONE with Hakuryuu...ALONE with the Shorty...DAMN ALONE WITH THE FREAKIN' ANNOING CHIBI DEMON WHO JUST DOESN'T WANT TO SHUT UP...

"...Where the hell is the Moyashi?"Growled Kanda from frustration.

"Already suffering fromAlzheimer? At your age?" mumbled the boy as he looked at his father with a mocking smirk.

"Oi, Sherlock, don't play with my words, I knows that he's in the washroom – What I wanted to know is-"

"Why ka-chan is taking so much time?" Intervened Haru. "To-chan, go check on ka-chan"

"And leaving you two alone? Che, don't make me laugh. The last time I left you two alone for less than 5 minutes, just the time to make my command, I needed to pay for the three dozen of wine glasses you two broke. Don't also forget that I needed to pay for the fire that you two caused in the kitchens and the hospital bill for 4 people and a dog"

"Oi, old man. It wasn't our fault if the dog of that old hag-"

"Haku-chan! Language!"

"...uh.." Not wanting to click his tongue at his sister, he only looked at his dad "...look, this dog started to run after us inside the restaurant for no reason. It wasn't even our fault! Same thing with the 2 delinquents. They started rumbling about us spilling their drinks on their shirts by running around. They even dared to call us son and daughter of know!...And then we got angry and before we knew it...there was a big fight and...and..."

"..And four innocent person were involved in the fight by accident" Continued the girl in the place of her brother. The two siblings still remembered really well that day. The two delinquents insulted Allen of a freak, a bitch and other bad thing. After the big incident, once they were home – they confronted a sad smiling Allen. He just smiled at them before opening his arms wide. Hakuryuu and Chiharu looked at each other before tear formed in their eyes as they jumped in their 'mother's embrace. Eventually, they were punished. I mean you can't expect going out of this situation with a box full of mitarashi dango – What's more, they were reprimanded their Ka-chan...and this was hard to take on..

Kanda looked at the two kids. He clicked his tongue before standing up. "I'm coming back. I would like to ask you two to not make a mess and be silent and still for a while." He patted their head before walking toward the washrooms. Staring in front of him, his back now toward his kids – The stoic man continued "Both of you are Kandas, you should be able to do it"

Trying to hide his happiness, Hakuryuu turned his head to his right, looking now through the window, the street. A smile graced his features – like on his nee-chan's face.

"...Haku-chan, do you think we should've told to-chan that someone was hitting on ka-chan in the washrooms?" asked Chiharu to her brother, worried.

"Che, let him be. It's not my fault if he doesn't have a sixth sense like the both of us" said the boy casually.

"...hum...what considerate of you, leaving them alone" giggled the oldest of the two.

Both of them were silent, before frowning at the horrific sounds comings from the washrooms. They turned toward the hygienic place before smiling at the thoughts of their father probably doing something stupid – The voice of their ka-chan...unfortunately confirming it


They looked at each other before smiling. Hearing a rock hitting the restaurant's window – both Chiharu and her brother turned to see on the other side of the busy streets two boys around the same age as Haru, if not older by some months, holding hands.

The one on the right, Mikhail, had vibrant emerald eyes and black hair but wild like his mom's. He had light skin and a grin that could brighten many situations. This boy's right hand was locked in the tanned one of his younger brother, Yohan, who looked physically a bit more like their dad. This boy had the same golden eyes and tanned skin as the Portuguese man. Even their wavy hair. The only difference was that he had their mother's red hair and grand-father seriousness. Still, you could see the corner of the red head turned into a small smile.

Both of them were wearing flip-flop as well as the same clothes but of different colors. While Yohan had white trunks and a red t-shirt, Mikhail was wearing black trunks and a blue t-shirt.

"Yohan! Mikhail!" The two Kandas waved back and waited for the twins to come inside. Once reunited, they asked them what they were doing here.

"Picking you guys up. Mom and dad are trying to find a place to park the car.» replied Yohan, gently.

"By the way Hakuryuu, where are your parents?"asked Mikhail with a grin

"Baka-Nousagi! Who are you calling who, what?!" growled the brown haired boy as he picked a fork "It's Ren for you, don't call me by my giving name!"

Letting go of his lovely brother, Mikhail started darted outside of the restaurant for his life.

Chiharu looked at the red head with a smile. "To-chan and Ka-chan are probably still in the washroom, it should take long before they go out."


"Ah, that's right...don't forget the promise that you told Maki-chan and I. You'll need to tell us all about when you realized your feelings for you know who» said the blue haired girl with an angelic smile – don't be fooled, if you look carefully at her face, you can almost see Allen's devilish version.

The golden eyed boy blushed at the thought of his impossible love before looking at the girl again - bush now gone " by the way Haru, nice outfit" was it?

Just to help you understand - Mikhail and Yohan are twins. The oldest one is Mikhail.

First born (oldest) : Mikhail

Full name; Mikhail Mikk

Age 8-9

Eyes colour: Emerald Green

Hair: Same hair cut as Lavi without his bandana, but black

Skin: light (also like his 'mom')

Popular and sportive in general. Also likes to flirt like his dad, Tyki Mikk

Fast – known as Nousagi or Baka-Nousagi by Ren (Hakuryuu) ( Nousagi literally means Hare in Japanese)

Second Born (youngest): Yohan

Full name: Yohan Bookman

Age: 8-9

Eyes colour: golden – Amber

Hair: Same as Tyki when he doesn't pull them back, but red

Skin: Dark (generally like a Noah's skin colour)

Silent and polite. Probably the best suitor for Bookman's successor's successor (Bookman's successor is Lavi – And Yohan will probably be Lavi's successor as bookman one day...who knows) Has the grace and charm of his dad, Tyki while Mikhail has more the energetic and playfull personality of their mom, Lavi

There will probably be some twinset in the few next chapters. By the way, Haru (Chiharu) is 7-8 years old and Ren (Hakuryuu) is in his late 6 years old. You probably realized that but they are all probably a bit more mature and intelligent for their ages...I'm not sure...Ah, and Maki-chan (Yui Makino Chan) is Bak and Lenalee's daughter, also 7-8 years old.